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I predict Dnalsi island will be 1st in next few turns. Also new Hakoniwa thread?
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Ur free to join other alliances while also being HAPI - teh only rules are to not attack other islands without provocation, and to not assist those who attack other islands without provocation!

nigra stole the funds again! angry
And while they were being attacked by Sanjira-san too, how scummy is this doll!? angry
As the glorious Australian leader of wanker island 2, I say we shall rise.
How the f do u kill the monsters!!! this guy is gonna stomp all my cities... that is if i don't accidentally destroy them all via missile collateral damage first...

File: carl browsing.jpg
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So uh, what do you frickin' weirdos talk about all day?
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File: shake.jpg
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File: 778457456.png
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Carl can you link me to a torrent of that dog food eating domination buttsniffing porn you like?
File: carl.jpg
(93 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
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I don't know what you're talking about, Meatman. I thought I told you not to talk about that. You know, in front of people, in polite society.
Get off the internet and sell the Damn house for Markula, Carl.

File: polaroidnow00011.jpg
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Any Polaroid fans out there on Hiyuri? I own a Polaroid Now and its pretty damn coolbiggrin
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File: Annotation 2020-04-10 073545.png
(179 KB, 700x459) [ImgOps]
179 KB
Do they not make reversal stock for Polaroids anymore?
They actually still make those camerasrolleyes
File: image_2023-10-04_071956647.png
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File: 1560476127202.jpg
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I fucking hate college. I don't know how to make friends.
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Te, synek, lepiej uważaj na zajęciach, a nie zdjęcia robisz!
>Today i won math book
What a scam!
>Today i won
why are you here?
Actually it was yesterday.
it's actually night right now

File: 1598280690075.jpg
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Which one are you.
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Are you a normal level of smart?
File: saki.jpg
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Pretty sure dandere fits me teh best + luv for nekos. nyaoo

However, I am not shy at all. I used to be though...
File: 159.jpg
(1429 KB, 1800x1800) [ImgOps]
1429 KB
I got kuudere on a dere internet test once. Someone called me a dandere and pasokon before.
now that I'm aware that exists I did one and got kamidere which seems about right
File: miufall.jpg
(34 KB, 640x480) [ImgOps]
34 KB
I think I'm a mix of Moe dojikko

File: xpdeskop.png
(1248 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
1248 KB
Desktop thread? Desktop thread! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
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File: desk2023.png
(220 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
220 KB
IceWM with GNU Emacs and Alacritty terminal emulator. IceWM is very similar to Win95 but it has optional support for sloppy focus (in addition to default click-to-focus). IceWM is lightweight and easy to configure. I use IceWM keybindings for running programs: WinLogo + r runs rofi -matching glob -show run
(Rofi is similar to Windows run dialog but much better) The menu button on the bar (bottom left) also works, and you can get a menu by right clicking on the desktop.

I also use Ratpoison sometimes. It's manually tiling window manager, it's similar to Tmux but Ratpoison manages GUI windows. By default all windows are maximized and you can split the screen when/if you want to. Ratpoison (like most tiling WMs) is keyboard-driven but it has optional support for sloppy focus (= windows get focused when you move the mouse pointer over it). You can use C-t ? (in other words, press Ctrl+t, release the keys, and press/type ?) to get list of keybindings (even custom ones!). If you want to temporarily switch to another WM, you can use C-t : keybinding to run tmpwm Ratpoison command and it will temporarily change the WM to the one you specified (for example, "icewm"* or WindowMaker or "cwm" or "fvwm" or anything else) and it will preserve your open windows (once you quit the temporary WM, it will quit back to Ratpoison). This is useful if you want to use GIMP or play video games if it doesn't work well with Ratpoison. It's also good if you want to quickly test Ratpoison and you decide that you don't like it (in this case, you can use tmpwm or newwm Ratpoison command to temporarily/"permanently" switch to another WM, without needing to quit Ratpoison or Xorg).

* The problem with using IceWM with Ratpoison's tmpwm command is that IceWM kills all windows/programs when you hit exit but the other listed Window Managers work like described.

If you are new to tiling WMs, I recommend you first try Sway (or i3, if you have problems with Wayland). That being said, if you rarely tile windows, there is no reason to use a tiling WM. But Ratpoison can be used without tiling features, if you want to. But I think that IceWM might be better. Actually, IceWM can tile windows if you right click on the titlebar of a window and select Tile => menu. You might also want to try a "dynamic" WM that combines stacking WM (= that works similarly like MS Windows or IceWM or Xfce4) and a tiling WM (I recommend Awesome window manager). Awesome is interesting also because it's configured in Lua.
File: a.png
(3405 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
3405 KB
How's FL Studio on Linux these days? Is it stable and low-latency? Do you use it with an audio interface/MIDI interface/MIDI keyboard/etc.?
File: hhh.png
(674 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
674 KB
It seems to be working pretty well when installed with Lutris. There was another method I tried to get it to work on Linux before that which was installing it with Wine then getting an audio driver for it called WineASIO. That method didn't work for me but I'm not sure if it'll work for you or not. You can try either one and see which one runs best.

Also, make sure to disable d2d1.dll via winetricks so that you don't get any broken/invisible UIs.
Correction, it's actually from 魔界天使ジブリール (makai tenshi, the 1st game)
I didn't play the series yet sweat2

File: images.jpg
(7 KB, 266x190) [ImgOps]
7 KB
pigs look happy when they're dead
File: EYBTO9D.gif
(75 KB, 240x320) [ImgOps]
75 KB
They say that swans sing their most beautifull songs shortly before their death because they know that the after-life isn't to be feared. Maybe pigs also know about the after-life...

File: tsubosama.png
(8 KB, 128x128) [ImgOps]
8 KB
Yesterday, I've moved from the center of Chile to the 'little' north. I've also changed my name from Manjaruntu to Tsubo☆Sama, which seems much more elegant in my humble opinion. If any heyurizens use XMPP, my JID is tsubosama@xmpp.jp, just in case.

File: clouds.png
(4069 KB, 2560x1920) [ImgOps]
4069 KB

Is anime and games really enough to fill the void?
After hikkineeting for over 3 years with minimal human contact and 0 friends I'm starting to question if this is really okay.
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Pretend your waifu(s) are real. Most people have imaginary friends anyway (God, Jesus) so why not have a perfect anime wife or harem that spends 24/7 with you? I haven't masturbated for over a decade but I have been making love to my waifus 2 or 3 times a day.
My usual approach is to steer away from large groups of people so I don't think about how much fun they're having without me.Out of sight, out of mind!
File: 66592617459074097571278496.jpg
(56 KB, 800x566) [ImgOps]
56 KB
There is a cocoon I ball up into under the dark blue sky and grey blowing wind.
Socializing with family is a good way to cope
if you're fortunate enough to have any family members that aren't mentally ill and don't hate your guts because you're not a normalfag.

54 KB
what is the link irc of heyuri?
irc.rizon.net #heyuri biggrin

693 KB
What would you do in this situation?
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Get down and get to work
Typical Cambodian Behavior
Do liek Teh Flinstones and have a gay ol' time! biggrin
suck their dicks

File: ichigomashimaro.jpg
(836 KB, 1600x1200) [ImgOps]
836 KB
Plz give me anime recommendations that are similar to ichigo mashimaro cry I've looked on sites like myanimelist but it's not really much good stuff... Anything that has loli moe and cute girls doing cute things... arigatogozaimasu
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maybe yuru yuri, kodomo no jikan, hanamaru youchien, mitsudomoe, A-channel
a-channel is underrated i think
>> 1107 KB
>a-channel is underrated i think
At the very least it's undermentioned, which is surprising to me cuz I always thought it was one of the better examples of teh moe slice of life genre (along with Tamayura) before it went down teh p00ph0le...
File: mpv-shot0001.jpg
(274 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
274 KB
if you like Yama no Susume then you'll like Houkago Teibou Nisshi, it's the same thing but with fishing instead of mountain climbing.
File: Haitai Nanafa.mp4
(12589 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
12589 KB

File: 1696154533463742.png
(1430 KB, 830x1200) [ImgOps]
1430 KB
can someone translate this poster???
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Guys... that's moot and Snacks. It's not a Heyuri shop sweat2
How the fuck did Moot and Snacks become leaders of Heyuri? WTF is going on here? Bring Kaguya back before they ruin everything angry
Wow wow cool it's a T35.
It's an award for "increasing the bull semen production of Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast by 18%, 1936”
File: 1696202061851548.jpg
(293 KB, 849x1918) [ImgOps]
293 KB

280 KB
On my way to the mall, anyone want a new t-shirt?
>> 1601 KB

File: 659550.jpg
(6126 KB, 6012x4082) [ImgOps]
6126 KB
I decided to buy an onahole
I read at how i should select but many different types seem to suit my liking and im torn in multiple directions
Could anyone experienced with them share personal preferences and why?
I personally would be looking for realistic ones or upgraded realistic since its the first one im getting and im a doutei for life i guess, so i would try an imitation instead of turbo ultra masturbator pro de luxe kind of things as my first, my dick isnt numb after decades of fapping that i would need the strong ones, just not yet
Onahole thread perhaps? Ill mix into the crowd ( ´ω`)
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Yes i think the more vanilla ones would be optimal, great gear you have drool
I see, thanks for advice, lotion indeed is the most important thing
File: lotion.png
(1839 KB, 1032x1150) [ImgOps]
1839 KB
Very happy with what i've! happy

Lotion makes a great different in feel. Both of these are great and recommend both. The one to the left is best i ever tried and the smell is amazing. It is more "sticky" while the other is more wet. I guess.
Time to order some rape plastic biggrin
File: yotsuba_Yay.gif
(82 KB, 400x400) [ImgOps]
82 KB
Good luck finding your plastic-rape tools! xd
i too had a few hard and one soft one
the soft one was the best by far

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