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No Title 11


What are the stupide 4
I am to stupid to think of anything, besides my whole life. sweat2

No Title 1
I hate remakes, reboots, etc. and always prefer the original works. Does anyone else feel the same?

No Title 12
Are you ready for their return?

No Title 17
Today I got pissed off so I threw my chair at my wall and my grandma was home and she heard it and saw that I put 2 medium size holes in the wall she helped me put a flag up over it and told me she won't say anything to my parents biggrin

No Title 4
what the fuck? slurpslurpslurp

No Title 6
how can I find a lonely NEET girlfriend irl if I live in a small town?

No Title 25
Serious question; why is the proportion of third-worlders on Heyuri so high compared to other imageboards? I don't think I've ever seen so many niggers on imageboard as Heyuri save for a select few boards on 4chan.

No Title 4
i love this game

No Title 5
I know the pieces fit, cause I saw them fall away.

No Title 3
flashback to my first Heyuri OC, its from September 6, 2022.
she is sad.

No Title 10
Would you upload your mind to the internet and live forever, but your body dies?

No Title 12
this is not emo
please enlighten yourself about emo https://fourfa.com/

Which people or char 7
i really like female pyramid head and idk why. there being no face definitely has to play a part in it.

No Title 8
This is a lobbery!!! Hand's up!

No Title 11
are watching it?

Have you ever used T 9
My family used it very rarly to see the weather etc when i was just a kid. To my suprise, the same network is still up and running. I haven't used it for 10+ years.

Chaika 2
Post Chaika!

Something awful is t 119
Last night I went into epileptic seizures at the thought of a little Asian woman's breasts, glazed and glistening, like pale pastries, waiting to be cooked... After that, I blacked out. I woke up still firmly erect, and decided that I had better masturbate for the first time in a while. I went thru the files on my computer, but just as much as I had quit masturbating, I had quit collecting photos. The ones I had were too scarce for my needs, and besides that, they were old and stale. I needed something different.

I went on Avgie, VJAV,JAVFinder, even PornHub and all those other wastesites, but nothing really caught my eye. All of it was mud, and slime, and other anal bodily fluids.

For the first time in my life I felt true despair creeping. I felt my skull crack open and all the mutants crawling in.

But then I remembered that there are hundreds of cool strangers on the internet; dozens even! Hip, charming urbane souls--dispensing their wisdom over that multitudinous mass of optic-fibre cables we call the Internet. I thought, 'Surely they will save me, why, they solve everybody's problems!'.Yes, that's what my older sister told me, before her problems got unsolvable and she had to kill herself.

And so...? Ever rambling, I made my way here.

So... Have you got any good pics?

Higest rated anime i 17
Which one have you seen? The img quality suck but you have to suck it up.

No Title 5

No Title 11
sometimes i cant control my urges -_-

No Title 5
I modalled Kuz in mudbox nyaoo-closedeyes

No Title 4
Whoa! It's me, Crash Bandicoot! Just here to wish you a great day. That is all.

No Title 1
e? Eee? Eeee--? えぇー?

No Title 9
I nearly got hit riding my bike there, but I got my first Gundam model kit biggrin

No Title 42
i really like this photobook, makes me wanna go out and explore life! happy

No Title 6
Buy a copy pls.

No Title 0
Have you seen any good instances where a girl suffers a wardrobe malfunction due to excess voluptuousness?

Hentai is fine, but I would sure prefer if it came up in the middle of a more 'mainstream' storyline (or at least ecchi), since I feel like that would give it a more 'spontaneous' feeling, which I find would be more erotic.

Pic related is from Okusan by Ooi Masakazu, who is very good at drawing plump women. drool

No Title 13
pi piru piru piru pi pi ru pi

Which nigra are you 5

No Title 2
NOTE: There is an angel, which can be seen in this photo, following the conditions which is seen within the eyes of the spirit.
It's only clear if you are WARM,.
Do you feel the LOVE emitting?
If you UNDERSTAND, I will tell you the final conditions.
When you have followed GOD, you will have RELATIONS, LOVE, WARMTH, and ETERNITY.

No Title 10
no matter how old I get, I still get incredible anxious of phonecalls. I am not shy at all, but it still makes my heart pop out my mouth. dizzy

No Title 3

No Title 2

No Title 2
It's almost midnight. I don't have anything to do in my laptop, but i don't feel like sleeping either

No Title 14
My sister got me this weird T-shirt with all these holes in it. She says it's like that on purpose, and I guess I can see some sort of pattern to it, but boy, fashion is strange...

What websites do you 30
Since most people usually confine themselves to the top 5 social media's on their phone's app store its getting harder and harder to find entertaining/valuable active sites nowadays.
would like to know where you guys go for different services.
sites i use:
YouTube and Vidlii for watching videos although YouTube a lot more often than Vidlii.
Heyuri has been my main home for imageboards for a while now, stil browse 4chan's /his/ often, havent been on Wizchan in a while but that also used to be one of my mainstay's, 7chan once in a while when im bored.
RYM to catalog my musics. MAL to catalog my animes.
Go on Newgrounds once in a big while when im really feeling cozy and want to stay up till 3am watching internet animations.
9anime for watching anime.
Archive.org and Wikipedia for reading, pretty much have 60 tabs for both opened 24/7.
Soundcloud and Youtube for music listening.
Only social media i use is Instagram.

No Title 1
I love him so much. Is there NSFW art of him?

Your peak fetish? Mi 15
How to cook a perfect loli neko under 2 minutes;

Step one, grab your loli nekofrom the frige.
Step two, make sure the Neko has WHITE hair and RED eyes for best result.
Step three, add some pantsu shoot and top it all with a cute blush. blush

Done, ready to eat - the perfect loli neko!

No Title 2
I'm reading this guy's 'History of 4chan'.

The guy admits to being like 13 in 2010 and not really using 4chan very dedicatedly, so I take it all with a grain of salt, but here is one claim that surprised me:

One million hits in a week? Is this actually true? What caused this, exactly? Were people more willing to take chances on small, out of nowhere websites, or was SomethingAwful just that active back in the day? The Interwebz was surely different back then it seems...dizzy

No Title 3
Why does this image look as it's taken from a early 2000s sitcom featuring an otaku and his mom?

No Title 17
war would be cooler with gundams, just saying. space wars, sword combat, blast cannons, epic music & cute tight outfits for the girls blush

Fire Pro Wrestling X 18
Check this out. The Fire Pro series is one of the most notorious when it comes to pro-wrestling games. I decided to start with Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium on the SNES. It's pretty cool, even for non-wrestling fans, i think...

No Title 5
chicks from anime and games used to be so cool drool

No Title 6
Alita-san blush

I finished reading Vol. 2 yesterday, pls don't spoil anything

No Title 5
Alright, gentlemen. How do we kill Superman? nyaoo-closedeyes

you stepped on a lan 7
oh no, what are you going to do?

No Title 0
Choose your figther! Winner gets a bodypillow! biggrin


SAURIANS from HELL want to CHIP you and control your MIND.

THEY replace BARCODES with CHIPS to ensure quick CHIPPAGE.

THEY will shove the CHIP extremely far up your ASS, and not have the courtesy to give you even a REACH-AROUND! (I know this from personal experience.)

To avoid this you must fall in love with ME. And learn how to LIVE.



No Title 6
Do you play Mahjong Heyuri? Specifically Riichi

No Title 23
Langa mine o clipa nu staaaaaaaai
Praca ar fi foooooost
Inima de gheata tu aiiiiiiiii
Sau nu ai deloc
Sau nu mai ie rost


No Title 15
How long do you think you could manage to stay stuck in prison before losing it?

No Title 9
would you a 3dpd?

No Title 19
Does Heyuri like drugs?

No Title 5
HELP! Dick has been SEALED! Only you can help UNSEAL Dick, but only if you all reply "Dick is SEALED forever!" instantly!

I'm Goth now. 5
This site made me all depressed. I totally starve myself and cut myself now, it's really great. I'm a real Goth now, not sum fukken poser like all the other girls.kuz

No Title 15
being germaphobe in america is painful (;´Д`) every public establishment is covered in some sort of filth. americans don't bother cleaning things regularly unless deadly sicknesses come around, then workers disinfect only door handles and card readers once a week or something (´~`)

i wish i could live in japan, not even for otaku stuff but because they hold cleanliness to such high regards (´~`) they see it as upholding professional and proper personality

did your house incre 4
ours was $110k in 2014 and now it's $250k sweat3

Do you have an addic 17
I do, and have a few. I guess the funniest one is collecting loli neko pictures x3 I can spend hours on end just downloading the best one on all different site. It's like going out hunting and only wanting to shoot the best pray. It feels fun and a little rewarding.

Whenever I get something on my mind I can search for that specific things forever, as if I am on a quest for something. This behavious is also why for ex. someone who likes to play MMO games as a lot of disscusion has going aroud latley. Porn has always been a big issue too. TO much good loli nekos out there blush

No Title 0
Ancient Satanic Ritual Caught On Camera astonish glare dizzy

pictures you like 15
that's what imageboards for

No Title 13

No Title 17
Why is it socially acceptable to watch True Crime videos but not socially acceptable to watch gore videos?

No Title 6
Let's say I wanted to make a fanpage for the doujin scene surrounding Touhou. Games music etc. Would it be better to search for existing assets for the presentation or take a DIY approach and make assets myself? Also are there any tips to keep my writing from being boring whenever I cover doujin?

What do things look 6
Browsing Heyuri on one of those big RTX things xd

No Title 21
If Japan is the birthplace of the image board, why are there so few of them? The only one I know that seems active is Futaba Channel 2chan. There are many English imageboards, I would have expected many Japanese ones. Are they hiding, unsearchable by Google?

looking for kagamine 5
@ 1:37
I don't understand japanese so I can't search the lyrics

No Title 2
they don't just make good tv-shows anymore!

the only question of 5
>when was the last time you put your bare feet on the ground.

what are you doing a 9
surely there is nothing important that you could be doing at this time, what is it that you're up to?

No Title 5
Do you like vintage CGI? It gives an odd feeling that I can't describe

No Title 2

2chan added 2 new bo 19
Looks like they added these new boards:

Artificial Intelligence (jinkou chinou)

ZOIDS (a franchise with mecha animals? Details @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoids?useskin=vector )

futabachannel.neocities-san, you can update the page if u want to

2000s DnB thread 12
Starting off with a classic that a fellow heyurian recommended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WSnhP42e2A

No Title 0

No Title 2
anybody else been mistaken for a homosexual by strangers irl more than a few times?
its happened to me too many times to just write off as nothing.
there has to be something about my appearance or mannerisms that have caused it.

No Title 1
even germans wear japanese school swimsuit?

No Title 10
Are you even real?

Heyuri the Gathering 6
I think this card is rather OP as it cost 0 to place, and it doesn't say anything about discarding....

No Title 2
K-on but they are blues band! biggrin

Anyone playing Etria 12
the remasters got uploaded without denuvo so you can pirate them easy. biggrin
I'm currently trying out the first game and just got ambushed by venomflies. they nearly wiped out my whole damn party, and I had to make a desperate rush back out the dungeon before I lost all my progress dark

No Title 3
some of my images got corrupted when I changed their location I tried some repair software but it didn't seem to work cry

No Title 9
It's been awhile since I've watched Madoka Magicka but I've been feeling nostalgic for it recently
Should I watch Rebellion or Magia Record first if I want to revisit it?

3D-Nekos 15
Are 2D nekos better than 3D? Let's discuss, but first of, post those 3D Cats. Here're mine.

If you could back an 7
Would you?

I like my time at the computer, but life would be so much different if I wasn't using one. Just imagine going back 70 years and live in the late 1940s. Might be harsh due to the world wars and the aftermath etc. But the thought of a very different life seems intriguing.

I found an interesting video about US-solider living abrod in occupied japan during the late 40s with his family.


No Title 0
The Greatest Shot In Television

No Title 2
r8 my arcade setup.

No Title 3
Anime is over. I killed the Japanese.

Inumimi 3
Nekos or inus nyaoo-closedeyes I see lots of nekos but so Inus

Anime Screepcaps 33
Do you screencap while you watch anime?

Here's the best Rui shot from Nadesico! nyaoo-closedeyes

No Title 3
He was just trying to save us...

Anal Rape World Tour 3
Which countries should I visit if I want to go around raping people?

No Title 11
Can you tell koreans, chinese, and japanese apart by look alone? Take a guess with this picture. If you know who they are, your cheating! Dont spoil it for everyone else

Thoughts on microtra 6
In general for my own part, I can like those which are pure cosmetics and only make my charachter look different. Such as in HoN or Overwatch. But unfair advantages sucks.

Still, the best is none at all. I really liked COD MW2 on ps3 which had cosemetics you earned as you played the game; 250 headshots you unlock a golden gun. Things like these are awesome.

DLC i find to be alright as you get more "game" for a small price. Often for a new map or something that does take time to develop.

A video about why modern game sucks:

No Title 12
is posting demotivationals still funny or is it tryhard?

No Title 5
wtf is my chicken wing doing

No Title 6
rub the back of your ear
smell it, taste it if you may
post results

No Title 12
Heyuri Pop drool

No Title 0
Wevie Stonder or Chay Rharles?

No Title 5
what makes them so comfy I wonder astonish

Cosplay 1999 2
Cosplay seems so geniune and fun back in the days in Japan. Everyone is just there to have fun! biggrin

But... why did they have to cut when the cute girl in the end gets to speak! cry


No Title 6
lol im writing this from a netbook in McDonalds

No Title 3
be right back gotta take the bus

pantsu akabei 4
dance2 pantsu akabei dance2

Voices of Heyuri 20
Post a vocaroo of you saying whatever, it will be interesting to hear how other posters sound


No Title 11
My PC is faster now. smug

Catgirls v2 31
Post some catgirls my niggas

No Title 32
I promised to upload that mouse once i fly back home, i want to make sure you saw it boys because i liked this flash a lot
End of thread (i guess? (OR A FLASH THREAD?!))

No Title 1
long head is looooooooooooooong

No Title 2
yogurt cat

No Title 8
What are we playing?

No Title 15
Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Mine is orange sherbet

No Title 15
the place to sleep

No Title 4
Does he have a point? unsure

No Title 10
my mom almost caught me using heyuri now...Σ(;゚Д゚)

No Title 11
why do people get so angry ヽ(´ー`)ノ

No Title 8
Anyone ever read or watched Hikaru No Go? I remember seeing it in the back of Shonen Jump manga as an advertisement but I never ended up reading it

No Title 3
BAM! Fuck you! biggrin onigiri

No Title 59
i loev boxes from nipon. nyaoo-closedeyes

No Title 3
Kettle cookery is an exciting culinary skill that is simple to master and that can have you producing simple food in less time than it would take to produce it by traditional means. It is perfect for students who will usually have a kettle in their room but who may have to walk some distance to reach the nearest cooking equipment. Why get out of bed, when you can make the food in your kettle?

No Title 5
no i am not a polish and i will never be one
thank you

No Title 6
How do I prevent PENIS from being sore after jerking off
I want to jerk off ALL DAY but I've no choice but to be productive with my time while my dick heals.

tf2 advice 8
how good is the Huo-Long Heater? it has the 25% damage bonus to shooting enemies on fire, at the cost of doing 10% less damage and chewing through ammo faster than an ethiopian running after a chicken. oh and the ring of fire makes me feel epic cool

wondering if any anon here have some heavy weapons expertise they'll willing to share

No Title 17
cute lolis ( ´ω`)

No Title 2
wow i almost forgot this website existed!! i was healing and now im a criminal again!!

No Title 4
what happens if cosplaygirl meets japanese tourist guy???


If you could headpat 3

No Title 0

No Title 13
I watched the first 5 episodes of Lucky Star for the first time in my life.
I have never played MMOs in my life.
The MMO Konata plays only seems tiring and doesn't seem fun to me.
Is playing MMOs actually like that?nigra

Fuck it, music threa 19

No Title 38
I haven't showered in nearly a month, and I've brushed only a handful of times in my lifetime. I'm disgusting.

No Title 6
free software, free society

Do you cry watching 16
Neko sad cry

? 7

urban hunting 22
Does anyone else like to go urban hunting or is it just me?
Yesterday I got three stray cats ヽ(´ー`)ノ

PS2 Games to play 27
I got myself a PS2 microSD reader with McBoot.

Any good recommendation of games to play? I kinda want easy games to pick up and play. Bonus if games from glorious NIPON xp

No Title 4
I just looked I have 32000+ pictures of anime girls I run out of free space on my flash again closed-eyes

Video game Box-ART 4
I really miss the old Box-Art that used to be for old games such old nintendo / windows gaems. Do you have any favorites? All game covers are ok tho. Post them! cool

No Title 80

ignore this thread 4

Anti-aliasing is kil 8
Anti-aliasing is, at the most basic, a way to smooth out the pixelated edges of digital images. It works by adding transitioning pixels in between colors. It is almost unnoticeable when applied to images with high resolutions, while completely ruining small pictures.
I've been using GIMP for a long time and always wondered why my pictures turned blurry whenever I tried scaling them. I was a naive man and just assumed it was the only way. Needless to say I grew quite pissed when I found out about the anti-aliasing scam, even more so because it is a default on every GIMP 2 tool. Just imagining all the great pictures produced worldwide, reduced to muddied versions of themselves... I was so angry I quit GIMP altogether and installed Adobe Photoshop 2 from the Wayback Machine instead, and am now writing this thread so that YOU can avoid the displeasure of having to learn the hard way.
I believe it (the anti-aliasing scam) is another one of those subtle attempts to "modernize" and standardize the web. Hence why it's being forced on every major image manipulation program despite not looking good at all. It's also frequently used in modern games, which all look like shit. Coincidence?

No Title 6
Is there any particular article of clothing you don't think you've ever worn? I've never once worn jean shorts.

I wore a bow-tie just once, but it didn't really count because it was one of those elastic ones.

No Title 22
Found this great little site, (a bit like our world of text), where you can draw whatever u want. I think it would be cool to see Heyurians making oekaki and bouncing ideas off each other in real time.biggrin


No Title 1
What's it like on Saturn?unsure

No Title 2
Alois Irlmaier was a dowser and well digger who lived in Freislassing, Bavaria. He was famous for his psychic abilities, and after World War II, many people sought his clairvoyant skills to locate their families and friends. Because of his fame, Irlmaier had a few enemies and was ridiculed and accused of being a warlock. But after appearing in court, the charges were dismissed, Irlmaier told the judge exactly what clothes the judge's wife was wearing that day and what she was doing. Even though he had never seen her, he proved to be completely correct, and the judge released him.

The future appeared to Irlmaier as in a movie, with only numbers appearing veiled, coded, or incomplete. He predicted his own death in July 1959. His last words were: "I am glad that I can go now, because I won't have to experience what I see."

No Title 2
There is no cat.

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