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File: Cirno bottle launch.swf Download (3.66 MB) ImgOps
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Okay BAKAs. Here's what you need to know.
Adobe Flash Player browser plugins versions AFTER v32.0.0.371 have a killswitch that will activate January 12th 2020. After this date, the Flash Player plugin will actively prevent itself from playing SWF files in your browser.

However, there is a way around this.
Below is a download link to a combined archive of several different installers. Pick the one you need and install it, then go into Flash's settings and disable automatic updates. Congratulations, you can now continue using the Flash Player plugin to watch Flash files on your web browser.
You'll need to use an offline installer. Otherwise it'll outright tell you you're not installing the latest version and cancel. For most Windows users that will be "flashplayer32_0r0_371_win.msi" I'm afraid I can't help Mac or Linux users, but they probably already know what they're doing anyway.

There are, of course, alternatives. Flash's own standalone projectors do not have the killswitch. You can download SWFs and run them in these projectors directly off your hard drive. You can set up file associations to have the SWFs automatically open in the projector. You can also put in an URL to run SWFs directly from the internet without having to download.
It can be found in the above URL as files with "_sa" in the filename. Windows Example: flashplayer32_0r0_371_win_sa.exe

There's also Ruffle, which is still in development, and there's even a version that doesn't require you to install any browser plugins but but is run on-demand from sites that implement it, but it isn't quite finished yet and some flashes will break.

Some Flash games are published as standalone projectors and are safe from the killswitch.
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it werks!! thanks alot anon!!
you can just hex edit the latest flash plugin, replace
00 00 40 46 3E 6F 77 42
00 00 00 00 00 00 F8 7F
i wanted to move from windows to linux recently, but the only thing stopping me is that flash probably wont work. if someone can make a linux guide, that would be great.
For n00b linux users out there who are using firefox, here is what they should do(at least what has werkd4me);

Download the archive at OP, extract the suitable .tar.gz from there. Choose flashplayer32_0r0_371_linux.x86_64.tar.gz if you are unsure what is the suitable for you. Then open your terminal, go to ~/.mozilla/ and create directory plugins if you don't already have the folder. The command is mkdir if you don't know, but you can of course use your file manager too. Then all you have left to do is moving you have extracted to that plugins folder. There you go, restart your browser and it should show up in about:plugins and you can play flash files happy

File: yotsuba rape game.swf Download (4.28 MB) ImgOps
4.28 MB
How do I get started in making flash?
First you need a copy of Adobe Animate or old versions of Adobe/Macromedia Flash - I've uploaded some examples of the latter here if you're interested:
- Flash MX (2002) https://2ちゃん.net/src/815.7z
- Flash 8 (2005) https://2ちゃん.net/src/816.7z

Then just start messing around with it and going through some tutorials!

File: 2ch.swf Download (1.82 MB) ImgOps
1.82 MB

I am nostalgic now, for a place I never knew
The weirdest part is that Heyuri wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the server problems depicted in that flash
im very lost, could you explain what the flash means?
It depicts the story of what happened in August 2001, when 2channel (known today as 5channel) became larger than the software and hardware could handle, and ultimately could no longer remain online

At some point during the downtime - and in the face of the site's seemingly-inevitable doom - a temporary refuge was made on The guys from 2channel's UNIX board would help troubleshoot the issues, optimize the code, and miraculously managed to bring 2channel back to life (this is where the flash's story ends)

Former refuge site quickly became its own community known as Futaba Channel. It was similar to 2channel in many ways, but with some key difference - the most major of which was the ability to attach images to posts. And thus, the "imageboard" as we know it today was born!

Jump ahead to 2003, and there was something of a golden age on Futaba's Nijiura board, leading to all kinds of characters and funny stories around them taking off (Waha, Yaranaika, OS-tans, etc.)

Throughout 2003, Westerners from Something Awful's relatively new "Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse" board (more commonly known as ADTRW - this is where everything anime/Japan-related on SA was relegated) became fascinated with Futaba's Nijiura board and its culture, and would frequently share links and images from Futaba between themselves

On October 1st 2003, moot - a relatively unknown user from ADTRW and regular of ADTRW-derived IRC channel #raspberryheaven (named after Azumanga Daioh's ED song - many ADTRW users were infatuated with the show) - opened an English version of Futaba on, which used a hacked-together translated version of Futaba's publicly-available source code

It immediately led to a strange but fascinating (and often hilarious) mix of SA/ADTRW culture and Futaba culture being formed, largely centered around the /b/ board. 4chan rapidly grew in popularity from there, to the point where they had their own extended downtime / "death" in mid-2004 - and the rest, as they say, is history. As the years rolled by, and as different generations of users came and went, 4chan's culture would change significantly, and many would agree that it was for the worse

In late 2019, an individual known as LOLico made the decision to turn a small learning project of his named Heyuri into a Futaba-style imageboard. One of the initial intentions of Heyuri as an imageboard was to have it be something of a return to the magical primordial soup of Futaba/Japanese culture, SA/ADTRW culture, and general early-2000s internet culture that made early 4chan so entertaining, creative, and hilarious back in its formative years

So yeah - in a roundabout way, it really is thanks to the server issues that 2channel was facing back in 2001 that Heyuri (and all Futaba-style imageboards) exists today! biggrin
thanks for the informative post!!!

I'd love to see a translation of the posts if anyone wants to go wild. This is a youtube video of the flash. I tried doing a few of them, but, it takes a very long time drawing those moon runes until I get a message.

File: MegaSlotsv1.0.swf Download (1.18 MB) ImgOps
1.18 MB
this game is really really fun!!!
That was awesome

My final score was 4771 before I got bored
Final score after all animations: 73572

File: Azumanga663.swf Download (306.3 KB) ImgOps
306.3 KB

File: paffendorf.swf Download (852.3 KB) ImgOps
852.3 KB

File: Cirno Racing.swf Download (1.95 MB) ImgOps
1.95 MB
What's your fastest time?
woah, cirno racing, that sounds fun

File: As Time Goes By.swf Download (5.15 MB) ImgOps
5.15 MB
Goodbye, flash.
I also found this
Although, it doesn't work for most flash. I prefer to install as plugin

File: youare.swf Download (12.89 KB) ImgOps
12.89 KB
a reminder

File: youare.swf Download (12.89 KB) ImgOps
12.89 KB
a reminder

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