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File: $.gif Download (425.43 KB) ImgOps
425.43 KB
Why does the /f/ board have thumbnails and a regular thread index? Embedding doesnt really work and the thumbnails are pointless since they are all the same. Cant /f/ have a custom thread index similar to 4chans? Our current one is just ugly
>Cant /f/ have a custom thread index similar to 4chans?
It did have something like that originally, but it wasn't perfect
Embedding works the same way 4chan does. How is it broken?

And don't expect Heyuri to do everything like 4chan, other scripts like Wakarimasen and Pixmicat do it the same way.
Not him but for me it seems to ignore the SWF's native resolution and displays everything in a tiny little window

Win10 + Firefox

why the hell reply to the OP of a post? i mean if the op is >>1234
and their response is
haha yeah"

Do not link to the op post if you are replying to the op post!! its stupid, reply links are for inter thread communication. no reply link means you are replying to op!

cool numbers
helll yeeaaaah


33.6 KB
As communities grow, they often degrade, i think this is the norm with most communities on the internet, or IRL. Since the dawn of time its been like this, i personally dont think Heyuri has reached that point, at. all. But it is possible.

At what point will you consider heyuri to be too mainstream to be fun? Right now i kind of think as this place where oldfags can meet and have fun, untainted by the cold, corporate touch of the rest of the internet. Its magical really, im just afraid ill lose it.
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I will do my best to preserve the culture of Heyuri. I think it's possible to be both mainstream and a good culture.

There's also people who are just straight up scared of change in this regard. Some people already say that Heyuri already lost its charm after k♡♡z was made admin.

Even if I'm wrong and things do degrade beyond the point of being fun (which I don't think will happen) I would setup a subset of boards for the core userbase to access.

Please don't happy
When mainstream assholes come in, we'll know who the true users are by seeing who stays and decides to learn the culture or not.
LOL internets
They don't "degrade" necessarily - more often than not they just change with the inevitable flow of new users coming in and old users going out

Most of the time, older users don't like the changes that new users bring about - even if those same "older users" were once new users themselves that those who came before them didn't like that much

If there's one constant on the internet, or in any form of human social structure, it's that there will always be new trends, new words, new ideals, and new people - and there will always be a group of older people complaining about them, longing for the days when their preferences were more commonplace

Neither is objectively right or wrong, they just develop incompatible preferences - and that's fine, as long as they're not going to places where the majority of people disagree with them, and they start fights and flamewars over which is right or wrong (which they are because LOL humans)

File: kim corn.jpg Download (620.6 KB) ImgOps
620.6 KB
suggestion: heyuri.net/board/ redirects to img.heyuri.net/board/
also per >>>/lounge/ someone wants a thread list there
heyuri.net/board/ already redirects to img.heyuri.net/board/

The textboards might be getting an overhaul soon.
i see. must have been that /f/ doesnt have it yet then

206.78 KB
LOLico, do you know any programming languages other than php and html? have you ever worked on any other notable non-heyuri projects? also, how much does k♡♡z contribute in terms of development? are there multiple devs or is it just you?

just wonderin
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Javascript should enhance but not outright replace features. Basic functionality, like posting or viewing images, should be possible without having it enabled.
JS is bad. It was a mistake.
In an alternate universe JS was never made. Web 2.0 is a lot more stylish and bas*d on Flash!
This. JQuery is gaaaaaaaaaaaay.
This too. I only use JS on top of already working systems. There will never be a part of Heyuri that relies on JS.
thank you so much for bringing back /f/!! thats the best board EVAR <3
javascript is fucking shit, im not going anywhere near it.
just like nosql, nodejs, <javascript styling framework for brainlets who cant into CSS>, among other stuff.

source: backend developer. all frontend developers who talk about js constantly use a macbook, ill let you do the math.
* sips decaf coffee from overpriced cafe *

Fuck off. Javascript is the way we do things now.

File: stateofheyuri.jpg Download (35.62 KB) ImgOps
35.62 KB
The influx of newfags its killing heyuri

LOLico do something this site used to be great
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Faganon is mad and a fag
if you hate heyuri so much why are you still here? save yourself the stress and GTFO and STFU
File: anonlaugh.png Download (9.49 KB) ImgOps
9.49 KB
imagine spending your day hopping around vpn and aws endpoints just to shit on some internet people.
File: BANZ.png Download (341.25 KB) ImgOps
341.25 KB
File: 1596877052886-1.png Download (343.92 KB) ImgOps
343.92 KB

When will we get a HTML5 board
If the demand is strong enough I might allow HTML on /f/. I don't think it need it's own board when they would be so similar to Flash.

File: Capture.png Download (770.38 KB) ImgOps
770.38 KB
I made an Ayashii World theme for Heyuri since I remember someone asked for it.
>> 149.51 KB
I liek it
Would you like it as an official style on Heyuri?

File: qGurLT2.png Download (2.59 KB) ImgOps
2.59 KB

Dozens of you have been asking for a flash board to come back for ages, and we havent had 1 for over a month!. But one is coming within the next week. Ive seen alot of great OC flash material in Heyuri, im excited to see what else is coming too!

w00t w00t!!~~`!!!1!111!11!@!111

does anyone remember the guy who made the heyuri car flash? i hope hes coming back...

ps: hay k♡♡z, I ENTERED THE CONTEST!!
File: fla.png Download (1.79 KB) ImgOps
1.79 KB
I nevar left!!!
/f/ is out.

File: sub-jp-burger-2-popup.jpg Download (48.55 KB) ImgOps
48.55 KB
1: I'm looking for a css pastebin that had the old internet theme, it was on heyuri before it had the server error :( pls! i would like to make changes to it...
2 : Post css or maek css for heyuri!


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