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File: oppai!.jpg
(33 KB, 350x350) ImgOps
33 KB
エロお絵描きは大好き! この人がえっちしたいよ
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>> 255 KB
why not just yotsuba...
she's okay.
she's always bullied in the manga lol
even got herself the nickname "the not pretty one" in chapter 2
this one just feels wrong
File: ch.jpg
(45 KB, 300x350) ImgOps
45 KB

File: IMG_20240218_161309.jpg
(2919 KB, 4160x2000) ImgOps
2919 KB
I realized my dream, I'm living in Japan! iyahooiyahooiyahoo
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File: IMG_20240224_184745.jpg
(2368 KB, 4160x2000) ImgOps
2368 KB
Here's a sportcar for >>94015-san!
its teh cute otaku catz! biggrin
File: IMG_20240224_214909.jpg
(1996 KB, 2560x1998) ImgOps
1996 KB
In the end I came hoem with a few things ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Teh booty:
-second-to-last CCS volume
-Di Gi Charat Natsuyasumi-special ep3&4
-"Hime-sama goumon no jikan desu"+illust card, my favorite manga recently biggrin
-Alice through the looking glass, with seriously the cutest illustrations ever! I will need to check the artist afterward (found it in a BOOKOFF, in the children section)
-an album by MasamiTea, I love his music
-a bunch of pamphlets, no idea if I'll attend those events

and I don't even have a shelf yet sweat2
File: IMG_20240224_112555a.jpg
(1684 KB, 1844x2988) ImgOps
1684 KB
What camera are you shooting these with? The dynamic range seems to be suffering, you might aswell buy a Sony Xperia since you're in Japan!

File: chiyo.png
(460 KB, 775x579) ImgOps
460 KB
I hope no heyurizen called my reply dumb after I refresh... .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.
There isn't any such thing as an undumb reply. Thoughts become dumb upon impact with Heyuri ( ´ω`)
this post itself is rather dumb, u ask to be called dumb. dummy.
File: cgvb.jpg
(954 KB, 7000x6462) ImgOps
954 KB
day ruined

File: friends.mp4
(2676 KB, 482x856) ImgOps
2676 KB
Is /b/ trying to learn any other languages? (don't say Japanese; we all know you're trying to learn Japanese)
I'm learning Chinese. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
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russian onigiri
i tried learning german and russian for a time but duolingo is less than useless
at least i know how to read most russian runes now (not that i know the meaning of the words)

ich hasse brot!
я ем яблоко
I'm learning PENISh lolico
I'm learning Spanish dance
Worst country in teh world!angry

File: 61894446_p0.jpg
(722 KB, 800x1002) ImgOps
722 KB
important question
are you supposed to self insert as the parasite or girl while fapping? unsure
The lucky observer!
File: 4 (1).jpg
(444 KB, 1200x1677) ImgOps
444 KB
I used to self-insert as the girl when I was younger, but at a certain point I started to feel weird and gay about it. Had I kept going down that path, I might've started trying to "become" a girl. dark
But that was many years ago. Nowadays, I of course self-insert as the gross monsters and fat ugly bastards and animals and parasites and stuff, so my masculinity is safe! biggrin
File: 573485834.jpg
(176 KB, 781x550) ImgOps
176 KB
rustle's art is always b0nerific drool

I can't tell who do I self insert as, but I imagine it feels really good for girls to get invaded by parasites/worms. I guess there is no point in thinking deeply as long as faps are successful
All Shota seem to be perverted like that or at least I was too.
They were created that way absolutely randomly this simply couldn't be a message from GOD that we can and SHOULD have sex with them

4 KB
Last night I had a dream that suddenly every mod started hating phoneposters and so put a dozen gore ""boards"" next to the actual boards so if you had fat thumbs on your phone you'd basically be screwed.
Everything else was normal abt heyuri in the dream except this
...Kaguya, I have an awesum idea! biggrin
Don't worry, I'm already on the phone with him.
Don't give them any ideas banana

File: ondr.png
(1035 KB, 1275x923) ImgOps
1035 KB
Today I am watching 'The Wonder Years'. It's a 60s nostalgia show from the 80s. If you like 'Èverybody hates Chris', you'll enjoy this one also. Same concept.

One part I find unintentionally funny is the use of his adult voice as a disembodied narrator.

Obviously, he's explaining what his mindset was as a twelve year old boy, so that's how you should take it, but some of the lines sound really funny out of context, like hearing;

"There are few things in life as purely terrifying as calling a twelve year old girl on the telephone--especially a really cute twelve year old girl"

^In the voice of an adult man.xd
File: ondrr.png
(899 KB, 1252x807) ImgOps
899 KB
Or when he sees his crush stretching her legs in her little cheerleader uniform, an ojiisan voice cries out; GRAB HER, SQUEEZE HER, KISS HER
>> 38 KB
I liked his show when I was a kid ヽ(´ー`)ノ
File: startrk.mp4
(7395 KB, 482x360) ImgOps
7395 KB

File: ultimatebribe.jpg
(91 KB, 716x1024) ImgOps
91 KB
loli hax!!!1!1
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File: ice.jpg
(301 KB, 1280x1808) ImgOps
301 KB
File: 4.jpg
(221 KB, 854x1210) ImgOps
221 KB
File: 6.jpg
(151 KB, 1050x1500) ImgOps
151 KB
such amazing butts.
File: sakuraa.jpg
(74 KB, 694x900) ImgOps
74 KB

File: Shirley_MacLaine_-_1960.jpg
(236 KB, 800x1040) ImgOps
236 KB
what does heyuri think of the pixie cut?
File: 398475.png
(1535 KB, 1200x1600) ImgOps
1535 KB
Not hawt, girls must have long hairs! It's the law!
girls like it more than guys
File: OTHERCOS-080201-169162719.jpg
(88 KB, 800x800) ImgOps
88 KB
i always thought it was cute, i also like straigt cut bangs over eyes.
File: adc713b9181275d2a4956941b8d2cdca.jpg
(17 KB, 245x374) ImgOps
17 KB
I think they're best when they have a certain volume and flippiness The 'flat to the head' look as seen in OP's picrel doesn't look as nice in my opinion.

File: clintrevolver.jpg
(63 KB, 637x577) ImgOps
63 KB
Too many damn loli/shota threads. It's time to talk about something cool and manly.

What Kurosawa film should I watch first? I haven't seen any.

Any other films from the 50s/60s I should see? Haven't watched very many from that period.
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File: o4mjkh6a_o.png
(2363 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
2363 KB
The 'Daimajin' movie of 1966 is AWESUM. . .
it has nothing to do with Kurosawa and isn't a complex movie like his but no one talks about Daimajin so I had to smile
I've always loved Yojimbo the most out of kuroswawa's films, it's got such a great premise and Kurosawa is always so good a mixing comedy into his films without making them any less serious.
Speaking of Yojimbo and Clint. A Fistful of Dollars is a copy of it and I belive Sergio Leone was sued for it xd. The only big diffrence other than the setting is that the main fight instead of katana vs revolver is replaced with revolver vs carabine.

From Kurosawa movies I also recommend Sanjuro, a sequel to Yojimbo which has a bit more action and also the legendary blood spurt scene.

There's also Hidden Fortress(which Star Wars took some inspiration from) and Throne of Blood which is a Japanese interpretation of Macbeth.

From other 50s/60s movies I always liked the classic James Bonds with Sean Connery. My favourite is Goldfinger.
Samurai shit is better than 90% of anime. The Samurai had great values. They were people of mighty courage and honor. Unlike us worthless shits with zero dignity. Shameful.
File: 7samurai.jpg
(43 KB, 507x380) ImgOps
43 KB
So many recommendations, thank you all. A lot of these sound quite interesting. I suppose I will start with Godzilla actually since I have been meaning to watch that for a while.

I read about that and was planning to watch the original eventually to see how they compare. Revolver vs. katana makes a lot more sense than what they did in Fistful. The setting didn't really allow for it, but there is obviously not as big a difference between a pistol and rifle than there is with a sword and gun.

File: 1707150326707820.png
(12 KB, 588x490) ImgOps
12 KB
I'm bored
hi bored \(^▽^@)ノ
File: loli games.jpg
(3756 KB, 3697x8665) ImgOps
3756 KB
since u posted c-team characters, you might enjoy what this chart offers:
I wonder how many days would it take to play all those gaems drool
File: FVcbK5TUAAAwqNK-4279374452.jpg
(567 KB, 1920x1241) ImgOps
567 KB
itz a good list, i wanna play them all!

File: 1.jpg
(21 KB, 250x250) ImgOps
21 KB
left heyuri for a couple months... are those underage attentionwhores still here? do we all still blindly support" or have mods and userbase finally woken up to how retarded and annoying they made the site? arigatou
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Everything has been normal as of late

Is it just me or there have been a couple of uninteligible posts over the last few days?
you're more annoying than them ヽ(´ー`)ノ
>>94555 ur brain might just be deteriorating anon-san sweat3
you mean the webcore fags? is that who you mean. >>94555
I think it's been fun I wouldn't call ant of the late posts low quality or anything.
The more you get annoyed by me, the more I come back!

File: yotsuba-painting.png
(47 KB, 181x153) ImgOps
47 KB
take this picture and make Yotsuba paint whatever you like. Reply with your Yotsuba painting pictures. nyaoo-closedeyes
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File: yotsubaaa.png
(49 KB, 181x153) ImgOps
49 KB
File: LOLI HAX.png
(57 KB, 181x153) ImgOps
57 KB
File: YotsubaPainting.png
(62 KB, 334x167) ImgOps
62 KB
foolishness Dante... Foolishness...
Painting controls everything
without painting you can't protect anythin... let alone yourself
File: yotsuba goatse.png
(48 KB, 181x153) ImgOps
48 KB
File: yotsuba_ramune.png
(50 KB, 181x153) ImgOps
50 KB

File: 1643192463244-3.png
(428 KB, 569x591) ImgOps
428 KB

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pretty sure you need to quit using rule 8 websites anonymous-kun
sex is boring glare1
ewwwww secks is teh gr0ss!!! >_< boys are so stupid lol!!
don't knock it til' you try it!

File: w.png
(1816 KB, 1487x788) ImgOps
1816 KB
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at least put in more effort
cleanest desktop I've ever seen...
Don't be mean about it. It looks fine. Maybe this is just how OP likes. ┐(゚~゚)┌

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