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69 KB

my favorite sonic game is sonic adventure 1. i think it gets too much hate in the modern day from people who haven't actually played it. cry
what's your favorite sonic game? ( ´ω`)
File: give_it_back.gif
(8 KB, 320x224) [ImgOps]
8 KB
S3&K FTW, but I liek pre-SA Sonic in general biggrin

713 KB
which one?
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HOLY SHITT xdxdxdangry
(110 KB, 600x873) [ImgOps]
110 KB

I had a batshit insane bisexual lolicon gf before it was awesoem
Either the "Batshit insane bisexual lolicon" or the "Middle aged fujoshi"
[NUMBER: 3868]

I like the super dyke, the bi lolicon, the middle aged fujo, and the hikki stalker. What a harem that would be.
[NUMBER: 5945]

rolling for fanartist or moralfag

File: love.png
(2377 KB, 1564x1170) [ImgOps]
2377 KB
Me, personally... no.
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Go and blow me off then. I don't need you to believe me because I believe it myself.
After letting put everything I realized how big a scene I made in this thread. If you're genuinely curious for what I'm going off about then I'll discuss it in private. But not here.
Sorry for shitting up the thread
File: smile dog.png
(1092 KB, 1440x1080) [ImgOps]
1092 KB
nobody really cares, anon tongue

File: peaikftq0rj61.jpg
(123 KB, 960x600) [ImgOps]
123 KB
I can create a Garry's Mod server, if anyone interested tell me what models and add-ons to include.

If no one is interested then let the thread die and autosage.

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File: 2023-03-23 16_18_34-Steam.png
(6 KB, 196x108) [ImgOps]
6 KB
you never said no rp you said "Preferably gmod 9, sandbox" and that you personally only played "rp" a few times.
Then you never said anything else after I offered a high performance, public, 100+ slot, rp server (that sometimes has cute girls play on it) to fuck around on.
"RP GARBAGE"? You are not even willing to find an existing server yourself, maybe other people want to play a different game mode. RP servers are not all the same. Sandbox gets pretty boring pretty fast. Even TTT would be fun. I like deathrun a lot. But there are about a million existing gmod servers to pick from.
Pic related, I know what im talkin about when it comes to gmod gaming
I didn't say anything because i didn't care about rp, as i said i preferred gmod 9 sandbox and you managed to somehow present the exact opposite of what i wanted
>(that sometimes has cute girls play on it)
yeah smug
GMod is Serious Business sweat
i might buy it to play with you guys if this is happening biggrin
>> 156 KB
Update us if the server goes live, I'd love to play Gmod with some new people

>if anyone interested tell me what models and add-ons to include
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=855364383 This is more for me than anyone else but I wanna play as Cirno

File: thetruthisoutthere.jpg
(145 KB, 800x1192) [ImgOps]
145 KB
I'm not sure if it's just me that remembers, but weren't Conspiracy theories fairly popular in the '90s? (and maybe a bit of the 2000s).

You would hear them from bearded old guys, (who were either ex-hippies or Vietnam vets back in the '60s), or punk/stoner malcontent kids, or computer geeks dedicated to web surfing.

Loads of conspiracy-type media was popular like the X-Files, The Matrix, Eyes Wide Shut, Deus Ex, Hackers, JFK, The Invisibles, etc.

Bush talked about The 'New World Order', Ted Kaczynski wrote The Unabomber Manifesto. Tim McVeigh did the Oklahoma City Bombings, Mos Def rapped about how "40% of Americans own a cell phone. So they can hear, everything that you say when you ain't home." and Radiohead sang about how, “just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you”,

Normalfags didn't immediately recoil from conspiracy theories like they do now. They were treated as mostly harmless stoner-tier stuff like 'They got aliens in the Pentagon mannn' or esoteric wisdom going over your head, or simply a bit of healthy, anti-authoritarian skepticism.

I think this was due to loads of interrelated factors- The general anti-authority mood of the 90s,which made people open to hearing conspiracy theories, The explosion of the Internet, which gave the theories a place to spread, the comparative innocence of the post Cold-War, Pre 9/11 era, when deep discussions weren't so Serious Business, and the fact of conspiracy theories fitting into the whole post-modernist 'turn everything on it's head', 'search for truth' and 'do your own thing' zeitgeist of the era.

I think they grew unpopular in the 2000s for various reasons-- 9/11 theories pissed people off,since it was seen as making light of the whole thing, the Internet went corporate, which meant less running into conspiracy sites, the media got bored of the skeptical paranoia angle and leaned more into vapid celebrity culture/hedonism, and the rise of political polarization and Serious Business meant people had to walk on eggshells in discussing unconventional beliefs.

That's my analysis anyway. I'm interested in ur thoughts.ph34r
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>> 65 KB
They are living examples of why Carl Schmitt was right.
thats usually because your conspiracy theory probably targets them or some minority, like jew world order, great reset or that the lgbt community are satanic pedophiles who control the world
anyways politics--'least of the american type-- are insufferable, lets keep this faggotry to a minimum happy
JFK was murdered by LBJ and the CIA so they could increase American involvement in Vietnam.

MLK Jr. was murdered by the FBI, Memphis PD and the Mafia.

The CIA used cocaine smuggling to fund the Contras, the primary end users of said cocaine being poor African Americans.

These are some of the most obvious conspiracies that have tons of evidence for them. None of them target minorities. And yet leftists never talk about them.
I wouldn't say that's one hundred percent true. I heard one of my sister's friends mention the MLK Jr. thing. Though they didn't discuss it at length.

The rest I never heard from them though.
On the topic of conspiracy theories, some of the most retarded people are those who posture themselves as some sort of "warriors of truth" when all they do is look at declassified government documents from the Cold War

330 KB
I want to have a girlfriend of color because I have seen to much sexy women of color recently!
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fpbp glare1
File: 0b2927b6c8d5ec029d24c81e5c7cbe66.png
(1013 KB, 1033x1228) [ImgOps]
1013 KB
I do like my darksin girls
especially tan gyarus nyaoo-closedeyes
you know I'd really appreciate if you stopped posting satanic ai shit thanks
Not always, the belly button looks like a third nipple.
I just tried to generate an anime black girl because I like real ones.

File: inunakichannel.png
(12 KB, 351x142) [ImgOps]
12 KB
I found an imageboard that uses rule 8 from heyuri.
I think it has some potentional, really. biggrin
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I don't wanna use inunakich if it has rule 8 content. Why would I be using heyuri if I wanted a modern board experience and z**mer memes?
you just broke R8 yourself in your post angry
It looks horrible in general.
it's easy to translate if you have the right tools, though futabasql doesn't really work anymore -- futaba-ng and its forks/translations are da way 2 go
Oh shit I did break rule 8 :(
You should've added more *

File: 600-02265714en_Masterfile.jpg
(28 KB, 300x450) [ImgOps]
28 KB
CURSE YOU NEETBACK!!!angryangryangry

i gotta bad case of neetback (neetback: back problems caused by inactivity due to neetdom) and its killing me today. im actually unable to move. its never been this bad. im only 20 wtf, i feel like im 70 cry
>> 114 KB
I have this long styrofoam roller that really helps my back although my case isnt as bad as yours
I know your pain OP, using laptop in bed makes it even worse cry

File: tinyReimu.png
(295 KB, 750x750) [ImgOps]
295 KB
You Are Handed A Tiny Reimu
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File: 1604564984366.gif
(466 KB, 495x495) [ImgOps]
466 KB
eat eat eat
>> 60 KB
I want a yukkuri
File: yukkuri_2.jpg
(2216 KB, 1600x1600) [ImgOps]
2216 KB
File: laugh-anime.gif
(62 KB, 220x272) [ImgOps]
62 KB
yea, her buttcheeks... hehehe
File: 25a07e01c488f50374fcfa5e36b28c3e.jpg
(178 KB, 1500x1800) [ImgOps]
178 KB
I would smile

File: GIWTWM.jpg
(453 KB, 1920x1440) [ImgOps]
453 KB
Your fortune: Dark times are to come

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>> 223 KB
Anon it's only 50 dolar quit being a baby
File: FrtwZH8aIAAxaUB.jpg
(57 KB, 749x493) [ImgOps]
57 KB
she's so faaatt!!!!!
This pic is confusing me. Why are american soldiers walking around with guns out in what i assume is japan? Why is cirno stepping on him? Wtf is going on and why is their a crowd?
File: aaaaa.png
(206 KB, 252x305) [ImgOps]
206 KB
it is not US army it is airsofters
the magazine looks airsoft and not real one
and most army rifles dont have the handgrip filled, and this guy does have it filled (with actual material, not some lighter or anything)
it is most likely they are airsofters.
The US Military has failed to defeat Cirno in the Gensokyo 1786 Skirmishes. After their failure they were forced to acknowledge Cirno as superior and face public humiliation. Much to their dismay but the amusement of the onlookers,

File: 0Turkley1492.jpg
(51 KB, 751x513) [ImgOps]
51 KB
moar text liek this.

I am demanding that you add moar text liek this.

File: 1675510594669598.jpg
(78 KB, 1039x641) [ImgOps]
78 KB

File: 1457985119858.gif
(1235 KB, 400x225) [ImgOps]
1235 KB
I killed it. It's dead. dark
I'm calling the police angry
I would say fuck snitches, but i also would snitch on such heinous crime. Go to hell OP!

File: Peach_Needs_Help.jpg
(610 KB, 1875x1080) [ImgOps]
610 KB
I found this cool Mario parody on YouTube :xd
What do you guys think?
File: 362208_injapan.swf
(976 KB) [ImgOps]
SWF Embed
post the flash!
File: motoko.swf
(2817 KB) [ImgOps]
SWF Embed
I didn't know heyuri had ruffle support, that's cool (・∀・)
File: 568568453.jpg
(41 KB, 467x700) [ImgOps]
41 KB
File: mf.swf
(4277 KB) [ImgOps]
SWF Embed

File: 1444585080887.gif
(571 KB, 320x240) [ImgOps]
571 KB

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File: J4SwpW1.gif
(127 KB, 498x410) [ImgOps]
127 KB
skeleton winrar onigiri
add some skeleton emotes kuz kuz
File: =skelton.gif
(1179 KB, 385x390) [ImgOps]
1179 KB
This thread is RATTLING! I am RATTLED TO THE BONE! This thread is absolutely SKULLBLOWING! I can absolutely sense it within my BONES!
I have a BONER
I feel something.. in my bones..
File: Skeletor.png
(1112 KB, 1134x688) [ImgOps]
1112 KB

File: 1678909411956415.jpg
(93 KB, 365x618) [ImgOps]
93 KB
I left my laptop at a repair shop and now i'm afraid that some questionable stuff will be found and/or made public
Have you had any similar experiences? I'm sure a lot of us have stuff on our PC we'd rather not let anyone else see
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>Where am i supossed to learn
There's this new fangled jimtranet masheenamabobber
You can just encrypt your drives? unsure
File: 1679075974661474.jpg
(21 KB, 480x480) [ImgOps]
21 KB
Stop downloading cp on your hard drive
File: IMG_1698.jpg
(507 KB, 1200x1600) [ImgOps]
507 KB
no rolleyes
That's how Gary Glitter got v& lolz

J00 FAIL!!!1

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