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File: d83255f24e766c286574a9d922196681.png
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Correct, was it the sleeves that gave it away?
Wow, they said that he kicked ass! huh
Now I want B&B to say that I kick ass for stroking my sausage when I hit my 30s sweat
File: maxresdefault.jpg
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pretty sure you need to quit using rule 8 websites anonymous-kun
sex is boring glare1

File: clintrevolver.jpg
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Too many damn loli/shota threads. It's time to talk about something cool and manly.

What Kurosawa film should I watch first? I haven't seen any.

Any other films from the 50s/60s I should see? Haven't watched very many from that period.
Watch Masaki Kobayashi's Harakiri if you're interested in samurai films. It's so ahead of its time that it could genuinely come out nowadays
File: th-3757925844.jpg
(21 KB, 474x257) ImgOps
21 KB
>Kurosawa films
Ran is a great place to start for a beginner. Its one of his later works and in color. Kagemusha is great too. Its about a thief who's hired to be the body double of Takeda Shingen but when Shingen is killed, he has to keep the facade going. Rashomon is a masterpiece but less accessible.

>Any other films from the 50s/60s I should see?
>Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate - Comedy set during the collapse of the Shogunate cry a guy can't pay his brothel fees so he's forced to stay and work, outwit the hookers, and avoid mobs of Samurai out to kill Europeans. This was voted the best Japanese movie of all time by Japanese film critics.
Godzilla - The 1954 original. If you haven't seen it already you should.
Black Rain by Shohei Imamura - Classic Hiroshima movie based on the novel by Masuji Ibuse.
Seven Samurai - Probably the most famous Kurosawa movie. Mainstream but still amazing.
Introduction to Anthropology Through Pornography aka The Pornographers - Another Imamura movie. Its about a porn director fending off people trying to muscle in on his business.
Battle of Algiers - A smalltime crook and ex pimp becomes a guerrilla and joins a Muslim ghetto rebelling against French rule.
The Cow by Dariush Mehrjui - A villager falls in love with his cow but it dies when he's out of town. Khomeini's favorite film. Director was stabbed to death by a schizo a few months ago.
Unholy Desire - A poor working class girl is abused by her cheating husband's family and raped.
File: o4mjkh6a_o.png
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The 'Daimajin' movie of 1966 is AWESUM. . .
it has nothing to do with Kurosawa and isn't a complex movie like his but no one talks about Daimajin so I had to smile

File: w.png
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You should give Open-shell a try. (´ー`)

File: 1708546675983959.gif
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Hi Heyuri. I haven't visited this place since I think June of last year. What has happened here since? Did this place get any more popular or is it still a small circle of people here?
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>an imageboard ran by kaguya intended for people learning Japanese to post in Japanese, and for Japanese people wanting to interact with foreigners (in Japanese)
I kinda suspected this. I wasn't sure since I saw so many Japanese flags being posted.

>It's admittedly a bit of a strange/niche concept
Its bringing people together!

>and most Heyuri users can't read/write Japanese, so there's little to no post-import activity
They could cheat and use Google Translate.

Thanks for the info anon.
I'm new here like it.
How was it going around spacehey?
Spacehey sux butt.
Well it basically happened when I was searching for imageboards that weren't just 4chan/8chan wannabes, and somebody recommended me here - since I thought this place was cool, I recommended it to others :-3

File: 68066550.png
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Rules say Hi for new user

My introduction is that Shota is a force behind the electrical pulse of nervers maintaining my hearts, and Loli butt is what I look forwards to ( ´ω`)
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>> 590 KB
>>94483 Coo is the Shota Polarity element
File: proof that Piyoko is a boy.webm
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File: di-gi-charat-piyoko-3906727758.gif
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Pyo is a loli! I refeuse to believe any GARLIC from a garlic man! LIES! They call her princess! a loli princess! She is one of teh cutest chara!
File: 1708631236086.webm
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132 KB
the garlic man tragically passed away when his head exploded from being filled with too much shota cum
File: mpv-shot0001.png
(258 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
258 KB
this video glitches out in much funnier way when I play it in mpv

File: oppai!.jpg
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33 KB
エロお絵描きは大好き! この人がえっちしたいよ
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File: fuuka.jpg
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13 KB
why are 2d girls with fat eyebrows so kawaii blush
fat eyebrows look disgusting IRL
Fat eyebrows are moe as fuck IRL, given they're not a unibrow and they have some level of bangs. Glasses make them look even better. ( ´ω`)
Let a girl have thick eyebrows it's 2014 gosh darn it! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
This is not even remotely true unless the thick eyebrows are artificial!!!
File: fuukawait.jpg
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one thing is for certain, fuuka very well may be teh best in Yotsuba&. she may not be a loli but is still young and not a hag ヽ(´ー`)ノ

307 KB

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File: touhouslotREAL.png
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File: cry.png
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oh wait, i am stupid... tag is for chara above!
It's not... there isn't even a character above "hate"
File: mugetsu.png
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File: eyeim lawnlee.png
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What chat services do people use these days? I've never really been good at making friends, but over the past 15 or so years I've collected a handful of acquaintances I talk to from time to time, and a majority of those chums (that I still talk to) are on this thing called "discord". I tried to log into that discord thangamajigger tonight, because I wanted to talk to an old buddy I used to watch bad movies with, but when I signed in, it required email verification.... and the email I had originally signed up with just so happened to be the only email of mine that I've ever forgotten the password to. dark
So, I've essentially just lost every internet buddy I've ever made. Apparently discord is going to stop working for win7 users like me in a few days, so I suppose it doesn't matter anyway. Aside from discord, I used to use trillian back in the day, and pidgin messenger. For the past couple years i've mainly used discord, and a little telegram on the side since I have a few south american buddies on there that like the same pornos I do xp
tl;dr what chat clients are you peeps using, and can we be friends?
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As said, XMPP is probably your best bet. Its pretty comfortable. (´人`)
ofc I can be ur ur fren OP.
I've got TG and shitcord unfortunately.
I think we need a TS3/5 server here 4 such purposes. I'll look into hosting one next month and I'll invite one to join. We'll see how that truns out.sweat2 shii
They're bakas then.angry As a 'retro' machine, and I'm using such a term loosly here, it's okay but if u wanna use a modern OS 4 browsing, media and gayming and such just switch to an arch-based system like Endeavor.rolleyes
Teh greatest sec vulnerabilities remain Win10 and awful gaymes which won't run on a GNU/Linux distro themselves. Apart from a few codec related issues which for example teh KH collection all others are terrible modern MP shooters which want Ring 0 access 4 their 'anti-cheating systems.nyaoo
Tell me moarunsure
I know XMPP tho'
lmao I can't believe you believe in this crap
"Security issues" lawl xd
Do you also not open flash files because of these same so-called "security issues"? I don't even know how one could come in contact with a virus in a post-monopolized internet world. Just don't download random executables, or better yet, test them in a vm first?

File: 017.jpg
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780 KB
I was searching for ero doujinshi of an unrelated show I've been watching, and I found a waha in wild!
goddamn it
I just fapped and now im horny againclosed-eyes
epic find

File: pleasesir.jpg
(9 KB, 480x360) ImgOps
9 KB
Dear Inu-さん~ ( Inu!XDDHEmNmmE )

(ノ_ _)ノ *exalted bow*

I request more of your CD-rips and possibly some DVD-rips if there are any available. If you're feeling for it, I would like to know the contents of your CD and DVD collection. Your generous favors will be returned with a physical shrine in your name and my service unto you. Domo
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I actually don't care about anything past IN, it's up to someone else if they want them. I was actually inquiring about CDs and DVDs besides from toho, for instance Di Gi Charat or maybe something like Suigetsu or other visual novels? What is a general sum of your entire collection of discs?
File: games.jpg
(2136 KB, 3536x2240) ImgOps
2136 KB
If it is about CDs related to anime/otaku/japan then really it isnt big because I am a very fat pirate, I get them more for being souvenirs than anything else. Most of my collection is mainly from polish game magazines or related things from around 2003-2009 and there is quite a bit of it but some I tried recently are dead forever, installing a game from 4 CD parts and it turned out that fourth is unreadable... I don't think I am a big fish in physical CD hoarding. Some of cooler discs I have are these from almost 30 years ago, EA and Rockstar games, doom and first tekken jap version. Additionally some casual german games from 96 xd
Not even DVD's?
File: nyo 73.webm
(2372 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
2372 KB
Do the Di Gi Charat DVDs have any subtitles? Japanese subs run through machine translation would be a big improvement over what's available for episodes 73-104.
File: HNI_0041.jpg
(79 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
79 KB
I'm not the person you're talking to nor do I have what you want but please take my baja coins

File: 600px-Baalmon2.jpg
(68 KB, 600x600) ImgOps
68 KB
anybody have any interests that are considered too childish for other people?

the digimon vpets look fun but my family wouldnt approve of me getting a glorified childrens toy. shame cause the designs look cool.
File: 1708574156085.webm
(5770 KB, 960x516) ImgOps
5770 KB
watching anime

File: meal.jpg
(119 KB, 858x1907) ImgOps
119 KB
File: packets-of-silica-gel-2827737439.jpg
(76 KB, 2000x1333) ImgOps
76 KB
File: 1661477420853956.jpg
(118 KB, 600x800) ImgOps
118 KB
OISHII! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
dont worry. eating silica gel wont do anything

File: a63297630663113716722fc144960b05.jpg
(87 KB, 736x895) ImgOps
87 KB
lolis are good, but shotas need justice!! dance2dance2
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File: vlcsnap-2024-02-21-17h21m40s246.png
(257 KB, 711x400) ImgOps
257 KB
i will have to watch the third episode now. ( ´ω`)
File: 058fc4006ebb4ad68b35366546e1acaa.jpg
(92 KB, 563x747) ImgOps
92 KB
U right anon! Tah second episode is perfect just cuz tah horrible man it's not here!!
Piko and Chico r tah perfect couple(´-ω-`)(´-ω-`)
I don't like coco Sorry!!! sadsadsad
He looks to much like a girl...
And loves the grace of tah shota! I want a shota, not an loli with a PENISxpxp
File: 10239647.jpg
(9298 KB, 4189x5990) ImgOps
9298 KB
Yes you're right!! biggrinbiggrin

File: wierdness.png
(1306 KB, 976x1240) ImgOps
1306 KB
are there any regulations in Japan for uncensored cum? unsure
Pube hairs growing, gross hag ew
Grass on the field means play ball! biggrin
it looks like puke

File: IMG_20240218_161309.jpg
(2919 KB, 4160x2000) ImgOps
2919 KB
I realized my dream, I'm living in Japan! iyahooiyahooiyahoo
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can you post on futaba now? biggrin
You should make the heyuri version of hakoniwa islands known upon the nipponese. If you could break into any hikikomori rooms to inform the NEETs, that would work great as they likely already have an island on a nipponese hakoniwa. https://cgi.heyuri.net/hakoniwa2/
in addition to this >>94394
go around with printouts for heyuri and give them to guys at akihabara. make sure they end up at https://www.heyuri.net/index.php?view=japanese or /jp/ page
something like that should be fine. if you do this make sure you don't show off this site to just anybody.
I did a little update to https://www.heyuri.net/index.php?view=japanese while on it

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