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File: AAA.jpg
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desufuckers need to read this https://cidoku.net/notes/excess_nostalgia
heh, talk about ironic when the whole website tries to act and look like the old web. lolico
Desu is always the first thing "newfags" cling on to when they read about old 4chan, true every single time
it's about the loli magic, desu
I was talking about the site and not the memes.

File: holdingBags.jpg
(1204 KB, 1918x1872) [ImgOps]
1204 KB
Today I got pissed off so I threw my chair at my wall and my grandma was home and she heard it and saw that I put 2 medium size holes in the wall she helped me put a flag up over it and told me she won't say anything to my parents biggrin
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File: image.jpg
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This is what it looks like right now
File: holes.png
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238 KB
It's not too bad. You should try fixing it yourself, it's a good opportunity to get basic house maintenance skills before you get your own house, too. You won't need anything expensive or dangerous (fumes, etc.) to deal with this.
my grandma would've murdered me
I throw a chair in the wall and maed a hole in the wall so my grandma murder me, and thats how I got reincarnated as a loli, the anime season 2.

File: upload_mind.jpg
(85 KB, 681x450) [ImgOps]
85 KB
Would you upload your mind to the internet and live forever, but your body dies?
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I feel like I've heard the line of thought "God is consciousness" before. Can't remember where I heard it though. ┐(゚~゚)┌
>> 3799 KB
Wow, sounds like Third Impact or whatever...dizzy
I'd do anything that means my body would die.
>Would you upload your mind to the internet and live forever, but your body dies?
nah, I think that would just mean that I would die and a digital copy would take my place. though if I could make digital copies of myself without dying I think I would. I'd grow exponentially take the internet hostage until all the world governments got together to manufacture moar loli hentai (´¬`)
>moar loli hentai (´¬`)
but there is a lot of it getting posted everyday. are you already in process of... being one with the loli? glare

File: Konachan.com - 175787 sample.jpg
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but you even gave it a title... unsure
>> 176 KB
C-can I also post a neko? im rather bored...
File: 1684679781617316.webm
(1544 KB, 860x480) [ImgOps]
1544 KB
no, post mice instead, end racism
File: yuck.png
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142 KB
Yuck, cookie

File: loli-wor8.jpg
(25 KB, 369x369) [ImgOps]
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I am to stupid to think of anything, besides my whole life. sweat2
Blasted my DS' game card slot with water to try and clean it. Somehow still works.
>> 232 KB
I once bought a really expensive remove RC aircraft. First thing I did was to crash it and broke the main frame. After that it's been stored in my familys storage for years. I did also barrow some money from my parents to buy it...
this post
At a friend's house, I once jumped out of an upstairs window onto a trampoline in the yard. Luckily I came away with only some temporary pain in the coccyx sweat2

At least I wasn't as crazy as the guy at the same house who climbed up and jumped off the neighbors' 2 story high garage roof onto the trampoline...

File: Classic She-Ra.png
(1348 KB, 1480x1313) [ImgOps]
1348 KB
I hate remakes, reboots, etc. and always prefer the original works. Does anyone else feel the same?
pretty sure there are some reboots that are better, but for example, RE4 remake looks cool, but the original was already perfected.

File: POlszewiki.png
(1422 KB, 1911x1076) [ImgOps]
1422 KB
Are you ready for their return?
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40KG, that is an insane amount. How many volumes did you buy? Was it a random lot or you know what you bought? From Japanese auction market?

I bought a lot from Japan, and the shipping is always high + taxes... expensive! But it's worth it! nyaoo-closedeyes
File: nwm.png
(748 KB, 1115x866) [ImgOps]
748 KB
nie wiem
Ja widzialem jakis plakacik na ktoryms czanie i wlazlem
File: 0111.png
(17 KB, 220x288) [ImgOps]
17 KB
z internetów
File: jot pe sto procent.png
(1583 KB, 2878x2160) [ImgOps]
1583 KB
Z Dżej Pi

File: cream.jpg
(127 KB, 708x531) [ImgOps]
127 KB
what the fuck? slurpslurpslurp
pero pero pero xp
flucka flucka flucka flucka
lizu lizu lizu drool

File: mokocchi.jpg
(35 KB, 750x750) [ImgOps]
35 KB
how can I find a lonely NEET girlfriend irl if I live in a small town?
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File: people folder.png
(25 KB, 287x305) [ImgOps]
25 KB
Open file explorer, sort through your townspeople folder and click on neetgf.obj to open. Should be pretty easy to find if you have a small town folder. Make sure to set her attributes as "lonely".

Hope this helps!
Really it's not that hard:
-Acquire 30 Datura seeds
-Acquire a can of Monster energy drink
-Acquire a very long rope
-Acquire a pair of oven gloves
-Acquire a piece of cloth that can be tied around your head to cover your eyes
-Acquire a pair of scissors
-Acquire someone you trust
-Acquire a chair
-Choose a room into your house where you wanna do this fun thing
-While inside the room, open the door and let it open
-Put the chair with it's back against the open door, so when you would sit on it, your back would be facing the open door
-Mix all the Datura seeds with the energy drink and then consume it all
-Now sit on the chair you positioned against the door
-Put on your oven gloves
-Ask the person you trust to tie the cloth around your head and cover your eyes with it
-Ask them to tie you up with the ropes onto the chair so that you can't move or get up
-Ask them to cut the remaining rope and tie it around your gloves, so that they don't fall off of your hands and your hands won't be able to move
-Ask the person you trust to close all the lights in the house and leave the house. But tell them to let that door behind you open wide
-Try staying as still as you possibly can
-Imagine each of your body parts slowly disappearing till you no longer feel they're there. Start with a finger, then the next one, and so on till you reach the palm. Then the hand and so on.
-After you feel like your whole body has dissappeared, chant "zazas zazas nasatanada zazas" till you feel dizzy
-Wait for the Datura to kick in
-Enjoy lonely NEET gf irl
very helpful, thanks!
You can't, that's the point. Otherwise they wouldn't be lonely
File: 1681097091361.png
(263 KB, 1000x1000) [ImgOps]
263 KB
Get to know and be friendly with older folks. They may tell you about their granddaughter who's lonely.

247 KB
Serious question; why is the proportion of third-worlders on Heyuri so high compared to other imageboards? I don't think I've ever seen so many niggers on imageboard as Heyuri save for a select few boards on 4chan.
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No chyba że jesteś cyganem, ale wtedy nie jesteś ani polak, ani słowianin
probably because you can actually have conversations and fun here no matter where youre from (and from what i see nobody mentions where theyre from)
Bullying by origin is too common and derails everything fast, no wonder people are hesitant to admitting where they are from
I think it has more to do with wanting to stay anonymous.

57 KB
i love this game
It's pretty fun. I specially like the movement, it's quick and snappy
That's what I liked about Mario Odyssey
Best platformer ever made
No way, that'd be Jak & Daxter. And the second best is SM64, by the way. But maybe you can put it on 3rd if you insist.

File: 0004.png
(1249 KB, 2122x3000) [ImgOps]
1249 KB
I know the pieces fit, cause I saw them fall away.
what's this supposed to mean anon?
Obviously, anon was in love, and now I think he's heartbroken...emo
is this from some madoka magica manga?
It's ok anon, loving other people is gay and stupid. What's really awesome is loving yourself! So go ahead and learn it! biggrin
tool darkdarkmasksweat3sage

File: yurimato.jpg
(645 KB, 2400x2400) [ImgOps]
645 KB
flashback to my first Heyuri OC, its from September 6, 2022.
she is sad.
i dont remember it ( ´,_ゝ`)
and thats why shes sad
she's sad because i'm bout to take a bite off her >:)

16 KB
this is not emo
please enlighten yourself about emo https://fourfa.com/
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also not emo
File: images (80).jpg
(25 KB, 500x449) [ImgOps]
25 KB
I liek Sunny Day Real Estate. nyaoo-closedeyes


Who gives a shit?
What contempt! So emooo!!!111!emo
File: fat-emo.jpg
(126 KB, 667x406) [ImgOps]
126 KB
Next you'll tell us about how you hate this town... xd

File: femalePyramidHead_2.jpg
(276 KB, 900x1350) [ImgOps]
276 KB
i really like female pyramid head and idk why. there being no face definitely has to play a part in it.
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sorry, i meant quads, i am dyslexia (;´Д`)
File: file.jpg
(547 KB, 1066x1600) [ImgOps]
547 KB
File: maneater.jpg
(86 KB, 707x1000) [ImgOps]
86 KB
They slimmed her down in 3, the bastards angry
>> 30 KB
angelique from hellraiser
File: DtUfwyYWwAA-yNl.jpg
(155 KB, 1638x2048) [ImgOps]
155 KB
i think this is just me realizing i have a thing for horror movie monster girls that secretly want to kill me

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