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File: 90stechno.jpg
(49 KB, 500x500) [ImgOps]
49 KB
I lurve 90s techno and trance x3.
File: 1580021961574.jpg
(1194 KB, 1099x1250) [ImgOps]
1194 KB
cool, now look at this epic picture

Intriguing! drool
>> 7776 KB
Let's raev nigra
no!! dont explode the loli

File: boobs.gif
(1103 KB, 1500x843) [ImgOps]
1103 KB
I just fondled a girls boobs for the first time. nosebleed They were incredibly soft and malleable. I could feel her nipples slowly hardening as I rubbed them under my fingers. Biggest b0ner I ever had! drool
They must have been good, I got a b0ner just reading about it nosebleed
My first time touching one and licking felt like licking a water baloon and it was one of the best feelings Ive ever had
so good for you OP for also experiencing one of the best things of life
did you have sex withb her?? nosebleed

File: No_toilet_paper.jpg
(7907 KB, 3648x2736) [ImgOps]
7907 KB
I just took a shit without realizing there's no toilet paper!astonish What do I do? Help me Heyuri! dizzy
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yeah because the population are not homosexuals
that's why they don't have bidets
fags complain about countries being less sophisticated because they dont normalize getting water shot up into their butthole daily
>they dont normalize getting water shot up into their butthole daily
if your hand was covered in shit, would you rather dry wipe or properly wash it? In the same way, I don't want any shit on my body outside my intestines
You're supposed to dunk the paper in the toilet you goober
do people actually think using bidets make you gay? how insecure are you? a twink has more masculinity than your fragile one if you think being clean is gay

File: hitler-chan.jpg
(21 KB, 352x400) [ImgOps]
21 KB
What if Hitler had been a little girl?
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File: 1655338777189.png
(298 KB, 512x719) [ImgOps]
298 KB
I don't know. Post girls in Nazi uniforms instead
File: 372e04089ae9a56e9614ce45f4e90334.png
(7732 KB, 4912x3473) [ImgOps]
7732 KB
File: 2fe8b2da55f07f7fefa5d01471….jpg
(47 KB, 850x1133) [ImgOps]
47 KB
File: Othal-rune girls.jpg
(273 KB, 870x1200) [ImgOps]
273 KB
File: sa-maedchen.png
(4234 KB, 1189x1833) [ImgOps]
4234 KB

1593 KB
Anyone have pics like this?
asakuraf biggrin
I am not sure if you meant with similar style or in similar setting by "like this", but you can't go wrong by checking his other art
>> 2754 KB
Wow his art is nice, i like how realistic it is, and i love the pose to gaze at her holes <3
shit drawings with no soul

File: TIMEmagazine.jpg
(18 KB, 273x388) [ImgOps]
18 KB
Here's a link to archives of old TIME magazines:

I'm not a bot I sware sweat2
I just really like old magazines and decided to share in case any other Heyurians were interested in stuff liek that.biggrin
File: LIFE.jpg
(418 KB, 1280x1776) [ImgOps]
418 KB
Oh, I also know that you can access copies if LIFE Magazine over on Google Books:

It's only from 1936-1972, but I guess that was the golden era for LIFE anyway...
>golden era for LIFE
true, it all went downhill after that...

File: ryoko4.jpg
(22 KB, 400x600) [ImgOps]
22 KB
i can see it!

File: staples.jpg
(210 KB, 1600x1067) [ImgOps]
210 KB
im post on heyuri from a staples computer
I believe you have my stapler?
>> 3721 KB
Leave the screen on this next time

File: fbf.jpg
(36 KB, 407x405) [ImgOps]
36 KB
what if your friends or family found out you browsed Heyuri?
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A couple of years ago my dad (who's been around since the days of UNIX and Usenet) was curious about what these sites were actually like after hearing about 4chan and 8chan a lot in the news, so I showed him /diy/ and explained a little about how it all worked. He didn't get the appeal and just thought it was weird that so many people were using sites that looked so ancient and primitive sweat2

I would never have shown him Heyuri or any anime/NSFW-oriented board - I've kept my power level regarding anime and general deviancy well hidden all these years, and I have no intention of "coming out" about it now dark
>>24670 its cause those people see reddits old UI and think any old UI=weird creep dark net website. they think this cause all they see about sites with older UIs is youtube videos about how creepy people are there which is very misguided
>>24674 .
They're okay, I'm their brother so it's hard for me to judge, ha ha. I will message my sister to see if she still has any pictures of them from the 2007 4chan gathering at Anime Weekend Atlanta. Pooool's closed!

File: Screenshot.png
(145 KB, 1080x908) [ImgOps]
145 KB
who the FUCK is spamming this site on yt
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...can I ask her to shapeshift into a 100kg woman with juicy, stained fat rolls and the most crusty, jiggly jowls for a face?
File: tokino.jpg
(1402 KB, 1988x4223) [ImgOps]
1402 KB
Look in the mirror smile
File: so beautiful.jpg
(174 KB, 2048x1059) [ImgOps]
174 KB
wow! it's everything i could ever ask for and more! thanks, 24651-san!
someone should make a r/heyuri and make it so nobody can post anything so we can stay safe
i wont read this thread

File: cantgetitup.png
(369 B, 290x174) [ImgOps]
369 B
Why are so many asexuals such total ponces?closed-eyesThey make all these lame jokes about how much they love food over sex, and then they spout all this fuddy duddy nonsense about how they can 'enjoy life more fully' and 'connect with people more genuinely' just because they're not interested in sex.closed-eyes2 They act so cool about it, when they sound just like my retard cousin when he was in his born again christian "true love waits" phase.dark
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probably because being asexual is just trendy socjus terminology for being unable to get laid or just uninterested in sex. Obviously those people aren't usually total ponces by themselves but the people who actually describe themselves with rainbow mafia shit tend to be pretty unpleasant.
>being asexual is just trendy socjus terminology for being unable to get laid or just uninterested in sex.
"Asexual" was a thing long before socjus came along, and online discussions about sexualities and other weird/alternative topics were generally a lot more calm, rational, and unpoliticized back then. I miss those days cry
i know like 1 ace person and thankfully hes not like this. dude acts like a normal person, just doesnt like ~SEGGS~
the corporatization and platforming of political people has been nothing but a disaster for the interwebz
This. The LGBTQ community was infinitely a much more laid back, accepting, and less conflict-laden place back in the early 2000's (when I came out as bisexual and started going to queer youth events, pride parades, marriage equality protests) before the advent of social media.

If you go on the Internet Wayback Machine and look at the LGBTQ blog communities on LiveJournal and Blogspot and then compare them to the ones on Tumblr or Twitter.... even the trans and nonbinary communities back then were decent places with good, productive discourse and farrrrr less "BAWWWW" and "UWU" tenderqueer horseshit.

File: brave.png
(50 KB, 481x300) [ImgOps]
50 KB
Which is the best Browser with good security and low bullshit? I hear people sing praises about Brave but I'd like to know my options before I waste my tiem unsure
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Pale moon, just for flash!
hey dumbass, do you think backups don't exist??? And on top of that do you think that the addon developers, who already host their own copies of addons on their own sites would just suddenly delete their old versions ?
you can have more than one browser installed on a computer idiot.
I do 99% of my browsing on this >>24536
and for the 1% of other sites that don't work on my chromium version from 2017 (which still supports flash btw because updating working software is for idiots)... I use ....
A Different Browser!!!
this thread is a bit stale
I personally use Librewolf for my browser and Brave for my search engine
probably firefox or something like that, especially since chrome is implementing some shit that fucks over adblocks in the near future glare

File: osakaaa.jpg
(15 KB, 512x384) [ImgOps]
15 KB
what year is it again because i forgot
thanx 24631-san
Heyuri is officially stuck in 2004
It's still September of 1993, Osaka.
dude please, its clearly 1801

File: pills.jpg
(68 KB, 612x408) [ImgOps]
68 KB
whats the closest you got to dying?
when i was 7 i got a really bad bacterial infection and it would have probably killed me if it wasnt for antibiotics
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i was high as fuck off e and speed and drunk as hell and finished the drink of a female friend and apparently someone put a shit ton of ghb in it. that next day was not pretty.
When I was 8 I was climbing the tree in our backyard and I was really high up when my foot slipped and I fell to the bottom. Luckily I caught one of the brancvhes and didn't get seriously injured. I probably wouldn't have died if I had fallen straight down, but there were rocks at the bottom and I might have gotten paralyzed or something
File: bakuretsu bakuretsu la la la.gif
(2561 KB, 500x281) [ImgOps]
2561 KB
when I was 7 I was riding a bicycle on our apartment's carpark and I went inside to get a ball to play, and seconds after I went in, a car in the carpark BAKURETSU'ed (the LPG tank) I went out just to see glass and metal sharpnells flying all over the sky ヽ(´∇`)ノ
Tried to kms with some pills, but the pills werent lethal so I just puked a bunch of times then went to the ER, got better in 2 days since there was no apparent damage and I just needed to get the chemicals from the pills out of my bloodstream
holy moly

File: you just kno-.webm
(2293 KB, 640x480) [ImgOps]
2293 KB
honestly cant tell wut that is... is it a girl penis or a really well sculpted turd?
I'd say it's a pen0r.No way a turd would come out that fast unless it was already halfway out by the time she took off her pants astonish
sadly we will never get a definitive answer until the almighty Penis Lord, prophet of all that is cock, grants us the holy truth.
it's obviously a clothing tag...

anyway OP, post the full video drool

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