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  • 2024/04/26 - Neomenu came back from 2021
  • 2024/04/26 - Museum@Heyuri has been launched
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File: tenor.gif
(4116 KB, 250x188) ImgOps
4116 KB
why is the site so........fucking...................................................slow lately..............?
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isn't tenor the website shitwhore uses for its gifs?
>isn't tenor the website shitwhore uses for its gifs?
It's one of the handful of whitelisted sources that Google-kun allows to show up on Google Images dark
oh my gawd, OP isn't talking about "slow" as in few posts, "slow" as in loading time... dark
anyway, i have also been experiencing this too, its liek every single board, thread, image takes a long time to fully load for some reason. i've also been getting post timeouts (;´Д`)
File: slowness.png
(49 KB, 1862x160) ImgOps
49 KB
i'm starting to feel it now whenever i post. and i've seen it in real time with other posters here as well.
that making a post here lately is like taking a hard shit. hope this constipation gets better soon.

File: question.gif
(577 KB, 512x504) ImgOps
577 KB
is there a chance of getting the emote/emoji/kaomoji buttons to insert at the cursor instead of at the end of the textbox?
pretty much nowhere else works like that and it's kind of awkward adding things to a post as it stands, very fiddly

you just split the textbox into two substrings, one with stuff before the cursor and one with stuff after
and set the textbox contents to be the text from the button concatenated into the middle of those two strins instead of just doing it at the end of the textbox contents
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all the spots with COMMENT.value+= (whatever)
should be changed

not at home now, I might be able to make the exact changes in like 7 hours lol ┐(゚~゚)┌
you need to store the caret position, splice the kamoji in at that point, add the length of the kaomoji to the stored position, then set the new position to the sum.

actually the selection range api is the safer way to do it. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/HTMLInputElement/setSelectionRange
File: cirno-1694293785149819.gif
(890 KB, 295x305) ImgOps
890 KB
okay, I think I did it, here's the edited script

didn't use the setSelectionRange API, I basically just applied that StackOverflow answer

not 100% sure I didn't break anything since testing was kind of awkward on a saved static page (a lot of stuff was broken just because of the save)
but I don't think I did
❤💛💚💙the changes are live, thanks!

File: mekarabiimu.gif
(5150 KB, 524x405) ImgOps
5150 KB
fix your fucking server!!
Server-chan is very healthy and she always responds to my requests, it's your fault if she tsuns at you
Slow servers = good
Didn't they teach you that buddy?

File: 2Q.png
(111 KB, 225x225) ImgOps
111 KB
CP on B
post nr 102813
spambot on /sw/
another /sw/ spambot

File: lolifox_Snap15.png
(20 KB, 306x455) ImgOps
20 KB
can we make a 3rd and maybe 4th dance emote.
dance2 i want this but no pantsu. i want to see her slit. maybe also one with no shirt on. and pleasd dont givd her a dong
File: heyuri-dance-nopan.gif
(2 KB, 32x64) ImgOps
2 KB
someone else can do a topless one lol
for a PENIS perhaps?
should add them as hidden emotes, with a name but not in the menu.

File: dfbdfb.jpg
(39 KB, 228x558) ImgOps
39 KB
Can we have this work please, instead of opening a new tab when I click these, make it open properly in the big frame.
I still don't understand how people can cope without a side frame
It used to work unsure

File: anonwaha.png
(533 KB, 500x500) ImgOps
533 KB
yeah, i did it.


File: giko_prog.png
(37 KB, 360x360) ImgOps
37 KB
github : https://github.com/Heyuri/kokonotsuba
as of making this thread, me and one other anon are working on a fork to try and clean up most of this shit.
we are planing on making proper objects for board,thread,post data. this of course would simplify things for module creation and future proof the code base.
i believe the module system will be powerful hooked base system that will be able to change data mid pipe line with out messing with the underlying system.

for creating a post postRequest. it should look something like this.

$postData = new postData();
executeHook("preValidation", $postData); //can trigger a whole post fail based on IP ban or failed capcha moduel.
if(!$postData->isValidPost()){ //inside module hooks. there would be a postValidation() in contrast to preValidation() to stop files with pizza


i also want to remove a lot of crud that is scatted all over the place and make a proper pipeline.
the pipeline should look like.
start -> post received -> post validated -> post saved to db -> load threads from db based on board configs -> load post in threads -> redraw html files -> end

of course there might be slightly different pipelines for admin menus or live views, witch might consist of a module having special things drawn in the render, or remove validation.
output should be redirectable so its either stright from*.php or gets written to *.html with proper redirect code

lots of things are still a mystery and what i said may not even work or might need some slight changes.
the more experimental fork that aims on chaining a lot of the underlying system that me and anon are working on is right here https://github.com/nashikouen/kokonotsuba

please ask in this thread about things you don't understand!! we are happy to help you learn more about kokonotsuba.
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>i tried posting the code here and got filtered
you can upload to Uploader@Heyuri and link it here
Codes shouldn't get filtered by the system
blotter and ads cause mobile to slightly be blown of screen
>blotter and ads cause mobile to slightly be blown of screen
- Blotter is fixed by replacing "width" with "max-width"
- Ad iframe needs "max-width: 100%"
- The CSS for the BBCode "code" and "preformatted" also needs improving, perhaps with "overflow-x: auto"
File: sort.png
(202 KB, 1287x262) ImgOps
202 KB
after taking sum html from vichan I created catalog sorting... kind of. So far it only sorts bump (which is teh default anywayz so no changes) and creation date, it should be very easy to add more with teh use of mod_api.

//sort threads. If sort is set to bump nothing will change because that is the default order returned by fetchThreadList
if(isset($_POST['sort_by'])) {
switch($_POST['sort_by']) {
case 'bump':
$plist = $PIO->fetchThreadList($this->PAGE_DEF * $page, $this->PAGE_DEF); //thread list
case 'time':
//add more conditions here


File: FylPZpFakAAgX0y_proc.jpg
(31 KB, 380x433) ImgOps
31 KB
some suspicious pictures on the uploader
https://up.heyuri.net/images.php?page=124 (933)
https://up.heyuri.net/images.php?page=71 (2040, 2035, 2036)
they look underage

also, the video in the OP here
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https://up.heyuri.net/images.php?page=97 (1493)
candydoll clip
I actually have no idea if this is illegal lol, although it might fail the Dost test criteria and thus count as CP ┐(゚~゚)┌
the test is bullshit in a lot of ways (in particular otherwise innocent clips when taken out of context can be ruled as CP and that's psychotic), but it is case law in the US; dunno what things are like in Europe
i love that what made this outrageous wasn't that it's alittle girl, but that it's a white little girl.
LauraB is a blessing on this world
theres more of this cute girl in there somewhere
western girls singing in japanese? i truly have no excuse now...

File: xgmiuom0x9yc1.mp4
(71 KB) ImgOps
SWF Embed
Should we make /b/ an exclusion zone? I think we must call in the Chernobyl men.

The past two months every thread is derailed with atleast 50 PENIS replies or someone posting terrible fetish porn, and it's never, like, feet, or something; it's always piss poop or guro, also the underage baiters, not the lolicons but the few anons who really really want to make it clear to others that they photograph actual children outside of teh interwebz to masturbate to it, I think that's just actually pedophilia, or something (⁠θ⁠‿⁠θ⁠)

Heyuri is graet but we should nuke /b/ I think, I don't mean remove /b/ from the website, I mean we should deploy a Tsar Bomba on whichever server rack is hosting /b/ biggrin

Seriously, are the mods going to lessen the circular masturbation threads?
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is teh PENIS derailment/spam getting a bit much now? If it's 1 guy doing it, then it feels a bit forced...
>If it's 1 guy doing it
it is
>then it feels a bit forced
it does
verdict: B&!
Indeed, 99% of PENIS posts are from one guy - if nothing else, they're B& for ruining our tradition of PENIS posting by running it into teh ground! angry
it's a LOAD for sure! xd
Heyuri is undergoing a severe PENIS shortage and it seems like I'm the only one making any effort to remedy this deplorable situation, the least you could do is stop deleting my humble contributions angry

File: rule 0.png
(1019 KB, 3698x981) ImgOps
1019 KB
Rule 0


The menstruating girl is obviously underage. Additionaly some anons are asking for pics and that could result in another cosmo situation
it will probably be fine...
It's theoretically possible for a girl to get her first period at age 18 if she keeps using certain pills through her teenage years, so I think she should be allowed to post as long as we don't get explicit proof that she didn't do that.
"I think my period has come" could just mean this month's period, not the first period.
how retarded do you have to be to take this bait
learn how to internets please
I mean, it wouldn't be the first time an underage girl talked about her period on Heyuri.

File: rinatrou hat.png
(192 KB, 500x281) ImgOps
192 KB
does kaguya ever post on /b/ as an anon?
I have over 100 anonymous posts up right now

File: heyuri jrpg.jpg
(251 KB, 1280x720) ImgOps
251 KB
As I promised in the townhall, here is the thread where you can post emotes you want to see on Heyuri. You can also suggest names for them, like :this:

I won't add whole lists like >>61466 but you can pick your favorites out of such lists and post them ITT.

Personally I want to see similar cute Heyuri-related anime icons. Bonus points if they were monthly anime/streamed at cytube at some point, but of course, anything goes.

OC is especially encouraged

Also I should say that I will add them at bulks. I need to edit many files to add them, so it would be easier on my side to not add one emote each time. Just saying this so you wouldn't think I am ignoring/forgot about this thread sweat2

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:kuma6: :waha:
kuma6 waha
File: pedobear_fix_attempt.gif
(623 B, 35x64) ImgOps
623 B
Before the Kuma emote was added, I decided to try my hand at fixing this attempt up. Now that kuma6 exists, I guess there's not much point, but may as well post it for fun. ヽ(´ー`)ノ

File: 2 for 1 rule 8.png
(799 KB, 2071x691) ImgOps
799 KB
Two rule 8 b0rkings in one

First: "Because it just is, okay?" is a Sharty/nu4chan meme, usually accompanied by a soyjack

Second: The image of wikipedia-chan is drawn in styl of "nerd emoji", a dumb Instagram/Reddit meme
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>> 2332 KB
op is a crybaby. it was not that bad
Something "not that bad" for you can be a Rule 8 violation
would you marry rule 8?
that's an unfortunate ID, it means you're mom does a lot of drugs and sex lol

File: 1712396450845586.jpg
(64 KB, 578x599) ImgOps
64 KB
wait... so is everyone here underage/news?
i read through earlier threads and it seems to be.

not being mean but, neocities, spacehey, etc. it's all so lame and fake. people who can only copy and exaggerate what they saw in old screenshots but were never there themselves, so it can't help but exude falseness.

i wish everyone was 30+ so they were wise and deep with EXPERIENCE of the good old days.

i don't want to be with tiktokcord generation skinwalking as olds. i don't want to be fooled by lies.
am i in the wrong place
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*chan user since 2005 here (was hilariously underage back then)
one thing I've noticed over the several decades of my life is that old-school revivals never really capture what things were like way back when
that's just the nature of it

this place still feels more like how things were than anywhere else I've visited in a long time though, regardless of things seeming bit fake and pining to reestablish the glory days
fake it until you make it ヽ(´ー`)ノ
as a gen-z-er and a lolicon, the stuff on this site reminds me of what the “grown-up” culture of teenagers around me looked like when i was still in preschool, when life was good and i was physically close enough to a lot of my female friends to develop pedo complexes, so it kind of makes sense to me.
>> 14 KB
>be me
>trying to find anime porn to fab to
>stumbled upon chan
>bounce to the next site
>finish move on with life
>2014 rolls around (or 2013 i cant remember)
>remember 4choom
>moot sperging for being called out after cucking himself
>anons get hit with b& hammer for anti talk and loliposting
>hotwheelz shills 8chill
>i troll around there for a few years
>learn about tor, overchan, and chan culture to a fair degree
>lurk moar
>8notchill gets nuked
>irl pulls the plug and locks the game away for a few years
>drive gets nuked

currently iv been on a binge trying to collect old shit after my drive got nuked. i discovered this place while trying to find information on anayshiiworldo after learing about how it was the og of ogs when it came to chan culture from a youtube documentary about 4chong. While watching documentaries and reading archives i also realized that 4chan died long before i first ever discovered it. i dont know what 4chant was like before the first summer wave. i wasnt there for the first exodus. i missed out on the habbo raids. i was so late that i might as well showed up in a coffin. but i also wasn't there for the 2chan shananigans or the bbs wars. i want to know more. i want to know it all. i want to have been there and experienced it. even the eras when i wasnt even alive yet. but i cant. i wasnt there. i haven't been /here/ for long but i can already feel the energy is different than other chans. so much so that i would even dare to say that most other sites are imageboards but this site is a chan.

please lurk for another 5-10 years before posting again
>>be me
You weren't even alive back then lol rolleyes

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