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No Title 25
which one?

Have you ever been i 49
Me, personally... no.

Heyuri GMod server 2 8
I can create a Garry's Mod server, if anyone interested tell me what models and add-ons to include.

If no one is interested then let the thread die and autosage.


90s Conspiracy boom 25
I'm not sure if it's just me that remembers, but weren't Conspiracy theories fairly popular in the '90s? (and maybe a bit of the 2000s).

You would hear them from bearded old guys, (who were either ex-hippies or Vietnam vets back in the '60s), or punk/stoner malcontent kids, or computer geeks dedicated to web surfing.

Loads of conspiracy-type media was popular like the X-Files, The Matrix, Eyes Wide Shut, Deus Ex, Hackers, JFK, The Invisibles, etc.

Bush talked about The 'New World Order', Ted Kaczynski wrote The Unabomber Manifesto. Tim McVeigh did the Oklahoma City Bombings, Mos Def rapped about how "40% of Americans own a cell phone. So they can hear, everything that you say when you ain't home." and Radiohead sang about how, “just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you”,

Normalfags didn't immediately recoil from conspiracy theories like they do now. They were treated as mostly harmless stoner-tier stuff like 'They got aliens in the Pentagon mannn' or esoteric wisdom going over your head, or simply a bit of healthy, anti-authoritarian skepticism.

I think this was due to loads of interrelated factors- The general anti-authority mood of the 90s,which made people open to hearing conspiracy theories, The explosion of the Internet, which gave the theories a place to spread, the comparative innocence of the post Cold-War, Pre 9/11 era, when deep discussions weren't so Serious Business, and the fact of conspiracy theories fitting into the whole post-modernist 'turn everything on it's head', 'search for truth' and 'do your own thing' zeitgeist of the era.

I think they grew unpopular in the 2000s for various reasons-- 9/11 theories pissed people off,since it was seen as making light of the whole thing, the Internet went corporate, which meant less running into conspiracy sites, the media got bored of the skeptical paranoia angle and leaned more into vapid celebrity culture/hedonism, and the rise of political polarization and Serious Business meant people had to walk on eggshells in discussing unconventional beliefs.

That's my analysis anyway. I'm interested in ur thoughts.ph34r

I like black and bro 11
I want to have a girlfriend of color because I have seen to much sexy women of color recently!

No Title 15
I found an imageboard that uses rule 8 from heyuri.
I think it has some potentional, really. biggrin

No Title 2
CURSE YOU NEETBACK!!!angryangryangry

i gotta bad case of neetback (neetback: back problems caused by inactivity due to neetdom) and its killing me today. im actually unable to move. its never been this bad. im only 20 wtf, i feel like im 70 cry

No Title 7
You Are Handed A Tiny Reimu

No Title 7
Your fortune: Dark times are to come


moar, moar, moar, mo 1
moar text liek this.

I am demanding that you add moar text liek this.


No Title 2
I killed it. It's dead. dark

Cool Video 5
I found this cool Mario parody on YouTube :xd
What do you guys think?

No Title 13


No Title 11
I left my laptop at a repair shop and now i'm afraid that some questionable stuff will be found and/or made public
Have you had any similar experiences? I'm sure a lot of us have stuff on our PC we'd rather not let anyone else see

No Title 10

cosplay tifa (final 1
video link http://casualient.com/2ZU4

No Title 3
Best Love Live Girl 4EVER

No Title 1
What can you serve but never eat? A Volleyball.

noodles thread 10
2.15 untill the noodles are done - i learned from an anime cook them faster to make them harder. i like that.

No Title 6

No Title 60
My adventure biggrin

No Title 6
Is it over for us? Will the good times come back or are we doomed to forever be stuck in mediocrity?

No Title 4
It was about this time that I thought, "Damn, these girls really aren't human"

No Title 4
If you're chronically stressed, eat like shit or take stims for whatever reason then you probably have a magnesium deficiency. I went to CVS today to get some and after taking it I feel healed, ik it seems retarded but its true. Has anyone else here done any nootropic/vitamin fuckery? I want to go deeper

denjiman 0
80 images link http://lyksoomu.com/15U5v

No Title 25
What are some signs someone is a virgin? I'm not one.. ofcourse! unsure

No Title 1
What is she cheering for?

Have You Ever Tried 1
I just wrote for an hour and a half then ripped it all out and threw it away the moment the thought of someone finding my journal and reading it entered my mind. Honestly, i might keep on writing in this way, even the throwing it all away part. Im really only doing it to keep my mind from dying out on me, plus i guess i find it therapeutic to just record events that have happened in my life on paper as well.

Jojolands 9
Part 9 of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga series came out last month for the monthly Ultra Jump. I was excited to read it, especially after I finished Part 8 a few weeks before.

Has anyone read it yet? I don't want to spoil it for people who haven't read it, but it was extremely boring. To me, at least. It was definitely underwhelming compared to the introduction to Part 8. dark

No Title 15
YOTSUBA FOR THE 44444 GET!!!!!!!!!dancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedancedance

No Title 12
Is it real

No Title 21
It's so crucial to keep up with the news. You never know what you might miss rolleyes

7 wonders of Heyuri 1
wonder why my COCK is not inside of hanako-chan nyaoo

No Title 6
Are you guys excited for this year's WNDG?

First thread: >>41006
Second thread: >>42209
Deadline: March 15th

Previous thread = autosage, so I maek new one 4 my new contrib00tion biggrin

Artist: anonwaha
Title: SmoothCaramell
Main mix: https://2ch.sh/src/2707.mp3
Instrumental: https://2ch.sh/src/2708.mp3

No Title 16

How often do you dro 14
I just finished Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit - it was on a good roll the first half but turned rather dull and boring towards the end of the show... I feelt it was not worth dropping as i wanted to see how the ending would be like - bad and boring. 26 episodes. The animation was top teir tho, music too. Story didnt hold together to the end.

The final 3 episodes i decided to watch it it between 1.5x - 2X speed. I do it more often now as i don't have the patience anymore.

No Title 1
Go home Gundam, you're drunk.

No Title 15
What would you do?

Heyuri on windows93 14
heyuri is best website ever cause it can run on win93

No Title 3

No Title 12
I don't want to use spotify what are the viable options for downloading flac if there are no seeds

GPT-4 and AI in Gene 33
GPT-4 is crazy. I fed it all of the pictures of Kuz I could find and told it to make a new image with the person in all of the files and it came up with this after only 8 tries (I forgot the save the others sweat2)

What do you guys think the implications of technology like this will be?

No Title 75
Hi boys! love

Book Thread 36
Post your bookshelf and discuss books

No Title 0

No Title 11
What could it be? unsure

No Title 11
After reading Subarashiki Hibi - where there exists an unofficial school message board, a website exclusively for students of kita high to chat anonymously among themselves - I had the idea of setting up a message board for my own school, using a simple cgi script, and then go around distributing it on all year's whatsapp groups. Imagine the lulz!
You guys think this would work? My only fear is people simply not giving a fuck/being scared of entering the site. That would be embarrassing.

Pizza Night 11
Anon I'm not cooking tonight because I'm tired. What pizza do you want?

No Title 9
The heyurizens is a doomed man. He has no personal interests, no business affairs, no emotions, no attachments, no property, and no name. Everything in him is wholly absorbed in the single thought and the single passion for Heyuri.

The heyurizen knows that in the very depths of his computer, not only in CP but also in deeds, he has broken all the bonds which tie him to the social order and the civilized internet with all its rules, moralities, and faganons, and with all its generally accepted terms of service. He is their implacable enemy, and if he continues to live with them it is only in order to destroy them more speedily.

The heyurizen despises all new memes and refuses to accept the mundane consensus, leaving them for future NEETs. He knows only one science: the science of fun times. For this reason, but only for this reason, he will study Rozen Maiden, Azumanga Daioh, Touhou Project, and and perhaps even Yotsuba&. But all day and all night he studies the vital science of WINGETS, their characteristics and circumstances, and all the phenomena of the PPH. The object is perpetually the same: the surest and quickest way of destroying the whole filthy internet order.

Revenge thread - Wha 8
I wanna sign up some retard old "friend" of mine on a email spam list, does anyone have any good ones? happy

pwetty pleawse! x3

No Title 3

No Title 52
Post touhou funnies in the thread biggrin

ass hard 17 6
video link http://apticirl.com/8QMC

No Title 10

No Title 14
it's saturday, im sure you was invited to some cool party. Yet you are here... being busy, eh?

No Title 7
rawwwwr. im a.... umm... sorry, i forgotttooo.

No Title 11
How many times have you masturbated to this image?

Heyuricraft Thread 29
This thread is for everything about the heyuricraft minecraft server

No Title 29
Living in Tokyo I feel like I'm wasting my life
I'm working as intern and have literally no tasks to do
I keep waking up late and staying home all day doing nothing
All my friends are busy with their work
Want to go out, but don't want to spend money
Want to meet people, but don't know how to speak japanese
How do I break the cycle anons?

No Title 1

lazy town parody 10
video link http://evassmat.com/hgp

No Title 2
I hope my posts give you ebola mask

No Title 6

No Title 3
I love souseiseki!

No Title 31

2d ranma 1/2 4-5-6 1
video link http://zipansion.com/1YeVN

No Title 4
oh shit, it's new year today!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

No Title 3
Heyuri-Tan doll when?

No Title 8
am I shadowbanned?

No Title 25
has anybody ever here attempted suicide?
how was it and what made you carry on after?

No Title 3
This place is great but it needs more spam about random porn videos and pictures of barely clothed children in suggestive postures.

No Title 29
Have back door to teachers pc and when he has his pc on while he steps away for break with class full i will project any image on the screen. Was thinking this one, any better ones?

A Good Home Life 8
Recently my family made the decision to start eating altogether, after several years of everybody just doing their own thing foodwise. It was a semi-mandatory thing. You were only exempt if you were out super late or completely lacked the appetite for any food.

Initially I was annoyed, since I had gotten quite used to just carrying something up to my room and slopping it up while I watched movies or browsed the interwebz in the dark, but I actually rather enjoy it now.

My parents are telling me interesting stories about growing up in the late 20th Century,(like my dad's first experience with an IBM 5150, or how my mom was an avid hockey player back in the day), and my other relatives are giving me life advice (since I'm the youngest) and trading jokes and such.

Also we talk about recipes and the philosophy of food a lot, which kind of reminds me of the frequent tendency of such discussion in manga and anime sweat2

Not to mention it also makes a good little break from staring at the screen all day, assuming I haven't left the house at all that day.

On the whole it's made me more aware that I ought to appreciate the little things in life like this. I'm much luckier than some...

No Title 11
Today school got locked down for 20 minutes because there was an autistic kid running around the halls naked and charging at anyone he saw

Worst part about it was that I was in the area of the school where there is terrible internet connection, so for a good 5-10 minutes everyone thought we were really about to die

No Title 6
sleep thread

No Title 0
I am the pig king - Edeptimus Ulparus the Fourth

Basically, stop using us as an example of your enemies in wars. If its not war, you try to call each other pigs, as if its something bad. We long ago exceeded you guys in development. I'm the descendant of two pigs who survived the massacre, which at some point drank the leak from the Super Serum weapon and reached the peak of abilities in 1968. We have managed to build our own civilization exceeding yours, but we have hidden ourselves, therefore we indirectly spread Islam as an ideology and fight with LGBT because its know that gays eat pigs the most. Actually, its not even important. Soon we will enslave you and you will answer for your actions!

No Title 0
soft, white Wonderbread
become lost among the crumbs
wander in slices

No Title 18
What are Heyuri's favorite websites?

Outside of Heyuri obviously dark

I personally like Wikipedia and Gelbooru saitama

No Title 7
I decorated my cat, AMA. smug

Pi Day 7
Happy Pi Day. Post sum.

No Title 10
i was molested on the bus today by this arab girl who looks like she is in her late 20s.

Heyuri gmod server 12
Has there ever been a heyuri gmod server?
Is anyone willing to make one?
Preferably gmod 9, sandbox (i played on an RP server only like 3 times dark , and sandbox has more potential to be fun foruda )

No Title 18
Hello i liked this game. Its about Chiyo. You play as Chiyo, find keys, and go through the door to finish the stage, but it isnt easy and it requires thinking! The game is a good puzzle but also hilarious. 2d platform game with many obstacles awaiting you! I felt like sharing it would be a good thing, good luck! (・∀・)
P.S. Its from 2001, scan it with antivirus programs if in doubt, mine worked fine.

No Title 4

No Title 3
Who is ur favorite?


No Title 3
My girlfriend browses Heyuri?!

No Title 1

Hitler: The Truth 2
They wanted Hitler gone because he was a lolicon. He, as leader of the Axis Powers, was going to win the war and abolish the age of consent worldwide. That's something they won't tell you in the history books...ph34r

No Title 3
is this a porn site?
wikipedia says it's a pin-up site.

7 wonders of Heyuri 8
Heyuri is going to have a bunkasai(文化祭)later this year like Japanese high schools.

But do you know what else do Japanese schools can't have missing? 7 mysteries(七不思議)!
I titled it as "wonders" because it's the English counterpart, but in Japanese schools these are usually scary ghost stories. Here are sum more information and examples:
https://dic.pixiv.net/a/%E5%AD%A6%E6%A0%A1%E3%81%AE%E4%B8%83%E4%B8%8D%E6%80%9D%E8%AD%B0 (you can read with translator)

What would be the ghost stories of Heyuri? rolleyes

No Title 3
LOL biggrin
WUT dizzy

No Title 7
Funny Image post thread… Post a favorite funny image you enjoy looking at. Webm apply too if your favorite is a video instead

No Title 3

No Title 24
Sexy Image post thread… Post a favorite hot image you enjoy fapping at. GIF apply too if your favorite is animated instead

No Title 10
Our admin has never been so cute! love

No Title 0

No Title 37
does heyuri like tomboys

No Title 16
https://ib.AXYPB.net/azu/ may shut down soon, so kaguya started an archive using kuz's vichan archiver software, just so no threads are lost, and all of the images are retained in full resolution.


getto 6

No Title 14
i want a girlfriend so bad
pure unfiltered presence and conversation for hours at a time
lengthy connections

No Title 2
You can only take one!
test 5

    />  フ
    |  _  _ l
   /` ミ_xノ
    /      |
   /  ヽ   ノ
  │  | | |
/ ̄|   | | |
| ( ̄ヽ__ヽ_)__)

No Title 4
Kaguya face revealdizzy

No Title 3


No Title 8
Hi heyuri this is a drawing I made what are your thoughts?

The lines are very rough and I could have made the left leg better. Right boob is also smaller than left one. But what are YOUR opinions, advices and critiques?

No Title 2
I don't care how you do it, you get in there and you get that goddamn thread out of there

It's a dead lego game thats sort of like garry's mod, if it were lego.
Have any of you guys played it, Heyuri?

No Title 4
tate is right

No Title 15
What do you do when you have free time and don't want to use the internet? I've been absorbed by screens for too long and forgot (;´Д`)

No Title 8
I think we're bound to a technological dystopia.
I don't say that just to be a pessimistic faggot. stuff like the twitter files shows deep collaboration between the goverment and a mod team to manipulate the public discourse. And that's just one thing that got leaked, there is surely a lot more we might never even know about.
One of our main worries as a society should be to ensure there isn't any foul play behind the internet hotspots.

No Title 2

No Title 12

No Title 8

Only 10 days left to submit your track! Deadline is 15/03 ヽ(´∇`)ノ
Now is the time to decide on the cover/album title!

Album name submissions so far: "Songs about Lolis Fucking"; "ULTRARAPE” cool
Only cover art submission is picrel onigiri

Feel free to vote for the album title here

Don't stop the music! dance

No Title 2
Do you guys like JRPGs? I just finished beating Trails in the sky 2
Twelve more trails games to go...

do you wish you were 38
i do cry

if you do want to be 日本人 -- why?

No Title 5
Is it a bad idea to read and listen to music with vocals at the same time?

No Title 3
Does anyone want to play on the Minecraft server?
I'm getting online.
We also haven't started a custom resource pack yet either

No Title 1
Go ahead get in

No Title 2
Footfriends, you need an intervention. closed-eyes2

Do you ever feel you 7
We're on break at school and sum fucker pulled his laptop out to watch anime. Not only is it sum shitty sports crap, he's watching it dubbed, with no headphones on. dark

No Title 5

No Title 1
"I've won"
"Now you must eat my pussy"

No Title 1
CHEN!!!!!!11!!! NO RAPEING NAZRIN!!!!!!!!angryangryangryangryangryangry

No Title 6
soko wa dame blush

No Title 5
WTF.glare does this mean that anime girls can never truly enjoy the sweet, succulent taste of freshly squeezed BOKU???crycrycry

No Title 1

No Title 8

Popular Music 12
This morning I tried to dip my toes into some 'new', 'popular' music and within a few minutes I felt a headache coming on. No kidding. I think it was the strain of trying to be kind and say 'This isn't THAT bad', while some faux '80s David Guetta, repetitive electronica pounded my eardrums.sweat2

No Title 18
i'm tierd and days go by fast, atleast it's a new day for a new neko and a new blog! Meow meow mothernyaaaucker!!

I think all females should be forced into cat costumes 100% of the time and meow mid sentence.

No Title 8
oh boy, I sure am glad there's only one higurashi anime

No Title 15

HDD mirror program? 2
Looking for a program for windows that automatically mirrors your hard drive and puts it in another location.
Please let me know some, thanks.

No Title 7
Anonymous-kun... I can't hold it anymore... Please open your mouth! blush

Headaches 5
How often do you get headaches? Its all the time these days, I used to think my constant ear ringing was because of constantly wearing headphones, but my hearing is good, its just that the stress is that bad.
Theres a lot of days at work where I feel like I'm going to collapse or want to start breaking down, even though I only do part time.

No Title 9
this is me and mod-sama blush

No Title 16
My Nazrin onahole came!!!!1

No Title 1
Did someone say dolls?

No Title 7
Which Rozen Maiden would you fuck, which would you marry, and which would you kill ??

No Title 3
I'm saying hello to my wife (she's hard of hearing).

No Title 9

No Title 3
How does one get into touhou?

No Title 10
uwaaaah astonish I didn't order this drool

No Title 3
I can't believe I am the only one on Heyuri who would fuck kirakishou...

No Title 7

No Title 1
YO!!! xd

No Title 7
Do you think that fapping feels better for people who've actually had sex? I mean, they have actual physical sensations they can call to mind, as well as visuals and perhaps even smells, if they're into that. They can watch a bit of sexual activity on camera, and actually recall the feeling of it, instead of just liking the look of it and then imagining what feeling must be there.

No Title 2
Alanine transaminase(ALT)     67          Reference Range     0 - 41

No Title 4

No Title 9
Let's be honest. How much of this is porn? foruda

schoolgirl japanese 0
video link http://zipansion.com/366SY

[SRS] Otaku-ism, Per 24
Was watching a video today where this guy is talking about why he doesn't watch anime much anymore and one of his points is that it has become too perverted and centered at an "otaku" audience (idol anime, harems, heavy fanservice, etc.) and he compares new anime like Konosuba to older ones like Death Note.

Considering how anime has become to start to appeal to a wider amount of non-otakus (notably with the switch of the word otaku into weeb) its interesting to look at this. I think it is undeniable to say that the appeal of anime especially in the west has gone far past its old 10-15 years ago only dedicated otakus and now a lot of average people can say that they were watching an episode of Demon Slayer or something like that last night. While it can be argued, I think it is also pretty well established that anime has more "fanservice" and self-insert plots than it used to. So does this mean that the average person as of recently been more interested in these sorts of things or is it something else?

I hope this post sounds coherent, I would like to hear what you guys think on the topic. I know most SRS threads are supposed to go on /lounge/ but not as many people go on there so I thought it would be best to post it here

No Title 9
who has that pic where moots doing a pose like this

No Title 6
I sure hope you guys like country music.
If you do, post favorite songs and artists.

No Title 9

No Title 13
Hello, Just posting to make sure this site works

No Title 13
Onee-chan! Look at this delicious apple I found!

No Title 36

Heyuri subreddit 2
As we know, r/heyuri/ is private.
I wanted to ask you fellow heyurians, if there is another sub dedicated to heyuri.net, the place to be

No Title 0
Killdozer army ready to go. biggrin

No Title 5
what do you think are the core principles that constitute a good game?

Sacrifice 2 2
video link http://svencrai.com/2lVy

Foruda 4
foruda キタ━━━(・∀・)━━━!!

No Title 4

No Title 2
Every time I bring up this site anywhere, pic rel gets mentioned and the discussion is instantly derailed. Really annoying how someone who hasn't been the admin for almost a year is still the #1 thing people think of when they hear the name "Heyuri". What did he do that made /jp/ hate him so much

a heyuri minecraft s 69
Somewhere in a past thread someone gave the idea of creating a minecraft server. Now, I know this is not the most original idea in the world, but I think we could have quite a bit of fun with it.
And I have a spare computer to host it myself so you guys don't need to worry.
I also think it'd be fun if we created a texture pack to go along with the server. Before that though, we have to decide which version we're gonna use.

No Title 3

No Title 2
I'm Batman

Indian Kung Fu? 1
Did the Red Indians have their own form of Kung Fu?
If they did, why didn't they use it on the invading Whites? unsure

No Title 1
Sometimes I feel like slow boards are my cyber-homes and I just greet the occasional visitors rolleyes

No Title 14
AS but why desu

No Title 6

No Title 10
while you were wasting time playing donkey kong country i spent 4 hours making pierogies.

No Title 0
I haven't watched this anime yet, but I listened its opening for more than 5 hours in last 48 hours sweat2

Your personal blogpo 65
Hi blog, it's me, i'm very happy that you are here to read about my blog as im writing from the other side of the internet. Cool how internet works, am i right? WOW: Internet Imagine writing to someone on the otherside of the planet through some lines that goes right through the ocean. Connected.

Anyhow, today is a new day and it's once again a day i didn't do much. I mostly played dayz on my ps4 while switching between being on heyuri, the place to be. I'm also currently watching Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit by Production I.G. It looks damn good for being from 2007, even by todays standard. Im suprised i havent seen it before, but as they say, 2007 was the golden era and so much good anime was produced from that year.

Right now as im writing my blog i've CLANNAD - Snowfield (10 Hour Version) on, and iäm about 45 min in, it's a nice and neat song playing. It's a little sad and melachonly, but i like that, cause it's a fraction of me and my life so far. Well, yeah... Oh yeah, i ate some more of my pirogies as chen and i made. They taste really good even after eatnig the same thing for 3 days straigh. But its a lot of hussle.

life is just an endless circle of doings, same as this song as i've it about 15 times. It's not that it's bad or anything, i just more or less feels how it will play out. life is just that.

ok, end of blog.

No Title 4
rozen maiden irl

Basshuntercore games 2
Except DotA

No Title 11

No Title 6
how do we fix anime r/heyuri

No Title 1
I'm only one more preview away.glare
Anyone know where I can get a good love doll???drool

No Title 6

No Title 8
What was that?
Armenian genocide?
Yemen is starving?
Ethiopian civil war?
Sorry, cant hear you over the sound of my grill.

magikano 1
170 images link http://intamema.com/56b3

Robotics & moder 8
Whatch this: https://youtu.be/SZ8L5-gecho

Both sides of Ukraine and Russia are just a lot of drones.Turkey are also building unmanned Jetfighters and im sure both China and US has something going on.

What do you think about the future and drones, AI and combat? Will we see less and less humans on the field? How close are we to nation-scaled "Skynet"?

No Title 7
FAITO! FAITO!!!angryangryangry

No Title 2
G U N D A M dance

"Dear" Off-Topic@Heyuri,
I caught my son being on this web site and this content is IMMORAL and ILLEGAL! My son will never again be on this satanic web site, if he ever dares to come here I will sue you!
"best" wishes,
Monika S.

(Why the fuck do you need a picture of yourself to post a complaint???)

No Title 5
So true.

Let's maek a second album, heyuri! people requested another album in the last townhall mona2

Same rules as last time, no genre is imposed but lolicore, breakcore, mashcore, speedcore, hardcore and j-core are preferred!

Submit a track with a name and it ends up in the album! (to submit use https://catbox.moe/ or any site from which I can download an audio file)

Feel free to submit music even if you're a beginner! and suggest an album name and/or album art mona2
If you do not provide an artist name I will leave the artist as Anonymous.

Submission deadline: 15/03 I think three weeks should be enough mona2

Have fun! You can listen to the previous album here dance

First[0] Last