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File: 33807711_p3.jpg
(242 KB, 798x829) ImgOps
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File: 20167579_p2.jpg
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File: hbb21d2ijjmc1.jpg
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File: skgc1.jpg
(22 KB, 210x280) ImgOps
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Do you have the template for this? I tried to grab some of Niseke's templates last night but they were all dead links.
File: 171187553426.jpg
(1454 KB, 1556x1101) ImgOps
1454 KB
File: 39625254_p15.png
(9 KB, 343x348) ImgOps
9 KB

File: awawa.jpg
(459 KB, 2048x2500) ImgOps
459 KB
awawawawawa >u<
Why is this upscaled? Also you're a FAGGOT.
I am not!
File: Untitled.png
(106 KB, 1068x816) ImgOps
106 KB
It's not upscaled, it's just crappy linework!

File: random picture.jpg
(4957 KB, 2160x2780) ImgOps
4957 KB
School is so boring. sad
I just had a 2 week break, and I spent most of it watching anime and browsing imageboards without leaving my house once. But now I have to spend several hours doing nothing every day. closed-eyes2
Fortunately it's my last year of school, though my parents probably wouldn't like it if I was a neet so I will have to wage-slave (but unlike school at least I get paid for it).
(Yes, I am 18, and no, this is not a serious thread complaining about my life)
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File: kooge771.jpg
(63 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
63 KB
Someone here remind me again, was hikari3 password protected at some point? Or am i confusing it with another imageboard?
Whatever, is hikari3 better than /b/ because it has higher quality posts? Remember that /lounge/ exists and generally has more high quality posts like that.
They do have a "rule 8", so that's great. But also no pr0n.
All of that considered i think the biggest differences are the userbase and software, so using /b/ or hikari3 is a matter of personal preference...

But i don't really know, i just read their rules and some posts from page 0 cool Could be much deeper than that
>was hikari3 password protected at some point?
no, you're probably confusing with bantculture.
you sound like a tryhard
File: all that shit.jpg
(53 KB, 392x500) ImgOps
53 KB
you described it perfectly

File: ojgloves.jpg
(857 KB, 1600x1081) ImgOps
857 KB

My he be dearly missed. crycrycry
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anotha dead nigra lul
This is an ode to OJ
stone faced killah who likes to play
with knives, and blonde-haired wives
spends his time golfing and taking innocent lives
he's a hard man, when it comes to killing, he can
or beat your head in with a frying pan
he's been accused of spousal abuse
but beating up women, that ain't like the juice
he's kind and gentle, sweet as shirley temple
and the evidence that he beat her isn't very ample
for example, there are only a few samples
that Nicole's face, he tried to trample
but sometimes, you'd think her face he beat
such crimes, she looked like a piece of raw meat
but give it up, cuz there's only one juice
a little hot-tempered
when he thought his wife was loose
but not guilty, that's what the jury said
paint chips they were fed, poisoned by lead
the result of that is to become brain-dead
and the attorney, denied there was a gurney
with smooth words paid by what he earney'd
making movies, like the classic Naked Gun
no-one can deny that his role made for fun
shenanigans and pranks
too bad he ended up
slashing folks with bloody shanks
A recorded ode to OJ: https://invidious.jing.rocks/watch?v=ZxL_L8nSVCI
I don't disagree with OJ :D
OJ "if it doesnt fit u must acquit" Simpson

File: mikuexpo portland.mp4
(18604 KB, 720x898) ImgOps
18604 KB
Thanks to Crunchyroll, Miku concerts have truly... evolved into something else. She is on a LED screen this year (´∇`)σ

It has came a long way since 2009~2023, when people seemingly liked watching some outworn technology called holograms evolve: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdtL83aDFIs
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did the portland diaper maffia steal the hologram equipment?
Proof of what? It just sux that there are miku concerts without the main appeal of them, because a crappy company like crunchyroll. It's more of a scam dark
At least there seems to be already a backlash about it on other platforms
This is so lame with teh LEDs. I watched a lot of teh Holograph shows that they had before and thought it was awezum! Sadly it does feel as Miku is losing popularity? This is kind of a sign it does. But well, this is American.
proof that I actually went. Duh.
>without the main appeal
What are you talking about? The main appeal is hearing vocaloid songs on a stage with live music and a light show while miku and co. dance around. The hologram is definitely an important part, but it isn't the main draw. If you removed any of the things I mentioned NO ONE would attend.
Do you mean websites? If so then you're a massive faggot for using that phrase and should GTFO.

>it does feel as Miku is losing popularity
She has been since probably 2015. People have been saying the vocaloid scene is dying/dead for years now.
File: trends.png
(59 KB, 1024x768) ImgOps
59 KB
>The hologram is definitely an important part, but it isn't the main draw
I think it's good as long as you had a good time but for many people it is the main draw. There had been miku concerts without light shows, this is I believe the first without the hologram rolleyes
It's just extra lame when the reason is being under-funded because of crunchyroll.

>Do you mean websites? If so then you're a massive faggot for using that phrase and should GTFO
I know what those words mean (though "places" was probably a better word), but you're being an angry fag yourself now. Being defensive about the concert is one thing, raeging to someone over that in such manner feels Rule 8 dark
Mind you, I've been maeking Miku threads on this board since 2020!

>She has been since probably 2015
I disagree with this too, it's just evolving into something else, which is only normal. I think last year's ラビットホール was the most popular miku song with over 3361 ten thousand views, and 強風オールバック got over 8785 ten thousand views on YT. Trends suggest Miku herself is more popular as it was around 2015 (there is a gap around 2016~2018 for some reason). Results differ depending on searching word, but it generally seems to be stable/on rise since 2018~
Well, I guess some people could the change in the scenery as "death" too. A lot of popular songs are more like a different flavor of J-pop, there are vocaloid songs just about this situation too... But this is another topic sweat2

File: 1526071180210.jpg
(409 KB, 704x1056) ImgOps
409 KB
Soooo which one is it?!

Also time for your circumcision anon! You won't get a gf by Christmas if you don't get one happy
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I love my foreskin.. (^Д^)
File: 1416164998281.jpg
(244 KB, 1000x1000) ImgOps
244 KB
I saw the OP image just yesterday somewhere else huh
As someone who does not have this fetish, what is the appeal of a loli biting your dick off? smile
The intimacy, that the loli is comfortable with it and you are too. And also nothing like a little pain with the pleasure~
i was told he drew monkeys raping lolis too

File: 800px-Palermo_Rosalia_Lombardo.jpg
(192 KB, 800x1351) ImgOps
192 KB
Dear lolicons of heyuri! Since u liek lolis so much I thought here are some nice DEAD lolis for you disgusting pedophiles. I hope your happy!

Note: this content is educational taken straight from reputable archaeology sites and for learning purposes.

Image 1. This nice girl named Rosalia Lombardo was mummified at the age of 2 after she died of spanish flu. probably choking to death on her own bodily fluids. I am sure that excites some of the perverts in our class. Here we can learn the importance of atmopsheric control and use of nitrogen to preserve embalmed remains. This corpse is 104 years old. As you can see there is no blackening associated with rot but slight decomposition with the waxy coloration. This story is famous enough you can research it yourself if your so inclined.
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>> 235 KB
>I have some dead girl pics from Gaza but they would be rule 7 so no
what? of they wouldn't
also, I believe this sequence is somewhat related
>> 253 KB
File: 1727f417c687742b0c46093412671c29.jpg
(120 KB, 878x1358) ImgOps
120 KB
Poor lolis. cry

Maybe this is the only way to escape from the PEDOBEAR! But would Pedobear be stopped even in death? Who knows... 🐻
grosss. mummified corpses are so hard to look at sad No wonder they cover them up with toilet paper cool

File: images (50).jpg
(19 KB, 783x391) ImgOps
19 KB
The graduate is an interesting movie. I kept waiting for Benjamin to kill himself or something.

I wonder how come they looked all sad once they got on the bus...
why did he graduate
Well, he had to! Otherwise...what would they call the movie...?sweat
the dropout
Dustin Hoffman is a loli snatcher angry
I recently watched Driving Miss Daisy for the first time in about 20 years. Good movie.

18 KB
friday means fatday! biggrin
with affordable artificial womb machines, even that man could have his very own harem of lolis
File: 1671317247713.png
(1005 KB, 750x930) ImgOps
1005 KB
and we will call these new creatures...

its tragic that if you look for info on the speculative biology of ectogenisis, you will only find fiction and tedious ethics textbooks.

File: darker than black.png
(1332 KB, 1058x1449) ImgOps
1332 KB
Oh Mammy! nigra
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File: 1651888656145.gif
(8 KB, 230x235) ImgOps
8 KB
File: Warm My Weiner.jpg
(449 KB, 1340x1370) ImgOps
449 KB
🎵 I got sumthin' to tell ya babe, don't get mad dis time, 🎵
🎵 If ya warm mah weiner, ya give me ease all up in mah mind 🎵
🎵 Babe, please warm mah wiener, oh, warm muh wiener, 🎵
🎵 Won't ya just warm mah wiener, 'cuz 'e really don't feel right cold 🎵


File: real_kaguya.png
(12 KB, 121x104)
12 KB
This is a photograph of kaguya's face. Now gaze at his infinite manly beauty.
File: kaguya.png
(383 KB, 1392x972) ImgOps
383 KB
wow... he's... amazing loveblushdrool
You wonder if the ヽ(`Д´)ノ ever changes expression? Like if he's embarrassed it shifts to (;´Д`)?
File: kaguya_penis.png
(1 KB, 200x150) ImgOps
1 KB
Real 2022 leak of our leader kaguya's PENIS

File: raep.jpg
(127 KB, 505x414) ImgOps
127 KB
How will this shota recover from this tragedy?! sad
File: arrest.jpg
(261 KB, 964x652) ImgOps
261 KB
Even though he was just showing some girls directions!
by becoming a child molester
teh cycle of love mona2
File: OO_station.jpg
(167 KB, 571x1009) ImgOps
167 KB
The train is now departing for Oppai Station!
File: unsafe.jpg
(367 KB, 1187x585) ImgOps
367 KB
Dream come true...?

File: 1627596385804.jpg
(10 KB, 236x236) ImgOps
10 KB
Do you think I'll get in trouble if people find out I use this site?
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i don't think we haev enought loli posterssad
love The cat facepaint is so cute, I'm in love.
File: henreader.jpg
(657 KB, 2048x1536) ImgOps
657 KB
anything that is drawn by henreader is mega lolicious!
oh, a DT 770 enjoyer sweat with 80 ohms mask
nice eight dubs.

File: myniece.gif
(1 KB, 200x150) ImgOps
1 KB
what do you guys think of this bad little girl
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Why do little girls make my heart beat so fast like nothing else does? What should I do? Should I stop being a NEET and become a primary school teacher or babysitter or something? Maybe that would just make the problem worse... I just want to hug and kiss a little girl for hours every day and I think about it for hours every day.
you just need to sublimate your lolicon into tender care for the future generations. that's what nature put those feelings there for. if you can get work as a tutor, thats a fun way to do something for little boys or girls.
File: mpv-shot0001.jpg
(108 KB, 640x360) ImgOps
108 KB
I don't think I'd be able to sit next to a loli, much less talk to one without getting a boner even if I already jerked off 3 times that morning before going to work so it's probably a really bad idea.
I love the gamer girl so much
File: 3e97e7dcb39ccfffef35e8e90ab3836f.png
(56 KB, 700x600) ImgOps
56 KB
you gotta try heyunon! its your dream! first imagine the loli. then feel the desire. then reflect on the desire and follow its root back to love. then nurture the love until the desire feels like nothing more than an optional side-effect.

File: 0dbdf29f333004455b7c6038d58a2129.jpg
(57 KB, 564x752) ImgOps
57 KB
If a girl came into your room right now, what would her first impression be?
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"such a small ro-" *trips over cables*
omg i post on the internet too!
I don't own a bed, so no place for sexy times.
My room isn't covered in weebshit but I do have a Hatsune Miku plush and a small BJD on my bookshelf. Is that enough to turn a girl's pussy into the sahara desert? I dunno. Don't care, either. closed-eyes2
heh, you own books, what a nerd! xd

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