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I do, and have a few. I guess the funniest one is collecting loli neko pictures x3 I can spend hours on end just downloading the best one on all different site. It's like going out hunting and only wanting to shoot the best pray. It feels fun and a little rewarding.

Whenever I get something on my mind I can search for that specific things forever, as if I am on a quest for something. This behavious is also why for ex. someone who likes to play MMO games as a lot of disscusion has going aroud latley. Porn has always been a big issue too. TO much good loli nekos out there blush
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i also like to try new things and explore. I've to many hobbies that I sometimes don't know what to do, while at other times i feel bored as hell. But trying new things is fun!

also that is a dick... xd
Probably yes
File: videogames, 1,6mil.png
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When you have collected video games for 1.6million USD, is it really fun at this point or is it just... to keep the addiction going and to prove it still is fun? he seems passionated and as it means it, but i somehow feel a hint of sadness too.

What is his job where he can afford all of that?
it was never said how he earned his money

File: ritual.gif
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Ancient Satanic Ritual Caught On Camera astonish glare dizzy

File: 1660377646348182.jpg
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that's what imageboards for
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>> 96 KB
i luv it. love
File: 1614968592480.jpg
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File: 1658793312714769.jpg
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File: 72758758_p0.jpg
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File: arcade30.jpg
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File: arcade14.jpg
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File: arcade17.jpg
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File: arcade19.jpg
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File: arcade24.jpg
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File: arcade26.jpg
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File: taiwanSwat.jpg
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Why is it socially acceptable to watch True Crime videos but not socially acceptable to watch gore videos?
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Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome
File: smug2.jpg
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doesnt Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome counts as true crime too? xd
No actual scientists say that Stockholm Syndrome is a real thing, the newspapers at the scene when it happened made it up for attention and it’s been misattributed to things ever since
Oh, i also consider it to be a real thing. I can see girls fall in love with a madman. Girls likes though guys.
File: canvas.png
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Let's say I wanted to make a fanpage for the doujin scene surrounding Touhou. Games music etc. Would it be better to search for existing assets for the presentation or take a DIY approach and make assets myself? Also are there any tips to keep my writing from being boring whenever I cover doujin?
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Talk about loli nekos. biggrin
I shamelessly use templates or download copyrighted ones, it saves hundreds of hours of work. Graphic assets are also mostly downloaded and not made in my case but it depends. Whenever i use templates i customize them by hand to fit my needs, same with graphics and whatever else.
Do as you please but it takes time and skill.
>Would it be better to search for existing assets for the presentation or take a DIY approach and make assets myself?
It depends whether you find creating assets fun or not. If you do, go for it. If not, it's best to save your creative energy for the parts you do enjoy smile

>Also are there any tips to keep my writing from being boring whenever I cover doujin?
Vary your vocabulary, paint a picture with your words, and try not to send the reader to sleep with overly long passages that don't get to the point
Both of these are good ideas

>Vary your vocabulary, paint a picture with your words, and try not to send the reader to sleep with overly long passages that don't get to the point
I'll keep this in mind, thankyuu. Nice doubles also
I think one important pattern is to post regularly, to make it feel as your are still alive and publishing. People doesn't seems to like reading dead blogs. Also, the thing about writing is first your charachter, so be you! LOLicon! Anyway, If you write one, I will read it! nyaoo

File: IMG_20230605_113658.jpg
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Browsing Heyuri on one of those big RTX things xd
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File: 3 computers.png
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5693 KB
often people use 3 screen, while i use 3 computers lolico
Once again proving my theory that everyone who uses Maya is EMPLOYED and successful
I use max
I love seeing what keyboards people use in these sorts of images ( ´ω`)
File: desk.jpg
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that's a lot of plants
plants is another thing i collect nyaoo-closedeyes sweat2

File: 2chan.png
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196 KB
If Japan is the birthplace of the image board, why are there so few of them? The only one I know that seems active is Futaba Channel 2chan. There are many English imageboards, I would have expected many Japanese ones. Are they hiding, unsearchable by Google?
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>jissou or yukkuris
What is the deal with these? I always see them being tortured.
Perhaps cute aggression? tongue
But what are they though? Are they from some anime or manga? They look like little goblins or dwarfs or something.
File: 1140439914271.jpg
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497 KB
>Something I have never figured out about Futaba Channel is why they have so many repetitive boards. Several alts for 2D, no idea what they all represent or why the alts have calendar months in the board title. Guro alt, model kits alt, doodles alt, oekai MySQL (meaning?). Many of these alts are slow moving boards. Why not keep them to one board?
The months refer to the servers/subdomain the various Nijiura boards are (or historically were) located on, which the users colloquially use to refer to each board (i.e. the Nijiura board on the may server gets called "may", the Nijiura board on the jun server gets called "jun", and so on). The servers (or at least some of them) are simply named after the respective month they were launched, although they weren't all launched in the same year

Originally there was only a single 2D imageboard on Futaba (Nijigen), but two more were created shortly afterwards: one to contain 2D guro (grotesque) material, and another 2D board that was created due to the rampant posting of TV screencaps and manga scans on the original 2D imageboard (however, I'm not sure whether Nijiura was intended to escape those things or to contain them). The latter was named "Nijigen ura" which is commonly abbreviated to "Nijiura" ("ura" means "the rear" or "around the back")

A 3D imageboard (Sanjigen) was also created around this time due to arguments over 2D vs 3D, but the various 3D boards were removed a couple of years later (the residents of those boards moved to a site called Momiage Channel, which was the predecessor of the decendant sites Momizou and Momicha)

Anyway, Nijiura established itself as the main place of activity on Futaba, much like /b/ would become on 4chan. Futaba started introducing more servers over the course of 2005-2006, with the intention seemingly being to divide up the immense server load of Nijiura. Each server got its own Nijiura: img (the original), dat, may, nov, and jun. Nijiura dec was introduced in 2008, nov was discontinued in 2010, and at some point there was also cgi and maybe a few others I've forgotten about

Today, the vast majority of the Nijiura userbase is almost perfectly split down the middle between img and may, and the activity of those two boards combined makes up around 97% of the entire site. For perspective, img and may are slightly more active than 4chan's current top 3 most-active boards (/pol/, /vg/, and /v/) combined... EACH! sweat

The main difference between img and may in terms of features is that may supports image replies, while img does not (Futaba's software did not initially have image replies, and by extension neither did 4chan). All the various different Nijiura boards each have their own distinct cultures and communities, so you're not getting exactly the same thing on each - for example, Nijiura jun focuses more on ero material

The non-Nijigen "ura" boards aren't something I know much about, but my best assumption is that they were attempts at resolving community disputes over certain material being posted. When it comes to seemingly duplicate boards, many of them were just experiments that no longer have any relevance but haven't been removed. As to why they've been left up, that's anyone's guess - I don't think even the users know, since their mysterious admin rarely reveals their reasoning for anything sweat2

>I’ve never seen any link to a catalog for easy browsing
Each board has a catalog with several different sorting views, and the links to them are beneath the post form and on the catalog itself: カタログ (Catalog) 新順 (Newest) 古順 (Oldest) 多順 (Most replies) 勢順 (Highest momentum) 少順 (Least replies) 見歴 (Threads you've viewed) 履歴 (Threads you've posted in). There's a settings page for the catalog of each board too, which I recommend configuring - I personally use a horizontal width of 7 threads, vertical height of 100 threads (the maximum allowed), a thread comment preview length of 8 characters, and a thumbnail size of 3

Alternatively, there are popular external catalog sites for Futaba which are more advanced, such as https://futapo.futakuro.com/ , as well as a few archive sites (you can find a couple in the "Useful Links" section on Japanese BBS Directory)

>Also hidden boards are not very hidden when they are listed in the front page.
They're not listed on the front page or frames menu on the actual website - I just included them on the English translation site for convenience. They're listed on Futaba's mobile menu and on external Futaba-related sites however, so they're not very hidden either way. My guess is that it's either to prevent the n00best of n00bs from going to those boards, or an attempt to direct traffic. Or both unsure

>I was under the impression Western boards were the same. 4chan for example has a ton of porn on many boards, all the time.
Most threads on Western imageboards "devolve" into discussions, even on pr0n and image-dumping boards - I think it might be a cultural thing. On many Japanese imageboards however, it's common for the site users to almost-never write anything at all - and if they do, it will be something extremely succinct or directly responding to the OP. It's not universal however - some Japanese imageboards are more chatty than others

>Interesting to note the Oekaki boards. Like the other boards listed there, Oekaki was so big during the 2000s, and for whatever reason went into decline as the 2010s progressed. I wonder why?
I wrote about it a little on our wiki: https://wiki.heyuri.net/index.php?title=Oekaki biggrin

>But what are they though? Are they from some anime or manga? They look like little goblins or dwarfs or something.
They derive from a funny-looking drawing of Suiseiseki that was posted to Futaba long ago: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/jissouseki
File: hnsn.jpg
(218 KB, 500x500) [ImgOps]
218 KB
Thanks for explanations! biggrin

61 KB
@ 1:37
I don't understand japanese so I can't search the lyrics
dunno, and if i dunno it that means it never existed. sorry ┐(゚~゚)┌
I feel like I listened to it in the past, but can't find now cry

I believe some of the first lyrics are 太陽の笑顔で君が幸せになるよ (taiyou no egao de kimi ga shiawase ni naru yo)
Maybe ask on 4/jp/'s Vocaloid threads if they are still a thing, and report back here if u find!
Found it with my detective skillz cool
mille☆feuille ト・キ・メ・ク恋は笑顔から
Ah, it was "saikou", not "taiyou" sweat3
Thank you! (・∀・)

File: 1685762516131.jpg
(67 KB, 600x600) [ImgOps]
67 KB
they don't just make good tv-shows anymore!
Hawt nosebleed
"Something smells like fish. Do you smell fish?" sweat2 wink

File: 1682850285911060.jpg
(173 KB, 1130x880) [ImgOps]
173 KB
>when was the last time you put your bare feet on the ground.
Probably 3 days ago, is the guy in the picture about to fall?
File: cirno214.jpg
(991 KB, 1200x1697) [ImgOps]
991 KB
Years ago. I wear shoes. And in the occasional moment I don't wear shoes, I wear socks that I only change when going to sleep.
I think the only place I even have a chance of walking barefoot on the ground is the beach but I go there very rarely for obvious and non-obvious reasons.
does concrete count? if so, a couple days ago. if not, then I'm not sure sweat2
people's dogs pee and poop in the grass, not to mention any bugs or parasites that might be there. and yes, you can get parasites through your bare feet xp
i walked barefoot on grass today, but i only do that on my own lawn. if you die, you die. smile
i wish i could smell cirno's feet after years of wearing socks drool

File: 1684536778594052.jpg
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surely there is nothing important that you could be doing at this time, what is it that you're up to?
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Shoorms are great tho! I done it 3 times, but if you struggle and wanna control the rocket, you going on a hella flight. Protip, just fly! nyaoo-closedeyes
no its not. i pissed in the kitchen sink and talked to myself for 4 hours. i ate ice cream with my hands and got it all over myself and there were other things too. drugs are the worst
Psycadelic is a lot of setting the correct mood, both with lights and music. I always make sure to go out for a run beforehand etc. It's also about selfawareness to be there and not lose yourself in thoughts. I once saw myself going crazy and thought it was hillarious as I still knew I was in controll back in my head.

this sounds funny! x3 so what did you say to yourself?
I just talked about random stuff, talked about how it annoys me that people say Czech Republic instead of Czechia, how half of my books I have I have never even read to the end and other random stuff like that
did you find it to be scary?

File: 5CardDraw.jpg
(224 KB, 1600x1200) [ImgOps]
224 KB
Do you like vintage CGI? It gives an odd feeling that I can't describe
File: 1679187584881000 1679187576785.jpg
(684 KB, 1920x1200) [ImgOps]
684 KB
It's amateurish and can be visually tacky, but still teeming with charm.
File: cgiseethosetits.jpg
(82 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
82 KB
I only like it based on how I judge all the things I like: it gets me hard
File: bob.jpg
(6 KB, 300x168) [ImgOps]
6 KB
I come from the Net...
File: metal mario.png
(7772 KB, 1678x2047) [ImgOps]
7772 KB
in some cases it can be pretty damn awesome cool
gives off a nostalgic and "blank, white lights on the ceiling, office job" (from the lighting) and just the new-ness and experimentation of technology, i guess

111 KB
So to the millionn dollar question; what is a.... Kakonga?
we wuz kakongos n shiet nigranigranigra

File: tekunozoido.jpg
(154 KB, 945x654) [ImgOps]
154 KB
Looks like they added these new boards:

Artificial Intelligence (jinkou chinou)

ZOIDS (a franchise with mecha animals? Details @ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoids?useskin=vector )

futabachannel.neocities-san, you can update the page if u want to
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I always wonder what non-furries think of having this or any other anime girl as masscot in their army? Or are the japanese so used to these that they don't think to much about it?
File: see you space cowboy.png
(400 KB, 839x472) [ImgOps]
400 KB
Shit's really been getting worse since Shinzo died, huh
he cute
That's a guy? But those hips and that hair!
Also those hands...yeesh, badly drawn and possibly mirrored. Whoever drew those really phoned it in there.

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