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We will watch Kure-nai this saturday, 19:00@UTC [Info] [Countdown]

Want your site's banner shown here too? Read this thread and contact me.

File: examplefullres.png
(5 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
5 KB
As we discussed during the townhall and u guys approved, the fullbanners are now implemented on Heyuri - though currently there are very few banners on circulation. sweat2
...We need moar fullbanners! Here are some criteria I think we should have (you can discuss these too) for non-Heyuri stuff for now:
- If it's an imageboard (or similar community), it must be fully compliant with our Rule 8
- No personal homepages

They also must be exactly in 768x60 dimensions.
I will dump the old (outdated/kolyma related, only for archival purposes) banners for inspiration/give an idea under this thread. For now, we can lack banners for these Heyuri-related stuff:
- 日本語@Heyuri
- Oeakaki@Heyuri
- Strange World@Heyuri
- Site Discussion@Heyuri
- Polls@Heyuri
- Dating@Heyuri
- 2ちゃん (for 2ch.sh domain - see below for old domain's banner)
Though banners don't need to be high quality (being funny is more impr0tant here!), you can also redo the banner for HHS if u want to as well

File: 2chan.png
(5 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
5 KB
This is the old banner for 2ちゃん, when it was on 2ちゃん.net
I could simply edit it to have 2ch.sh domain, but I am not the best photoshop user and there might be someone who wants to redo it
File: join.png
(845 B, 468x60) [ImgOps]
845 B
kuz/kolyma stuff No.1
File: webbanner.png
(830 B, 460x60) [ImgOps]
830 B
kuz/kolyma stuff No.2
File: blogkuzlol.png
(5 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
5 KB
kuz/kolyma stuff No.3
File: 4.png
(5 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
5 KB
kuz/kolyma stuff No.4
File: cd.png
(2 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
2 KB
kuz/kolyma stuff No.5
File: freedom.png
(534 B, 468x60) [ImgOps]
534 B
kuz/kolyma stuff No.6
File: came.png
(1 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
1 KB
>They also must be exactly in 768x60 dimensions.
U mean 468x60, as per ur examples sweat2
File: dollad.png
(11 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
11 KB
This was for my old Rozen Maiden fan site (also failed homepage lol) nyaoo-closedeyes
Apparently created by some anonymous and mailed to kuz
Ah... sweat2
Which aspect ratio is correct?
I was working on a banner this moment.
s0z for confusion, they must be 468X60
File: c.png
(39 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
39 KB
Anime/Cute@Heyuri banner when it was a thing
Looks like these were all besides what's currently circulating now smile
Kolyma banners may be controversial but maybe they will help someone getting inspiration
Size limit? 5 GB OK? x3
Files as big as 1-2MBs don't hurt many people in this age, but still try to not make them too hueg sweat2
Laws of the internet state that no medium-res JPG or PNG shall exceed 300KB, and no GIF shall exceed 2MB
obviously the heyuri dating site should be represented by two lolis kissing. or it can take inspiration from that drawing of two fat, sweaty otaku ERPing as lolis kissing, if you're so inclined (´ー`)
File: strangeballs.png
(2 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
2 KB
This is an opportunity to introduce the remaining 90% of Heyuri's userbase that does not use Strange World to Strange World! ヽ(´∇`)ノ

>For now, we can lack banners

Oh... (;´Д`)
...so no ballcrushing?
I thought that was just a typo on his part
File: strange world banner.png
(13 KB, 825x148) [ImgOps]
13 KB
also, I'd liek to use this one for strange world
Of course it was, as usual... sweat2

Thanks, added! biggrin
Also added! Thanks!
..but didn't notice it's a little large
I will try to manually decrease it, but please keep them exactly 468x60
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v002.gif
(1200 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
1200 KB
OK; how do i both add chen, nekos, heyuri, BOKU... xp
Doesn't look good after resizing, at least on my machine (;´Д`)
I don't see BOKU but adding it!
no, my bad... thought of colors really
File: strange world banner.png
(6 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
6 KB
I realize that the original was too big, so I masterfully fixed it!
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v003.gif
(2235 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
2235 KB
This one is super cool ヽ(´∇`)ノ
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v004_3.gif
(2965 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
2965 KB
That sounds way cooler! I will do teh change! cool

I made this and 3MB might to big... sweat2 it's not anything wow either.

If anyone else has an banner idea, i would love to haev some recommendations. I just make thigs out of teh blue as things pop up.
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v0045.gif
(2874 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
2874 KB
2.9 MB. This one... cool
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v006.gif
(942 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
942 KB
never mind teh others. here happy
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v007.gif
(2227 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
2227 KB
updated to "enter to heyrui", hope it's not much work to change for you.nyaoo2
>i would love to haev some recommendations
Here are few

For 日本語
Heyuri flag (the rising star) with 日本語@Heyuri text somewhere on it
Dejiko's welcome to Akiba (https://live.staticflickr.com/59/170457284_c992e8b37c_z.jpg) billboard, but instead of 秋葉原 it is へゆり with similarly little "he" "yu" "ri" under each character

For Oekaki
I think most of these should be made in oekaki themselves
Maybe one with silent loli artist's drawings?

For Polls
Maybe some chibi character with a box in her hands saying something like "I want your vote too, onii-chan!"..? This board is a little harder to think banners for sweat2

For Dating
A yuri image/gif fading out, the text "Dating@Heyuri" appears with girly hearts around
That popular kuso miso panel: old guy at left and theschoolboy at right, with the text Dating@Heyuri between them
A huge "CLAIM UR WAIFU" text with plenty of 2000s animu girls
File: heycurry_banner.gif
(623 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
623 KB
Perfect! cool

I am not sure if this deservs it's own banner... but i made it at least. sweat2
Sure, added biggrin
But I think we have enough banners for our home page now. These are supposed to be different from 300x100 banners
Got it! I will get working on teh others the following day! happy
"o hai i would liek 2 purchase ad space on heyuri"

"Sure, that will be $0.0000001 pls"

"so cheap!"

"Due to our own banners, ur ad has a 1/18295 chance of appearing"

Heyuri is a website that needs to advertise itself on Heyuri too!
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v008_JP2.gif
(2290 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
2290 KB
Something like this? nyaoo biggrin
File: Heyuri_Banner2.0_v008_JP.gif
(1446 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
1446 KB
Here's a smaller size, 1.5MB, lower fps so doesn't look as good as the first. Choose teh one you seems fit.
File: 107838200_p0.png
(10726 KB, 2250x3328) [ImgOps]
10726 KB
not sure what exactly the goal is for making banners for other sites. is it just so other heyurizens can visit the places we liek, or is there supposed to be some kind of give-and-take going on here?
for example, I liek reading touhou manga on https://dynasty-scans.com/
and it would be cool if more people would come and read doujins (so that maybe some more people would get into translating them cool)
would it be acceptable to make a banner for dynasty scans even though there isn't any official relationship between our two sites?
>not sure what exactly the goal is for making banners for other sites
Old sites may have 468X60 banners themselves, we shouldn't make banners ourselves for them
Nice! What do you use for making gifs?
I use Adobe After Effect as main software for editing and then encode them into GIFs in Media Encoder. happy
>> 1674 KB
Here's another none for Polls.

While I tried find a good chibi holding a box, that was near to impossible to find any good pictures. I might searched for hours to find any decent choises. Good side is that i've a lot of new image to spam on /b/ with xd

I ended up using me-tan, which might be a weird choice for polls with "onii-chan" but whatever, she's cute? smile

Each of these I maek take a few hours each to make, but i enjoy doing it. Still, I am always up for some changes if anyone have any feedback. I might make another one for dating when ever I feel like it. smile
>I ended up using me-tan, which might be a weird choice for polls with "onii-chan" but whatever, she's cute? smile
There a poll about which Windows version you use, so it's apt!
>> 1624 KB
I posted teh wrong one... sweat3
I can't give much feedback besides that I liek them, thanks for your efforts biggrin
>> 39 KB
Thank you! happy
its really cute blush
File: banner_majokko.gif
(41 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
41 KB
we can have banners from other websites, right?
File: 79367.jpg
(114 KB, 850x1200) [ImgOps]
114 KB
As long as they meet the criteria I wrote in OP, that's the original goal. Heyuri just got more shoujo-muke!
There should p0rbably be a small "Want your site's banner shown here?" message with links to this thread & Heyuri's contact page underneath teh banner unsure

Also sum "max-width: 100%;" on the banner img element to maek them fit properly on mobile viewports
How is it nao? I also corrected few stuff on Heyuri's static pages
>How is it nao?
Message is good, but max-width is currently only on teh iframe - it needs to be on the img element inside the iframe as well to make the img fit to the width of the iframe
should be good now
Werkz, thx kaguya! biggrin
File: hakoniwaIslands2Banner.png
(31 KB, 468x60) [ImgOps]
31 KB
I made a banner for Hakoniwa Islands 2
I still have the original .pdn file of the picture, which means that I can still add/change things in this picture
make teh kaiju bigger!!
That's pretty sweet! biggrin

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