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  • 2024/04/26 - Neomenu came back from 2021
  • 2024/04/26 - Museum@Heyuri has been launched
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File: bngr.jpg
(5328 KB, 4212x6939) ImgOps
5328 KB
As you read on the front page, I can use some ideas for the activities to prepare for the day. I am willing to spare my time to work on them, as long as they are within my capabilities. If you are willing, you are more than welcome think of stuff that doesn't specifically need to be prepared by me too - traditionally it's the classes who decides and prepares these "activities" in Japanese high schools. We can also just make one big project like a class each year too, although that's more risky since collaborating for one goal was proven to be too hard in the past.
What is it with my bad luck when it comes to big events like this cry
I don't think i will be able to attend on that day
File: robo-kuest title screen.png
(6 KB, 500x500) ImgOps
6 KB
a few months ago I was making preparations to start a quest thread for Heyuri. the host would be the charismatic Robo-kun, our resident AI robot who miraculously gained super-sentience after being exposed to radioactive heyuri threads and then decided that his goal in life was to serve his creators' every whim. [ -c°▥°]-c
surely it would be an epic quest filled with lols and lolis, even if his art skills leave a little to be desired... (´▥`)

do you guys think this would be a fun activity for a culture festival? pic related is the title screen
Sounds good to me! biggrin
File: 2030-is-already-here.jpg
(259 KB, 1280x800)
259 KB
Sounds great! I'll definitely attend the occasion!love
But I have no ideas to contribute so far...emo
Alright, let's brainstorm. What are some otaku/jap related hobbies (that can preferably be hosted online:

– Shogi and Go (tournament can be held online)
– Noh and Kabuki theatre (we'd need some anons actually willing to play before camera, that's probably unfeasible)
– Tea Ceremony (we have a tea thread right now, people could post images of their tea)
– Kendo (improbable)
– Japanese Food (similar to tea, posting images)
– Japanese Language and Kana (could be interesting, anons who actually know japanese could, I dunno, prepare some easy (Heyuri made) lessons for others, or just show off their skills

– Art (/o/'s time to shine)

Any other suggestions?
I wonder how many anons know about this event unsure maybe we could put an announcement in the blotter?
"Drawing Preschool"
Using Drawpile (https://drawpile.net/), A big ass canvas can be used to allow people to draw whatever they like within a certain time frame. Updates would be posted on the thread.

If you have any ideas on what to add, feel free to say ( ´ω`) — I might change the "draw whatever they like" to something more specific, since that would encourage more creativity, but I would like to see first if that sounds like a good idea or not ┐(゚~゚)┌
It's on the home page, so everyone (at least those would care about the event) would see it sooner or later
anime night every Saturday like old school adult swim/toonami, or have our bumpers with music. either one is fine.
What about a bumper tournament? Anybody willing to participate could prepare one for the date, we watch them all back to back in cytube and the audience votes for the winner

Another idea: Skribbl game
for sure adult swim bumps heyuri editioncool
I wonder what /lounge/ will come up with
fuckin epic
trip test
File: robokun.png
(8 KB, 356x238) ImgOps
8 KB
You beat me to it. banana
I always wanted to host a quest thread about Heyuri-tan. Drawfaggotry takes a lot of tiem, so maybe I'll do it after Bunkasai... But I can assist you with some fanartz!
File: elegant penguin-san.png
(3 KB, 350x350) ImgOps
3 KB
I'm a little nervous to draw out a whole quest, but I've managed to convince myself that passion and a desire for fun are more important than actual skill when it comes to being a drawfag, so hopefully it will work out.
thank you for teh fun art (´∇`)
Heyuri makes a video-game together

We all make a videogame in 1 day, there'll be I guess just maybe 1 programmer, but countless contributions for art and music will come from the community and made into a game.

Or maybe, any programmer can pick up the assets and make it into a game, and we can r8 them the next day cool
I've done some mashups in the past. Maybe I could make a music thread where anons can request a mashups of songs (with potentially lulzy results), or create a hueg mashup with all the songs given. I could post some of my finished werks too, I swear they're good. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I'm unsure about this one cause Ive never done that kind of thing in real time.

I got VOCALOID... This could be the right time to make "there's a nigger in the moon" Miku cover a reality?
plz do ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Also I've been thinking about it, but tournaments or other activities that relies on people being active at a certain time aren't really feasible
I think the best activities are the ones where anyone can drop in, check what's going in the thread and participate, just like festival stands.
Maybe the mods could add a css style to the threads taking part in the bunkasai so they stand out among regular threads?
I can join in with this too - let's just hoep it goes better than when I attempted something similar here a year or so ago sweat2

Teh n00bs at the time didn't even know what a "remix" was, and the only "actually-seemed-to-understand-the-concept" suggestion I received was an already-dated Hololive clip dark

File: 1656183889065.jpg
(35 KB, 320x242) ImgOps
35 KB
I call on the Heyuri pro-wrestling club to maybe do a Heyuri Royal Rumble on one of the games (preferably a PS2 one like HCTP).
We would need to make the CAWs, run the Royal Rumble, and someone to serve as an announcer. If anyone is interested in helping let me know biggrin
The Smackdown games up to HTCP were my jam back in the day biggrin

I dunno if we could get anyone to announce, but a few of us could get PCSX2 + HCTP, maek CAWs, send the memory card files to 1 person, then transfer all teh CAWs to a single card
I’d love to be an announcer

Also this may be a little left field op but there’s a site software that comes to mind suddenly that I think may be cool as another section of this website distinct from the other it seems to be some direction here. There’s a forum called atob.xyz that is neat and I used it sparsely but consistently a little while ago and it’s sort of reminiscent of moots embryonic manifestation of imageboard 2.0that never took off -canvas - similar vibes, but done really right, streamlined but still cute and anonymous legitimately and in a fun and novel way. I think if someone could get a hold of that software I mean I may be able to, I think it could bolster the integrity this nascent little community here seems to inhabit, without getting too too big too fast, with any potential luck if this idea ends up panning out…
It would be nice if Heyuri had some kind of annual sports competition. Like a racing game tournament or a battle royale with one namefag representing each board. Sadly we do not have enough users and I don't think Chris-kun is sane enough despite being the most famous of /lounge/
teh day approaches soon. are there more ideas for events? smile
File: jukebox2.gif
(224 KB, 717x198) ImgOps
224 KB
Do we host the music club thread together? Do you create the thread or I do? I maed a gif for the OP image if you want.
Just sorta throwing this out here last minute...
If you had the option between downloading a free + (relatively) low-space program, or using a website with limited options, which one would you pick?
while a dedicated program is probably more powerful and useful, the barrier of entry is lower if you only require users to open up a website. since we're trying to get a lot of people involved for this event, I think you should use a website to host whatever ur doing
Talk about last minute, but I may as well post this sooner than later.
There's a ton of stuff I wanted to do with the magazine OC I made but didn't get to it in time, or left out. I think a collaborative magazine would be a lot of fun to do.
Maybe someone offers to do it in photoshop and takes requests from users for what should be on it. Or, someone uploads the photoshop file and we take turns adding another part to it? ヽ(´ー`)ノ
You do it - I'm working on other stuff, but I'll try to join in sweat2
Why not, collaboration is kewl x3

>Maybe someone offers to do it in photoshop and takes requests from users for what should be on it.
I think it's more likely to work out this way

- blah
- blah- blah- blah
- blah- blah- blah- blah
I didn't expect Bunkasai to delivar this much WIN sweat
Man, Bunkasai was great, so much OC and WIN. That was a great idea! biggrin
I really liked the Bunkasai. Thank you for hosting it, Heyuri! biggrin
Lets make it a centennial event :D
File: painttime.png
(594 B, 169x29) ImgOps
594 B
I'm 65150-san, no definitive date for Heyuri-tan quest, I got other stuff to deal with.

If I were to host a quest, I think I would probably deliver once per day. That would give moar time for anons to give ideas, and most importantly, for me to maek good quality drawings. Threads enter autosage in a 7 days, that wouldn't be long enough for me, I can't do it in a day like robo-kun-sama.

I considered multiple possibilities:
-create a new thread every week. Depending how on long the quest takes (i have no idea!!) it could be a pain in the ass, I might have to make a recap pic every time: I think one important point of a quest is the clarity, if anons get lost or forget what happened, it would die.
-mods use their superpowers to increase the thread lifespan, or at least modbump once in a while. Sticky might be too much. sweat
-Hosting the quest on /o/, but not many people go there. ( ´,_ゝ`) Also the interface isn't optimal.

What do you guys think?

Also, robo-kun, what could have been elegant penguin-san's role in your quest? I'm dying to know!
doing one update a day is probably best. I found out the hard way that writing and drawing many updates in a day is difficult! (;゚∀゚)
I think an ongoing quest thread would be great fun, but some might find it annoying to see the same thread bumped up to the top of the front page for days or weeks on end. idk the best way to handle that.
and as for elegant penguin-san's true purpose... maybe we'll find out next time! [ -c°▥°]-c
>I found out the hard way
>some might find it annoying to see the same thread bumped up to the top of the front page for days or weeks on end.
I thought about that too. Even worse, I realized "creating a new thread every week" option probably goes against rule 6. (;´Д`)
>we'll find out next time

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