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File: nogger_v7-1200x438.jpg
(93 KB, 1200x438) ImgOps
93 KB
mine is nogger and negro ( ´ω`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
I think they changed the ingredients of nogger to keep it cheap in inflation.. like every other snack dark
time to test then dark
it tasted less sugary but other than that nothing much has changed.
Is that a stroopwafel ice cream sandwich?
What countries are these sold in? Never heard of this brand before.
File: dondurma.png
(8771 KB, 2896x1592) ImgOps
8771 KB
It's ice cream sandwich of Wall's (or Algida as called here).
Nogger is currently 30₺. I remember when it was 0.75₺ and had better ingredients (´~`)
I am dieting right now and trying to cut out all "snacks." Just meals. It's hard though. I love sour gummies more than anything.
wtf here it's called "kibom"
File: post_reach-tea.jpg
(84 KB, 460x276) ImgOps
84 KB
rich tea
ginger nut
custard cream

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