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File: IMG20240323095304.jpg
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are there any farmers/gardeners/people-who-know-their-plants here on heyuri?
i had a peach plant die on me due to me watering it too much, but i decided to keep planting stuff hoping i will get to taste the fruit of my labor (literally!)
there are like 9 different seeds in the pot on the picture, 8 of them are lemon seeds the other is a tomato seed, my mom said all of the ones that sprouted are lemons so does anyone know why the one in the middle is yellowish?
there's also a newly germinated peach seed i buried there a few hours ago but i dont know if i will keep it as the fruit i got the seed from wasn't very delicious

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I'm a person-who-knows-my-PENIS, does that count?
depends, can you grow PENISes on pots?
File: GFzrh7gWwAAKCoj.jpg
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PENIS shrooms ヽ(´∇`)ノ
File: 1656685537472.png
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why was it grown in a playground? highly inappropriate
to prevent over watering, you can put something well draining like gravel or pebbles at the bottom, and to balance the water you can add perlite or pine bark too, because they hold water when theres too much of it, and release it back into the soil when theres not enough of it.

and the plant is yellow because it lacks nutrients, i think yellow leaves are because potassium is insufficient, but all of the fertilizers have potassium and all the other shits like nitrogen, zinc, magnesium, iron... in them too, so you just get one of thease, dilute it in water, and water the plants using the water with the fertilizer, precise instructions should be on the bottle

happy growing biggrin
I've thought about making my own backyard garden ever since i discovered Monet's works, but i wouldn't even know where to start sweat2
thanks a lot!
i already put some small rocks on the bottom of the pot after the death of the first peach plant, i didn't know about the pine bark though, that's going to be really helpful
are there any gardening boards anywhere?

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