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video game
should i leave soudane on this board?
I never at look them anyway, so do whatever!

Also, /v/ comes before /y/ in the alphabet, but it's listed after /y/ on the board list/frames menu. My OCD, it hurts...
I think we can leave soudane to only /q/, but I feel like many users are too lazy to tell their opinions so I created this poll

It seems that the people have spoken

File: osakazul.png (503 KB, 639x478) [EXIF]
503 KB
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HOLY MACKEREL! Where can I find this??!1?
This is the website. I have no idea what it says or if theres a download link because its in Japanese.
You can only download the latest update from there - the "game" had to be bought and has long since stopped being sold, so it's only available via piracy these days

For everyone's convenience, I uploaded a copy of it (along with the latest update) here: https://2ch.cx/src/1205.zip

...however, for me it runs at a million FPS, and I don't remember how to slow it down, so you're on your own there LOL
she like blueberries?

File: hoi4.jpg (168 KB, 1280x720) [EXIF]
168 KB
Do you guys play games made by Paradox? Games like Hearts of Iron, Cities Skylines, Victoria and more. I like playing them. I just got Sengoku because its cheap and it just finished downloading. Sorry for the poor English
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Update: Sengoku fucking sucks. No wonder it was only ten dollars.
Cool, which ones
Very cool!
I was thinking of playing Sengoku with a couple of friends. Is it really that bad? I know it was a tech demo for Crusader Kings II.
I enjoy HoI4 TNO memes

File: beyblade.gif (6512 KB, 400x225) [EXIF]
6512 KB
JFC I love Receive and Bite you. Calling This song as an absolute banger is a complete understatement and a spit in the face to the composer Hidenori Shoji. This song is an eye opening experience, a reawakening, a FUCKING revelation! The slow and ominous beginning, the intensifying and rising build up, exploding into a BOMBASTIC start! The mix of techno music with the hardcore guitar riffs blending, harmonizing into a chaotic storm. And the drums, the FFFUCKING DRUMS!!! The intense, repeating kicks and beats, adding a layer of intensity amidst this madness of a melody. And one of my favorite parts is when before transition to the next part of the song, the drums INCREASE the speed of the tempo, INCREASE the speed, kickstarting my intense love for this composition. Then the acoustic guitar, this mild fucking instrument contrasts, yet somehow adds on to this blood-chub of a beat, and ultimately creating a perfection of a reflection of Majima’s chaotic persona and his vulnerable real self. And the background vocals, how could I forget the BACKGROUND VOCALS. The vocals and their ghastly lyrics, reinforcing the theme of a deadly showdown unfolding. And just when I thought this OST couldn’t get any better, the sudden stop and rise of the third act of the song, with the ever increasing clash of sounds, CLIMAXING into a Fantastic Finale! The blaring alarms, ringing across the the battlefield, synchronizing with Majima’s ultimate, physics-defying beyblade attack, Paints a clear FUCKING message that shits, about, to go, down! I am forever thankful that God has brought me into this world, just so I can witness perfection.

File: e3.png (390 KB, 1000x1838) [EXIF]
390 KB
What did you guys think of E3 this year?
they didnt talk about the touhou games so im not interested!
you should be happy. it would literally be the end of the world if e3 started talking about touhou games
The new Metroid game looks cool but I don't own a Switch, and they didn't say anything about Judge Eyes 2. Nothing else really looked that interesting.
>but I don't own a Switch
You do now!

File: download (29).jpg (17 KB, 620x355) [EXIF]
17 KB
Retro thread!
What retro games does Heyuri like?
I've been playing some 90s FPS games recently... now that I have the time I'm going to fix up my retro collection, my consoles and CRTs, etc...

Which 90s FPS games? Doom 2 mostly, but I really wanna get into Blood. Last time I played Hexen or Heretic was 9 or 10 years ago, and I wanna get back to those as well.
File: Annals of Rome.png (5 KB, 384x272) [EXIF]
5 KB
Thinking of playing this game since it looks neat, but old strategy games are usually a nightmare of hidden features and unfair computers.
>> 85 KB
I've been playing the MMZ(Mega Man Zero) series. I like it. It's hard for newcomers, but it's very rewarding. I suggest you play them.

File: screenshots.jpg (326 KB, 1024x509) [EXIF]
326 KB
Who here has played RuneScape back when it was at its peak?
I played it once around 2004 or 2005, and then once again in 2007 at the request of a friend

I didn't see the appeal personally - I was never into MMORPGs, and Runescape just seemed really old and clunky even at the time
Didn't play much, but my brother used to cheese out kills in the PVP zones and sell all the loot off
File: huge-runescape-boobs.jpg (166 KB, 800x666) [EXIF]
166 KB
I started early after RS2 came out, and played it for like 6 years. I want to go back to those simpler times. There's no mystery and fun and creativity, now everyone just methodoLOLIcally grinds MMOs like some kind of robots.

File: hard mode.png (566 KB, 958x718) [EXIF]
566 KB
I want to play one of these games, but I have no clue where to start. Does anyone here play them?
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File: scarlet.jpg (484 KB, 1118x1600) [EXIF]
484 KB
I started from 6 and it's my favorite. You can download 6-7-8 and choose what's the most fun for you.

You can also play 1-5 if you are into retro, but you will first need to get a PC-98 emulator (i suggest Neko Project II)

I don't know about newer games, my PC can't run them sweat3

IN was much easier to 1cc than PCB in my experience
Thank you for the responses happy
I got 7 and 8 from Moriyashrine so I will be giving those a play soon.
Shocked to hear the newer games are so resource intensive.
File: UFO went lunatic.jpg (49 KB, 698x960) [EXIF]
49 KB
>Shocked to hear the newer games are so resource intensive.
You probably shouldn't take my word there sweat

My computer is quite old and was not made to run games, so if ur computer is modern you probably don't need to worry about it. However it's true that MoF on lunatic is very laggy for me while while I can run EOsD smoothly.
>you can try 7 it's the easiest
Not to be a party pooper, but personally I think that 8 and 6 are way easier than 7, I still have yet to beat Ran and I'm even having trouble with Yuyuko on Easy now.
File: hood touhou.png (559 KB, 624x614) [EXIF]
559 KB
The duel ones are the easiest (touhou 3 & 9), but they play a little different than the other ones.
still fun!

File: bulleta.jpg (119 KB, 737x960) [EXIF]
119 KB
I have no clue how to play this game but it's fun
name of the game?

File: QuakeLogo.png (123 KB, 710x734) [EXIF]
123 KB
The Quad Damage has spawned! What do we do? D:
its mine!!!

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