1783. >Kuznetsov-san   User: Anonymous   Post date: 2021/10/27(Wed) 15:36:13          
> We could solve heyuris posting slowness by only saving about 3 or 4 pages of
> threads at a time. I personally dont think this is a bad thing, because after a
> a day or two, threads usually stop getting replies. Threads get archived anyways.
> What do you guys think? I miss activity on the boards (´ー`)

Had a random thought. Strange world seems much more dense than the boards. Maybe something could be done to the style to make the pages more vertically compact?
Ok, now unto an idea. I suggest to randomly shuffle threads every half an hour or so if no new posts have been made. This will create an impression that things are hapening rather than standing still.

Reference: 2021/10/27(Wed) 13:44:03

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