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> > I've put it up temporarily as a secret page on bbsdirectory, but be 
> > warned that it's largely unfinished and filled with glaring holes
> > https://bbsdirectory.neocities.org/timeline/index.html
> wtf is reikonch?! why is it so old?

- https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/霊魂ch
- https://web.archive.org/web/20151017233215/http://www2.plala.or.jp/tanpui/ghost1.htm
- https://web.archive.org/web/20011007020222/http://www.belltown.co.jp/joe/side06/s_tw1002.html

It means "Soul/Spirit Channel", and they were based out of NIFTY-
Serve's "CB Simulator" service (NIFTY-Serve was the Japanese version of 
CompuServe, and the CB Simulator service simulated the experience you 
get with CB radio. CB radio was somewhat of an analog precursor to 
things like IRC in many ways - people used it to meet/chat to random 
people from their bedrooms)

On a certain channel of that service on a certain time each week, 
everyone would use the same handle (which I believe was 霊魂, reikon/
soul/spirit), effectively making them anonymous. According to the above 
wiki page, this was supposedly the first community to do something like 

They had distinctive kaomoji too: \(゚▽゚)/ and \(゚△゚)/

In 1997, an ID-reveal feature was added to the service, and after that 
Reikon channel slowly faded into obscurity. The CB Simulator service 
was discontinued in 2005

Apparently they were discussed a lot on early Ayashii World and 2ch, 
and Reikon channel users played some involvement in shaping those 
communities in their early days, but these days they're rarely 
mentioned and are almost completely forgotten (;´Д`)

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