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File: 1596675431183.png
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This is a serious question, I want to know the communities opinion on this.

Heyuris golden age really lasted from April 2020 to mid july, and it was still pretty fun until it actually shut down (as long as you didnt read /q/)

We have asked how to fix activity but nothing came of it, we know the problems, and we dont know how to fix it. /q/ is much more pessimistic and sadder then it used to be, and it sometimes feels like heyuri is just a shell of its former self. Would it be better to just gracefully shut down now, or keep it on life support until it is absolutely dead?

I want honest opinions on this, think about both answers before you reply.
I hope everyone will have fun posting on heyuri together
As long as people are still using it, I don't see any reason for it to shut down. It gets multiple posts per day which is better than a lot of other sites that are still up past their prime. Obviously no one really knows how to attract users who are going to stick around. The only quick solution to that is mass-advertising which will give the site a bad reputation. If you want more activity, Heyuri needs some kind of reputation that allures people who may be sceptical of using smaller discussion sites like this. At the moment, Heyuri is very laid-back, but if it had some kind of sekrit klub reputation, people would be visiting even if just to check it out. I'm sure many would-be posters are also worried about getting a warning or w/e from not following rule 8 closely enough, but really that shouldn't be a concern. I doubt anyone is going to get a permanent ban if they're just having fun.
I'm new so I don't think it's fair for me to comment, but I'd like if it didn't shut down.

That being said, how was Heyuri found back during that period?
Please don't shut down my Heyuris, this is the only explicitly pre-2006-style imageboard I know about ;_;
please no shut heyuri down :( I like to come here and I like to think it could slowly gain some koolies that post here. please :3
File: koolies.png
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28 KB
"Koolies"? glare

Maybe shutting Heyuri down is not such a bad idea after all...
where can i get this framed
it's liek awwfags but somehow more bad
even on its deathbed, heyuri has yet again produced more OC than some imageboards will in their entire life
The Heyuri reboot got off to a rough start due to the burnout and malaise that many of us were experiencing at the time, and things went from bad to worse as Heyuri went from being some naive kid's independent passion project made purely for fun, to being "incorporated" as one of many branches of a sketchy-sounding company that saw fit to place Russian text everywhere and generally has one of the worst reputations around this half of the interwebs

I believe things can be turned around around though - I don't think we're by any means at the end of the road, and I think Heyuri has a lot of life in it yet. All Heyuri needs is a sustained and focused effort from everyone involved (from admin, staff, and users) to get it back off the ground - much like we did back in May/June of 2020

In terms of things that can be done right away: seeing as we still don't have a real /all/ (and may not do for a long time - LOLICO PLS SAEV US), the number of boards could do with being reduced in order to consolidate all our post activity into one place. This will make it much less of a pain in the ass for everyone to browse and lurk, as well as making Heyuri much easier to manage

"Too many boards" has long been known as one of the leading causes of death for low-population imageboards, but if everyone is posting in one place there's this powerful feedback-loop effect that amplifies small amounts of activity into larger amounts. Never forget that 99% of all 4chan's post activity went to /b/ for the first few years, and even today 97% of Futaba's activity is evenly split between just two Nijiura boards. There's nothing wrong with one board getting all the attention, with the others just being for occasional usage

Regarding our imageboards: /b/, /f/, /o/, and /q/ are all that's really needed - /b/ for most things, /f/ for flash, /o/ for oekaki, and /q/ for meta. /y/ and /v/ are too niche/specific to deserve their own boards, and /amh/ just splits /b/ in two for no good reason. Regarding our discussion boards: all we really need is /lounge/ - it could easily contain dedicated threads for AA, haiku/poems, and programming, and none of those topics require their own boards at our current size.

Now, I could be overstepping the line here, but if we really want to give Heyuri higher priority, we have to come to terms with the fact that this means lowering the priority of other places/projects. This especially goes for kuz and staff-san, but I think they've begun to realize this already

The reality is that you cannot juggle multiple different websites and projects at the same time with the limited resources we have available. As experience has surely shown by now, you will just get exhausted, hit burnout, and end up neglecting some or all of those sites/projects. Sacrifices have to be made if Heyuri is to succeed, and that may mean killing off other projects or having them absorbed into Heyuri in order to make things more managable

This applies to us users too - people only have so much time, energy, and attention to spend on things, so Heyuri needs to be worth people's time, energy, and attention if we want them to spend it here. I'd also like to reiterate that Heyuri has a wide scope and can cover just about any topic imaginable, and it should not be put in the corner as a "novelty" or "gimmick" board. This is not "small novelty retro imageboard with niche appeal" - this is Futaba in English; this is 4chan minus the AIDS; THIS. IS. HEYURI. ☆.

If we all pour our hearts and souls back into Heyuri, just like we did before, the results will make Heyuri a place worth being - or in other words, "the place to be"
(゚、 。 7
 l、 ~ヽ
 じしf_, )ノ
File: small.png
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7 KB
what an awesome post

If I may ask... what other "projects" should be merged into heyuri?

and what would you guys think about LOLico coming back as the admin? bad idea?
aww I would absolutely love that idea
>what other "projects" should be merged into heyuri?
I'm unsure of how things should optimally be arranged, but the ones that always come to my mind are G3 and Strange World, and more recently Mult*ch (is this filter'd?)

(also I've seen at least one poster on another imageboard say that they stopped coming here because they believed LOLis were b& from Heyuri)

- Strange World because "StrangeWorld@Heyuri" sounds awesome, and most of the primary users there (me being one of them) post here anyway

- The mult*ch instances have no real reason to exist beyond taking part in pointless BORD WARZ, and everything of value posted there could easily have been posted to Heyuri's /lounge/ or /b/ instead

- This idea is more radical, but consider directing the users of all the assorted 9ch-related boards back here. Despite all the Rule 8 garbage they apparently enjoy relishing in, it's very obvious that a sizable chunk of Heyuri's former userbase is now opting to use those boards instead of Heyuri, even when their posts would be perfect here. I'm sure they wouldn't mind xd

>what would you guys think about LOLico coming back as the admin? bad idea?
I think it's worth a shot if both parties are willing, definitely

Despite the way things previously turned out (mostly due to a certain "script kiddie saboteur" that's no longer here), the LOLico x kuz combo was one of the greatest tagteams the Internet has ever seen (sorry cavalier...)
talk about heyuri nationalism!
One people! One site!
(636 KB, 1152x864) [ImgOps]
636 KB
shutting down the dicksword and merging it into kolyma notifications was a mistake.
the heyuri dicksword was fun!
when i finish the irc server we can connect to irc.heyuri,net

on everything else.. the heyuri nationalists will have their way. just give me time, im moving servers again ^_^
>(also I've seen at least one poster on another imageboard say that they stopped coming here because they believed LOLis were b& from Heyuri)
That was me, but then I checked back later and saw that people didn't get banned + posts deleted for posting LOLi so I changed my mind.
File: firefox_4MJJXmJmSM.png
(22 KB, 877x329) [ImgOps]
22 KB
The age of Heyuri has begun yet again

more to come, i am on the hunt for more developers to improve the site.

you know.. i-i like positive feedback too.. maybe a good job or two..
You've done a great job, Mr. Kuznetsov! This site gets better and better every day.
G    O  O O  O D  D     J   O  O B  B
G GG O  O O  O D  D     J   O  O BBB
G  G O  O O  O D  D     J   O  O B  B

      K  K U  U ZZZZZ  !!!! .!!!! .11
      K K  U  U    Z   !!! !!!  .1
      KK   U  U   Z    !!  !!   1
      K K  U  U  Z           1
      K  K  UU  ZZZZZ  !!! !!!  1111
File: firefox_tmjmGYanN0.png
(2 KB, 204x99) [ImgOps]
2 KB
Nature is healing....
There's another small board that's been around for almost 12 years now and still gets a decent amount of weekly activity. About 9 years ago, the owner tried combining boards together, but it didn't actually have a positive effect, so he reversed that change.

Lots of boards with small amounts of activity actually add up to more activity overall than a few with a bit more. And the less specialized boards are, the less inclined people will be to post in them since they wont know if their thread really fits. Or they'll stick to generals. It's not conducive to conversation.

Right now, if you wanted to make a thread about video games, you'd have to stick it in /b/, which is mostly threads of people shitposting. If you wanted to have a more serious discussion, your only option would be the /lounge/ bbs, so you'd have to go without images.

>People in the past would always point to /bun/ when telling us why we should condense boards, and I'd always explain that the site isn't any faster than us, it only looked like it due to that traffic being being in one place rather than spread out. In fact, for a long time they had a much lower post rate than us if you actually bothered to count the posts each day.
>I know some of the boards are pretty dead, but I'm not so sure merging things would help it either, and would make it harder to find specific things, no?
>Some people in the irc had convinced me that changing things around on the site might draw some attention and possibly give us a boost in traffic, but nothing as changed as of yet and in retrospect those people don't even browse the board...
>Yeah, people who don't even know about the site would surely migrate to /tc/ en masse because of a relatively minor change related to what goes where. Don't want to sound like an ass but I honestly don't know how they came up with that and how they managed to convince you it's a good idea.
this is true.

so perhaps a compromise should be sought? what would that be?
It depends on what the owner wants this site to be. It's never going to be as active as 4chan, so people who looking for a quick fix and instant replies wont come here anyway.

If they're in it for the long haul, I think they have to be okay with some boards only getting new posts once every few weeks. Nobody is ever going to want to talk about anime or something on /b/. Definitely not on a regular basis. It wont happen, so that's already some discussion killed.

Judging from their op though, I don't know if they're okay with that. Having lots of boards and not expecting too much activity on the site as a whole is the one model I've seen work in the long run.

Maybe getting rid of /b/ and replacing it with one general board that doesn't have any baggage. Thread OPs could have a wide selection of tags to choose from, and people will be able to filter threads based on those tags, or they can look at all of them. So neither the op or other users feel restricted. Just throwing that idea out there.
While I'm sure the things you said about the board you mentioned were true for them, the same hasn't proven true for Heyuri, nor many other boards out there in my experience. Those ideas would (and in some cases, already have) lead to disastrous results on Heyuri

Every bulletin board has its own culture and general behavior, and Heyuri has always been more focused around the concept of "everyone posting together and playing off each other's posts and ideas, with an emphasis on making new posts and less emphasis placed on lengthy reply chains"

This is as opposed to the concept of "Serious Business discussions organized into strictly designated compartments, with everyone propping up the same few ancient threads for months/years/decades until they all have hundreds/thousands of posts each - at which point someone will remake the exact same thread and everyone will spend many more months/years/decades filling it back up", which sounds more like the kinds of boards you're describing. I can't speak for anyone else, but I'm kinda sick of those types of boards, and want something more fun and loose instead - like Heyuri!

While having multiple different boards to serve multiple different userbases might work for some places (mainly the FUCKHUEG ones), none of the "not-/b/" boards on Heyuri have ever developed their own unique userbase or "board culture" - and I personally think that's not something we should even be striving for (see: all the deeply-entrenched rivalries and resentments that often develop between boards with different/conflicting userbases, and the host site being at constant war with itself because of it). Instead, we have a more unified "Heyuri culture" where everyone mainly posts to a single board, with the other boards being used by the exact same users for specialized purposes

>Right now, if you wanted to make a thread about video games, you'd have to stick it in /b/, which is mostly threads of people shitposting
What you see on /b/ isn't "shitposting" - it's just Heyuri being Heyuri. You can make mature threads if you want (see: Rule 1), but you have to understand that threads here are highly ephemeral and probably won't generate lengthy reply chains before they're sent down the index. That's fine though, because if you have something else you want to post regarding a topic, you can just make a new thread for it - there's no "WE ALREDY HAS ____ THRED, USE TEH FAILALOG OR ENJOY UR B&" bullshit here!
also /lounge/ is the de-facto "more srs /b/"
>I'm kinda sick of those types of boards
I wouldn't say that type is even close to over saturated. Quality discussion on imageboards has been like a drying well.
>multiple different boards to serve multiple different userbases
The place I mentioned is pretty focused on otaku interests, so it's all the same userbase and there's no conflict. There's just different boards for anime, manga, visual novels, etc.

Honestly, that's the way I think 4chan should have been and making it more accessible to people not interested in those things was a massive misstep. I can understand your point if Heyuri is similarly less focused. I imagine those places that died from too many boards lacked focus and anything unique to keep people's attention.

>threads here are highly ephemeral
The same threads I saw hours ago on /b/ are still on the first page, and the last thread in the catalog was made almost 6 months ago. Maybe it's more ephemeral than some places that are actually dead, but not even close to as much as 4chan. Somebody could make a "serious" thread, but they'd have no way of knowing if they'll get a fitting response if they can't see any examples of it.
Adding to this, the neocities page says Heyuri is looking for
>creative individuals
Do you think if somebody looking to post their art or project they worked hard on passed through here, didn't read the rules, and saw that /b/ is the most fitting place, would feel posting here to share is worth their time? I'm not trying to go out of my way to be harsh or negative or an asshole. Just saying how I see it.
>I wouldn't say that type is even close to over saturated
I think it totally is, at least for many of the currently-existing Western imageboards I know of. Many of them opt for the "every thread is a general thread, new threads must be QUALITY OPs or they will be deleted and you may get banned" mode of operation. Many traditional internet forums are like this too, and even 4chan has gone in that direction on many boards over the last decade or so

The days where imageboards were places with a steady flow of new threads that were mostly short and sweet (and usually trivial) and typically garnered a handful of replies with only the occasional longer thread, are mostly gone. Instead there's all these imageboards out there with a small number of recurring threads that the residents treat as being individual boards/chatrooms, and they take them way too seriously. Heyuri is kind of a "LOLNOTHX" to that, and that's one thing I've always really liked about this place

>The same threads I saw hours ago on /b/ are still on the first page, and the last thread in the catalog was made almost 6 months ago
"Ephemeral" in the sense that once a thread goes off the first page or two, you usually won't ever see it again unless you go looking for it, or a n00b bumps it to the top. Most people here don't use the catalog, and instead just browse the first page or use some feature of the dicksword that alerts them to new posts (which is why Heyuri often used to have near-instantaneous replies to new threads despite its relatively low population size)

Digging up old threads is generally not the Heyuri way, and I wish kuz/developer-san would bring back autosage for old threads instead of just expecting everyone to not bump them and then getting annoyed when someone like spam-kun comes along and reshuffles the entire board

>the neocities page says
I actually wrote most of what's on the Heyuri Neocities page xd. I wrote it in such a way that anyone who sees it and thinks "I LOL'D, BRB GOING 2 HEYURI" will probably be someone who'll fit in just fine, while hopefully filtering out anyone who finds it off-putting or offensive

>Do you think if somebody looking to post their art or project they worked hard on passed through here, didn't read the rules, and saw that /b/ is the most fitting place, would feel posting here to share is worth their time?
To be fair, it doesn't say "Heyuri is a place for creative individuals to share their wonderful artistic works with like-minded folk, please do visit and share your original creations with us!" á la somewhere like deviantART, but instead crudely sandwiches "creative individuals" in between "the cool kinds of weeaboo" and "WIN" under a list titled "DO WANT"

While Heyuri OC is always fucking awesome, original works that have nothing to do with Heyuri, its culture, or something happening in a thread aren't really who I was intending to invite (although there's nothing wrong with those types, just don't expect anyone to take much interest unless the art is RLY good). Maybe I should have put "creative individuals" in inverted commas or something, but unfortunately I'm not the one who owns the page and I think the guy who owns it is MIA, so it can't be edited

>I'm not trying to go out of my way to be harsh or negative or an asshole. Just saying how I see it.
No worries! I didn't interpret your posts in that way, nor intend to come across that way myself for that matter
>every thread is a general thread
I agree that 4chan's idea of "general" threads, where every little topic and franchise gets its own that repeats indefinitely, is stifling. I wouldn't say they even have good discussion. On a smaller board though I don't see why you can't both have long lasting threads and a steady stream of new ones. It's mostly a matter of userbase. If they're creative, they can consistently make new, interesting threads.
>you usually won't ever see it again unless you go looking for it, or a n00b bumps it to the top
Admonishing people for bumping "old" threads is something very common on forums and I think is kind of dumb. Sure, somebody could make a new thread, but in my opinion there's no reason not to post in a perfectly good one that already exists. A puppy doesn't die every time somebody contributes to an old thread.

Maybe people shouldn't be discouraged from making new threads, or posting in old ones? If trying to replicate 2006 4chan with less people for its own sake is the goal though, I acknowledge I was wrong in my suggestions.
Yes shut it down there are too many altchans nowadays and creating another one is a complete waste of time.
Nobody owns the imageboard format. There are no "altchans".
>There are no Altchans

Altchan is just a term to describe all the knockoffs of 4chan over the years such as 7chan Desuchan 420chan and so on even 4chan was a knockoff of Futaba Channel.
It's a stupid term. You don't call cadillacs altcars because they didn't come first.
>On a smaller board though I don't see why you can't both have long lasting threads and a steady stream of new ones. It's mostly a matter of userbase. If they're creative, they can consistently make new, interesting threads.
You should view Heyuri's boards as being one big thread that everyone contributes to, where everyone is making new posts by default and just uses the reply function to comment on or play off of specific posts. That's how the Japanese BBS format was intended to be used, and is pretty much how Heyuri has always operated

Keeping posts around for weeks/months at a time and continuing to reply to them instead of making new threads will change the whole dynamic of the board. It becomes something more akin to a typical 2010s+ imageboard, instead of the early-to-mid 2000s imageboards that Heyuri is inspired by. Whether you consider either one better or worse is a matter of taste, but the "long lasting threads" way means that users are treating an entire bulletin board as if it was a collection of miniature bulletin boards, instead of a singular bulletin board with an optional reply feature

>Admonishing people for bumping "old" threads is something very common on forums and I think is kind of dumb.
I agree with that, especially when the software does nothing to prevent users from doing so. It's funny, Heyuri actually had this exact same scenario and debate last year

Kuz randomly started getting mad about "necrobumping", it became a bannable offense for a while despite some users (including myself) saying that this was st00pid, and then eventually a proper solution by LOLico was implemented - a function that set threads to autosage after 3 days. I personally thought 3 days was a little too soon, but I think the general idea was solid - it's really no different to the old "Marked for deletion (old)" that 4chan used to have, and Futuba still has

>If trying to replicate 2006 4chan with less people for its own sake is the goal
It's less "replicating old 4chan" and more embracing and taking inspiration from the same primordial soup of interwebs that gave birth to sites like Futaba and 4chan, while still doing our own thing - but yeah pretty much biggrin
4chan was a knockoff of Futaba
Futaba was a knockoff of 2channel
2channel was a knockoff of Amezou
Amezou was a knockoff of a million other web-based Japanese bulletin boards that came before it
They were all knockoffs of dial-up BBSes
Dial-up BBSes were knockoffs of real world bulletin boards
Real world bulletin boards were knockoffs of cork
Cork was a knockoff of trees

Basically, Heyuri is a knockoff of trees huh
File: cool guys.jpg
(338 KB, 1455x771) [ImgOps]
338 KB
I just came up with an idea, maybe it's wtfstupid but I'm going to make you read it anyway.

What if there was a monthly "roleplay" board (with a different theme each time) that then gets deleted after a week or so? Like the theme is "vampires" and then everyone posts as if they're in some vampire world. The board name could reflect it, so the board would be called /vampire/.

Think of it as a training ground for fun posting, encouraging people to come up with fun and unique posts and discouraging them from thinking about real life. I think that's one of the differences between old imageboards and current imageboards, people just had/used more imagination. This is also something that, to my knowledge, no other imageboard does. The reason I said it would get deleted after a week is to avoid detracting from other boards like /b/.

LOL its a common term used on most imageboards today.

You seem to be missing the point Heyuri is failing because it has nothing new or unique about it its just trying to copy what came before for the most part It is basically just 4chan 2005 with only a few differences. If Kuz wants Heyuri to succeed it needs to be new and modern but keep the spirit of the old internet alive by keeping rule 8. The imageboard format is kinda unoriginal and too many people have done it already not to mention i have been on a countless amount of revival websites over the past decade and they all die eventually because they only exist for one reason nostalgia and websites like this one are just clones of what came before and unfortunately the old internet is dead and the magic cannot be replicated. It is basically someone trying to recapture the lightning in a bottle it once had. Also Heyuri already has a negative reputation because of both Kuz and LOLico

I'm going to start calling them altcars now
File: faganon enters teh thread.png
(208 KB, 800x600) [ImgOps]
208 KB
Most imageboards are shit.
oh wow you gave me LOLz even if it depicts me as a faggotry!! nice funny posting <3
You are a koolie!
z0mg! its a waha desu
z0mg! its a waha desu

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