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File: kuz why.png Download (347.97 KB) ImgOps
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If k♡♡z is a normalfag shouldnt we remove rule 8?
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File: plz stap kuz.png Download (252.9 KB) ImgOps
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i mean, you can't ban someone for normalfaggotry if you post and act like one. standards should be held, thats all i'm saying.
File: kuzpeek2.png Download (59.41 KB) ImgOps
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File: yjimage.jpg Download (8.7 KB) ImgOps
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There were 2 rules that aren't added:
use sage only if needed (don't use to sage all threads in index)
site discussion should be in /meta/
site discussion in /meta/ falls under global 3

78.91 KB
it's fucking dead
not my /f/ kun...

1.49 MB
Is it possible to bump up /b/'s post numbers to roughly what they were before the crash? It would be a shame to lose that "progress" and the legacy/legitimacy of all the GETs up til now

Pic related is the first page of /b/ about 3 hours before Heyuri went down, the latest post pictured being No.4432
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File: 4000GET.png Download (143.94 KB) ImgOps
143.94 KB
I disagree with it feeling fake, because we did legitimately reach those post numbers, and lord knows other imageboards including 4chan have done the same thing after crashes, software replacements, and shit like ZERO HOUR

It would essentially be the same as if all the boards had their pages nuked, whereas starting from 0 feels more artificial to me because we've already had 1000GET, 1931, 2000GET, etc, and this would overwrite all of that

I get your reasoning regarding potential bugs, but I do think if there was ever a time to fuck around with the post numbers it would be while they're all really low, and while everything is still kinda up in the air and unsettled
You make a good point. The post numbers will be reset except for /vote/ because it's a different script and not displayed properly anyway.
File: 1195809445120.gif Download (240.62 KB) ImgOps
240.62 KB
Awesome, thanks LOLico

File: bug.png Download (328.32 KB) ImgOps
328.32 KB
Should be fixed now. Thx for reporting!


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