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We won't have any streams around late May or early June since it's usually the busiest time of the year for everyone, so let's watch Otaku no Bideo (1992) this Saturday at 18:00 UTC. It has 2 episodes, together it's less than 2 hours - it should be over before 20:00 UTC.

It's more of a documentary about Gainax and different types of otaku hobbies from 80s & interviews with them. So it's not your usual "fun" anime, but it has interesting information so I recommend attending!

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: 109414721_p0.jpg
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Anybody who's too busy to watch anime with random internet people doesn't matter and shouldn't be catered to.
What happened to the "there should be a couple of months of break between streams so they don't get stale", Kaguya? dark
Thanks for asking. During the last townhall, we decided to place short OVAs between "main" streams from now on. Here are the relevant logs:

[2024-05-11 19:36:27] anonwaha: ANONWAHA TOPIC #4: Heyuri Cytube. currently it's held once every 2 months - is that good, or should it be more/less often?
[2024-05-11 19:36:33] Lulz Master: i dont
[2024-05-11 19:36:37] nau: which one is teh real one!
[2024-05-11 19:36:38] Le AFK Man: i think 2 months is a good balance
[2024-05-11 19:36:41] Angel!: once a month!
[2024-05-11 19:36:43] Gaijin: MOAR OFTEN
[2024-05-11 19:36:46] 2048bytes: moar often
[2024-05-11 19:36:51] ayaya: heyuri's karaoke night (it will never happen)
[2024-05-11 19:36:52] 2048bytes: once a month like angel said
[2024-05-11 19:36:52] Le AFK Man: i wouldnt mind moar often though
[2024-05-11 19:36:55] Hachikuji Mayoi: less often!
[2024-05-11 19:36:57] Apple: Personally I believe it should be once per month. Thoughts?
[2024-05-11 19:36:58] yakuruto: i vote to keep status quo
[2024-05-11 19:36:58] infinitelolz: i guess 2 month is a good balance but i still wish it was moar often
[2024-05-11 19:37:00] BlastFurnace: I like the idea of once per month, but 2 is acceptable
[2024-05-11 19:37:03] nau: i think once every 2 months is good!
[2024-05-11 19:37:08] not pez: Reason to haev it moore often is a reason to PROMOTE Heyurri, while i personally think 2 months
[2024-05-11 19:37:10] Anonymous: there is a platforming game with chatting about mice trying to get to cheese and back to the mouse hole with the help of one of the players that gets assigned the role to build their way to cheese, the game is called transformice and it used to be a browser game until flash was discontinuted but it still is available on steam, i burned so many hours into it... im not forcing things but i advise the interested ones to look it up ^_^
[2024-05-11 19:37:11] kaguya◆V4Zyo2onG6: I would be fine with more often, but it could have less attendance and "special feeling" attached
[2024-05-11 19:37:24] BlastFurnace: it's good to have people excited for it to happen, and that would disappear if you did it too often
[2024-05-11 19:37:24] Le AFK Man: yeah, agreed
[2024-05-11 19:37:32] 2048bytes: hmmm makes sense!
[2024-05-11 19:37:34] yakuruto: i think if it were more often, people mite get sick of it
[2024-05-11 19:37:35] BlastFurnace: i think once per month would still be exciting but i see the logic of two
[2024-05-11 19:37:35] Angel!: though 2 month gives more time to vote!
[2024-05-11 19:37:36] Anonymous: i thgoiught i was the onely one who played transformice
[2024-05-11 19:37:37] Le AFK Man: if its every month people will get booared
[2024-05-11 19:37:42] BlastFurnace: maybe so
[2024-05-11 19:37:44] Hachikuji Mayoi: people would be less afraid to miss it if it was often
[2024-05-11 19:37:50] BlastFurnace: ah true
[2024-05-11 19:37:57] Anonymous: it was my favorite game when i was younger
[2024-05-11 19:37:58] kaguya◆V4Zyo2onG6: What about 12-episodes anime per 2 months, and some 2-episode OVAs in between?
[2024-05-11 19:38:00] Angel!: maybe 2 and a half months?
[2024-05-11 19:38:05] BlastFurnace: transformice!
[2024-05-11 19:38:07] yakuruto: on the contrary, if it were often, i think people would feel they keep missing out
[2024-05-11 19:38:17] infinitelolz: kaguya: thats a nice alternative
[2024-05-11 19:38:27] Anonymous: i think kaguyas ide is good
[2024-05-11 19:38:38] BlastFurnace: i like that too
[2024-05-11 19:38:40] Angel!: nice!
[2024-05-11 19:38:40] anonwaha: what about the idea of having the top nominations once every 2 months, but having the less popular nominations in between?
[2024-05-11 19:38:44] ayaya: we can have smaller scale stream
[2024-05-11 19:38:51] BlastFurnace: I'm an OVA maniac and would be more excited for the weird random OVAs though :DDD
[2024-05-11 19:38:51] Angel!: smart!
[2024-05-11 19:38:59] 2048bytes: afk
[2024-05-11 19:39:06] yakuruto: tough decision, i like both ideas
[2024-05-11 19:39:06] kaguya◆V4Zyo2onG6: it would be somehting like that anyways, most short anime are less popular in the standings
[2024-05-11 19:39:18] BlastFurnace: sadly :(
[2024-05-11 19:39:27] Anonymous: yeah, but short anime is wa<tched in bulk alot
[2024-05-11 19:39:32] yakuruto: if it is smaller OVAs in between, then having it more often isn't an issue
[2024-05-11 19:39:32] Anonymous: to make 12 eps
[2024-05-11 19:39:35] Gaijin: I need a friday evening stream, possibly on cytube or gikopoi?
[2024-05-11 19:39:38] BlastFurnace: hmmm
[2024-05-11 19:39:43] Gaijin: Before FNT stream
[2024-05-11 19:39:59] infinitelolz: well, still start from th most popular OVAs. the least popular are less popular for a reason
[2024-05-11 19:40:14] BlastFurnace: I have no problem with that
[2024-05-11 19:40:18] Anonymous: yeh i wanna rewatch unbalance already
[2024-05-11 19:40:18] BlastFurnace: lots of good choices on the nominations
[2024-05-11 19:40:20] anonwaha: sometimes it's "less popular" just cuz they have few votes
Sick, looking forward to this. It's a good one if you haven't seen it.
File: lucky-star-3446-3628804749.jpg
(34 KB, 704x396) ImgOps
34 KB
I won't be able to join! cry
I will haev SSX tournament with everyone moms at once.
5 hours!
File: WAKE UP !!!.png
(366 KB, 600x722) ImgOps
366 KB
45 minutes !!!
YAY I MADE ITwahawahawaha
its hear
Anime is 4 losers,,, LOL!!
well be waiting 4 u! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
File: test.png
(523 KB, 1327x611) ImgOps
523 KB
i made this
it should b adjusted into banner!
very nice anon :)
how do i do that? are there instructions somewhere?
thank you ヽ(´∇`)ノ
i had never made a banner thing before
File: banner_crop.png
(44 KB, 300x100) ImgOps
44 KB
I cropped it to correct res
this is perfect EPPICC WIN OC! love
catbox wouldn't load for me
File: PC8801_Dennou_Gakuen_123_00092.png
(15 KB, 640x400) ImgOps
15 KB
Isn't Hiroko cute?
File: PC8801_Dennou_Gakuen_123_00093.png
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13 KB
File: PC8801_Dennou_Gakuen_123_00101.png
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13 KB
File: PC8801_Dennou_Gakuen_123_00105.png
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15 KB
File: PC8801_Dennou_Gakuen_123_00112.png
(14 KB, 640x400) ImgOps
14 KB
SEKSU!!! (;´Д`)
Aaahh hiroko-chan is cute!
File: m200.png
(94 KB, 499x1134) ImgOps
94 KB
lots of fun in this stream!
Heyuri sings soon....
File: 2814434194.gif
(89 KB, 500x346) ImgOps [Animated GIF]
89 KB
I... I missed it... Even though I planned ahead for it! Damn you, ADHD!!!
I just got back from a wedding! but I had to leave early so I didn't get to flirt with a pretty girl I saw there T_T
File: STAIRS.jpg
(60 KB, 500x500) ImgOps
60 KB
Homestuck? On MY Heyuri?!
i fell asleep in cytube (;´Д`)
i hope i didn't miss anything

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