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When did this whole "incest" thing started in the anime/manga/ln/hentai industry?
One Word:

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Wut glare

Putting aside the fact that incestual themes are far more common in contemporary Japanese works than almost anywhere else in the world, instances of incest have been documented in Japan as far back as the 900s, been featured in Japanese literature for at least a thousand years, depicted in Japanese artwork since at least the 1700s, and has been featured in manga since at least the 70s (Kaze to Ki no Uta is one such example)

Like any other aspect of human behavior, incest a universal phenomenon that's not limited to any one particular time, place, or society!

Regarding when exactly incest became a "moe" thing in Japan (as opposed to just being a plot device), I'm not so sure... but you had manga like Sister Princess beginning serialization in 1999, and Koi Kaze which started in 2001 - so it was at least a thing by that point
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ancient greece

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