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what do you guys do about ecchi? do you put it in your hentai folder or your anime folder or do you have an independent ecchi folder? personally i put it in my anime folder if it is a good reaction image or something but if not i put it in my hentai folder. what about you guys?
1 folder for each girl
a subfolder for porn of her
Much liek /amh/, I don't separate my folders by nudity, but by the character. So I have extreme tentacle raep in the same folder as cute images of a girl
"Ecchi" and "hentai" have long been touted as being Japanese terms for softcore and hardcore anime/cartoon pr0n, but in reality they're just holdovers from the largely-incorrect weeaboo terminology of the 90s and early 2000s (much like Western usage of otaku, LOLicon, shoujo-ai, etc) - the Japanese have never used those terms in this way!

Ecchi (エッチ) comes from the Japanese pronunciation of the English letter "H" - the exact origin is somewhat debated, but the most common and prevailing theory is that it derives from the romaji spelling of "hentai" (see below), and the term was popularized by schoolgirls using it as slang towards people they considered perverted/deviant/weird. In more modern times, ecchi is used in Japan similarly to the English words "lewd" and "sexual", and is frequently used to describe both 2D and 3D regardless of how explicit the subject matter is

Hentai (変態) in Japan simply means deviant, pervert, or weirdo, and there's no inherent pornographic nor 2D connotation. "Hentai seiyoku" (変態性欲 - literally means "deviant/pervert libido") is roughly equivalent to the English term "sexual deviancy/perversion" or the more modern "paraphilia", and the term became popularized in Japan in the early 20th century as their literature began exploring the "deviant" side of sexuality (particularly homosexuality, but also exhibitionism, sadomasochism, bondage, pedophilia, zoophilia, etc)

Regarding the terminology Japan actually uses for porn: the main one is "ero" (エロ), short for the English word "erotic", and it's widely used for both 2D and 3D. Sometimes they'll distinguish between "soft ero" (ソフトエロ) and "hard ero" (ハードエロ), but it's fairly uncommon as far as I've seen. "Eroanime" (エロアニメ) refers to pornographic anime, "eromanga" (エロ漫画) refers to pornographic manga, "erodoujinshi" (エロ同人誌) refers to pornographic doujin manga/literature, and "eroge" (エロゲ) refers to pornographic video games - these are all obviously 2D-exclusive terms. R18/R-18 (as in "rated 18+") is used for both 2D and 3D, while "adult" (アダルト), "adult video" (アダルトビデオ), and "AV" are typically associated with 3D (but not always)

So unless you're specifically posting to 4chan's /e/ and /h/ boards, or anywhere else that still uses archaic weeaboo-isms from 20+ years ago, there's no real reason to seperate your own image collections by "ecchi" and "hentai" - because the people producing it don't!

Regarding OP's actual question: I have one large folder containing many smaller folders for each genre/fetish I'm interested in, in addition to folders for specific anime/manga/games/characters if I have enough images of them to warrant them. I'll put relevant image macros, screencaps, etc. in with those if they're relevant to that particular series/character and not much else, but generally speaking I put that kind of thing in a seperate folder for imageboard-related material
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I don't categorize by nudity, but I do categorize by both the source of the material and an independent characters folder for danbooru archiving.
For example I have a folder for pc-98 era BBS arts, a folder for imageboards, and a folder for characters, the rest is misc.

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