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Your ad here!

Heyuri's irc has moved to #heyuri at

File: 1548230823362.jpg Download (10.7 KB) ImgOps
10.7 KB
Do you like this style?
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File: 1450614069094.jpg Download (82.52 KB) ImgOps
82.52 KB
Oh fuck it's Kyubey astonish

(that's sum nice freaking pixel art!)
File: Untitled.png Download (31.1 KB) ImgOps
31.1 KB
thanks! キタ━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!!
did you make this?
Those are very cute, consider making one for /banner/ too if that interests you. We don't get much new submissions lately xp
>> 1.92 MB
I did make them, people in the townhall said users should post moar, so I did. I don't have the talent to make anything original for /banner/, all I did was trace the OP image :D

File: suzuranaika.jpg Download (108.31 KB) ImgOps
108.31 KB
The monthly anime wasn't being properly arranged for few months because of some reasons like re-migration to Heyuri, and wormhole-kun completely devastating /a/. Same as before, you should use this thread to suggest monthly anime, but due to last months being flops, this time you can also nominate the shows that won previous rounds. However, votes made from tor nodes or proxies will be removed.

There will be some prerequisites;

1.The show must be between 12 and 26 episodes. The day(s) for each episode you should watch to stay in-pace with everyone will be determined by the moderation team.
2. The anime must be of Japanese origin, with English subtitles available.
3. You should post the download or torrent links, preferably fansubs. This is not absolutely required, but would save me from the hassle
4. NSFW shows are allowed, it is not the the main focus.
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Link to a 720p BD fansub:
It's 24 episodes long.
Noir came out a decade ago, I've never seen it before, but reviews are pretty positive.
File: Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 07.jpg Download (354.74 KB) ImgOps
354.74 KB
I nominate Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, AKA Rumbling Hearts

It's a classic high school drama/romance anime from 2003, based on a 2001 VN of the same name - it also has a loose relation to Muv-Luv (same developer), and it was recently announced that an official English translation of the VN is finally on its way

The anime is easily found in various forms on Nyaa, but the 2004 KAA release is a little difficult to get hold of these days. I've uploaded it here for ur convenience smile -
File: 1611501113255.gif Download (207.12 KB) ImgOps
207.12 KB
I nominate Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi. It's on its third episode right now, but each episode causes mass myanimelist butthurt and takes up space on every raep fetishist's harddrive

File: tree.jpg Download (72.14 KB) ImgOps
72.14 KB
So it begins

It started off fast, I wonder if it is going to turn into a love triangle
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It went too fast. Hopefully the next episodes have better pacing. Also Haruka running off constantly seemed like a way to cop out of adding more substance to the episode.
>> 141.44 KB
>> 322.31 KB
It's a VN adaption, they usually have to go fast as balls just to fit everything in

And if all this happened in just episode 1, I have a feeling some crazy shit is in store for us in future. Some shows don't even get as far as the first kiss by their final episode, and we've already encountered one! Even if it was with the most boring girl in the universe... why the hell did he say he loves her anyway? There's nothing to love! Her personality is a vacuum!!

this is what i was going to say but you already took the words from my mouth.

but i still like it so far.. i had extra time today and decided NOT to watch ahead.

keep it together.. keep it together

File: 23634.png Download (337.28 KB) ImgOps
337.28 KB
Where is he today?
you tell me
I was hoping someone knew since Shin-chan is one of the few animes that never gets released on torrent sites. Too bad only one smartass punk is on today
You'd struggle to get a Crayon Shin-chan thread going on 4chan, nevermind Heyuri!

File: xYctt9H.png Download (82.5 KB) ImgOps
82.5 KB
A whole lot of anime and manga here

So wheres the hentai?
>> 740.51 KB
The hentai is right her-GARGHL
>> 398.97 KB

File: 1610838409272.png Download (47.4 KB) ImgOps
47.4 KB
Im suprised that this sentiment is as old as it is
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>Where the fuck did otakuism and anime obsession encorporated with sexual perversions and frustrated computer geeks?
From the beginning.
I think he meant where did it go
That makes so much more sense. I kept thinking he typed "encorporated" where he meant "incorporate".
alright.. i may be made fun of, but can someone explain to me what eternal september is?
>One of the seasonal rhythms of the Usenet used to be the annual September influx of clueless newbies who, lacking any sense of netiquette, made a general nuisance of themselves. This coincided with people starting college, getting their first internet accounts, and plunging in without bothering to learn what was acceptable. These relatively small drafts of newbies could be assimilated within a few months. But in September 1993, AOL users became able to post to Usenet, nearly overwhelming the old-timers' capacity to acculturate them; to those who nostalgically recall the period before, this triggered an inexorable decline in the quality of discussions on newsgroups. Syn. eternal September.

File: anime comparison.png Download (1.19 MB) ImgOps
1.19 MB
How do you feel about noses (or the lack of) in some anime? I've noticed it's very common now, but even in older shows they would be very small or missing in some frames.
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File: nichijou noses.jpg Download (145.98 KB) ImgOps
145.98 KB
You can't stop us. We're multiplying.
File: How the nose might work.png Download (460.35 KB) ImgOps
460.35 KB
Noses? Don't miss 'em. On the topic, what puzzles me is what they're trying to depict when they draw noses like this. Here's my best guess at it. I think they do the same thing in Ojamajo Doremi but it's sometimes much more abstract.
That would be my best guess of how it works too.
It's a pretty weird way to draw a nose.
File: pyramid.png Download (514.04 KB) ImgOps
514.04 KB
It's not so much the outline of a realistic human nose, but more the outline of a simple oblique square pyramid representing a nose

Usually they use shadows and/or line thickness to give noses in this style more depth, but in this case they haven't - possibly because it was an inbetween, or they just rushed it
>> 926.47 KB
>but in this case they haven't
That's because Escaflowne used up all the black ink and other anime had to ration it afterwards

File: chairAA.png Download (1.15 KB) ImgOps
1.15 KB
File: 50328467_p0.jpg Download (74.07 KB) ImgOps
74.07 KB
>> 355.45 KB

File: 1576767299554.jpg Download (181.09 KB) ImgOps
181.09 KB
I would like to consume her breastmilk
File: thwee-composite-subtitles.png Download (1.64 MB) ImgOps
1.64 MB
Anon, I don't think you can milk a 3 year old.
old enough for me
shes not three, shes thwee
File: satania.gif Download (520.16 KB) ImgOps
520.16 KB
You have to get her pregnant first. The good news is that breasts produce more milk as a response to stimulation, and some girls start lactating even before giving birth. Therefore your best bet is to get her pregnant and then suck her tits on a daily basis.

269.08 KB
Why is anime popular? I've always thought it was the artstyle, but i honestly am stumped trying to figure out.
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File: 51968947_p0.jpg Download (153.09 KB) ImgOps
153.09 KB
I don't know to what extent I can generalize from my own experiences, but I can explain why I like some anime.

One thing is definitely the art style. I'm a LOLicon, so I'm more attracted to neotenic moe-style faces. You don't see that style used in the west outside of kids cartoons, and even those tend to be more cartoonish and less cute than anime.
Another factor is the type of stories which are told. The whole comfy SoL cute-girls-doing-cute-things genre simply doesn't exist in the west. As >>3215 says it's very well optimized to appeal to lonely people by offering a concentrated dose of simulated utopia.

Basically I think anime fills a niche -- probably many niches -- which aren't catered to by western entertainment.
File: 1433201707980.gif Download (1.78 MB) ImgOps
1.78 MB
It's entertaining, visually appealing, often riddled with adult themes and eroticism, and for non-Japanese viewers it's also rich with a very intriguing foreign culture
>> 78.23 KB
because it is EPIC >w<
The art style is certainly a big part. It's unique compared to western media, and varies quite a bit. Even if you're not particularly fond of the characters, there are lots of nice backgrounds, animations, etc.
Because of all the pretty colours. That's why it's popular with me.

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