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63 KB
What type of anime does Heyuri want to talk about aside from Azumanga? I would love to have a Death Note thread.
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File: what plant.png (82 KB, 179x310) [EXIF]
82 KB
I stopped watching anime over 7 years ago, and my memory is really shitty, so I've forgotten almost everything about the shows I did watch sweat2

>I would love to have a Death Note thread.
Then make one, duh!

In fact we had one last month where I dumped some old Death Note-related material from /a/: >>3501
why dont you start again?
I have different hobbies and priorities these days, I find it hard to find the time or the inclination to just sit down and watch something

I still watch anime occasionally, like whenever there's a big annual /a/ stream, but it's more for the "hanging out with old friends and reminiscing about the good ol' days" aspect than actually watching anime
This might be tough to swallow but nobody here actually watches anime.
this is true. i print out each frame and read it like a book

File: miyuki boe.jpg (185 KB, 800x600) [EXIF]
185 KB
Send links to AMVs, so we can watch them if we are bored. Here is a few

They don't have to be old, modern ones are welcome as well

File: cat girl1.jpg (328 KB, 1148x1000) [EXIF]
328 KB
Do catgirls have human ears on the side of their head? Some things say they do, and some things say they don't. What does Heyuri think?
File: uhh.jpg (141 KB, 319x592) [EXIF]
141 KB
Uhh probably
File: catgirl ears kemono friends.jpg (176 KB, 1263x1398) [EXIF]
176 KB
i am a cat girl and i can confirm there are no ears on the side of my head
I've always wanted to see a bald catgirl.

File: aawooooooooo.png (106 KB, 385x437) [EXIF]
106 KB
do you know any good animes in black and white?
File: meal.jpg (373 KB, 980x1400) [EXIF]
373 KB
I heard there's a whole genre for black and white animes! I think it was called "manga"
156 KB
do i have to pause to read it?

File: naganohara mio nichijou.png (???, 147x200) [EXIF]
What's your favourite? Usually only OPs are shared. I've been listening to Nichijou's and it's so nice. https://youtu.be/VMVF4EH0gDs
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File: evangelion ep12ost.png (???, 144x200) [EXIF]
I guess Evangelion and Hellsing is for me.
It's a toss up between the You're Under Arrest! OVA and Gunbuster.
Probably not the best, but I really like the Youjo Senki OP. It reuses scenes from later parts of the show, which I generally dislike, but the OP feels very thematic and Myth & Roid is just too cool. Especially the part at 0:33


How did you feel about Accel World OPs?
i fancy these
File: shippo.gif (438 KB, 500x382) [EXIF]
438 KB
one of my favourites

File: Funpunchingbags.png (3348 KB, 2500x3500) [EXIF]
3348 KB
The /h/ in /amh/ stands for /h/ot fighters!
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File: 75262040_p2.jpg (641 KB, 888x1242) [EXIF]
641 KB
File: 75262040_p3.jpg (700 KB, 888x1242) [EXIF]
700 KB
File: 75262040_p4.jpg (645 KB, 888x1242) [EXIF]
645 KB
File: boxer.jpg (211 KB, 1200x1703) [EXIF]
211 KB
File: boxingGloves.png (162 KB, 711x650) [EXIF]
162 KB
Alice is going to BEAT YOUR ASS

File: Misato_Nefertari.jpg (144 KB, 608x699) [EXIF]
144 KB
Misato is a Great Royal Wife!
>> 130 KB
But can she drop that thun thun thun doe, my nigga?
what do the moonrunes say?

File: Chickensandwich.png (256 KB, 500x476) [EXIF]
256 KB
No march animu...This is the best april could get for 2021.
k♡♡z cancelled the monthly animu (alright, actually he said its on hiatus) - apparently because it sucked away activity from /b/
In April I will be watching Adachi to Shimamura

File: Dah Yrui.png (592 KB, 542x740) [EXIF]
592 KB
Have any of you anons read this light novel? I started reading a couple days ago and I'm far from disappointed.
My backlog gets bigger every week...
no, but thank you for telling us about it so now we can talk about it!
>> 219 KB
No, but the image reminded me of the anime Candy Boy which I have seen, and it was fukken awesome

File: 1265034857491.jpg (???, 200x138) [EXIF]
This hits too close to home with how the internet is nowadays....
i really like this drawing style
Can one learn suc awtystic powah?
moralfag's still the cutest

File: lollusk.png (429 KB, 512x504) [EXIF]
429 KB
Bring forth the lollusk

File: muscle3.jpg (???, 200x160) [EXIF]
m of /amh/ stands for MUSCLE
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File: wfg_75.png (1241 KB, 1280x960) [EXIF]
1241 KB
File: wfg_92.png (1365 KB, 1280x960) [EXIF]
1365 KB
File: wfg_138.png (1043 KB, 1280x960) [EXIF]
1043 KB
>> 1129 KB
>> 1141 KB

File: 1182521092269.jpg (91 KB, 502x800) [EXIF]
91 KB
Post old Death Note crap.
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File: zac kira.jpg (26 KB, 450x258) [EXIF]
26 KB
File: LOL FAG.png (31 KB, 308x305) [EXIF]
31 KB
File: omg internets.png (15 KB, 265x236) [EXIF]
15 KB
File: 1194488966384.gif (337 KB, 340x255) [EXIF]
337 KB
File: I'M L.png (14 KB, 350x350) [EXIF]
14 KB

File: unknown.png (???, 200x183) [EXIF]
What is Haruhi made of?
Mostly flesh and steel
The Yuca Plant
File: haruhi_sip.gif (1818 KB, 500x625) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
1818 KB
the stuff of gods, obviously

File: 1449428280006.gif (2395 KB, 640x480) [EXIF][Animated GIF]
2395 KB
File: azumanga daioh kagura.jpg (283 KB, 851x1276) [EXIF]
283 KB
how muscular is kagura
>> 384 KB
About this muscular
she's so shiny
>> 147 KB
File: dowant.jpg (63 KB, 286x260) [EXIF]
63 KB

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