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File: 1645789581153.png
(775 KB, 911x967) ImgOps
775 KB
I just got home from work, and it appears my imouto took a big shit in my toilet. When I went to take a piss, I saw a bunch of shitty unflushed toilet paper, and a turd nugget hiding underneath the mound. Of course, I picked the turd up, and scurried back to my room and jerked off with it. I got shit all over my hands, face, nostrils and mouth. Now I'm left with a tiny turd pebble, but I don't want to throw it away. What should I do, /b/? How do I secure this girlpoop for future faps, without the smell dissipating? Should I wrap it in tissue paper and hide it under my pillow, or maybe place it in a plastic bag? I'm open for suggestions.

Marked for deletion (Old)
oh hell nah my man another shit thread closed-eyes
send us a picture first so we can have a better idea
Eh, really? unsure How I described it is exactly how it is. It's a tiny turd, I don't think I need to take a picture. As of right now, I've wrapped it in a tissue and placed it in a plastic bag, so it stays fresh. I'm still open to suggestions though! biggrin
sigh, Rule 1. sweat3
try putting it in your ANUS
Oh, hi sister-poop anon! (not to be confused with teh poop anon) Where have you been?
Haha, do I really have that big of a reputation to be known as "poop anon" now? I'm sorry I post about these types of antics enough to have an unofficial nickname, /b/ is just the one place I can talk about it, y'know? I know scat grosses out almost everyone, but since I know there's at least a couple anons (probably crossposting from GC) that don't mind my postings, I shall continue on (whenever the opportunity arises happy)
File: zipbag.jpg
(65 KB, 544x611) ImgOps
65 KB
these zip lock bags seem good for smell preservation
You know how plants eat shit and turn it into fruit and people eat fruit and turn it into shit? Maybe in the future there will be genetically modified girls that can convert semen into delicious vitamin and nutrient-rich edible poop. Men's testicles could be enhanced to produce far more cum too, resulting in a much better circle of life that doesn't involve plants or animals. Pee is already a fine source of hydration that doesn't need to be modified at all.
how old is your imoutololico
has any company made a loli sex doll that can poop chocolate and pee lemonade yet?
>I don't think I need to take a picture.
OP is LYING and making up stuff so he can attract other people with a scat fetish
very BAD thread cry
I just don't believe there's any point in taking a picture of it. Maybe it's my own desire to be anonymous, but I don't think I should risk posting a picture, since if I reveal too many personal details through pictures, some smart cookie on /b/ could piece things together and yadayadayada, just don't want to risk it for nothing, y'know? unsure I mean, people can already identify me just by posting style alone, that's spooky! sweat
And why would anyone want to see it anyway? The vast majority of heyurizens hate scat with a burning passion, after all. Besides, posting a picture of a turd proves nothing; you do know I could just take a dump and then say my sis did it, right?
The brass tacks of it is, I posted this thread for advice, not for you to get your rocks off to my sister's shit. That's my job cool
If you love your sister you [s20]MUST[/s7] eat her poob
Well, I did taste it. nyaoo2 I've tasted poop a few times, but I've never actually swallowed it, since I fear I might get sick from it... although the fear's less about getting sick, and more about having to come up with an explanation on why I ate shit, and who's shit I devoured.
I hope this is a troll sad
I hope this is not a troll iyahoo
You say "you must eat her poop", then a few hours later say "I hope this is a troll"?????? Stand by your own statements baka glare2
File: jenkem.jpg
(13 KB, 300x178) ImgOps
13 KB
OP have you ever tried making jenkem with a girl's poop? If not you should try it and post results.
Maybe I could if you didn't post a thumbnail wink

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