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File: Screenshot (386).png
(266 KB, 421x416) ImgOps
266 KB
What are your thoughts on Gacha videos?

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: 1664271045755248.jpg
(66 KB, 400x533) ImgOps
66 KB
how is this even gacha?
I only know about their existence and my instincts tell me to avoid them like AIDS, so I do
The same instincts tell me they don't belong on Heyuri but I dunno
it is just the western version of create.swf
what happens to the tweenage creative spirit when you deprive it of scratch and flash animation.
Because creativity was invented in 1993
what are my thoughts on flash and scratch? its what happens to tweenage creativity when you deprive it of cooking, textiles, and mechanics.
Its cute
it's sexy... most of these videos are made by little girls...
File: gachauri.png
(451 KB, 484x1005) ImgOps
451 KB
gacha is great
File: FUCK.png
(428 KB, 477x713) ImgOps
428 KB
i can't fucking pose her without the shirt star breaking!!!!!!!!!!!
this software is really complex!
"'This software is really complex!' Except it isnt!! Somebody tell anon the star is a type of shield, which are for HANDS and adjust to those hands (2024/3/31-13:23:36)
-cosmo, in chat
I'm posting this for her, since she can't.
Of course cosmo would know a lot about gachashit dark
Well she probably was a tween girl at some point.
Not my preferred mode of entertainment but I think that kids use it well as a medium for middle school tomfoolery.
Isn't she still one?
in the abyss of @chat she claimed she's under 13
File: 1681847004225799.jpg
(221 KB, 587x638) ImgOps
221 KB
why can't you play vr chat instead of this dated 2000s bull crap?
File: raeping cosmo.png
(362 KB, 844x694) ImgOps
362 KB
I'm gonna raep u cosmo-chan!
It says 初版 is released in 2018, is it older? I also feel like I've been seeing it only around that time
Gacha life might be the first one where it got super popular, but it wasnt the first.
The series started with anime gacha which had no dress up elements but somehow inspired gacha studio, which did have them
Gacha life is actually the third newest game. Before it came gacha studio, gacha world, chibi gacha (where the characters were even smaller), and gacha verse (which no longer works now)
thx for explanation, it seems the earliest one is gacha world from 2016
the "previous game" section goes back to https://lunime.fandom.com/wiki/Put_The_Record_On from 2011, but they can't be called the same games as gacha series(?). In any case, it's not from 2000s like 98497-san claimed
this thread was a mistake
File: IMG_20240331_235905.jpg
(31 KB, 390x261) ImgOps
31 KB
Nothing's ever a mistake, man...
I don't think about them.
I think of it the same way I think of all kids shit:
it's gay

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