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File: BantTan_Proposing_Ring.png
(305 KB, 696x1024) ImgOps
305 KB
I drew myself as as disembodied hand proposing to my waifu, how far gone am I (´~`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
why don't you ever color your drawings
i colored like 3 of my drawings and they looked meh
if they look meh, experiment painting one only with solid colors
Waaaa! Congratulations on your engagement! I'm so happy for you, anonymous. You two always looked so right together. ヽ(´∇`)ノ
now draw yourself as a disembodied PENIS
File: Keksandra_boobjob.png
(398 KB, 1024x1024) ImgOps
398 KB
solid colors are like... primary colors? sorry im esl
here's one i colored in case its what you mean
File: BantTan_Bride.png
(358 KB, 678x1024) ImgOps
358 KB
thank you so much!
my wife and I appreciate it!
draw a fat man representing myself holding her on a leash eating my cock with hypno eyes over a pool of cash i dropped onto her while you jerk off outside the bedroom door.

just asking to be included in the fun that's all.

get your own waifu ヽ(`Д´)ノ
i love the waifus who aren't supposed to be mine. come on anon, don't you want to see her being dominated, all helpless to being saved from a big strong older guy? don't you want to see what she'd be like giving into her repressed wants.
i'm sure even as her mind is being numbed and she is drooling, she'll still claim she loves you above all other men. do you also think she will remain unbroken?
File: BantTan_OnTop.png
(216 KB, 753x1024) ImgOps
216 KB
like this?
get out of my thread please
now put the image in the background; add yourself peaking from behind a wall sobbing with a hard-on anon.
File: hank.png
(109 KB, 1125x891) ImgOps
109 KB
I've taken upon myself to finish your drawing for you.
teach me how to draw anon... i can't draw anatomy, and i cant even draw figures... so i cant even draw the most simple cartoonish bodies...
oops i forgot i wasnt on /v/
mods pls dont ban
File: You gon get raped.jpg
(44 KB, 288x371) ImgOps
44 KB
mod-sama is coming for dat ass xd
i don't know anatomy either, i'm just a programmer drawing on the side as a hobby
i started with copying and following drawing tutorials on yt so you can start there too, maybe also download some art books
the person i followed initially is mikeymegamega on yt, he has a lot of tutorial videos, some may be VERY detailed though
i suggest checking out the "for beginners" videos
Too cute... my... heart...
File: BantTan_3in1.png
(347 KB, 1536x1024) ImgOps
347 KB
i love her so much
Are you still planning on fixing up the drawings from your previous thread, OP?
File: Heyuri_Set_Loli_Underwater.png
(1595 KB, 1024x1061) ImgOps
1595 KB
terribly sorry about that, i had completely forgotten
Draw her in /o/ ヽ(´∇`)ノ !!!!!!!!!!!!
File: neck.png
(25 KB, 237x183) ImgOps
25 KB
Thank you for your time spent on it, anon.
I looked at both drawings, to give some feedback.
I think the neck might be a little too skinny, but someone else would have to chime in to confirm. Maybe adjusting the line(s) at the back would make it better, it looks odd to me.
You added fingers to the hand by the leg, but as I said, the hand overall needed to be bigger to match the other (or at least the fingers).
I thought the crotch area looked better on the first pic, you erased the length of some lines, now it looks like her vag area is a bit on the small side, and her one leg lost some shape/form.
Keep practicing and learning anon you will get better with each pic you draw.
File: Heyuri_Set_Loli_Underwater.png
(1605 KB, 1024x1077) ImgOps
1605 KB
last time i tried my browser correctly showed me the canvas only to post a big mess, someone told me it's because my browser may be blocking some webgpu or webgl i cant remember, i will test it when i have the chance
i also abuse krita's stabilizer a lot so hopefully anything i make on /o/ isn't complete horseshit cry
>I think the neck might be a little too skinny
now that i look at it its both skinny and the body itself is wrapping around it in a weird way, does this fix it?
>the hand overall needed to be bigger to match the other
i just enlarged it a bit, is this ok? perhaps it's the other hand that's too big sweat3
>the crotch area
i tried a bit of a mix between the first drawing and an image an anon sent in that thread, i stopped the lines just a tiny bit before the other leg
>her one leg lost some shape/form
i didn't actually touch the legs so idk what's up with that
>Keep practicing and learning anon you will get better with each pic you draw
thanks! i am now looking for the most detailed manga pages i can find so i can copy the expressions, can't use doujins unfortunately closed-eyes2
I'm making spaghetti for dinner.
redrawing the 10+ pages of the dovegirl comic... cry
spaghetti are good although i prefer plain old pasta
File: leg line.png
(9 KB, 186x180) ImgOps
9 KB
>does this fix it?
Yes, it looks better.
>i just enlarged it a bit, is this ok?
Aside from the lines looking a bit weird from that area being enlarged, I feel it does match the other hand a bit better.
>i tried a bit of a mix
It does look better.
>i didn't actually touch the legs so idk what's up with that
I meant pic rel, this line was longer and I thought it looked better...initially. Now I'm wondering if its actually ok with it shorter.
Anyway, thanks again for your fixes.

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