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File: desktop hansen.png
(1006 KB, 1024x768) ImgOps
1006 KB
desktop thread

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: 1496387070118.jpg
(77 KB, 750x750) ImgOps
77 KB
nice pedo undercover setup my dude lolico
File: medesk.png
(277 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
277 KB
You have summoned teh Linux users. biggrin
Stock Xubuntu .config stolen and slapped into Debian cool
File: Screenshot_2024-03-29_20-23-05.jpg
(197 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
197 KB
Fellow xfce tard detectednyaoo
Is Manjaro safe to use? I've heard lots of bad things about it over the last 2 years. Them fucking up the AUR, forgetting to get new licenses etc. unsure
Yeah... I've got to replace it but you obviously shouldn't support the team.sad
Otherwise if you keep anything up2date and fallow basic safety rules it's okay. But there're better arch-based distros yes...wink
I don't follow the news, but it werks smoothly on my system nyaoo-closedeyes
When there are occasionally issues, you can usually very easily find internet discussions on fixing them
>you can usually very easily find internet discussions on fixing them
That's all GNU/Linux or BSD based OSs in a nutshellxd
If you use Linux you're probably some kind of NERD!
I dont understand your logic
He grooms little kids 100% !!!

does mullvad vpn has extension for browser?
File: desk.jpg
(310 KB, 1280x1024) ImgOps
310 KB
Wow this is horrifying to look at.
LTSC user spotted. Same.
File: 1712129835721.jpg
(816 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
816 KB
had to redact a few things for national security reasons
File: desk.png
(3164 KB, 3840x1080) ImgOps
3164 KB
oh no! now we wont know who anonymous is! damn you!
>Wow this is horrifying to look at.
I never do. Only plebs use the desktop lol
File: desktop.png
(370 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
370 KB
its not much but its home happy
I didnt know windows was monkey themed
I wish. I would look into how to disable that topical image bloat down there but I'm trying to move over to Linux Mint which I have dual-booted on this PC anyway.
File: desktop.png
(3263 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
3263 KB
Reposted. Anyway yes Windows is ghey. I hope to migrate over to Mint before Windows 10 support ends but I still need to do a lot of adjusting.
File: wallpapey.png
(1883 KB, 1920x1025) ImgOps
1883 KB
I'll never understand linux users. foruda
File: Desktop 2024 - 4 - 3.png
(1673 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
1673 KB
Wallpaper please! That's hot... nosebleed

What you don't understand about Linux users?
What is it exactly that is stopping you from switching completely?
I don't understand the reason to switch. Linux isn't better at anything besides performance on old shitboxes and you're missing out on many programs (゚ー゚) WINE sucks and didn't run half the programs I wanted to BTW
>anything besides performance on old shitboxes
Funnily enough, any Linux distro that was supposedly light and had a supposedly XP-like desktop experience I tried on a 2006-ish PC ran like total crap... unlike the actual Windows XP, which runs beautifully glare

They ran so bad that I think I'd get better performance using Vista! sweat
Laziness mostly. Lots of stuff I need to figure out how to set up.
File: Screenshot_20240321_235207.png
(466 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
466 KB
I promised everyone last desktop thread that I'd share my desktop once I bought a PC, and so here it is.

Also, 98220-san is very gay.angry
What's your icewm theme? The closest I can think of is "metal2" but that's not it. I really like the start button!!
I modified this theme slightly https://www.box-look.org/p/1018167 and the start button came from the taskbar folder in the icewm config folder
what is that theme (・∀・) gib theme
the theme is Valve Windows 9X VGUI2, It's a KDE theme, I think it's only available on PCs made by Valve like the Steam Deck and Steam Machine but you should check and see If you can get it

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