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How badly do you want to suck on a fat, smooth, succulent cock, twitching with arousal, so hard it bounces with your soft touches, and let it blow a heavy, thick load into your awaiting mouth right now?

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: b42eaaa792c8c2012fb38266d8835339.jpg
(713 KB, 1000x1000) ImgOps
713 KB
I'd suck the PENIS of some cute boy as well as manly guys like Archer. I think about other things more often though like being greeted with an "okaerinasai goshujin-sama" from a cute otoko no ko meido after getting home from work and then taking a bath together where he washes my back. Although I wouldn't hate the reverse. (´¬`)
I'd much rather suck on a girl's fat, squishy, succulent turd, as her ANUS twitches with arousal, the turd bouncing with the soft touches of my tongue and lips, and let her blow a heavy, thick load of chocolatey diarrhea into my awaiting mouth right now
File: cathy.png
(463 KB, 935x665) ImgOps
463 KB
Thats OP's problem
File: sonikku.png
(155 KB, 410x512) ImgOps
155 KB
The problem with that, I can't just do it when I look like this. I am too manly for dick sucking no matter how tasty the PENIS looks like. A dick sucker needs to look feminine .
But I will do anything for Onsuku no Sonikku. If he asks me to do it, I will do it.
Dick-sucking face
fuck off sonikku is not gay
i want to suck a PENIS at least once but im too antisocial to even approach someone
i sometimes wish to become a super submissive jirai kei femboy and get manhandled but maybe i'll leave that for the future when i have more time to fuck around
i dont really feel like it right now(´人`)

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