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File: xbox.mp4
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Marked for deletion (Old)
File: KillThatHexBawx.jpg
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more like hexbox

What drives consolewarmongers anyway? Software flamewars I understand, some software is involved in productivity or has certain physical or ethical aesthetics, all of which may be points for contention. Consoles are all expensive and demand 30 dollars monthly to play online.
File: ps2.jpg
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The PS Double is the only console a man needs
lol u actually play gaymes lol
>The PS Double is the only console a man needs
I've been playing mine lately - re-completed Bully for the first time since 2006, and now I'm playing Ace Combat 04 for teh first time biggrin
>I've been playing mine lately
me too, I think I'll play shadow hearts next
File: okage.jpg
(44 KB, 507x380) ImgOps
44 KB
I want to start Okage Shadow King. JRPG that looks strange but fun
File: Ace Combat 4 - Blue Skies-pJEpFRCKINU.mp4
(8186 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
8186 KB
I finished Ace Combat 04 - it was very short, but teh flying/shooting was fun and the story was unexpectedly moving! I nearly let out a tear...

This was my first time playing an Ace Combat game, but I'm eager to play some of the other AC games now biggrin
I could never get into flying games. 93445-san belongs on the ground
File: chad.jpg
(17 KB, 1000x563) ImgOps
17 KB
gaystation all the way
the only selling point sexbox had was gaylo and that's on pc now so there's literally no point to getting a sexbox for it anymore
File: Yellow_13_Guitar.png
(761 KB, 892x502) ImgOps
761 KB
>I could never get into flying games
Maybe it's not 4 u in that case, but I'd still recommend it for teh story alone - it's basically a melancholic/bittersweet anime about some of the tragic impacts of war, with flying/shooting gameplay segments woven into it

At first u don't realize how the anime segments relate to the gameplay segments, but it gradually becomes clear... cry
Since it has a good story and it's short, I can give it a try. I saw copies of it at my local gaem store the other day (゚ー゚)
nintendo ヽ(´∇`)ノ
I'm gonna go with Playstations because they are easier to modify and the homebrew scene for the PSPs is still great. Also Japanese which makes it morally better than buying anything from AmeriKKKa.

Marketing exploiting peoples inner need for tribalism. Why are there holy wars over Linux distros where people who aren't developers or lawyers argue about software licenses? People just need to feel special.

This is actually true. I mean the library is so vast. It probably has the best library of any console ever and its backward compatible with PSX games. I miss my PS2 (´~`)
we can all agree nintendo is garbej...
i do not agree ヽ(`Д´)ノ
Playstation; it's really hard to beat the library the PS1/2 had...
One nice thing the 360 had though was that Dodonpachi Saidaioujou port, though.
Either way; the real winrar is always PC. (^Д^)
i only bought a ps2 to watch dvd movies
i found out the ps2 can play movies when i inserted wall-e into it for shits and giggles half-hoping it would somehow create a game based on it out of thin air

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