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File: moot_and_WT_snacks_LEWD_MOMENT!!.png
(579 KB, 1437x1412) ImgOps
579 KB
i was introduced to it by a man whose name no longer wanders my memories on a rule 8 place... i am forever in debt to him

Marked for deletion (Old)
Searching for some 4chan screencap on reddit, someone linked heyuri in an old post
>how did you hear of heyuri
reading about Kuz... *shiver*
someone on /g/ started a thread complaining how 4chan used to be good and now its bad, someone mentioned heyuri and, well, here i am
i still remember my first post here when someone told me i need to collect loli neko stamps
>> 866 KB
Zchan had teh best /b/ on the "post-8chan webring", so I was frequenting there until lolico advertised Heyuri there in May 2020

The rest is history smile
2021 on the sharty I believe
i found this place on allchans.org some time ago then immediately went after i read rule 8, thinking it to be too strict, but i rediscovered it after becoming tired of the way that 4chan currently was (r8 content and such)
File: 1 (2040).jpg
(73 KB, 400x300) ImgOps
73 KB
From that /t/ thread about old 4chan stuff smile
File: LOLI_NEKO_STAMP_1_10.png
(224 KB, 500x500) ImgOps
224 KB
You have well deserved your first loli-neko, here - take this! Collect teh rest of them for a big suprise!
im so happy i could cry cry
i saw somewhere an inviting picture with tomo and getting b&
File: 1604222064818.jpg
(44 KB, 638x629) ImgOps
44 KB
someone recommended Heyuri in an oldfag thread on 4chan's /v/... jeez, was that really a year ago!? sweat2
I discover anon cafe on one of those 4chan threads reminiscing about old internet.
On anon cafe on heard about vidlii, an "old school youtube".
On Vidlii i stumbled upon this video: https://www.vidlii.com/watch?v=IVsF_mHisGp
And the rest is history... cool
File: 56eec65816c4407a4a59a005aa9ac862.jpg
(103 KB, 1052x1200) ImgOps
103 KB
Seconded, I found about this place through Vidlii
An s4s thread on 4chan ( ´ω`)
I heard about it in one of the holiday r/a/dio threads on /a/.
a post on 4chan's /f/ that the jannies quickly deleted
I saw a post on [s4s] that had a list of altchans, which Heyuri was listed as notable. I believe that was a repost of that /g/ thread.
a small Russian imageboard, I was struck by how similar you guys are to our chan with rule 8, being pro-otaku etc.
Some guys were complaining about the loli there, then my curiosity got the best of me... I love you guys! All other imageboards I've seen sucked!biggrin
link to the site? sounds interesting
Friend...then got banned..then became one of teh mods favorite..best two months of mah LIFE!!nyaoo-closedeyes
iichan i bet
Nah, the neighbor of iichan, and the neighbor of the neighbor. No links.
I came from oustide the imageboard sphere. Of course I knew fourchan and lurked a bit, but all those others were unknown to me. I did have a general interest in social media alternatives, which led me to vidlii, and to a video on there listing various 'kuz sites' of which this was one. nyaoo-closedeyes
me2. found it from typing "fuck" into wiby.me
Maybe a post on 4chan's /v/, or [s4s]. Or maybe from another alt-chan?

I really can't remember how... dark
File: 1696771891931384.gif
(471 KB, 300x250) ImgOps
471 KB
An ssh textboard, can't remember the name or ip now, and I lost the file where I had it written down...

I'm probably the only person in the world who was introduced to Heyuri that way dark
1. found vidlii on jewtube
2. lolwut bought vidlii
3. heyuri is linked on lolwut's website
4. ???
5. PROFIT!!1!
gee that was almost 2 years ago, time flies sweat
File: 1665141875651.jpg
(141 KB, 1280x960) ImgOps
141 KB
i discovered this site through the now defunct nanochan (rip) back when i really was into imageboards
Nowhere in particular.
/s4s/. I think there was an ad for /s4s/ university or something, the site that teaches you about /s4s/ culture and memes. It had links to altchans like boatchan (dead) and heyuri.
I found about heyuri through agora road.
i really like it here.

You mean shhhbb? I visit there frequently.
Here's the link if you need it again:
/a/nniversary thred last year
cant believe its already been almost a year... time fliez (;゚Д゚)
The comment section of a poorly researched video about 4chan on YouTube.
the domain name "heyuri.net" suddenly materialized in my mind whilst gazing intently at my PENIS
saw on vidlii the on where heyuri-tan is dreaming
or was kaguya of heyuri and that was it
on some site full of 2005-2010 borner azushits/evafags, think I'm migrating over here there's a more diverse of anime girls that I'm seeing than just "lets love lain" and "OSAKA!!" a thousand times.
the haruhi/lucky star obsessed equivalent of those kids in 2014 were way less obnoxious than these animecore fags. tired of seeing retard instagram/facebook reposts on the board sites.

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