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File: 1256030621091.png
(461 KB, 800x600) ImgOps
461 KB
if pedophilia and homosexuality are both paraphilias, how come pedophilia is considered a mental disorder while homosexuality isn't? angry

Marked for deletion (Old)
who cares, just fap to whatevar nyaoo-closedeyes
File: Captura de Ecrã (594).png
(372 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
372 KB
It's not. Read the the DMS-5 more carefully. Pedophilia and pedophilic disorder are not synonyms.
File: Captura de Ecrã (595).png
(397 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
397 KB
This page makes it more obvious.
People who take about mentally illnesses never read the dsm-5, why dark
SHIT I meant talk
But seriously, why is this always what happens? I've never seen a person actually read the dsm-5 for a mental illness discussion if they aren't already a psychology major
File: ef6078dca9f82e97b18083126394f386.jpg
(1518 KB, 2080x1070) ImgOps
1518 KB
DSM-5? Does that mean Damn Sexy Minors? And there's 5 of 'em?! droolcrynosebleed
I read the pedophile section of the DSM-5 for this conversation despite not being a psychology major (I'm 93215), please praise me. cool
Anyway, I think the reason is because sometimes people have enough interest in a topic to want to discuss it, but not enough to do proper research, so they just assume the things they have heard in the past are true.
For that reason, I mostly try to use logical arguments rather than empirical arguments that require research when I discuss things. Doing research is too much of hassle. sweat2
DSM-5 was very controversial when it came out - a lot of mental health professionals crapped on it, so it's weird to me seeing people these days treat it as gospel sweat2
you're talking as if the sexual interest in children wasn't almost universally accept as being a mental disorder
so yeah, it's not wrong for me to assume it is
and if it isn't, then a lot of people need to read more
File: dsm4 pedo.png
(348 KB, 1514x797) ImgOps
348 KB
The DSM-IV says the same thing
because men marrying 9-12 year old virgin girls leads to large happy monogamous nuclear families which governments are putting a lot of resources into destroying for various reasons that go too far into politics for heyuri.
File: moral-bear.jpg
(20 KB, 300x300) ImgOps
20 KB
no no... please go on
File: 1707643219076.webm
(2523 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
2523 KB
When Japan wins WW3 and puts all disgusting pig american gaijins that survived in forced labor camps then anime will be much higher quality because of the slave labor. All 24 frames per second will be animated!
What did we do to you, anon??
I'm curious as to how that anon justified his claim
Damn mods... glare1
Something something overpopulation, something something wipe out all the non-japs to fix it
9-12 year olds are too retarded to be good moms, even if ur a pedophile u gotta see that they'd be shitty parents
File: ufo baby.jpg
(24 KB, 225x325) ImgOps
24 KB
That's not what anime taught me. nyaoo-closedeyes https://myanimelist.net/anime/233/Daa_Daa_Daa
So if you like kids its not a mental illness but liking kids but not liking that you like kids is?
"ephebophilia" doesn't exist medically speaking. It's a term that was made up for the sake of discussion rather than having any actual medical signifigance. And why do two arrows point to the same thing?
>nuclear families
I'm old enough to remember when this was a put-down because of how it commodified families and purposefully made the general definition of a family smaller and more remote than the traditional sense of a large familiar family.

I guess people don't remember that anymore.
the pic talks about psychological difficulties and being "functionally limited" among the feelings of guilt and shame, so basically you'd have a disorder only if being a pedo doesn't allow you to live your life like any other individual (for example someone harming themselves because of the guilt)
even the people who do remember it acknowledge that a nuclear family is better than having just a single mom with an optional dad in the picture. or worse, becoming so estranged from your family that you just leave em behind when you grow up. large families became a thing of the past, and nuclear families are catching up. in the future people will become increasingly atomized and isolated
well, yeah. That much is obvious. I'm only pointing out that the standards are lowering to the point where kids think a nuclear family is some ideal and don't know about the criticisms against it.
doesnt help that it gets increasingly harder to have families nowadays, especially BIG ones
Homosexuality is most definitely considered a mental illness depending on where you live and which medical principles you follow.

Also, when is the child porn guy/gal ever gonna get IP-banned? It's getting tiresome, they've even learned how to use kaomoji, makes me sick to my stomach blush
Is just what appears when you post an image with no text, I'm pretty sure
I don't think they CAN be ip-banned, since its it's group nd all
>Also, when is the child porn guy/gal ever gonna get IP-banned?
They use a different IP everytime - if it was that easy this would have been a solved issue years ago sweat2

>they've even learned how to use kaomoji
What 93346-san said
think I missed some posts, but there was once a spambot on ayashii who actually learned to kaomoji unsure
do you not know what a proxy is?
go ez on teh poor newfriend, he can't help being dumb...
I wouldn't impregnate her at that age, her VAGINA would be destroyed by the size of the baby. I'd bond with her and educate her until she's at least 15 or 16 first.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of middle-aged men marrying 9-12 year old girls (or younger):
1. She's still a virgin.
2. It gets her out of the modern public school system before she's irreparably brain damaged.
3. It gets her away from her parents who were irreparably brain damaged to a lesser degree by the public school system of ~20 years ago.
4. She won't get impregnated by a teen boy who isn't able to support a family.
5. Most men in their 20s in these times still barely make enough money to even support a family of 3.
6. Women start having fertility problems and producing deformed/retarded babies at much higher rates at 35-40 while a healthy man can still produce healthy sperm and support a family well into his 70s. This is nature's way of saying a 30 year age gap is fine.
7. There are more work-from-home jobs/freelance gigs than ever so your loli wife won't be home alone all day, she can be with you 24/7! biggrin
this man for president
There was a time when homosexuality was considered a mental disorder
and there was a time when being attracted to an 11 year old's hairy VAGINA wasn't considered pedophilia, those were good times.

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