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File: Screenshot_20240208_102857_Gallery.jpg
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Hi /b/
I've been sick all day, and up until now, it's been debilitating. I'm very tired now. I'm gonna go to bed; I love you guys. (´ー`)

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I hate you
dont let the bed bugs bite
>> 94 KB
luv u 2 gayboy
File: 1707610200076.webm
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At first I thought Houkago Teibou Nisshi was too boring but then I was sick for a week and enjoyed every episode. Make the most of being sick and watch or read something that would be too laid-back for you otherwise.
File: 1707389665094966.webm
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Even though I felt completely better last evening, I woke up sick again. Fever of 100 degrees, but it went down to 99.8. I'm sad :(
I hope you wither and die

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