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can milei replace peso with dollar?

Marked for deletion (Old)
heyuribux will replace every economy anon. stop worrying about useless moneys biggrin
obviously, no
What I want to know is if he'll legalize it.
do we have any argentinans here? what do you guys think of your new president
lol first ancap president argentina is now run by an internet meme biggrin

"don't worry anon teh invisible hand will make everything ok"
He's got cool hair at least.
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I've only heard about him on Heyuri unsure
Argentinian politics sux so much that they'd vote for a meme guyglare
Argentina does have a vast amount of resources, no? Surely if he succeeds in deregulating everything it will lead to an economic boom when everyone is able to easily exploit said. It will have repercussions that will only become apparent later, so, who cares. sweat2
said resources* is what I meant to say.
MILEI HELL YEAAAAAAAAHbiggrinbiggrinbiggrin
If he can convince the parliament, sure. He doesn't have a majority. nagato
That's not necessarily true, being the president he can set a decree or call for a binding popular consultation, for the People to vote if they really want to aprove it.
apparently he wants to make organ harvesting and sale of children legal and says hes going to abolish the bank of argentina and all banks will be privately owned with no government ones to print money glare
I'm not Argentine, so I was not aware of that.
>he wants to make sale of children legal

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