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File: 1l4Oi.jpg
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What would you do in this situation? sweat

Marked for deletion (Old)
Step 1. Turn off the machine
Step 2. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away da poo poo
Step 4. Get a compressed air can to clean the keys or if they are really shitty remove the keys and clean under them with a cloth
Step 5. Pray to your chosen deity (or deities) for good luck

Unfortunately your using a Macbook so if the above fails Apple will simply force you to buy a new one even if its a simple clean dark

Alternatively do step 5. first to figure out if your god made this happen to force you to buy another computer and free you from the Apple menace

Seriously stop buying Apple computers closed-eyes2
just clean it (?)
>> 2130 KB
I've seen worse.
File: gopi-bahu.gif
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its true, apple will tell you your computer is unrecoverable, when it just needs a $100 fix, but even that $100 is difficult to do now, they make it very difficult for third parties
did you wipe your ass with toast?
Heyurians have never sampled Nutella. What an awful state of affairs...cry
File: 99935233_p0.jpg
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577 KB
Macbook on my nutella? I'd have to throw out the toast, it's totally spoiled after making contact with that overpriced garbage.
well its hard to say since i dont eat directly over the keyboard like a tard but id probably sigh and try to clean it
thankfully i would never buy an apple product so theres no risk of flushing 1000€ down the drain

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