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File: 9369_d21d9ca0aebecd0a.jpg
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I haven't showered in nearly a month, and I've brushed only a handful of times in my lifetime. I'm disgusting.
you're not alone (´ー`)
File: 5ae2cd83228082ecb06f2b6d7644f073.jpg
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imagine the smell
File: 1681127581700.png
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op irl
showers are teh gay
start taking really hot baths
Japanese know this
File: Hikki.jpg
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I've the long hair but I'm near anorexic. That's probably better.
Don't have a bathtub. As hot as it gets is always best, though.
File: 2f4e9ef3895f8f77ee5c8e5c6092119b.jpg
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>I've the long hair but I'm near anorexic
Ara ara, I've found a twink~
this post gave me aids, thanks anon ( ´ω`)
>> 1799 KB
I'm sorry for giving you AIDS. Have this unique image I edited to make up for it.
brush as in brush your teeth? post pr00fz of scurvy yuckmouth or not real
I imagine a foghorn plays in a sardonic manner every time you open your mouth
if from cali baths are illegal
i live similarly anon, although ive certainly brushed way more than a handful of times in my life
what do you expect? an anonymous imageboard is gayer than a sissy nyaoo-closedeyes
>I've brushed only a handful of times in my lifetime.
Anon-san, please! Brush your teeth and use some mouth-wash! (;´Д`) The latter might be hard to get through, but it's a great benefit when people start saying that your breath smells nice... ( ´ω`)
Also teeth are a pain to get fixed ;_; I hated every second whenever I had to get a cavity fixed
Archeological digs from ancient rome to medieval england and even modern basically uncontacted tribes all have perfect dentition and virtually no cavities, yet they never brush.
I bet that brushing actually kills some kind of bacterial fauna that naturally protects teeth from those bacteria that fuck them up (similar to how fermented products like kefir and ginger ale are protected from spoilage by a fauna of 'useful' bacteria (giving them their taste), but if you clear those, the product spoils from 'bad' bacteria having free reign).
Don't brush, brushing is bad for you! You probably become "dependent" on it if you ever start, just like someone with no immune system can't live alone anymore!
Wasn't it just that they just didn't consume sugar? sweat2
File: peasants.jpg
(57 KB, 533x288) [ImgOps]
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That probably had to do with the fact that most people were peasants; i.e. they never ate shitty junk food like we do because they couldn't afford it, so they ate dried horse meat, and whatever vegetables they could keep for themselves. I, on the other hand, am still recovering from gingivitis, which is no doubt a consequence of chugging whatever carbonated beverage I can find. I blame nobody for my plight but myself. cry
the culprits are indeed an excess of sugars and grains. back when humans were hunter gatherers, we ate mostly fresh meat and plants and generally had excellent nutrition. when we had the agricultural revolution we could support significantly larger populations by farming a small variety of crops, but it came at the cost of our dietary and nutritional diversity and therefore our health.
it's only in the modern day that we have access to a wide variety of nutrients and have regained our height and health, though of course many people have gone down a darker path: obesity dark
just took a shower since april and feel great
Every time I feel like shit in the morning I take a nice warm shower. Heyurian hikkineets should shower moar often. nyaoo-closedeyes
I'm not so sure about that. They did eat a lot of carbs, for instance, and honey was a thing even though cane or beet sugar was uncommon.

Wrong. Except for slaves, which were mostly limited to cheese with the rare piece of meat, peasants in the middle ages had their daily fresh meat ration. Vegetables were grown in their own garden and the tax was historically always below 10% (often outright 0% across England). Communal fields were for grain and the likes (although peasants were also supposed to send in labor at the level of the household to the lord every week).
Romans actually barely did animal husbandry, they got their raised meat from Egypt while local meat was all from hunts. Also they relied heavily on seafood for protein. Even slaves had a taste, with a kind of fish paste/juice made from the scum leftover from a catch (the same juice was popular among the citizenry but made from higher quality small fish).
Average height in the UK in 1998 was identical to average height between ~1450 and 1500, and it's barely increased half a centimeter since, likely due to population shifts. It was even higher in ~1600 because this era introduced laws that improved welfare for the poor. For that statistic, you are being tricked by the same mechanism that makes people who don't know anything about history actually believe we live longer today than they did in the middle ages (another myth, the low life expectancy is because of high infant mortality; if you survived infancy you'd live to be 70 no problem despite the nature of the work being far more dangerous, and other confounders like increased warfare and moar diseases).
In addition, our nutrition today on a per-item basis is worse than ever, with countless papers all the way from the 50's showing that the nutritional contents of our vegetables has been steadily dropping, to the point that an orange in the 40's had the same nutritional contents as 7 oranges today. Let's also not forget that we get frozen and thawed meat, fruits and veggies shipped from the other side of the world instead of farm-fresh next-door as in the past.

Whether any of that impacts tooth health and how is conjectures, though. But there are plenty of anecdotal reports of people who didn't brush their teeth for years, yet the dentists never found any cavities and even praised the dentition, then when they started brushing, suddenly dentists discovered a new cavity every other year, so clearly SOMETHING's going on that "we" don't understand...
life expectancy has in recent times. most people back then died at around age 60 while most today die around age 70/80
I shower almost daily but one thing I never do is put on oil or perfume. People at various points have asked me why my skin is so clear while they struggle with acne problems smile
>> 87 KB
Not at all true. If you exclude infant mortality and the plague, people lived to 70 or so just as easily then than they do now. Pic related, source
Griffin JP. Changing life expectancy throughout history. Int Pharm J. 1995;9:199–202.

Same. Beside skin, also my hair. People use all kinds of bullshit products, conditioners, "soft" shampoos, magical routines taking 4 hours a day. I just put soap on my hair once every few days and I get complimented with jealousy for how good my hair always looks.
File: ancient_deaths_no_violence.png
(174 KB, 398x662) [ImgOps]
174 KB
Additional sources:
Rowbotham and Clayton (JRSM 2008;101:454–62)
>‘… life expectancy in the mid-Victorian period was not markedly different from what it is today. Once infant mortality is stripped out, life expectancy at 5 years was 75 for men and 73 for women.’

Pic source is: J R Soc Med. 1994 Jan; 87(1): 25–26. Length of life in the ancient world: a controlled study. J D Montagu
The difference between it and the previous 2 is that it also excludes war deaths.
nice thumbnail lololol :3
lol @ thumbnail bug
Given the low usercount, that was one hell of a freak chance that managed to hit the bug!
Other interesting fact: it is suggested that the weird life expectancy dip seen in roman era data may be due to the introduction of lead piping. On a completely unrelated note, my city announced that the piping was still lead just 5 years ago. Progress!?
the name of the thumbnail makes it so much better!
i dont get how people do this, i like the feeling of showers even though i dont take them often
You should do it, because I'm a cute girl and I'm encouraging you to.
File: 342532512.jpg
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>Anon-san, please! Brush your teeth and use some mouth-wash! (;´Д`)
I get the feel that brushing them now would only damage them more because of the decay, and it'd just be painful as well. I remember it bleeding when I did it a few years back.
I have a kind of weird way of treating it at the moment, if you could call it that. I chew on some peanuts and then use them as filling for all the holes and decay. It works and they stay there, not that it fixes anything, but just makes me feel a little better. Funny that the color actually blends in.
Though I need to do it pretty much constantly because they don't take long to fall off and make me have to reapply it. Feels terrible, like I'm desperately trying to patch up a fucked body. But it feels more terrible if I don't do it.
>it's a great benefit when people start saying that your breath smells nice...
I don't get close enough to people for that to happen.
>Also teeth are a pain to get fixed ;_; I hated every second whenever I had to get a cavity fixed
I'm probably never going to be able to bother to get it fixed. Too scared, and too lazy.
I like the feeling of them too. I just can't be bothered to take care of myself.
>I have a kind of weird way of treating it at the moment, if you could call it that. I chew on some peanuts and then use them as filling for all the holes and decay. It works and they stay there, not that it fixes anything, but just makes me feel a little better. Funny that the color actually blends in.
that is simultaneously the funniest, saddest, and grossest thing I've seen all day. you need help, man. Σ(;゚Д゚)
I too have fucked up teeth although i dont care to fill them as i have no one to impress
File: 42342342352.jpg
(54 KB, 455x680) [ImgOps]
54 KB
Yeah, me neither. I guess it's just to feel a little less repulsive to myself rather than anyone else.
Better to have it be smooth as if everything is alright when you run your tongue over your teeth, instead of feeling all the holes.
you forgot your picture, cutie.
sounds delicious

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