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File: Me_and_Banttan_Kissing.png
(1181 KB, 6144x4096) ImgOps
1181 KB
drawing my waifu and I being lovey dovey is the best, it always makes me happy inside
whenever i go to sleep i dream of her touch and her golden strands
whenever i wake up i cry for i already miss her
she is the sun that illuminates my dark and sad reality
she is the wind that blows away all my worries
shame that the 2D | 3D dimension barrier keeps us apart ;_;

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: mes.png
(14 KB, 1434x682) ImgOps
14 KB
I wish I was good enough to draw my wife
File: hydraulic press.jpg
(45 KB, 303x398) ImgOps
45 KB
>2D | 3D dimension barrier
easy solution.
DoveGirl is your waifu?!?! (;゚∀゚)
this is cute 💓
this will kill me bringing me even further away from her sweat3
unless after death there is some entity that allows me to live in the same reality as her
nope, its bant-tan, i just suck at drawing from certain angles
someday i will git gud at drawing and do her justice with the best lovey dovey art
>unless after death there is some entity that allows me to live in the same reality as her
maybe you can get isekai'd! biggrin
i wish cry
never before have i fallen in love so hard for a 2D character, now i truly understand the otakus

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