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File: xlPXYXgy.jpg
(221 KB, 2000x1500) ImgOps
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coffee with cat

Marked for deletion (Old)
since you are a cat owner i would like to ask something
my mom once finally gave up and allowed me to get a kitten, i took care of her like she was my own daughter and yet she started pissing and shitting everywhere out of the blue
i always did what i was told by the cat lady: i showed her how to do her business in the litterbox, i always kept food in the foodbowl, gave her "wet" food i think twice a week iirc and, of course, played with her a lot, she said the kitten was also already de-wormed and had a checkup from the vet
what could have happened?
what could i have done differently?
not OP, but you should probably try different kinds of kitty litter, coz sometimes they get picky and if they don't like it they'll find somewhere they feel more comfortable to piss and shit.
File: IMG_20240506_145948064.jpg
(2979 KB, 4000x3000) ImgOps
2979 KB
we keep cats outside to get used to pooping and peeing in the dirt :3
they are stray cats anyway
if she doesn't use her litterbox it's either that she is sad and depressed, or she thinks it's dirty and thus wont use it. Cats also pees to mark their home if another cat is close by.
my comment was for grown up cats, kittens will pee and shit all over teh place. You will just haev to deal with it untill they grow older.
mom sent the kitten back a long time ago btw and i still miss her, but i was really afraid i somehow got her sick
also while playing with her at some point she started hissing for some reason, could i have scared her into pooping everywhere?

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