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File: A22061.jpg
(48 KB, 587x800) ImgOps
48 KB
A 1562 English statute legislated against ‘monstrous and outrageous greatness of (panty)hose’ and fined those who wore them too large. LOL.

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: pantyhose.jpg
(166 KB, 979x599) ImgOps
166 KB
I mean to look up what male pantyhose in old times looked like...
lol! PENIS!
DuckDuckGo has this quirk where it shows a disproportionate amount of pr0n for otherwise innocuous things, as long as you have safe search off. E.g try searching 'yui hirasawa' with safe search off and it's all hentai!
File: no.png
(522 KB, 968x550) ImgOps
522 KB
seems fine to me
eh!? Weird, i remember it a few months ago returning a bunch of pr0n for that search specifcally... duckduckgo doesn't personalize results rite? Either that or something changed
i remember it once gave me pr0n for a sfw search but it was just once a long time ago, maybe it was a fluke?
File: hidamari1.png
(263 KB, 480x680) ImgOps
263 KB
teh flukes are kind of funny since they're mysterious and somehow fix themselves. It's liek search result roulette: will it be SFW or NSFW? who knows!
File: omg.jpg
(69 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
69 KB
"hey mom look at this funny image"

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