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File: 1107ebcba1a13608df0a2cecb75b837c.jpg
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if you hate something too much, the real world will probably become a dream and you'll wake up and discover that you are that thing! that's why you should only ever let yourself feel love.

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Hating liars and hypocrites hasn't turned me into either, it's made me take more care to always be honest so I can never be called out as a liar or a hypocrite.
OP, someone made fun of you for mentioning your weed habit too often, didn't they? xd
i don't actually do any drugs, but i've been told that i sound like i'm on them all the time anyway.
File: meowie.jpg
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So true! I hate myself and I keep waking up and discovering I am myself.
File: stonedEmoLoli.gif
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You shouldn't let your hate grow in the dark corners of your mind...
You shouldn't fake a love that's... uhh... like, woah, man... woah...
File: Harry_Pothead.swf
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kids these days and their weird hobbies...

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