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File: c416a79aab06b72bcb176e35d321923e.jpg
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Hello. I'm in a desperate situation, I think my period has come. Yesterday I noticed some brown spots on my underwear, like secretions, only they were brown. I thought that maybe it was just the color of the secretion and I didn't really notice, my mother didn't find out yet.
A few minutes ago I went to the bathroom, I wiped off the brown secretion again and I panicked. Today I also have to take a bath, because my friend is having a party and I'm invited to the party, but I don't know if it's ok to wash with your period.
What do you think, did it really come to me, or is it just the brown secretion? If it came to me, I would need some advice, like how many times to change my absorbent, etc.
P.S: tomorrow I will wear a mini skirt to the party, do you think I would have a chance to get dirty? I wouldn't want that to happen and I don't think I can give up the skirt, because the girl I'm going to see tomorrow told us all to come in skirts if possible.

Marked for deletion (Old)
I'm an aspiring gynecologist, if you're 18+ please spread your VAGINA open and post photos or video of it here so I can investigate. Make sure to use plenty of lighting so I can clearly see inside.
i'm not sure heyuri's the best place to ask about help related to female anatomy and happenings
heyuri is definitely the best place to ask all kinds of questions about manko!
This place is the only anonymous place on the internet that doesn't annoy me. But I already suspected that the majority of you are guys
File: 6840437405.gif
(3533 KB, 300x200) ImgOps
3533 KB
what you can probably do: take a shower, use one of these things and go out. Use some perfumes and fake a smile the whole time
what I would do: text your friend, tell you are feeling too sick to go out, and spend all your time watching animu and posting on Heyuri from your comfort zone instead biggrin
I would need pictures of your dirty underwear to analyse if it really is your period or if it's something else.
looking for advice about getting your first period on a site full of male lolicons? i'll help!
step one: read rule 0
step two: leave
hope this helped happy
I've watched lots of videos of girls showing their bloody period VAGINAs and it's always red, so maybe if yours is brown it's just poop
>step one: read rule 0
SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! if she never says her age then it's fine.
File: vampire's feast.jpg
(482 KB, 850x1133) ImgOps
482 KB
3D pig disgusting, yuck dark
Post 2d loliz menstruating instead! blush
File: lolypudding.png
(552 KB, 1064x1642) ImgOps
552 KB
>SHUT UP SHUT UP!!! if she never says her age then it's fine.
if OP is under 18 she shouldn't be posting here, regardless of whether she says her age (girls get their first period around 10-13 anyway). if underagefags realize they can get away with attentionseeking b8 blogposts because "omg loli love" we're gonna end up with more idiots like cosmo shitting up the site
I totally understand your viewpoint and don't actually think you are mistaken at all, but...
omg loli love
If by "shitting up the site" you mean "posting nudes", then i hope they keep shitting up the site.
>if OP is under 18 she shouldn't be posting here, regardless of whether she says her age
The mods have recommended underage users to lie multiple times, so clearly they don't care if people below 18 post as long as they don't say it.
Also, it's theoretically possible for a girl to get her first period at age 18 if she keeps using certain pills through her teenage years, so I think she should be allowed to post as long as we don't get explicit proof that she didn't do that.
Horrible. ヽ(`Д´)ノ

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