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File: h.jpg
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minasan, do you believe in GHOSTS?
when i was about 5 years old, i was left home alone by my parents. it was late in the evening, as it was winter, it was dark outside already. being a child i was scared of the dark. they left me in the living room where the light was on, but in the hallway it was off. i was very displeased at the idea of having to go there. but my own biology had betrayed me... i had to use the bathroom soon enough! Σ(;゚Д゚) when the urge became uncontrollable i decided to go against my fears and walk up to the hallway entrance. for some reason, the floor was creakier than usual... well, in the hall, i saw a black figure standing menacingly, changing forms the longer i looked at it. i made a sprint to the bathroom despite feeling paralyzed out of fear. when i turned on the light in the bathroom, the mean spirit turned out to just be the long coat hanger we had.
do you have eerie paranormal stories to share? maybe ones that dont have such a childish ending? happy

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>minasan, do you believe in GHOSTS?
absolutely, sum things go bump in teh night...
>do you have eerie paranormal stories to share?
Sadly mine is also childish. But anywayz one night when i was a child i woke up but was stuck in some kind of time-loop. I could feel things realistically but as soon as i left my room to get to the hallway i would collapse, only to reawaken in my bed. It went on for hours, all the while a shadowy goblin/demon creature was giggling from a corner of the room....

spooky however there's probably a realistic explanation for it.
>do you believe in GHOSTS?
can't say I'm a believer, but sometimes i wonder...
>do you have eerie paranormal stories to share?
-there's some LED lights on my kitchen that can be turned on by touching a sensor on one side, sometimes during the night they will turn on by themselves, spooky but can probably be explained, maybe it's dust or something else passing under the sensor
-rarely i hear sounds of footsteps at like 2am, they are VERY loud and it sounds like someone running from the hallway to the bathroom, to this day i have no idea what causes them
-once when i was a kid i saw a laser light shine on the balcony glass door at night as if someone was there shining a laser, but, as you can imagine, nobody was on the balcony.
Even my parents witnessed it and we just shrugged it off as someone in the distance playing a prank but the thing is our condo is the tallest in the area so i can't really think of a way someone could shine a laser at that angle from a shorter building (the laser shone on the lower part of the door)
File: p_00010.png
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I get scared of the dark now and then.
File: brauntube.png
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when i was 6, me and my friend were in her home playing. we went over to her room and while still walking in the corridor leading upto her room, the old CRT TV in the living room turned on by itself. there was no one else in the home and i am 100% sure neither of us did touch the remote nor the TV. still makes me think to this day.
>> 428 KB
I believe in having SEX with ghosts
File: ghostloli.jpg
(362 KB, 1280x1785) ImgOps
362 KB
many such cases
File: 1154113150613.jpg
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it's not scary, but the most paranormal event of my life is finding my earphones under pillow. But I'm very sure that I already checked there before while searching.
>> 168 KB
We are ghosts that have bodies.
*music plays*

you are beautiful lets be paired together forever
my wife has a ghost version of her and it is so pretty im already in love!

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