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File: Arg.jpg
(17 KB, 258x195) [ImgOps]
17 KB
request me things to draw
Ill draw when I come home

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can you draw a naked usagi getting torn limb by limb, with a face full of fear and pain drenched in tears?

then in like a second panel usagi gets beheaded and then gets fucked from the throat up, with freshly pumped semen mixing with the tears still streaming down her face from her glands, stuck to being on cry mode from her rapidly decaying brain?

then just show her body, with bleeding stubs as her limbs and head, semen overflowing from every hole or conceivable fuckable spot (armpits, breasts, thighs, etc) and also cum all over her brown body??

thank you usagi i love you
I guro'd astonish
i ryona'd blush
File: bee.png
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File: suffer.png
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5 KB

File: Good Morning.gif
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good morning shii

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File: F-GrnysaEAAt4Hi.jpg
(437 KB, 1056x2048) [ImgOps]
437 KB
i am sorry (´~`) i hope you can fill it up with gud fewd. cereal is easy breakfast, good to have around
Good idea, I'll go to the store and buy some cereal now, thank you
I woke up at 12am dark
File: good morning.gif
(1117 KB, 400x400) [ImgOps]
1117 KB
🌈good morning🌈
It's 9:11 PM

File: DKC2.jpg
(162 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
162 KB
Holy fuck, i just realized this is called Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and not Donkey Kong Country: Diddy Kong Quest
MIND = BLWN sweat

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File: 767857858.jpg
(198 KB, 827x1170) [ImgOps]
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hen na mono!
and who's this scott anyway? if he's so great why doesn't he do something about it?
girl warns boy something strange is growing out of his crotch
boy says it's been there since he was born
girl says naruhodo I didn't know that since I don't have such a thing, hora mite, it's not there!
that's a nice small LOL PENIS drool
what is this from ? dark

File: Majin Buus.jpg
(162 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
162 KB
Only recently did i find out that the fandom's opinion was split on the Majin Buu saga. Why is that?
It has been ages since i last watched any Dragon Ball Z episode, so i can't speak about the quality of the saga, but i'd say Majin Buu is my favorite villain of the show

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tu es mexicano?
>> 25 KB
buu and raditz->namek are my fave sagas. visually, they are very kewl, i didn't watch the buu saga all the way but i watched enough of it to know what happens

cell and android sagas are visually dull, and it just wasn't that interesting

File: akb.png
(2067 KB, 1170x908) [ImgOps]
2067 KB
An old Japanese guide for buying computar in Akihabara as I understand

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File: 5894.png
(414 KB, 619x481) [ImgOps]
414 KB
80s(?) akiba
Cool stuff, arigatou!
Are there any emulators for PC-98 games? I heard NEC shipped their own Japanese only UNIX too
>Are there any emulators for PC-98 games?
Yup https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/NEC_PC-9800_series#Emulators
np2fmgen.7z @ http://nenecchi.kirara.st
best versions may depend on the gaem you want to play, and I am not sure if textractor works with it (I know it doesn't work on some old eroge)

File: 1699926311938.png
(327 KB, 497x544) [ImgOps]
327 KB
thought id play some minecraft to relax. felt terribly lonely because it made me wish i had a friend to build with

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>age of autism
That wasn't a Heyuri server, although in the end most people who joined were from here, so we might as well claim it
It's part of our culture
that's how internet works biggrin
File: hey.png
(1647 KB, 1366x768) [ImgOps]
1647 KB
picture i took of the servers last day
File: 1482112100706.png
(465 KB, 497x544) [ImgOps]
465 KB

File: an attempt was made.jpg
(49 KB, 557x669) [ImgOps]
49 KB
Cum to meeee Anony~! Give your will to meee so that you will do all that I desire~!

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Marked for deletion (Old)
dizzy What do you desire?
File: sin tube.jpg
(12 KB, 474x274) [ImgOps]
12 KB
For anime to become real. I was making fun of something to see if anyone noticed. The AI girlfriend meme is dead until they sell 'sin tubes' in flea markets and then I edited this thing. It was on more than one site and I figured some crossposter would make fun of me already but it did not happen because casuals.

File: kuuga.jpg
(55 KB, 1103x629) [ImgOps]
55 KB
any tokufags on heyuri? what's your favorite show? watching anything good right now? I'm currently watching Kamen Rider Kuuga saitama

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File: ultraman.png
(339 KB, 600x440) [ImgOps]
339 KB
Well, I can't say much, but I did start watching 60s Ultraman because I heard it inspired Hideaki Anno. It's better than I expected; the effects have got surprising versimilitude, and I like the 'normal human' moments; they've got a lot of 60s classiness ph34r
File: shin-ultraman.gif
(2259 KB, 498x280) [ImgOps] [Animated GIF]
2259 KB
Ultraman is such an amazing franchise. I was recently watching Ultraseven and it absolutely holds up, too. I recommend Shin Ultraman (2022) after you finish Ultraman '66, absolutely brilliant adaptation. Also Shin Kamen Rider!

File: imagem_2023-11-16_090926033.png
(163 KB, 352x331) [ImgOps]
163 KB
this photo is so badass

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File: yerahhh.gif
(105 KB, 449x498) [ImgOps]
105 KB

File: y.jpg
(580 KB, 1080x2220) [ImgOps]
580 KB
god bless america

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Marked for deletion (Old)
the spambots can be a blessing sometimes love
File: 1695442424598839.jpg
(164 KB, 1600x1063) [ImgOps]
164 KB
yes indeed tongue
Easy sudoku? Pff what an amateur. glare1
call me crazy, but I think little girls now are just as cute as they've ever been.

File: smn.jpg
(125 KB, 700x650) [ImgOps]
125 KB
would anyone know where i could find dvd rips of di gi charat and rozen maiden .avi's? and if possible a place to find similar things for the future? I should note that torrents will not work in this case

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>I should note that torrents will not work in this case
why not?
that's torrent
>Is streaming not an option for some reason
>Nya.sii is always reliable
thats for torrents, did you read the opening post at all?
That kind of thing is generally unavailable (besides buying and ripping it urself), at least not outside lame private trackers sweat2
>That kind of thing is generally unavailable
i know they exist i just dont know where else to look
usenet, look up ed2k hashes of old releases on anidb and pray it's still there, try getting onto animebytes

File: 9274918383.jpg
(214 KB, 1261x1200) [ImgOps]
214 KB
Testing teh tripcodes

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eroi nosebleed
why does she look like her flesh and skin are breaking there?
she looks happy, but she should be screaming in pain
Anon... you've never seen a VAGINA, have you? sweat3
sometimes they put a bandaid there probably because it hurts
>> 580 KB
it's okay guys I fixed her happy

File: myfaith.png
(1515 KB, 1366x708) [ImgOps]
1515 KB
what will my faith be? ❔closed-eyes2❔

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is it any good? reddit says no for obvious reasons.
Sentinel is best choice if you want to focus on the story, the player character dialogue is very bratty and tsundere towards you. Whipper works too, it's also not underpowered like the Sentinel is.

The game has cool writing, you should read the quests otherwise it will get boring very quickly.angryangryangryangry
umm... what game is this...?nosebleed
File: brat_class.gif
(9254 KB, 344x498) [ImgOps]
9254 KB
this is the only MMO i ever played, so i have no prior knowledge on what a good MMO is, it has lolis, so it's good in my book
hard to focus on the story with all the boobs on the screen, all i know is that there in a wasteland and the chicks are robots of sort i'm a little more invested in the story, then when i first played it 8 years ago sweat2
Scarlet Blade, game died some time ago, but came back on a private server. you can get it here:
just make a account and when you go to the download page, right click on the red download button and click "copy link address" and paste in on the address bar. otherwise the download won't work
File: 150116.png
(82 KB, 460x256) [ImgOps]
82 KB
If you have any favorite NPCs and want a picture of them without the ugly blue screen filter, let me know OP.

Mine is Erin. love

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