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File: snowman2.jpg
(168 KB, 1600x1000) ImgOps
168 KB
i wish it was always winter, i hate seeing disgusting dirty bugs crawling and flying around whenever i want to simply enjoy the sun's rays shining upon me

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I hate the winter.
are you a villain from doctor who?
File: mothraft.jpg
(174 KB, 850x1189) ImgOps
174 KB
be at peace with the bugs and small creatures and no longer will they provoke you or send diplomats that simply draw your ire
I like winter because everything is dead and I don't have to worry about my allergies. I hate the cold and shoving snow though, and all the road salt too.
File: 92b099ed0c097d54083f30262fbf8506.jpg
(1625 KB, 1680x1050) ImgOps
1625 KB
if it was always winter then things like this wouldn't happen

File: Folder.jpg
(273 KB, 600x600) ImgOps
273 KB
This is my favorite denpa song. I love the message it sends ( ´ω`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
IOSYS makes some of the best denpa songs
douteikorose! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
File: Root20Miss.gif
(582 KB, 125x251) ImgOps [Animated GIF]
582 KB
All-tiem classic by ave;new

File: kuz peek.png
(59 KB, 796x600) ImgOps
59 KB
BREAKING: Famous online personality Yuri "kuz" Kuznetsov tragically found alive.

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File: 1672712636168.jpg
(451 KB, 1481x1440) ImgOps
451 KB
istna tragedia
File: oh god why.jpg
(25 KB, 390x300) ImgOps
25 KB
File: 1000015473.png
(758 KB, 604x604) ImgOps
758 KB
he is on a trip, das all (´ー`)
I'll be intercepting Kuzzy while he's on his trip. He'll never see it coming when i steal his AIDS(´π`)
holy crap... I want to have sex with kuz drool

File: rozen_maiden_25048.jpg
(54 KB, 326x408) ImgOps
54 KB
Birds have been chirping for an hour now desu
I wish thunders struck their little trees desu

Marked for deletion (Old)
Imagine being a bird outside OPs window. Peeping all day while he rages. Its a trolls dream...
File: birdsong notation.jpg
(16 KB, 401x155) ImgOps
16 KB
You should write down their songs degozaimasuwa!
I don't understand how they work, but there are notation systems for birdsong degozaimasuwa!
File: kiwi_adult_02.jpg
(179 KB, 800x1200) ImgOps
179 KB
birds are swell and sweet, learn to love their sing song

File: moot.png
(113 KB, 512x512) ImgOps
113 KB
no heyuri april fool's event?

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Can someone please explain to me the 4chan April Fools event for this year?

Something about a stock exchange but I clicked on it and nothing happened. I ate a ban shortly before this event so I can't post to try it out.
you go on the yotsuba stock exchange, make an "account" and start trading
that's pretty much it unless the 4chan staff has more in mind
I went to check it out and i have to give the devil his due, the PartyPal thingy is awesome
>make an "account" and start trading
What do you trade?
Did you need to turn off your adblocker for it to work or something? Because I clicked it and it just forever loads.
Sometimes I am also thinking of "gurochan" and write "Kaguro" or "Kagura" sweat2

File: 16667857547450.jpg
(222 KB, 1000x1000) ImgOps
222 KB
You may not know this but the real desu died in the Great Patriotic War The desu you are seeing today is an imposter

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: evilnurse.jpg
(1343 KB, 1500x3059) ImgOps
1343 KB
that's why you should be a degozaimasu fan instead!

File: PENIS.png
(391 KB, 717x731) ImgOps
391 KB
What's the weirdest manga you've ever read? For me, it's Renji de Chin!

Marked for deletion (Old)
Every mango is weird~nyaoo-closedeyes
imitation crystal makes some odd manga. his webcomic mission-chan helped me through some hard feelings.

File: ScreenShot_2024_0322_16_05_32.png
(140 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
140 KB
im tired of being student life...(´ー`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
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well it depends on what you are studying
something something business (´ー`)
i have no idea if that's good or not ヽ(´ー`)ノ
but it feels like it's going to net you some moneys, i hope so since my cousin is studying something something business too
Im doing business to. Always fun to go out for drinks while my mates doing engineering have to stay home and do homework Lel.xp
File: DjkWsToUcAAv7Gv.jpg
(54 KB, 831x508) ImgOps
54 KB
studying philosophy and psychology with computer stuff here. what am i doing with my life?

File: 1701809932671965.jpg
(106 KB, 960x1420) ImgOps
106 KB
t*rkçe konuştuğum için banlandım in fucking sane angryangryangry

Marked for deletion (Old)
you were warned for making a non-english/japanese post in an unrelated thread
nigga talked about bugs and I got the same problem too how is this unrelated? you wouldn't give a shit if I made that post in polish.
Foreign language posts aren't b& when they relate even a little to the thread's or current discussion's topic, but that wasn't the case for that thread
By your logic anyone should be able to post in their native language in ero threads because it gives them boners
>you wouldn't give a shit if I made that post in polish.
Wrong, that wasn't the first foreign-language warn I gave on Heyuri
angry people, stop being angry. lame people, stop being lame. onigiri

File: lain (3).jpg
(90 KB, 750x748) ImgOps
90 KB
I used to rate my setup now it always says servers are full and now they sell pro version so I don't have to wait in queue angry on top of that they are always in favor of nvidia and shit on amd in their reviews. so what are the alternatives?

Marked for deletion (Old)
im not really a gamer so i cant help you. i just need to say: i have never seen an image that captures my feelings while using the internet in 2024 better than this one. thanks for sharing.
there's stuff like cinebench if you want

File: nopainsnogains.gif
(4630 KB, 449x331) ImgOps
4630 KB
how do you get your exercise? i'm not particularly sporty myself.

Marked for deletion (Old)
I live near my dad and have a family gym membership with him. I try to go use the elliptical for at least 30 minutes every weekday. I'm not sporty either but have an annoying amount of belly fat that it's been my New Years resolution to get rid of. My hometown is way too hot most of the year so it's not very appealing to go out and walk around...
I don't but if you don't consume too many calories (especially carbs, especially sugar) you won't gain weight. Your body burns calories even if you lay in bed all day watching anime. If I eat one large meal per day I lose weight, two meals per day and I stay the same weight.
File: 1704620796605679.png
(185 KB, 1049x768) ImgOps
185 KB
I go to the gym 5 days a week, plus i do some yoga from time to time
It's important that everybody does some manner of exercise in order to live a happy life. Like Nietzsche said: "The mind is a plaything of the body".
Look at this top spaniard streamer screaming in pain trying to do the most basic warmup stretches, it's just sad: https://youtu.be/rLu54qztUHE?si=qmd1v4CfrED0olle
bad advice, exercise always makes me unhappy
I eat a shitload of sugar but no crabs, guess I'm in the clear ヽ(´ー`)ノ

File: apology letter.jpg
(267 KB, 1224x1584) ImgOps
267 KB
An update on the recent tragic fire at a kolyma network datacenter.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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>Including one of heyuris lead developers.
I think there should be a memorial message somewhere, if that isn't a meme sweat
bobo-san... not like this...
Happy April fools! biggrin

File: 0WtReKQ.jpg
(180 KB, 907x1000) ImgOps
180 KB
I like this piece of Medieval art. The people look content.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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File: marginalized.jpg
(305 KB, 595x1954) ImgOps
305 KB
Another amusing thing along this topic is the notes scribes left in the margins of mANUScripts they copied.

"Writing is excessive drudgery. It crooks your back, it dims your sight, it twists your stomach and your sides."
"the parchment is hairy"
what does this even mean? the paper is rough?
parchment were made out of animal skin, so maybe a hairy parchment means a poorly made parchment with some animal hair left
It sounds like scribes enjoyed their jobs a whole lot, they must've been enraged when copying machines were invented.

File: haruhi.jpg
(20 KB, 234x241) ImgOps
20 KB
am I the only one who plays just the tutorials of the games and then completely forgot about them? come and teach me your ways "while you were wasting your life on the internet, i beat [Game]" sensei.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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Try games from the SNES/Genesis era that are more focused on mechanics. Or even from the NES catalogue, since something like Mega Man 1 it's actually more accesible than many people think
The same thing happens to me a lot, OP. The issue is usually just procrastination, so I force myself to boot up and play a game, and it ends up being fun once I actually play it. But sometimes the staying power just isn't there, even if I do that, and I drop it. They can't all be winners.
None of those games look fun, here's a couple lists of loli games and some shota ones too in case you're a fag.
that's a classic symptom of low attention spam
File: og tifa and mod tifa.png
(741 KB, 1134x542) ImgOps
741 KB
If ur gonna install a nude mod for Tifa, at least also get the bigger boobs mod... It's probably the only time when a mod for bigger tits is lore accurate, since Square Eunuchs reduced her breasts in the remake after a complaint from their "ethics department" dark

File: 1670488600138.jpg
(1044 KB, 2560x1440) ImgOps
1044 KB
why are the japanese so racist?

Marked for deletion (Old)
LOL that nigger's on a plane xd
Someone from /pol/ made this no doubt
What's that? A board for palynologists and pollen enthusiasts? Sounds nice.
I think it's actually a board about the Polystation and similar bootleg console

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