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File: heyuri-box.png
(4593 KB, 2882x1618) [ImgOps]
4593 KB
i loev boxes from nipon. nyaoo-closedeyes
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Nekomimi modo!
File: reimu-1-1.jpg
(46 KB, 350x526) [ImgOps]
46 KB
black reimu love
she has blue panties loveblushlolico
I like the Chino happy
I would definitely get figs if I didn't already have an expensive hobby sweat2
It's fun collecting figures but it's damn expensive. At this point its kinda addicitive to find all neko loli figures. sweat2

I've to figs of Chino! Both i got rather cheapnon ebay.

File: kettlecookery.png
(101 KB, 751x257) [ImgOps]
101 KB
Kettle cookery is an exciting culinary skill that is simple to master and that can have you producing simple food in less time than it would take to produce it by traditional means. It is perfect for students who will usually have a kettle in their room but who may have to walk some distance to reach the nearest cooking equipment. Why get out of bed, when you can make the food in your kettle?
File: kettlecookery1.png
(432 KB, 1587x792) [ImgOps]
432 KB
File: kettlecookery2.png
(229 KB, 1405x641) [ImgOps]
229 KB
File: kyk.png
(335 KB, 804x459) [ImgOps]
335 KB
kettle cooked pasta is the traditional student dormitory meal nyaoo-closedeyes

36 KB
no i am not a polish and i will never be one
thank you
File: 1590441784886858388(1).png
(1364 KB, 1000x1000) [ImgOps]
1364 KB
A ty taki pewien?
Poles are cute though...
>> 38 KB
You're Welcome.
File: index.jpg
(27 KB, 2500x2500) [ImgOps]
27 KB
ecchi... blush
File: pole-e1522422710193.jpg
(57 KB, 999x711) [ImgOps]
57 KB
Too skinny.

This is my kinda pole cool

File: 2d1c783642509304ac5a534a3f40c3d9.png
(1616 KB, 1600x1996) [ImgOps]
1616 KB
How do I prevent PENIS from being sore after jerking off
I want to jerk off ALL DAY but I've no choice but to be productive with my time while my dick heals.
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taek 100mg benadryl then fap, it will feel so good u wont care abt the pain
if anything, doesn't foreskin make it easier to fap? (´ー`)
spend all your recovery time on heyuri, then you won't be productive
Masturbate in your sleep so that you don't feel it.ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I have a solution. Can I come over tomorrow night so I can show you? happy

File: Huo-Long_Heater.png
(330 KB, 1001x610) [ImgOps]
330 KB
how good is the Huo-Long Heater? it has the 25% damage bonus to shooting enemies on fire, at the cost of doing 10% less damage and chewing through ammo faster than an ethiopian running after a chicken. oh and the ring of fire makes me feel epic cool

wondering if any anon here have some heavy weapons expertise they'll willing to share
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A TF2 THREAD???!!!
tf2 is the most dumbass game ever like wtf
You're the most dumbass anon like, ever wtf.
>> 661 KB
its a pretty good weapon, i got 5 doms with it once on 2fort

File: 2.jpg
(3895 KB, 9867x6597) [ImgOps]
3895 KB
cute lolis ( ´ω`)
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File: tinkerbell.png
(7678 KB, 3439x4888) [ImgOps]
7678 KB
I recognize the artist!
File: 1685137826257108.jpg
(228 KB, 1378x2039) [ImgOps]
228 KB
File: 107082155_p0_master1200.jpg
(1089 KB, 844x1200) [ImgOps]
1089 KB
>> 236 KB
PORN Lolis
File: 13.png
(14822 KB, 4924x3502) [ImgOps]
14822 KB
yes, tinkerbell makes the cutest loli arts onigiri

File: IMG_2377.jpg
(71 KB, 749x558) [ImgOps]
71 KB
wow i almost forgot this website existed!! i was healing and now im a criminal again!!
File: 1685474468456668.jpg
(12 KB, 680x671) [ImgOps]
12 KB
This time youre not coming home
File: officer.jpg
(26 KB, 612x419) [ImgOps]
26 KB
>i was healing and now im a criminal again!!

File: 1684505008845.png
(7807 KB, 1758x2118) [ImgOps]
7807 KB
what happens if cosplaygirl meets japanese tourist guy???

Don't invite him... he will arrive soon... sweat
>> 4452 KB
THAT IS HIM ! dizzy
is that sonic?

File: loli-pat.png
(1509 KB, 1438x948) [ImgOps]
1509 KB
Well sure. Probably the most legal thing I could do...sweat2
I've already done it, many times nyaoo-closedeyes
lucky cat closed-eyes

67 KB

File: 5922552914.png
(230 KB, 352x514) [ImgOps]
230 KB
I watched the first 5 episodes of Lucky Star for the first time in my life.
I have never played MMOs in my life.
The MMO Konata plays only seems tiring and doesn't seem fun to me.
Is playing MMOs actually like that?nigra
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Probably Master of Epic
File: DoAyIWZU0AAq0c-.jpg
(220 KB, 1200x1200) [ImgOps]
220 KB
MMOs are fun when you're Konata's age and it's 2007 so there are no worries in your life or in the world and you can just sit in front of the computer and fully immerse yourself in your MMO life and not think of absolutely anything else.
>MMOs are fun when you're Konata's age
Kona-chan is barely 17-18... The ages most people are busy with advancing to university sweat2
I don't think it's really ever possible to do that. Even if you are a high-schooler, you'd still have things like grades and homework to worry about. Unless you delete everyone's memories of you and become one with the Wired, that is. Then you can be the gamer of your dreams! onigiri
mmo is often a lot of grinding, but at the same time it's a lot of fun having a goal to achive and strive for.

File: DOOM OST - E2M1 Audio.mp4
(47515 KB, 1092x614) [ImgOps]
47515 KB
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Have you ever heard of neoclassical, shred guitar and symphonic metal?
File: andthenIknew.jpg
(132 KB, 640x480) [ImgOps]
132 KB
What does Heyuri think of the Rosatrice theory, I wonder? rolleyes

Anyway, music!
Can't believe you posted all of those without mentioning Symphony X...

File: 9369_d21d9ca0aebecd0a.jpg
(333 KB, 2048x1338) [ImgOps]
333 KB
I haven't showered in nearly a month, and I've brushed only a handful of times in my lifetime. I'm disgusting.
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>I have a kind of weird way of treating it at the moment, if you could call it that. I chew on some peanuts and then use them as filling for all the holes and decay. It works and they stay there, not that it fixes anything, but just makes me feel a little better. Funny that the color actually blends in.
that is simultaneously the funniest, saddest, and grossest thing I've seen all day. you need help, man. Σ(;゚Д゚)
I too have fucked up teeth although i dont care to fill them as i have no one to impress
File: 42342342352.jpg
(54 KB, 455x680) [ImgOps]
54 KB
Yeah, me neither. I guess it's just to feel a little less repulsive to myself rather than anyone else.
Better to have it be smooth as if everything is alright when you run your tongue over your teeth, instead of feeling all the holes.
you forgot your picture, cutie.
sounds delicious

File: fashion-classic-bsd.jpg
(87 KB, 400x600) [ImgOps]
87 KB
free software, free society
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File: nekopara_vanilla.jpg
(51 KB, 500x800) [ImgOps]
51 KB
"free" software, free neko loli luv.
Anyone has 3RMS saved? I wish I saved back then cry
win 10 is for free closed-eyes
they mean libre not gratis
But it's not free of charge entirely! With Botnet 10 and Botnet 11, you are the product angry

20 KB
Neko sad cry
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i tear'd up when i watched madoka but didnt cry fully
watch series then watch movie 3,,,trust me!!
well i mean it was from the 2010s, people were really trying to push an artificial "internet culture" at the time, japan was no different
sometimes they'll be trying to convey a plot ending with people dying or something and yet they'll show faris in her gay egirl outfit with paws and ears
i also think they got a bit too horny with luka, it probably didnt matter at the time because traps were a new concept and everyone thought they were hot but now theres stupid political connotations that i cant dissociate steins gate from
sorry if it sounds like im saying buzzwords, but thats the best way to explain it, i do physically cringe when im sitting there enjoying this good visual novel and all of a sudden it pulls out something stupid
This comment is so wrong in so many ways. First of all, neko girls have been an anime archetype long before the internet and are found in old 80s anime. Steins gate was made in 2009 for the japanese market and has nothing to do with the west. Both Luca and Faris are there for fan service. Ffs, they are akihabara too.
The trouble is that too many people are still allowing their brains to get fried by fags on Twitter.

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