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File: 1696338080860043.jpg
(13 KB, 255x246) ImgOps
13 KB
Now? Now i'll make a thread

Marked for deletion (Old)

File: 1712023066979377.png
(1061 KB, 1400x2020) ImgOps
1061 KB

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: 1712023099159548.png
(1021 KB, 1400x2011) ImgOps
1021 KB
File: mobgirls.png
(24 KB, 1188x37) ImgOps
24 KB

File: BantTan_Proposing_Ring.png
(305 KB, 696x1024) ImgOps
305 KB
I drew myself as as disembodied hand proposing to my waifu, how far gone am I (´~`)

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File: neck.png
(25 KB, 237x183) ImgOps
25 KB
Thank you for your time spent on it, anon.
I looked at both drawings, to give some feedback.
I think the neck might be a little too skinny, but someone else would have to chime in to confirm. Maybe adjusting the line(s) at the back would make it better, it looks odd to me.
You added fingers to the hand by the leg, but as I said, the hand overall needed to be bigger to match the other (or at least the fingers).
I thought the crotch area looked better on the first pic, you erased the length of some lines, now it looks like her vag area is a bit on the small side, and her one leg lost some shape/form.
Keep practicing and learning anon you will get better with each pic you draw.
File: Heyuri_Set_Loli_Underwater.png
(1605 KB, 1024x1077) ImgOps
1605 KB
last time i tried my browser correctly showed me the canvas only to post a big mess, someone told me it's because my browser may be blocking some webgpu or webgl i cant remember, i will test it when i have the chance
i also abuse krita's stabilizer a lot so hopefully anything i make on /o/ isn't complete horseshit cry
>I think the neck might be a little too skinny
now that i look at it its both skinny and the body itself is wrapping around it in a weird way, does this fix it?
>the hand overall needed to be bigger to match the other
i just enlarged it a bit, is this ok? perhaps it's the other hand that's too big sweat3
>the crotch area
i tried a bit of a mix between the first drawing and an image an anon sent in that thread, i stopped the lines just a tiny bit before the other leg
>her one leg lost some shape/form
i didn't actually touch the legs so idk what's up with that
>Keep practicing and learning anon you will get better with each pic you draw
thanks! i am now looking for the most detailed manga pages i can find so i can copy the expressions, can't use doujins unfortunately closed-eyes2
I'm making spaghetti for dinner.
redrawing the 10+ pages of the dovegirl comic... cry
spaghetti are good although i prefer plain old pasta
File: leg line.png
(9 KB, 186x180) ImgOps
9 KB
>does this fix it?
Yes, it looks better.
>i just enlarged it a bit, is this ok?
Aside from the lines looking a bit weird from that area being enlarged, I feel it does match the other hand a bit better.
>i tried a bit of a mix
It does look better.
>i didn't actually touch the legs so idk what's up with that
I meant pic rel, this line was longer and I thought it looked better...initially. Now I'm wondering if its actually ok with it shorter.
Anyway, thanks again for your fixes.

File: pso2006.png
(42 KB, 685x669) ImgOps
42 KB
Just jerked off to Putrid Sex Object.

What now?

Marked for deletion (Old)
While I was wasting my life on the internet, you finished masturbating to Putrid Sex Object.

Are you gonna share your thoughts? (゚ー゚)
The sounds were really hawt biggrin
No wonder Dahmer liked the feeling of meat. Also maybe because I'm GAY!

File: 1710097958307851.jpg
(63 KB, 1017x1016) ImgOps
63 KB
who else here has exams this week... cry

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File: eca3473bcc2bcd6af7b8c03be9148fd8.jpg
(2421 KB, 1600x1200) ImgOps
2421 KB
well i've been very lazy recently, but i have a pile of things i want to do: some languages to study, books to read, crackpot neural network architecture ideas i want to test, and i've been meaning to get into birding and ornithology, bla bla bla, etc.
File: angry enri.png
(67 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
67 KB
im learning 3d modeling,drawing,video editing,all at the same time(^Д^)...id also love to know a dozen languages🇷🇺🇩🇪🇯🇵🇹🇷🔥(⌒∇⌒ゞ)
why the FUCK would you want to learn roachish?
my goals are beyond your understanding mona2

File: 314f5909f6486057942783ef7e6e08aa.png
(6056 KB, 3000x3800) ImgOps
6056 KB
Do you think cream pies as a food have been ruined by the association with sex and semen?

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: good advice.jpg
(300 KB, 1920x1080) ImgOps
300 KB
I think they've been improved!
Chocolate fudge tastes even better when you think about the term "fudgepacker" and imagine eating it out of a cute girl's butt. Whenever I eat anything brown I like to imagine it just came out of a cute girl's butt. love

File: Screenshot (386).png
(266 KB, 421x416) ImgOps
266 KB
What are your thoughts on Gacha videos?

Marked for deletion (Old)
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thx for explanation, it seems the earliest one is gacha world from 2016
the "previous game" section goes back to https://lunime.fandom.com/wiki/Put_The_Record_On from 2011, but they can't be called the same games as gacha series(?). In any case, it's not from 2000s like 98497-san claimed
this thread was a mistake
File: IMG_20240331_235905.jpg
(31 KB, 390x261) ImgOps
31 KB
Nothing's ever a mistake, man...
I don't think about them.
I think of it the same way I think of all kids shit:
it's gay

511 KB
Edo period ugly bastard ero illustration!


Marked for deletion (Old)
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>was that exclamation necessary?
I initially wrote it in japanese before deciding changing to eigo, didn't notice it was left there
I however think it looks nice so it was necessary biggrin
How ugly! What a bastard ! xd
fixed ya link:
The japanese were always a sick people
So eroi!

File: all due respect.jpg
(110 KB, 576x593) ImgOps
110 KB
I relate a lot to systems like GPT. I spend too much time reading stuff online. I'm impressionable. I act meek when I meet someone for the first time. I know about a lot of random topics but I often find myself pretending to understand things which I don't. Should start telling my friends that I identify as an LLM?

Marked for deletion (Old)
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Interesting read overall but your english could use a little improving, I don't understand these two quotes:
>perfectionism that discourages all attempts for how we can fail due to lack of excercise
>I most of intellectual talk would not be possible by making an educated guess on how good can be the partner at any field
I haven't used ChatGPT in over a year lol, I'd rather relate stuff to anons on Heyuri than to some megacorpo's database dark
i haven't actually used it once either, that would feel like incest for me!
Anon... "used" as in wrote prompts in it, not had sexorz sweat3

File: IMG20240323095304.jpg
(3877 KB, 3000x4000) ImgOps
3877 KB
are there any farmers/gardeners/people-who-know-their-plants here on heyuri?
i had a peach plant die on me due to me watering it too much, but i decided to keep planting stuff hoping i will get to taste the fruit of my labor (literally!)
there are like 9 different seeds in the pot on the picture, 8 of them are lemon seeds the other is a tomato seed, my mom said all of the ones that sprouted are lemons so does anyone know why the one in the middle is yellowish?
there's also a newly germinated peach seed i buried there a few hours ago but i dont know if i will keep it as the fruit i got the seed from wasn't very delicious

Marked for deletion (Old)
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why was it grown in a playground? highly inappropriate
to prevent over watering, you can put something well draining like gravel or pebbles at the bottom, and to balance the water you can add perlite or pine bark too, because they hold water when theres too much of it, and release it back into the soil when theres not enough of it.

and the plant is yellow because it lacks nutrients, i think yellow leaves are because potassium is insufficient, but all of the fertilizers have potassium and all the other shits like nitrogen, zinc, magnesium, iron... in them too, so you just get one of thease, dilute it in water, and water the plants using the water with the fertilizer, precise instructions should be on the bottle

happy growing biggrin
I've thought about making my own backyard garden ever since i discovered Monet's works, but i wouldn't even know where to start sweat2
thanks a lot!
i already put some small rocks on the bottom of the pot after the death of the first peach plant, i didn't know about the pine bark though, that's going to be really helpful
are there any gardening boards anywhere?

File: DF.png
(8 KB, 486x442) ImgOps
8 KB
I drew two of my classmates having sex

Marked for deletion (Old)
you should send it to them anonymously for the lolz
File: Chris-Niosi.jpg
(24 KB, 459x594) ImgOps
24 KB
Does anyone else see a resemblance or am I just going crazy?
What's the guy's name?

Is it you, OP...?wink

File: MIT.jpg
(23 KB, 704x396) ImgOps
23 KB
university life is fucking retarded.

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: panya.jpg
(252 KB, 436x616) ImgOps
252 KB
if you do it right, it's just the continuation of monotonous high school life
but that was also retarded. sometimes the only thing that feels real in my life is the work i do for money. i think i would learn more from being locked up in a stone tower than from the lessons and community in this place.
hahah baby
and if I don't want high school 2.0? how do you go about fixing it?
it's highschool... but worse

File: snowman2.jpg
(168 KB, 1600x1000) ImgOps
168 KB
i wish it was always winter, i hate seeing disgusting dirty bugs crawling and flying around whenever i want to simply enjoy the sun's rays shining upon me

Marked for deletion (Old)
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I hate the winter.
are you a villain from doctor who?
File: mothraft.jpg
(174 KB, 850x1189) ImgOps
174 KB
be at peace with the bugs and small creatures and no longer will they provoke you or send diplomats that simply draw your ire
I like winter because everything is dead and I don't have to worry about my allergies. I hate the cold and shoving snow though, and all the road salt too.
File: 92b099ed0c097d54083f30262fbf8506.jpg
(1625 KB, 1680x1050) ImgOps
1625 KB
if it was always winter then things like this wouldn't happen

File: Folder.jpg
(273 KB, 600x600) ImgOps
273 KB
This is my favorite denpa song. I love the message it sends ( ´ω`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
IOSYS makes some of the best denpa songs
douteikorose! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
File: Root20Miss.gif
(582 KB, 125x251) ImgOps [Animated GIF]
582 KB
All-tiem classic by ave;new

File: kuz peek.png
(59 KB, 796x600) ImgOps
59 KB
BREAKING: Famous online personality Yuri "kuz" Kuznetsov tragically found alive.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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File: 1672712636168.jpg
(451 KB, 1481x1440) ImgOps
451 KB
istna tragedia
File: oh god why.jpg
(25 KB, 390x300) ImgOps
25 KB
File: 1000015473.png
(758 KB, 604x604) ImgOps
758 KB
he is on a trip, das all (´ー`)
I'll be intercepting Kuzzy while he's on his trip. He'll never see it coming when i steal his AIDS(´π`)
holy crap... I want to have sex with kuz drool

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