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File: jeremy.jpg
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File: 2342143.jpg
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There isn't anything you can't consume VAGINAlly. As long as it somehow mixes to your blood, it's good!
I LOL'd @ banana pen0r

File: 1671824853134.jpg
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4090-san... why is it so expensive to have (;´Д`)

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File: graphics cards inflation.png
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Just out of curiosity, I created this chart showing all the flagship graphics cards from Nvidia and ATI circa 2001 to 2006, their release dates, their MSRPs, and the MSRPs adjusted for inflation (using https://www.bls.gov/data/inflation_calculator.htm ). Note that it doesn't include limited edition cards or overclocked models

For comparison with the MSRP of 2022-2023 cards:

GeForce RTX 4090: $1599
GeForce RTX 4080: $1199
GeForce RTX 4070 Ti: $799
GeForce RTX 4070: $599
GeForce RTX 4060 Ti (16GB): $499
GeForce RTX 4060 Ti (8GB): $399
GeForce RTX 4060: $299

Radeon RX 7900 XTX: $999
Radeon RX 7900 XT: $899
Radeon RX 7900 GRE: $649
Radeon RX 7800 XT: $499
Radeon RX 7700 XT: $449
Radeon RX 7600: $269

So yeah... putting aside the RTX 4090 (which is extremely overkill and unnecessary for gaming), launch prices haven't increased that much in the past 20 years. And as I said earlier in the thread, cards today will hold their performance and value significantly longer than the cards of 20 years ago, which were outdated and worthless in just 2-3 years sweat2
GTX 1060 6 GB is all you need in life. Don't listen to the haters. "Gaytracing" is a big meme. cool
File: 1692730817406607.png
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122 KB
worse than my 1660s. good luck playing modern games with this.
File: t_6b50a83e7e4cf63bb6f02bb11130e9b8b79d26(…).gif
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Your fortune: Average luck

I am playing modern games with my gtx 960 4gb:
ender lilies
touhou 19
cruelty squad
File: 168962058990.jpg
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intel HD Graphics 4 ever

File: taichicomputer.gif
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I am the campoter man!

Marked for deletion (Old)
What is he sitting on? nyaoo2
my hopes and dreams
File: Mayumi upside down.png
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Don't worry anon, i'm sure you'll be able to buy a chair some day. I believe in you!

File: 1700110166200889.jpg
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AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE BACKROOMS ARE HORRIFYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE ME HEYURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by the ghosts from fatal frame which infected all the images on my c drive and is now spreading to heyuri (;´Д`)
File: rambo-first-blood-923174251.gif
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mods in this thread:
File: huh.jpg
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What happened in this thread?! glare
I worked at a pool like that. It smells awful. Old water combined with chlorine and other bleach like odors for floor. And some gel for the water level chlorine stains I had to remove once in a while xd
You have no idea how smelly people can make it. Because I worked for the pool I could enter for free in free time but I never did. I know how showers were attended and almost nobody showered before entering. Sweat, piss, some wankers with cum, even shit stains and peroid blood was omnipresent, just not visible in the water. Open wounds, boogers and saliva. Water saturated with farts, feet dirty with some sand that a cleaning underwater roomba like thing had to clean the bottom of the pool every week. Dead insects on the bottom of the pool at those shower-like water spewers, mostly the biting flies, butterflies and bees were found there. I didn't see anyone puking but I bet some did from getting tired. How come people don't get AIDS from swimming? In short pools are awful.
It doesn't. It only does if you make it.
Smiting newfriends
because aids isn't real and the chlorine kills the yucky stuff!

File: F_NaaoYb0AArWfG.jpg
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Who wants a new hole, and where do you want it? biggrin

Marked for deletion (Old)
Kowai huh

File: th-130088318.jpg
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I just watched Mississippi Burning... I feel bad for the nigras now cry nigra

Marked for deletion (Old)
i assume you have never interacted with a real nigra?
File: images (16).jpg
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aye blud, if you use Heyuri, you likely interact with real niggas everyday nigra

3349 KB
My bat Excaliborg can accomplish anything!!!

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i was shocked too when i found it out 2 weeks ago sweat
it used to be polish childhood classic culturally (i dont know if todays teens got to see it), some kids were comparing each others mothers hopping to all neighbours beds like maya from flower to flower, a classic insult too nyaoo-closedeyes
File: dokuro-chan ending 2.mp4
(5509 KB, 480x360) [ImgOps]
5509 KB
>maybe Dokuro-chan would be a good choice for some future CyTube stream?
It was actually teh very first show we attempted to watch together as Heyuri's Monthly Anime, but then TEH CRASH happened and it nevar continued cry

It's recently been added to our cytube anime nominations page for great justice, plz register on teh wiki & vote:
looking back at the animation now, it makes no doubt!

>some kids were comparing each others mothers hopping to all neighbours beds like maya from flower to flower
polish WIN lulz
File: piru.gif
(607 KB, 495x371) [ImgOps] [Animated GIF]
607 KB
Dokuro-chan is specially funny here in Brazil cause "piru" here means "dick" so when I watched it the first time I went "haha LOL PENIS" the whole time

File: HNI_0001_JPG.jpg
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posting from the 3ds web browser
request me retarded shit to draw on the game notes

Marked for deletion (Old)
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i second that, very cute
Thirded, it's kawaii blush
Fourthed, I luv Heyuri-tan
oh, that looks really good! astonish

File: pantsu.gif
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1120 KB

パンツ (*'ー')・・・・( ´ω`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
so this is the reason why baseball is so popular in Japan

File: 20231110_230958.jpg
(2923 KB, 4000x2250) [ImgOps]
2923 KB
New arrival

This one consists of:
-Pop team epic 1-3 + konya mo necochan (bought just for the cat manga)
-Azumanga things
-Senco 1-12 zenkan
-Arawi's CITY 1-13
-Lucky star (for rarer books)
-Madoka and homura figurines
-Hidamari 1-10

Totalled me 220 USD with shipping and taxes

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File: 20231112_025329.jpg
(2473 KB, 4000x2250) [ImgOps]
2473 KB
for goodbye there is a not so flat senco
File: 20231112_025421.jpg
(1980 KB, 4000x2250) [ImgOps]
1980 KB
and white fox is captured!
nice op where do u get this stuff from??
Mostly from

My middleman of choice is
Zen also can auction things for you but i never tried it, they also accept buy requests from any japanese business by just giving them the link

If you buy a second hand huge set it is much much cheaper
youll give it to me when youre done right?

File: Moreland.mp4
(2435 KB, 640x360) [ImgOps]
2435 KB
What is it that makes black comedians so funny?

Marked for deletion (Old)
I dunno, I hear going thru shit in life makes you more funny. Or maybe it's the fact that people let them get away with more than comedians of other races.
must be all that reefer 🚬
File: 1403121637-de218.jpg
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40 KB
Will her eyes pop like balloons if needle gets inserted? Hot love
something is inherently funny about being nigra

File: IMG_20231117_210325.jpg
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4473 KB
Have any of you got any strange combos recipes, or methods you use while preparing food to break up the monotony?

When I have rice as leftovers from a previous meal, I like to cook it in milk, put some sugar in (usually a mix of icing and regular sugar), then add spices and herbs, like lavender, mint and cardamom. When I want some extra flavour I put in chocolate, or banana as a healthy alternative.dance

Marked for deletion (Old)
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Do you mean Indomie noodles? I love those. drool
yea. i love eating those. back in elementary/middle school my mother cooked them for me almost every day
How do you combine them with frozen chicken tikka masala? Do you just make the noodles normally and add curry to them?
yea. basically i cook the noodles normally then cook the tikka masala normally and dump the tikka masala on top. sometimes i will add salt and vinegar chips if i want some crunch
i don't go out of my way to avoid monotony, usually just eat the same stuff for a week, cooking it every to every second day. there is some variety in it through what i eat at work since there are two days where i know what i'll get because i dedicate those days to that.
currently i mostly eat egg fried rice with button mushrooms. one of my fav super lazy meals i cook are noodles with butter and soy sauce or if i don't feel like cooking a pack of peanuts and maybe some canned fish

(182 KB, 727x861) [ImgOps]
182 KB

Marked for deletion (Old)
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File: Desu Figure.jpg
(40 KB, 450x600) [ImgOps]
40 KB
No price is too high....
Okay fine I'll sell them for $45.99$40.00 please please just buy one my house is full of these fucking things. cry
make it 18.99 and you got yourself a deal
But then I'll be $600,000 in the red. cry Please sir, I have a family to feed. emo
you didnt consider that im evil and greedy angry

File: EGg4Q14U8AE7eaY.jpg
(254 KB, 1152x2048) [ImgOps]
254 KB
chen in real life...? astonish
give her belly rub...(´人`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
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are japs really into this? its kinda freaky astonish
File: 5neo1rdml4.jpg
(579 KB, 1536x2048) [ImgOps]
579 KB
it actually makes sense why some japs would like this... stuff like super sentai / power rangers has been popular for a long time there, plus japan has a big mascot culture in general. most fetishes develop during childhood so its probably a case of shota going through puberty + seeing someone in a zentai suit on tv = キタ━━━(・∀・)━━━!!

adding an anime character aspect to it just makes it more appealing to jap men methinks.
File: kigurumi fan.jpg
(50 KB, 712x480) [ImgOps]
50 KB
A lot of otaku love it precisely because of the animegao. If it was a fetishy thing, most kigurumi events evolve into gay orgies...
Not that it would be a bad thing. It's moar liek yuri at that point blush
>most kigurumi events evolve into gay orgies...

How do you know that they don't? unsure
I will make Ran face from this
Add these eyes
The wig will probably be two wigs combined, will get from some aliexpress for 5 cents, same with tails, and make up tools are available easily
Then the kigurumi suit/gloves at least from arms to yubi and possibly some tits

Get this dress (it must be from teh Chinas, probably goes about half price somewhere, will find later)
Then getting some shoes and socks which will be the easiest part

I adore Ran too much, cute ancient fox servant nosebleed
I dont care about that retards wear these, i always wanted a solid cosplay, chen cosplay ceased to be sufficient for me...
Then i will wear it to sell untaxed drugs and japanese knick knacks i dont need to retards overobsessed about nippon at the central railway station nyaoo-closedeyes
Or i will most likely wear it once and never again for fear of getting beaten that i look like the emperor Faglord of the gay empire which is a possibility in my environment
I have only one friend, i will force him to wear chen cosplay since he is skinny like auschwitz prisoners

File: 1699735498234917.jpg
(100 KB, 768x576) [ImgOps]
100 KB
I had a dream where they removed the Yotsuba emotes emo

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: 1699778053743.gif
(1987 KB, 286x227) [ImgOps]
1987 KB
I LOL'd and FART'd
I had a dream there were way more eva rebuild movies, like each movie had 3 more filler movies between, with the exception of thrice upon a time. like it went
eva rebuild alpha
eva rebuild beta
eva rebuild gamma
eva rebuild 1.11
eva rebuild 2.alpha
eva rebuild 2.beta
eva rebuild 2.gamma
eva rebuild 2.22
eva rebuild 3.alpha
eva rebuild 3.beta
eva rebuild 3.gamma
eva rebuild thrice upon a time
*eva rebuild 3.33 between eva rebuild gamma 3 and thrice upon a time
So you dreamed that Evangelion was created by Tetsuyo Nomura

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