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File: pantsu akabei.jpg
(133 KB, 1014x1024) [ImgOps]
133 KB
dance2 pantsu akabei dance2
w00t dance2
File: dejiko.png
(616 KB, 940x863)
616 KB
dance dejiko dance
You broke Heyuri, nice job. angry
I want to see dejiko sad

File: megaphone.png
(553 KB, 1145x972) [ImgOps]
553 KB
Post a vocaroo of you saying whatever, it will be interesting to hear how other posters sound

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I assume many Heyuri users (and "spent most of their life on the internet" people in general) have at least some degree of social ineptness or obliviousness liek myself, yes biggrin

As stated b4, u won't know what u really sound like until u hear urself back - u will likely have a false impression of how u sound, or even believe that microphones "change" ur voice (rather than them revealing how u actually sound)
i luv u too, uu nyaa~~ love
I only ever talk to my family/sometimes to the cashier these days, and that's just a few words. My chin gets tired after speaking a few sentences. I will lose my voice at this rate ph34r


We at Heyuri - We love to have fun, so much fun we shit our pants. So, If you are like us - make sure to visit Heyuri. Net. So you also can shit your pants.

File: 25375530110_c9e1a693ee_o.jpg
(56 KB, 1137x640) [ImgOps]
56 KB
My PC is faster now. smug
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Sure, but Kokonotsuba's turbo buttan is basically NUKE'ing old threads (;^Д^)

I am pretty sure there is a leak of it somewhere, but maki isn't associated with it. I don't think he ever was
>I am pretty sure there is a leak of it somewhere, but maki isn't associated with it. I don't think he ever was
It wasn't leaked, rather it was open source to begin with sweat2

The latest surviving version I know of is https://github.com/NoMud0/sakomoto , which has lolico's commits up to 2020/03/09. He switched to working on the Heyuri 2.0 software "a few weeks" before 2020/05/16 according to teh news post, so there's probably not much difference from when it was last used on Heyuri
Rite, I think I was confusing with Heyuri 2.0's software. I remember there was some leaks, lolico begging kuz to demand nakura-san to delete them from 2ちゃん、and some more ghey stuffs.
I am not 100% sure about the details, but I am sure there was some software leak at some point
>I am not 100% sure about the details, but I am sure there was some software leak at some point
I have some (all?) of those leaks, but they're very incomplete unsure
File: gotta go fast.png
(399 KB, 498x411) [ImgOps]
399 KB
lol mine too

File: 1652260364541.jpg
(772 KB, 1020x1320) [ImgOps]
772 KB
Post some catgirls my niggas
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File: Konachan.com - 108468 sample.jpg
(832 KB, 1421x1200) [ImgOps]
832 KB
>> 340 KB
File: kagunyaa~~.jpg
(180 KB, 868x947) [ImgOps]
180 KB
kagunyaa~~ lolico
File: kagunyaa2.jpg
(50 KB, 763x547) [ImgOps]
50 KB
kaguyaa~~2 lolicololico
>> 643 KB
last kagunyaa~~, i will save the other 30 img lolicololicololico

File: nazrin.swf
(639 KB) [ImgOps]
SWF Embed
I promised to upload that mouse once i fly back home, i want to make sure you saw it boys because i liked this flash a lot
End of thread (i guess? (OR A FLASH THREAD?!))
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yakumo no pon or something, its been ages i dont remember sad
Knowing japanese writing and basic chinese helps understand around 90% of the lyrics if written, otherwise almost nothing, onyomi only can confirm what the reader suspects, but doesnt lead to anything on its own almost always
Its no discovery but it thrills me every time, when trying to understand the chinese i would just ask to write it as it is the preferred method of communication between these two if no common language is present
The definition of a conversation with no word said during its entirety, and the only example of such kind that works anywhere in the world
World despite being harsh is beautiful sometimes
Awesome flash love
Less than half a MB too!
File: sneak.swf
(286 KB) [ImgOps]
SWF Embed
I know sum Japanese but I recognize almost none of the kanji at the lyrics unsure

I could only guess what is 小妹, and the two before 愛愛 looks like 思? On top off my head, the few I recognized like 上走 or 的s on their own don't make much sense anyways

372 KB
long head is looooooooooooooong

File: 1680543818123143.jpg
(206 KB, 1445x1242) [ImgOps]
206 KB
yogurt cat
File: rabit.jpg
(452 KB, 2048x1464) [ImgOps]
452 KB
earless rabbit
File: ManWhoThoughtPaintWasYogurt.png
(151 KB, 325x424) [ImgOps]
151 KB
Yogurt man

File: 003-3.jpg
(93 KB, 800x600) [ImgOps]
93 KB
What are we playing?
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File: Action-52-cartridge.jpg
(58 KB, 470x470) [ImgOps]
58 KB
forgot picture
How much was it? Aren't these expensive?
File: 40deb401b9ffe8e1df2f1cc5ba480b12.jpg
(374 KB, 1080x1487) [ImgOps]
374 KB
Might be inflated bc of retro game market tomfoolery but uhh.. not cheap
if the dragon ball z sagas copy in the back is an option, i'll go with that.
500 for a collection of terrible games, I'd rather import a japanese sega saturn and burn actually good games to disc.

File: 9jecbhFn8X3wWYJ.jpg
(1254 KB, 2894x4093) [ImgOps]
1254 KB
Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? Mine is orange sherbet
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File: images.jpg
(11 KB, 266x190) [ImgOps]
11 KB
Cookies and cream is mankind's greatest achievement
cookies and cream is awesome. so is cookie dough and cookie monster
I've never had Ice cream.
How? glare
Vanilla ice cream(in a bowl or cup not a cone)is the only sensible answer

65 KB
the place to sleep
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im gonna
im gonna SNIIIIFFF
hnnggg teh shmellll (´¬`)(´¬`)
I overslep!!!!angry
File: wakeywakey.gif
(548 KB, 480x360) [ImgOps]
548 KB
Good morning everyone!biggrin
Guten morgen biggrin
Ohayo gozaimasu sweat2 (<-- still awake from yesterday)

File: earthNotFlat.jpg
(159 KB, 940x1329) [ImgOps]
159 KB
Does he have a point? unsure
I can enjoy them both round and flat, so I don't really care wink
(47 KB, 700x700) [ImgOps]
47 KB
it's funny how when I first saw Earth-chan, the power of a cute girl actually achieved making me feel bad for the planet. the effect was only temporary however nyaoo
File: EarthChan.jpg
(92 KB, 809x988) [ImgOps]
92 KB
You can't argue with nigra science nigra

File: troubledosaka.gif
(8 KB, 100x100) [ImgOps]
8 KB
my mom almost caught me using heyuri now...Σ(;゚Д゚)
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But loli is love
yeah who would have known that somebody wouldn't have noticed a website they almost certantly haven't heard of
Whenever i browse heyuri i hook up my pc to my BenQ projector and project it out on the street
File: 498754.jpg
(142 KB, 550x799) [ImgOps]
142 KB
postan on 56518-san's street!
how did your mom almost catch you?

File: momo.gif
(3520 KB, 498x448) [ImgOps]
3520 KB
why do people get so angry ヽ(´ー`)ノ
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I am very much against this specific colorscheme. Please fix.
i love these effects, looks awesome biggrin
You'll never reach the path to enlightenment with that attitude smug
File: WAHA.png
(97 KB, 300x419) [ImgOps]
97 KB
>whatever the Heyurism equivalent is
Fairly certain it's "WAHA!~"

File: hikaruNoGoManga.jpg
(102 KB, 710x1000) [ImgOps]
102 KB
Anyone ever read or watched Hikaru No Go? I remember seeing it in the back of Shonen Jump manga as an advertisement but I never ended up reading it
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I think it has the right pieces to play with, though, which is what pisses me off the most. For one, the character design and their unique gimmicks are a highlight
File: ss_cover_5.jpg
(222 KB, 755x1112) [ImgOps]
222 KB
Yobidasareta Satsurikusha
9 chapters available, I think. There used to be ~3 chapters translated, but I can't find them or the scanlator anymore. It's based on a light novel. It's an isekai, but the twist is that the MC had murderous urges and used martial arts to control them before being summoned. First thing he does when he's summoned is kill all the guards, take the princess hostage, kill the king, and go on his merry way. Nicely edgy as fuck.
File: cutieMutie.jpg
(37 KB, 225x321) [ImgOps]
37 KB
i remember i started reading this online in middle school and i dont remember much besides it being very dark, especially for my 11 year old brain dark
Hikaru no Go is real? Wasn't it just some fake manga they wrote in Bakuman?glare
A few days ago I started reading the manga; it's pretty nice.

122 KB
BAM! Fuck you! biggrin onigiri
Miku is strong...
File: miku.mp4
(8039 KB, 510x360) [ImgOps]
8039 KB
she sounds different here...
FUHRER FUHRER ni shite ageru!
KRIEG wa madane, ganbaru kara!
FUHRER FUHRER ni shite ageru!
Dakara chotto kakugo o shitete yo ne!... onigiri

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