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File: dobbshead.png
(101 KB, 1807x2713) [ImgOps]
101 KB
Any SubGenii on Heyuri? I've been studying this parody religion for a while and it's actually pretty complex.


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Humans are just monkeys. Religion and morality isnt real. Sex feels good so you should do it ヽ(´ー`)ノ
That's something I've been worried about with regards to modern religion. The issue isn't the death of God per se, but rather the loss of mysticism and literal belief. From what I understand, in general the people of the past literally believed in God/the gods, daimons (in the Greek sense), ghosts, the Longaevi (what we'd call fairies and elves), angels, demons, and so on. In their eyes, all of those beings were just as real as you and I. Then the Enlightenment came and it became totally uncool to believe in higher forces, especially if it went against rational beliefs. But that's just my limited understanding of the situation.
I agree with what you say, but keep in mind that for every case of genuine divine inspiration, there's at least ten cases where it's mental illness, attention whoring, or spiritual deception (prelest, for the Orthodox Christians among us). There's a reason the Bible says to test the spirits, and that's because they love to troll us mortals.
I think 2D porn can be good within certain limits. Loli raep, NTR, and guro don't do anything good for the soul, but happy loving sex with cute girls certainly does.
Actually I think religion and morality are humanity's survival strategy for dealing with consciousness. If it weren't there we'd probably go around killing each other sadistically for resources and such, more than having sex.
A better question is why does religion and the occult become something weird after the Enlightenment? What changed?

The idea of the Enlightenment was that reason and science were the best way to find the truth and, through reason and science, humans could have power over nature. We don't believe in gods or spirits anymore because we can't control them or use them as resources. If it can't be turned into a raw material then it doesn't exist then it doesn't matter. This instrumental way of thinking dominates everything. Even people are now just "human resources" that only have value if they are useful to some corporation or politician. We are just meaningless statistics.

People weren't monkeys or invented religion or magic as a coping mechanism, we just invented a new way of thinking in the 1800s and decided to reject anything inconvenient to that worldview. Religion became even more inconvenient with the rise of neoliberal consumerism because that's all about buying and selling and being as selfish as possible. When I sometimes go to small villages I see people who really believe in djinns and spirits and possession. I've seen some freaky stuff unsure
>religious prostitution
"Hey guys, we're not prudes, look we even have misogynistic human rights abuses!"

File: Trouble Windows (HD, subtitles).webm
(13329 KB, 960x720) [ImgOps]
13329 KB
i fucking hate normies so much why do i have to suffer to integrate into a society that hates disabled people ????!!?!!?!! angryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangry

fuck this i wanna be a NEET again!!!!!!!11111111111111111angryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangryangry

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Your fortune: mah pen0z is bigger than uurz

it is actually 2 minutes and 13 seconds
I fucking hate work why can i just leech of someone else (;´Д`)(;´Д`)
in the old days we would've killed people like you
be thankful, won't you?
this only solidifies my point, you big dummy biggrin
did your dad talk through you with this post? tongue
I think there should be monasteries for NEETs and the disabled. All they'd need to do is maintain their building, make their own food by having gardens and livestock, and make hand-crafted goods. In exchange they can spend the rest of their time doing whatever, like watching anime, reading books, playing video games, and contemplating the mysteries and wonders of the universe (like the beauty of loli VAGINA). xp
That way they don't have to interact with society, and they're self-sufficient so workers' tax money doesn't go to them. Everyone wins! biggrin

File: maxresdefault.jpg
(137 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
137 KB
can milei replace peso with dollar?

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If he can convince the parliament, sure. He doesn't have a majority. nagato
That's not necessarily true, being the president he can set a decree or call for a binding popular consultation, for the People to vote if they really want to aprove it.
apparently he wants to make organ harvesting and sale of children legal and says hes going to abolish the bank of argentina and all banks will be privately owned with no government ones to print money glare
I'm not Argentine, so I was not aware of that.
>he wants to make sale of children legal

File: 1688155599881.jpg
(15 KB, 268x268) [ImgOps]
15 KB
How do I talk to the wimmins?

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File: RWS_Tarot_13_Death.jpg
(38 KB, 300x528) [ImgOps]
38 KB
Your fortune: mah pen0z is bigger than uurz

It is just an image I saved cause I like skeletons and I think they are cool
File: Sherlock.jpg
(725 KB, 754x1056) [ImgOps]
725 KB
>It is just an image I saved
Yeah, but it has the same unix timestamp as the image from that /jp/ post. So either that anon also got it from yagami.it, or the anon from yagami.it got it from somwhere else entirely, and anon from /jp/ also got it from that place...
File: free candy.jpg
(112 KB, 780x520) [ImgOps]
112 KB
Tell them you have candy and stuffed animals in your van! mona2
Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン

I just don't understand why you care so much about where that specific image came from.
I don't really "care", I just remembered it from that post and it also turned out both images have the same unix timestamp, neither of you changed he filename (filename itself indicates the image was originally saved from or posted on May 31st 2020, half a year before that /jp/ post). I just foud it interesting, and it's still not clear what's the file's origin...

When did you save that file? Was it somwhere in May/June 2020? That would indicate both you and No.31703526 /jp/sie anon got it from yagami.it . Or maybe much later, and the guy who posted it on yagami.it got it from that /jp/sie?

File: Heyuri Fighter II.png
(653 KB, 1284x768) [ImgOps]
653 KB
Heyuri Fighter II: Teh Weeb Warriors biggrin

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I can't beat BOKU, they're too strong cry
File: heyuritan_streetfigtenen.png
(163 KB, 574x411) [ImgOps]
163 KB
You'd better not spam the Heyuri-Stars this time!! angryangry
File: Secret boss.png
(1728 KB, 1920x1140) [ImgOps]
1728 KB
>I can't beat BOKU , they're too strong
Don't worry ph34r
File: selectyourcharacter.png
(1108 KB, 1600x933) [ImgOps]
1108 KB
Meh, Heyuri Fighter Alpha had moar characters. Only true l33t gamerz play it. cool
The game that originated the Alpha-ban mechanic love

File: Flandre.jpg
(79 KB, 850x637) [ImgOps]
79 KB
Vampire party time!!!

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File: F_doRaGa4AE3JlP.jpg
(313 KB, 1000x1417) [ImgOps]
313 KB
ray-moo > flandere. nyaoo-closedeyes
File: clownpiece.png
(625 KB, 750x750) [ImgOps]
625 KB
Lunatic time.

File: image.jpg
(36 KB, 633x338) [ImgOps]
36 KB
just harvesting sum LOL PENIS

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File: image.jpg
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31 KB
I'm robbing you with mai penor!
This is a dick up!!!angryangryph34r

File: 1159583128950.gif
(19 KB, 100x100) [ImgOps] [Animated GIF]
19 KB
Life-like texture ;_;

Marked for deletion (Old)
Breast manufacturing foruda
LOL yay ヽ(´∇`)ノ

File: 1700595634005s.jpg
(6 KB, 200x150) [ImgOps]
6 KB
i swear "rule 8" gets deleted faster than CP does

Marked for deletion (Old)
It gets baleeted at the same rate as everything else - i.e. when I or another staff-san checks teh boards sweat2

Also nice thumbnail u saved thar...
..Shouldn't this be in /q/?
i mean, im on puresutesion bita, and i needed the first image i could find happy
my philosophy is: post on the first board you see, and let the mod decide where it goes biggrin
Is this a compliment or complaint? unsure

File: sakuri.jpg
(36 KB, 600x618) [ImgOps]
36 KB
do you want to hurt her? drool

Marked for deletion (Old)
Yes, I like dealing excessive harm and raep biggrin
File: 1682193171066209.jpg
(185 KB, 850x957) [ImgOps]
185 KB
metoo mona2
File: ezgif-5-91926e3cdf.gif
(1758 KB, 598x311) [ImgOps]
1758 KB
no, on a related topic, some youtuber i follow, who's a self-proclaimed: "Sexy PyramidHead Loli from Cyber Hell." has alerted me to a remake of demonophobia:
still haven't got time to play it properly, but what i've seen so far, it's pretty decent, more polish then the original

File: Screenshot_2.png
(88 KB, 169x204) [ImgOps]
88 KB
what is the name of those japanese games that are based on real life tragedies and there are lots of them

Marked for deletion (Old)
someone mentioned this on lounge once
The "someone who mentioned them on lounge" guy reporting in - they're called fukinshin games! (不謹慎ゲーム)

Here's a link to the thread where I reposted that post (and several others):
File: ayana.png
(1803 KB, 1447x2047) [ImgOps]
1803 KB
i am obsessed with otonashi ayana
ddlc isn't scary at all angry

131 KB
Miu kissing Chika blush

Marked for deletion (Old)
chuuuuuu 💋

File: 8qtUJnVbY68D2HYJM557O.jpg
(51 KB, 564x423) [ImgOps]
51 KB
I went to the convenience store and purchased some snacks. Ordinarily I would have bought sweet chilli heat flavoured Doritos but they were out, so I just picked flavour at random: BBQ. Upon returning home and tasting my piquant morsel I immediately recalled that I had in fact tasted this very same variety of tortilla chip before. It was the summer of 1999 and I had gone to the convenience store with some friends in search of candy and instead found this; BBQ flavoured Doritos with a collectable Star Was Episode I card inside. The flavour brought me back to that very moment when I had first savoured this delectable treat. How quickly I remembered it and how vivid the memory was! As I feasted upon my refreshment it was as if I had been transported back in time!

Now with my stomach full and my hands empty I find myself feeling a certain longing for the past, those halcyon days of my youth...

Marked for deletion (Old)
tldr; op bought a doritos and found a shitty star wars card inside
>> 172 KB
Pokemon Tazos biggrin
Funnily enough I don't recall seeing these back then, although they should have been around. unsure I did have pogs though.

File: 4074192211_9578a07caa_b.jpg
(200 KB, 768x1024) [ImgOps]
200 KB

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Why do you keep posting pictures of this child on here? It's kind of weird. unsure
are you a robot?
No? Is this like that picture of the girl firing a submachinegun, it looks really cute but it turns out there's a dark story behind it. Am I missing something here?
is this masha
Lol, is this a girl? I thought it was a picture of Chris Chan in his youth...

File: hesass.png
(39 KB, 270x371) [ImgOps]
39 KB
post internets and webshitters that are neat and cool and stuff idk.
neocities are fine but actual websites are preferd

some internets below -

>http://animewallpaper.narod.ru/ retro anime papes
>https://www.cameronsworld.net/ just click it
>http://www.minitokyo.net/ more anmie ya
>https://www.themeworld.com/ this is neat

pls provide any neat internets you may have come accross thkx nyaoo

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have all chans in the f*cking world
File: l337.png
(218 KB, 1877x713) [ImgOps]
218 KB
1337.net - epic site for epic l337 h4xxorz cool
No offense but how come whenever someone on a chan makes this type of thread people always post the same things. neocities, anime thingy and mod archive or archive dot org
why (;゚∀゚)
Cuz the people traditionally interested in imageboards (anime/gaming/computer nerds) are the same people interested in those things... isn't that obvious? unsure
Japanese TV

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