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File: h.jpg
(206 KB, 1600x900) ImgOps
206 KB
minasan, do you believe in GHOSTS?
when i was about 5 years old, i was left home alone by my parents. it was late in the evening, as it was winter, it was dark outside already. being a child i was scared of the dark. they left me in the living room where the light was on, but in the hallway it was off. i was very displeased at the idea of having to go there. but my own biology had betrayed me... i had to use the bathroom soon enough! Σ(;゚Д゚) when the urge became uncontrollable i decided to go against my fears and walk up to the hallway entrance. for some reason, the floor was creakier than usual... well, in the hall, i saw a black figure standing menacingly, changing forms the longer i looked at it. i made a sprint to the bathroom despite feeling paralyzed out of fear. when i turned on the light in the bathroom, the mean spirit turned out to just be the long coat hanger we had.
do you have eerie paranormal stories to share? maybe ones that dont have such a childish ending? happy

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>> 168 KB
We are ghosts that have bodies.
*music plays*

you are beautiful lets be paired together forever
my wife has a ghost version of her and it is so pretty im already in love!

File: panty_doritos.png
(1199 KB, 900x900) ImgOps
1199 KB
I'll take twenty! blushlovecool

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it probably tastes like salty coins and milk
what's the starting price for one packet? drool

File: sniffing girls socks.jpg
(470 KB, 1242x2177) ImgOps
470 KB
Alright, which one of you joined the IDF?!

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Why only sniffing? Is it too painful to jerk off with it because he has no foreskin or is a jewish nose a more sensitive organ?
If he jacks with it the smell will be gone. This used to happen to me all the time. The article of clothing in question starts out as pristine and beautifully scented, then over time it's a dirty rag, and all I can smell on it is my jizz. worst part is, you can't wash it either, because the smell will go away that way too.

It's really better to just sniff while you jack, so that the smell is preserved.

File: mirrors by yajirushi.jpg
(1004 KB, 850x850) ImgOps
1004 KB
i've been thinking happiness comes from realising that no way of living on this planet could confer true self respect until the world is fundamentally changed. that also means the task of changing the world isn't reserved for the people who already have a respectable existence, because there are no such people.

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happiness, in my opinion, comes from being successful in the things you like
like a car enthusiast repairing his first engine... i think, i'm not a car enthusiast
can you niggers not?
What's the problem, lolis? If you have a problem with lolis then you should probably go find a different site dark
lolicon lolicon oooo, ooh~~ lolicon!~~
What was the point of calling anons that word? Even if you don't like people derailing the thread...dark

File: hawa.gif
(567 B, 42x48) ImgOps
567 B

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1653 KB
>When I returned home for the first time in a long time, my little brother transformed into a girl!?

So... This is basically a manga about a 20 year old dude coming home and finding his 11 year old step brother having turned into a loli. as a gender bender connoisseur, i highly suggest this one. its name is "How the Little Brother Who Turned Into a Girl Became His Big Brother's Girlfriend"

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File: lilbrosmile.png
(1517 KB, 2160x2880) ImgOps
1517 KB
link? foruda
the link to the original manga: https://mangadex.org/title/ff4b6bfd-40b4-4a84-b60e-1006c46c106b/how-the-little-brother-who-turned-into-a-girl-became-his-big-brother-s-girlfriend
the link to the +18 version: https://mangadex.org/title/7a23de9c-01b8-43bd-ac38-0bfe0bebcc3b/how-the-little-brother-who-turned-into-a-girl-became-his-big-brother-s-girlfriend

have a good read (⌒∇⌒ゞ)
I popped a b0ner blush
File: 287bdf62-f609-45fa-9885-bdaafaa61c14.png
(944 KB, 2100x2800) ImgOps
944 KB
girls having orgasms are the cutest

File: oyasumi.swf
(3132 KB) ImgOps
SWF Embed

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unimpr0tant but にちよう is probably 日曜日
>All: Tomorrow we'll have lots of fun, night party!
All: Tomorrow is sunday, we'll have lots of fun, night party!
U beat me!
here are my version of the lyrics:
The Good night song

So frantic! (frantic) So excited! (excited)
We can't stop our heartbeat~
So we can't sleep~
(I'm turning oof the lights)
Big Sis! (what?)
You're turning the lights too soon!

"If you don't sleep already the awake kids monster will come!" (Cho, choiaaa~)

Look, the stars are beautiful
Big sis, look too! (wow...)

If we just went to sleep now,
"it would be a waste waha-!" "choia, choia!"
"Maybe you're right!"

Let's play!

Who are these awake kids? (x6)
We can't sleep on this fun night
Tomorrow is Sunday, so let's make some noise in this night party!
>It'll be such a wahaーaste!!
ahhh that's so cute
you are correct

File: 10575.jpg
(76 KB, 734x418) ImgOps
76 KB
heyuri, do you have any pets? shii

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File: ralphpuppy.png
(2856 KB, 2002x1274) ImgOps
2856 KB
i have two dogs, this one is ralph. he is a basset hound! (´人`) this was him as a puppy...
File: ralph.jpg
(1868 KB, 3253x2447) ImgOps
1868 KB
...and this is him now xd he's quite fit for his breed, i suppose the extreme wrinkles come with age...
File: tail.png
(923 KB, 669x903) ImgOps
923 KB
and this is my other dog, tail. he is some kind of poodle mix, and is around 12 years old. foruda
i had a cat once... cry
Oh, he's so cute blush

File: 1679018592790.jpg
(23 KB, 480x277) ImgOps
23 KB
I just did a college presentation by myself conpletely ad lib and nailed it.
How is your semester wrapping up fellow collegefags? Blogpost your worries away

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File: 1691409762030457.jpg
(113 KB, 731x731) ImgOps
113 KB
same! it is over for me. I don't know what I will do with my life.
wrapping up you say? i have yet to recieve the results of my midterm, i am studying but it feels hopeless, i am too shy to even ask the professors for clarifications, i have 0 friends
yep! gonna kill myself soon! no but really, if i fail yet another year i might really think about it
i have been a neet for 6 years and i am just enjoying life without a care
I will keep going to uni as long as they keep paying me to attend. Whether I get my degree or don't get my degree doesn't matter, when that money stops coming in, I'll stop coming in.
File: cheesepizz0r.jpg
(100 KB, 1200x1049) ImgOps
100 KB
school is for suckers! cool

File: maxresdefault (3).jpg
(60 KB, 1280x720) ImgOps
60 KB
What's the lulziest game ever made?

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File: Internetbox.png
(131 KB, 305x375) ImgOps
131 KB
I beat some trolls off good from that game. Pretty lulzy to say the least! biggrin

File: 2024-05-16_18.19.29.png
(1777 KB, 1920x1017) ImgOps
1777 KB
So, I got a new server that will (hopefully) work 24/7 and without sudden outages.

WoW and Minecraft servers and back online too.

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Relevant Steam threads:
I forgot my password. How do I change it? I'm trying the commands but they're not working...
lol nvm
Do skins work with pirated copies? sweat3
I think so

File: nika.jpg
(739 KB, 2048x2048) ImgOps
739 KB
“the good” would be a terrifying shoggoth if it existed. believing that it does is probably what turns people into villains.

Marked for deletion (Old)
is this about religion??

File: owakon.png
(33 KB, 1200x1200) ImgOps
33 KB
Using yt-dlp, I can't download videos with sound off NND anymore. I mean videos do download, but they don't have any sound. Do you have it too?

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: HEILUTAAN sm43783030 Oxte.mp4
(10438 KB, 1280x720) ImgOps
10438 KB
works for me with an account, haven't tried without an account.

yt-dlp --cookies-from-browser "firefox:%%APPDATA%%\librewolf\Profiles" --embed-chapters -o "C:\Users\PENIS\Downloads\nicovideo\%%(title)s %%(id)s %%(uploader)s.%%(ext)s" https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm43783030
File: ffm peg.jpg
(503 KB, 794x1104) ImgOps
503 KB
solved it, it was my ffmpeg failing to merge for some reason
Goddammit, I will never unsee "FFM peg"
could be worse, I keep misreading it as "ffMPREG" blush

File: RzzHYtB.png
(30 KB, 250x193) ImgOps
30 KB
Fuck you, kid. closed-eyes

Marked for deletion (Old)
>> 28 KB
anyone up for a human milkshake?
How did we live before... uh... fuck, what do the kids like these days? Bakugan?
Bakugan and Beyblade were the latest Japanimation craze among kids, as I last checked
yokai watch was another cool thing that did not do so well in america but in nipponland it was huge

File: Me_and_Banttan_Kissing.png
(1181 KB, 6144x4096) ImgOps
1181 KB
drawing my waifu and I being lovey dovey is the best, it always makes me happy inside
whenever i go to sleep i dream of her touch and her golden strands
whenever i wake up i cry for i already miss her
she is the sun that illuminates my dark and sad reality
she is the wind that blows away all my worries
shame that the 2D | 3D dimension barrier keeps us apart ;_;

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DoveGirl is your waifu?!?! (;゚∀゚)
this is cute 💓
this will kill me bringing me even further away from her sweat3
unless after death there is some entity that allows me to live in the same reality as her
nope, its bant-tan, i just suck at drawing from certain angles
someday i will git gud at drawing and do her justice with the best lovey dovey art
>unless after death there is some entity that allows me to live in the same reality as her
maybe you can get isekai'd! biggrin
i wish cry
never before have i fallen in love so hard for a 2D character, now i truly understand the otakus

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