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File: IMG_1240.jpg
(228 KB, 479x472) [ImgOps]
228 KB
Nekos or inus nyaoo-closedeyes I see lots of nekos but so Inus
it's cute but not as cute as loli nekos x3
Inus sux because artists always get the ears backward (your pic being a good example). It's also sometimes a problem with neko, but it's far rarer. Therefore, neko is superior nyaoo-closedeyes
you should post more so we can compare! loli is still loli's xd

File: ruri_nadesico.png
(2317 KB, 1772x1332) [ImgOps]
2317 KB
Do you screencap while you watch anime?

Here's the best Rui shot from Nadesico! nyaoo-closedeyes
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File: paused.png
(2586 KB, 2292x1292) [ImgOps]
2586 KB
File: lolicrododdile.png
(1995 KB, 1564x1178) [ImgOps]
1995 KB
File: lolicrododdile2.png
(1391 KB, 1564x1180) [ImgOps]
1391 KB
Why she so squiggly?
File: angrylolininja.png
(2461 KB, 1560x1174) [ImgOps]
2461 KB
how dare you call squiggly! angry

File: asahara.jpg
(244 KB, 1176x1344) [ImgOps]
244 KB
He was just trying to save us...
Idk why he decided to Inital D everyone in the train station when he already had so many followers?
The point was that everything was going to go to shit so he wanted to give people the easy way out, some people also suspect the plan was rushed since there had been more and more investigations into the group's activities during that time by Japanese police
I remember someone took a photo of him and slapped the Subway Surfers logo on it.

File: images (62).jpg
(64 KB, 718x427) [ImgOps]
64 KB
Which countries should I visit if I want to go around raping people?
All of em dance2
File: 1685807528858.jpg
(62 KB, 718x427) [ImgOps]
62 KB
India, i thought that was quite obvious

File: guess.jpg
(363 KB, 1104x615) [ImgOps]
363 KB
Can you tell koreans, chinese, and japanese apart by look alone? Take a guess with this picture. If you know who they are, your cheating! Dont spoil it for everyone else
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File: guessedd.png
(2984 KB, 2266x1268) [ImgOps]
2984 KB
what do i win?
They all look a lot like Japanese comedians I've seen on TV unsure
i think eye shape and eye-nose-mouth ratio gives clues, some people look very obviously japanese or korean or whatever race, but it takes months of observation to recognize the subtle differences... (´ω` )

>>56794 is my same thoughts. 4th guy looks kinda like an old korean dyke (´∇`)
Ha, you fools. These are all japanese people
Hopefully these people are famous enough that when OP reveals who they are that we will be able to look up their ethnicity instead of their nationality

File: heroes_of_newerth_miku_skin.jpg
(147 KB, 1280x697) [ImgOps]
147 KB
In general for my own part, I can like those which are pure cosmetics and only make my charachter look different. Such as in HoN or Overwatch. But unfair advantages sucks.

Still, the best is none at all. I really liked COD MW2 on ps3 which had cosemetics you earned as you played the game; 250 headshots you unlock a golden gun. Things like these are awesome.

DLC i find to be alright as you get more "game" for a small price. Often for a new map or something that does take time to develop.

A video about why modern game sucks:
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microtransactions are one of the many things that have ruined modern AAA gaming... I remember the days when the only games with them were cheap mobile games that everyone laughed at. cry
I do look forward the new diablo 4, but i hear it has so many microtransaction in it... sad

Props for Nintendo that mostly manage to stay away from it. But this is not 100% true... dizzy
The fact that they're so normalized that people now think you're weird for being against them makes me sadsad
Microtransactions, macrocancer.
Small cost, big turd.
Content like bird food, product like elephant shit.
Need I go on?
True. Other major components include achievements (so you no longer play the game for fun, but rather to show others how "nerdy" you are (by the way the cake is a lie XDD)) and an insistence on "safety" and "market tested" game concepts instead of fun (related to that, the massive scale of modern dev teams, preventing any possible cohesive vision and ensuring scope creep).

49 KB
is posting demotivationals still funny or is it tryhard?
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How are they done right?
>> 17 KB
No need to apologize. And look at the bright side, you got dubs!
Menhera-chan? What are you doing here?!
File: 1 gSHrSNZK0bx-X7m1RraA6A.jpg
(75 KB, 1200x642) [ImgOps]
75 KB

825 KB
wtf is my chicken wing doing
It's an abomination. Kill it with fire.
File: 1097815057131.jpg
(118 KB, 1600x1200) [ImgOps]
118 KB
Some chicken wings are frying, but this chicken wing is clearly flying huh
but that's not a chicken wing, that's a chicken leg sweat
No, it's a chicken wing. It's just so high it thinks it's a leg.

23 KB
rub the back of your ear
smell it, taste it if you may
post results
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I never knew you were supposed to clean the back of your ears.
Sometimes it burnt a little when I rubbed it.
Do you clean your belly button too?
i dont like the way touching my belly button feels, even thinking about it now makes me feel weird. i havent touched it in years
i never touch it, it feels weird as fuck.
your parents never taught you to clean behind your ears??
It smells like a delicious packet of dominos parmesan, sometimes its bacon macaroni scented

File: heyuriCan.png
(1564 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
1564 KB
Heyuri Pop drool
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Apparently it is, although I wasn't personally aware of it (I also didn't see nor baleet the post in question)

"u mad"-type posts always suck, but then again so does every SRS BZNS and meta-related reply in this thread about a drink can with a green star on it dark


now lets talk about the heyuri pop again drool
first order of business: what does it taste like?
its a lotte product and ive had two of them before and they both tasted like watered down versions of american drinks so it probably follow a similar formula
>> 90 KB
it would definitely taste like a mix of ramune and starry. Maybe it's because of the color scheme. unsure

41 KB
Wevie Stonder or Chay Rharles?

File: 1683235916832.mp4
(1270 KB, 386x480) [ImgOps]
1270 KB
what makes them so comfy I wonder astonish
cuz they are waterdogs!
hmmmmmm I want to club that fucker
they have lots of blubber that's basically like a big blanket that covers their whole body and never gets soggy or sweaty or uncomfy. if it wasn't for orcas they'd be the most comfy creatures in existence ヽ(´ー`)ノ
I want to kick that thing.
I want to have sex with that thing.

File: Cosplay 1999.png
(2091 KB, 2028x1414) [ImgOps]
2091 KB
Cosplay seems so geniune and fun back in the days in Japan. Everyone is just there to have fun! biggrin

But... why did they have to cut when the cute girl in the end gets to speak! cry

It's always nice to see people being earnest about their hobbies
>> 2854 KB
Detectives in teh comments determined this was actually recorded in 1995, which seems to line up more with the characters they're cosplaying

Bakuretsu Hunters FTW biggrin

53 KB
lol im writing this from a netbook in McDonalds
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dont have borgir rn dark
are you perhaps the famous Hackergroup Anonymous!!! glare using public wifi?
can't connect to McD's WiFi for whatever reason, so I'm using wireless tethering but ye it me hekr Anonymous biggrin
please, how to hack my mom?
>> 752 KB
your mom's an android? kakkoi glare

File: 1685717229.jpg
(169 KB, 1024x768) [ImgOps]
169 KB
be right back gotta take the bus
last time i took a trip with the bus i woke up in a new world as a loli neko.
File: BOKU.jpg
(165 KB, 768x1024) [ImgOps]
165 KB
>Ashiya Doll Appreciation Festival Executive Committee Website
>This festival is held on April 29 every year. In 2006, a tie-up project with the anime Rozen Maiden, which was airing at the time, was held, attracting many fans

I tell you, I should have been born in 1980's Japan...
File: konata bus.png
(219 KB, 406x373) [ImgOps]
219 KB
I'm taking this one

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