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File: taiga_and_the_crew.jpg
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Starting off with a classic that a fellow heyurian recommended: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WSnhP42e2A
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Forgive the bump but I just remembered that I have a few super rare Japanese DnB albums from the early 2000s. 2 of them are rare enough that there are only one or two mentions of them anywhere online. The Drum'n Bass Kannon one by DJ みるふぃ〜ゆ is super good. Have fun listening!
File: dnb kannon.png
(312 KB, 384x375) [ImgOps]
312 KB
The covers are great too
Reminded me of this!
Thank you so much, what a straight bangeR!! dance
Thank you so much! Wish I'd have something to share, but most of my DnB upbringing has been Pendulum: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsKucVafHJ8 ヽ(´∇`)ノ

File: 1507561772774.gif
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File: 1675796730595.png
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anybody else been mistaken for a homosexual by strangers irl more than a few times?
its happened to me too many times to just write off as nothing.
there has to be something about my appearance or mannerisms that have caused it.
perhaps what's hidden from yourself is obvious to the people around you? wink

File: 17017196721_17f1c94636_b.jpg
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200 KB
even germans wear japanese school swimsuit?
What kind of weirdo do you have to be to never have heard of a one-piece swimsuit or to think they're japanese? Ewww! dizzy

File: hello.jpg
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Are you even real?
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File: smug.jpg
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File: osaka.gif
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>> 20 KB
well i guess i am

File: Heyrui_mgt_kagunyaa~~.png
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I think this card is rather OP as it cost 0 to place, and it doesn't say anything about discarding....
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forced meme closed-eyes
no, it's just me that likes to call him that lolico
I also like to call him kagunyaa~
so that makes kagunyaa~ popular with at least 33% of heyuri's user base tongue
33% is pretty shocking numbers, but the fact doesn't lies! xd

also, how can one not add a extra "n" to get the moé effect! wink

File: NEGR-ON.jpg
(811 KB, 1500x1024) [ImgOps]
811 KB
K-on but they are blues band! biggrin
oh no cry
they're Okinawan
Poor Mama Mio, Blind Rockin' Ritsu, Ol' Yella Yui, Mississippi Mugi, and Rough Ramblin' Azusa

File: YqwQQ.jpg
(529 KB, 2000x1201) [ImgOps]
529 KB
the remasters got uploaded without denuvo so you can pirate them easy. biggrin
I'm currently trying out the first game and just got ambushed by venomflies. they nearly wiped out my whole damn party, and I had to make a desperate rush back out the dungeon before I lost all my progress dark
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Dungeon Travelers, Phantasy Star (only the first) and Mary Skelter come to mind. cool
But all the best dungeon crawlers are western titles, even though they tended to sell better in japan, ironically. I already mentioned wizardry and grimrock, there's also the obvious like bard's tale series, ultima underworld 1 & 2 and so on.
He has teh same face as 2ch faces
and https://play.gikopoi.com avatars biggrin
I remember specifically the all uppercase FOE more than the face
File: foe touhou.webm
(4705 KB, 1522x900) [ImgOps]
4705 KB
File: theresiadearemile_0.jpg
(18 KB, 250x150) [ImgOps]
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should 110% check out Theresia: Dear Emile, the closest thing to a guro loli game on the DS. a hybrid, horror, point & click, dungeon crawler.

File: 1657861716841.gif
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688 KB
some of my images got corrupted when I changed their location I tried some repair software but it didn't seem to work cry
A very similar thing happened to me back in april
173 images corrupted forever cry
Download Crystal Diskinfo right now and look at the S.M.A.R.T. values of your SSD/HDD right now. If the program reports that your drive is in bad health, you need to buy another drive right now and transfer the data over. You can also use an external drive: I recommend getting an enclosure and a regular 2.5" SATA3 SSD (such as Crucial MX500) but you can buy a regular external drive if you want to.

If you are on GNU/Linux you can use smrtctl command (from smartmontools package) to check your drive. You can also use SystemRescueCD to get a liveCD/liveUSB Linux environment. LiveCD means that you boot into a temporary Linux environment without installing anything on your HDD/SSD. You can use Rufus to "burn" the SystemRescueCD iso on a USB drive. SystemRescueCD comes with a lot of tools, including smartctl/smartmontools but you can also just use Linux Mint or Xubuntu iso, but if you do use another Linux distro, you may need to install smartmontools package (with sudo apt-get update && sudo apt install smartmontools). You can use "startx" command to get a GUI (after you have logged in, which may be automatic). If you have logged in as root (aka admin), you don't need to prefix your commands with "sudo". sudo is just a program that can be used to get temporary root rights for just 1 command (it asks for your password).

Here is how to use smartctl.
1. open terminal emulator
2. run "lsblk" command (no quotes). I use /dev/sda as an example (it's your first SATA drive). # character starts a comment.
3. sudo smartctl -t short /dev/sda #replace sda with the right drive, check lsblk output
4. sudo smartctl -H /dev/sda #check results
5. sudo smartctl -l selftest /dev/sda #more details
6. sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda #even more details
If you get errors, you need to do long test with sudo smartctl -t long /dev/sda
both samsung magician and crystal diskinfo says my hdd is in good condition ヽ(´∇`)ノ

96 KB
It's been awhile since I've watched Madoka Magicka but I've been feeling nostalgic for it recently
Should I watch Rebellion or Magia Record first if I want to revisit it?
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isn't Magia Record some gacha spinoff? just from that basis alone I wouldn't bother watching it closed-eyes2
>> 150 KB
Huh, all I saw of it was an anime listing on 9anime. I didn't even know it was based off a gacha. astonish
madoka is a trap
>> 584 KB
Yeah a. Chinese finger trap. I'm putting in my "finger" and she isn't letting me pull out wink
just rewatch the show, all the movies sucked imo
ive watched the show 3 times, at three separate points in my life, it gets better and more relatable with every rewatch

File: 3D-Nekos2.png
(2874 KB, 948x1622) [ImgOps]
2874 KB
Are 2D nekos better than 3D? Let's discuss, but first of, post those 3D Cats. Here're mine.
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File: IMG20230531111812.jpg
(1297 KB, 4160x2336) [ImgOps]
1297 KB
Stray cat I spotted at work the other day. Has 4 kittens (though you can only see 1 kitten's face in this pic)
this neko is so cute. i hope it enjoyed grass meal happy
File: 3D-Nekos8.png
(5290 KB, 1960x1606) [ImgOps]
5290 KB
She's super friendly and very kind, but now it looks like she wants to murder me! Where ever I go they also go! Stalkers!

Out on the streets looking for animals again? wink
File: ködi.jpg
(2313 KB, 4000x3000) [ImgOps]
2313 KB
here's mine eating my leftover beans
File: cat.jpg
(646 KB, 4608x3456) [ImgOps]
646 KB

File: ww2 japan3.png
(5490 KB, 3184x2146) [ImgOps]
5490 KB
Would you?

I like my time at the computer, but life would be so much different if I wasn't using one. Just imagine going back 70 years and live in the late 1940s. Might be harsh due to the world wars and the aftermath etc. But the thought of a very different life seems intriguing.

I found an interesting video about US-solider living abrod in occupied japan during the late 40s with his family.

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Interesting link OP.

As per your question, the 1960s have their charm. As do the 1970s and 1980s. If I had to pick, I'd say late 1970s to the late 1980s. I like alot of the music and cars around that time.
I think I'd like to be born in the late 80s. I can't help but feel that I missed out on the golden age of otaku media and culture as well as the internet in the 90s and 2000s
The only era I'd live in is the future because I seek naught but immortality. closed-eyes2
Excluding this quirk, the year 600 BC or so sounds like it was quite swell, at least around Rome. Failing that, around 1687. It's when microscopy was popularized by Hooke. Lots of cool stuff happening in the sciences around then, might be fun. Interesting conditions of life for the plebs as well, pretty comfortable for the most part, with only mostly localized droughts, wars and diseases. cool
no i wouldnt, as time passes society is rounding itself out, the 1900s was a time of great change, and things were cruder and less controlled, even if certain aspects were better, there will never be a time more comfortable than the present
if you went into the past, you would realize just how much you have to struggle
I cannot help but somehow wanting to live a much simpler life that are closer to the nature. It's a life of struggle, but so is life now too, but very much of a different one. I think life is what you make of it, so change isn't impossible. I am just curious how life could be if I wasn't me. Just maybe I could had a cute wife in the 1940s that cook food for me when I come home that makes it all worth it? nyaoo2

File: The Greatest Shot In Television.mp4
(4174 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
4174 KB
The Greatest Shot In Television

File: 20230327_161501.jpg
(137 KB, 1013x1350) [ImgOps]
137 KB
r8 my arcade setup.
for real, this is looks hella awesome for looking like the shittest arcade game ever! But still awesome! biggrin
this is great, but I am skeptical that it is yours

File: deadJap.png
(105 KB, 315x256) [ImgOps]
105 KB
Anime is over. I killed the Japanese.
False information, title is about russian roulette
Anime is not over yet
It is true information. She lost the Russian roulette. I killed her. Anime is over.
>> 97 KB

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