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File: 645784572.mp4
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why did this give me a boner?
she has nice legs and looks like she's flicking it
new fetish unlocked: drunk girls giggling while they pee on you and call you a douchebag nosebleed
Because pee is hot
well... guess its fap tyme sweat2

File: 711chan.png
(49 KB, 2405x1189) [ImgOps]
49 KB
Is 711chan dead again? "Server not found"

Marked for deletion (Old)
It works on my machine
Weird, after refreshing a few times and switching to 711chan.wtf it works again
Nevermind then... rolleyes
good riddance! dance2

File: HLwallpaper05_16x9.jpg
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3642 KB

Marked for deletion (Old)
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Well, yeah, but until tomorrow Half-Life 1 is free (25the anniversary deal) so maybe more people could play now?
File: heyuri gaem night 1.webm
(7350 KB, 720x480) [ImgOps]
7350 KB
didn't we already?
I see only 6 autists lolico
not me
so no
>We already did
what stops you to play again?

File: 1448969078-art-388.jpg
(673 KB, 1145x800) [ImgOps]
673 KB
Have you got any favoured Western Comic artists? I was masturbating a second ago, so my mind is on erotica, but you can talk generally. I enjoy work by Budd Root.nosebleed

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File: rcFzIHAQ_0202200938101gpadd.jpg
(542 KB, 661x800) [ImgOps]
542 KB
Paolo Serpieri is great. He does amazing work at rendering flesh.
File: b 2.jpg
(50 KB, 435x700) [ImgOps]
50 KB
is this a copypasta? sweat
File: cXLDqWsg.jpg
(38 KB, 680x510) [ImgOps]
38 KB
wikihow art style is quite good
File: Sham_bam_bamina__01.jpg
(176 KB, 595x475) [ImgOps]
176 KB
you can do it ganbare biggrin

File: 1699129564946-2.jpg
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did teh sonic fans kill michael? astonish

Marked for deletion (Old)
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da jooz silenced this thread astonish
Hey my "touchy subject" pun was quite clever angry
File: 1699129564946-0.jpg
(208 KB, 816x536) [ImgOps]
208 KB
they killed him for trying to use the konami code in a sonic game
File: 1699129564946-3.jpg
(32 KB, 269x410) [ImgOps]
32 KB
did he raep the sonic?
File: MJ-Sega-09.jpg
(143 KB, 513x415) [ImgOps]
143 KB

File: Nerawareta-gakuen.jpg
(162 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
162 KB
I was introduced to this board yesterday and I gotta say it looks great! biggrin
For my first post, I'd like to ask "What are your fav movies?"
I'll start off with this: Nerawareta gakuen (1981). Beautiful high school movie about a psychic war. You can get lost in it.

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File: newarrival.gif
(1570 KB, 400x300) [ImgOps]
1570 KB
>I was introduced to this board yesterday and I gotta say it looks great!

Corpse Bride was airing a couple days ago, so I thought I may as well sit down and watch it again. Last time I watched it was a kid, so I forgot the plot. Toward the end, I thought the main character was going to start a two-way marriage with his living wife and the dead one, but no. sad
One thing I appreciate more now upon rewatching is the use of stop-motion in this and some of his other 'kid-oriented' films. Really sells the macabre fairy tale look that it goes for. The ending was trash, though. Victor deserved his necrophiliac marriage with Emily! Living brides don't hold a candle to maggot-ridden flesh! angry
>> 487 KB
Continuing the psychedelic theme, here is a director I like to shill: Pierre Clementi. Very fragmentary, possibly wanky short films and pseudo-movies. A more narrative one is À l'ombre de la canaille bleue (1986). "hallucinatory sci-fi punk movie about the aftermath of a failed revolution.
File: Lady Snowblood.jpg
(392 KB, 1772x2254) [ImgOps]
392 KB
My favorite is probably Blade Runner, but i have many i like: La Dolce Vita, Kill Bill, Lolita (1962), Breakfast At Tiffany's, etc...
However, i'd like to use this post to recommend Lady Snowblood. The opening scene where it looks like the rest of the world doesn't exist beyond the night simply blows my mind
File: bladerunner1982theprodigalson.webm
(3482 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
3482 KB
my favorite movie is also blade runner (´人`) everything about this movie was so gorgeous i think my brain couldn't process it and i had an emotional seizure (´ー`) i cried multiple times while watching it. one of my favorite things is that you can see the replicant's pupils shimmer for quick moments under certain lighting, reminding you that they are still just machines, no matter how "human" they may feel. (spoiler alert for vidrel but this scene is so metal (;゚Д゚)

i've been watching a lot of samurai movies like ran, harakiri, and seven samurai. if any other heyurians know of good samurai or ninja movies, ples reccomend (^Д^)
>this scene is so metal (;゚Д゚)
The most hardcore scene i can remember is when the female replicant tries to kill the protag right before the famous monologue. The way her behaviour changed combined with the way the scene was directed made me genuinely worry for the protag
BL 2049 is also very good, but i still like the original better

File: chizuru 1.png
(1994 KB, 1920x1080) [ImgOps]
1994 KB
Can you guys help me choose here? Chizuru is addicted to the Game Gear and it's having a negative impact on her life, but I don't want to lie to her... but she shouldn't even know about it in the first place.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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Where do you live anon? There's some business I have with your sister.
its Muv-Luv, not sure if alternative or the main game
anime sister GET (´人`)
Can you guys help me choose here? Chizuru is addicted to the PENIS and it's having a negative impact on her ANUS, but I don't want to lie to her... but she shouldn't even know about it in the first place.

71 KB
I hope every desuposter gets the "hydraulic press treatment"

Marked for deletion (Old)
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>> 166 KB
Everybody knows that u can make pancakes out of boobz... But can you cook anything out of girlz squished with an hydraulic press????????
I'm not sure perhaps a lasagna?
I for sure know though there are ways to cook with the semen you will get from fucking and masturbating to her flattened corpse.
File: cylinder.png
(1600 KB, 1680x1120) [ImgOps]
1600 KB
Of course! You can make cookies from her abdomen dough! Make sure to mix it in with the vomit for added flavor. wink
...you have to use a circular press, though.
genki genki biggrin

File: Heyuri.png
(58 KB, 712x787) [ImgOps]
58 KB
Heyuri is CCP approved! biggrin

Marked for deletion (Old)
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File: Hao party.mp4
(98 KB, 360x270) [ImgOps]
98 KB
Thank you, mister Xi. Heyuri will always support you and your claim over the rogue province.
File: ia excluded.png
(13 KB, 718x321) [ImgOps]
13 KB
Heyuri is Internet Archive disapproved cry
Archive Today has no problem with us, but Wayback Machine does for whatever reason. ┐(゚~゚)┌
The general consensus iirc is that it was most likely a false flag from a bitter ex-user. Kaguya also said he would contact them about it, but we never heard the end of that story. My guess is that Internet Archive was less than responsive, to say the least. (^Д^)
>> 10052 KB
We don't need an archive, our legacy will be eternal along with the glorious communist party! biggrin
File: 1696269298280-1.jpg
(221 KB, 1024x1024) [ImgOps]
221 KB
Long live Marxism-Heyurism!

Carry aloft the banner of John Xina Thought!

Wrestling is the highest form class struggle!

67 KB

Please pardon the intrusion! Just making this thread for the kind anonymous who offered to help! biggrin

Marked for deletion (Old)
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File: fd507cd539d8.jpg
(227 KB, 1632x1224) [ImgOps]
227 KB
i hope you EXPLODE and BURN IN HELL with 6,000,0,000,000 WHITE SNAILS eating your CORPSE (´人`)
File: heyuridomination.jpg
(123 KB, 454x461) [ImgOps]
123 KB
File: 1682043126820.jpg
(138 KB, 552x561) [ImgOps]
138 KB
The green star reminds me of Esperantohappy
File: green star.jpg
(20 KB, 388x390) [ImgOps]
20 KB
Heyuri - la loko por esti

File: 144.jpg
(89 KB, 800x600) [ImgOps]
89 KB
I found this gallery while fapping, you should check it out too! I think it's one of the best "normal" random ero image galleries I've seen.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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you have to follow set of instructions to access exhentai
i got white screen everytime i open this websitecrycrycry
File: e99c6a40b77883570852d5ad1bfc5787.jpg
(2323 KB, 1700x2070) [ImgOps]
2323 KB
he's joking, the actual sad panda hasn't shown up in a long time

clear your cookies for exhentai (because they'll keep you locked out of the site until you do), and then log into e-hentai before accessing exhentai. this safety measure is annoying, but it prevents moral busybodies from finding the loliz and shotas and then trying to get the site taken down sweat2
normally I don't spoonfeed but I liek heyuri (´ー`)
File: 1.jpg
(271 KB, 1200x900) [ImgOps]
271 KB
another thing is that your e-hentai account needs to be 1 week+ old, so create it now!
File: e99c6a40b77883570852d5ad1bfc5788.jpg
(2453 KB, 1700x2070) [ImgOps]
2453 KB
figure I might as well post the second one too (´ー`)

File: karin.jpg
(206 KB, 1366x768) [ImgOps]
206 KB
I've been finally reading Suigetsu for the entire weekend, but still no waha spotted... cry
That said, the artstyle is so good! I didn't see any (naked) H scenes yet, but it still has one of the best art styles I've evar seen in an eroge. Even the other works the same artist has worked on doesn't have such a nice artstyle. BGM and the general "atmosphere" of it is also very good. Textractor doesn't work on it, but the Grand Pakeeji edition that came out few months ago added a voice acting which helps a lot nyaoo

Too bad I was supposed to have been writing some ghey reports instead.. ( ´ω`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: 1696659936547.jpg
(92 KB, 700x917) [ImgOps]
92 KB

File: NADD.png
(174 KB, 1024x695) [ImgOps]
174 KB
Ayy, whiteboy, welcome to NADD (Niggas Against Drunk Driving)
I know this group is fo' niggas an' all, but you seem like a real sober soul. plus, anybody can be a 'nigga', deep down man, y'know. So, you wanna join or what?

Marked for deletion (Old)
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I can't stop drinking though; I need water to live!!!!1!
I drive better after a few drinks. dizzy
i hate alcohol but you telling me what to do makes me want to drink and drive angryangryangry
how can i be a nigga deep down? i wanna be a nigga biggrin
do you like fried chicken and watermelons? do you like living a carefree life not doing anything in particular? do you spontaneously beatbox when presented the opportunity? are you deathly afraid of men dressed in white sheets? are you white on the bottom of your feet? if so, you may be a bonafide nigga on the inside!

File: 1523164430760.jpg
(55 KB, 640x480) [ImgOps]
55 KB
If you want a Scary board, make this board it!
Only scary stuff allowed!!!!

Marked for deletion (Old)
I'm not sure if its real unsure
File: 1135783508483.gif
(294 KB, 800x600) [ImgOps]
294 KB
I had a fricking horrifying dream
I was at an amusement park with my family except it was rundown and in the forest (the ferris wheel was made out of Minecraft cobblestone)
We went in a river ride and we were washed into the ocean
I was pulled under and there was a pink fish with sharp teeth for eyes
I was surrounded by little versions of that, in a coral reef.
I tried to swim away and failed, but eventually won
I tried to climb an old rusty radio tower but couldn't, and the pink fish popped up again

I had this dream while sick, so imagine waking up with a horrible throat and exhausted after that
File: spook.gif
(294 KB, 800x600) [ImgOps]
294 KB
File: IMG_1380-2167043678.jpg
(212 KB, 1200x1600) [ImgOps]
212 KB

File: 1670426325162315.png
(334 KB, 640x480) [ImgOps]
334 KB

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: Sakuranbo.mp4
(4251 KB, 320x240) [ImgOps]
4251 KB
suki suki suki~
File: I want to believe!.png
(366 KB, 600x750) [ImgOps]
366 KB
Kissu~ ヽ(´∇`)ノ
>> 51 KB
its tiem DESU

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