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naked sex fighting is how we should resolve all international conflict
who wanna resolve international conflict with me? ヽ( ´ω`)ノ
File: yotsuba yes.png
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File: 1602102619921.jpg
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I'm all for it but how is the winner decided? The one that cums the most?
Who cums first?

File: 0-97659.mp4
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File: metaldance.mp4
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File: Cap084.jpg
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i lov this scene, tomo making fun of chiyo.. i love dis showe
are u a girl?

File: sisyphus.jpg
(53 KB, 509x339) [ImgOps]
53 KB
Why do people mow grass if it's just gonna grow again?
They mow grass because they want grass to grow again. If you don't mow your grass, you get a garden full of shitty moss.
grass is biggest waste of time, am so glad moving back into apartment

File: juken.jpg
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69 KB
should have studied moar...
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>how people can seriously like guys
Not people, faggots
It's official: girls are faggots banana
File: fujoshi.png
(170 KB, 500x533) [ImgOps]
170 KB
I KNEW IT! angry
This picture leaves me confused
lol I was the saem but sadly my class were all goody-goodies
This reminded me of a dream where I had no pants but wasn't ashamed at all. I was just walking around feeling almost proud of my own exhibitionism

348 KB
SOMEONE GET HIM angryangryangry
File: Gary Oak.jpg
(20 KB, 525x513) [ImgOps]
20 KB
Heh, it's only natural that the feeble lady needs the aide of THE Gary Oak to capture a simple animal. Stand aside or I'll have too smell ya later.
File: garyoak.jpg
(36 KB, 536x758) [ImgOps]
36 KB
ONE MORE THING. Since I'm Gary Oak I'll quote the OP and you'll LIKE IT!!!

File: cute anime pic 0552.jpg
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Kawaii uguus are space aliens. biggrin

File: th-1822525748.jpg
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Did you know that in the netherlands there exists a christmas tradition called Sinterklaas where, every december 5th, santa, together with his gang of loyal african slaves, come to Amsterdan to give candy to the good children and rape the ones who have been naughty?
looks cool, are you from netherlands?
I'm Belgian. Don't confuse me with those freaks. closed-eyes2
nigra 🎁

I got dis present for you, homie. Merry Christmas n shit, aight?

File: notify the authorities.jpg
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126 KB
I've been attacked.
Is this AI?
a REAL cursed image. get out of this thread immediately!

File: 1.png
(215 KB, 852x724)
215 KB
Just a comfy drawthread, draw whatever you like and post it!

Marked for deletion (Old)
File: 1.png
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215 KB
I dunno what happened, image
>> 128 KB
you're already dead. Sorry anon
File: tan.jpg
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908 KB
Heyuri-tan's hairstyle is fucking retarded
>Heyuri-tan's hairstyle is fucking retarded

File: toi.png
(101 KB, 1833x972) [ImgOps]
101 KB
https://www.toiletgirl.net/ (´ー`)

Marked for deletion (Old)
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why this nigga banned though?
it was AIDS: the blog!
Noooooo now that you banned him he's gonna leave us a bad review on his blog crycrycrycry
File: 090.jpg
(325 KB, 1280x1882) [ImgOps]
325 KB
i don't mind heyurianons, or anyone else using free blog hosting sites, but 99% of the blog's content was fucking cancer! i skimmed through the blog and was mildly amused by a few post, but the rest was really forgettable
banned? don't you know that Kevin Logan is a master ban evader?

>One thing these NPCs need to understand is that they aren’t the ones who decide if I’m leaving their place…
>I’m the one who decides when I leave!

he could be in this thread right now... unsure
I think the smell of that would be bad... It's like leaving wipe toilet papers in a trash can next to the toilet.. It would smell bad

File: 524352345234523.jpg
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1667 KB
what did you eat for dinner/breakfast today andwhat did youhave to drink alongside it
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File: food.jpg
(254 KB, 1600x1066) [ImgOps]
254 KB
i was forced to eat squash (´~`)
Slop i made with shit from Lidl
i am praying for your recovery, anon (;´Д`)
egg and water
1 nori sheet with soy sauce and half a tuna can, life is good biggrin

File: Screenshot (1155).png
(161 KB, 381x390) [ImgOps]
161 KB
You people don't ACTUALLY look at cheese pizza, do you?
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nah i like pepperoni pizza :P
Beats me. OP must be one of those weird people who close their eyes when they eat. glare2
File: maxresdefault-4178161401.jpg
(99 KB, 1280x720) [ImgOps]
99 KB
Post CP to scare OP ヽ(´ー`)ノ
File: 317593123.jpg
(1095 KB, 5344x4008) [ImgOps]
1095 KB
boo! xd
>> 83 KB
I dont like cheese pizza

File: pkmnhg3325streak.jpg
(1836 KB, 2448x3264) [ImgOps]
1836 KB
I thought we could link up via wifi and play together, if anyone is interested we can play on the pkmnclassic server together and do some battles or trades together, I'm playing on heartgold.


DNS (enter into the wifi settings when connecting via tethered or phone connection or older router) is on the website.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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>Is there any reason you prefer Kaeru?
I used Kaeru because Wiimfii wasn't working for some reason. From what I remember, they use the same method, no?
It's probable I just fucked it up somehow, and just got it right when setting up Kaeru. ┐(゚~゚)┌
the Phantom Hourglass online mode is pretty fun, you take turns being the phantom guards (you control three of them) and Link, with the goal being to have the most triforces on your side of the map at the end of the round
Metroid Prime Hunters might be fun too but I've never tried it
there's also Tetris and Puyo Puyo, however those are really only fun if your opponent is similar in skill to yourself
Speaking of MelonDS, you can play online with it just like a real DS. Meaning if we all downloaded MelonDS we could theoretically play any DS game together! victory for internets

File: IMG_3331.jpg
(3090 KB, 4000x3000) [ImgOps]
3090 KB
I thought we were playing Mario Kart. Where are you guys? unsureunsure

>the Phantom Hourglass online mode is pretty fun
I never knew Zelda once had an online astonish my fault for having never played the DS Zeldas I supposesweat
I'd rather do it after the cytube.
I'm the guy who knows nothing about multiplayar, so maybe in the meantime, we could decide on the method to play? You guys talked Kaeru, Wiimmfi, but MelonDS is the best method, yes? nagato

File: 7868968.jpg
(707 KB, 688x952) [ImgOps]
707 KB
/b/, I'm getting really into loli again. Not so much into doujinshi or any type of pornographic material, I've just been.. fantasizing a lot in bed. I always dream of hypothetical scenarios, where I get to take care of an lg for the day. I love hyper lolis, girls at that innocent stage in their life, right before they hit that age where they become moody irony poisoned brats.
I want to give tummy motorboats and neck kisses to cute lolis, and do just about every perverted thing I could do without hurting them. I hate how I have to suppress this, but I feel like my love of loli is seasonal. I usually go back to fully developed women after a month of being loli exclusive, then two months down the road the cycle continues. Can anyone relate?

Marked for deletion (Old)
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i commonly spend my days taking care of my samsungs, but an lg, man, daitan danaa~ ヽ(´∇`)ノ
File: 1700790637701815.jpg
(198 KB, 1024x1024) [ImgOps]
198 KB
sorry I only like creepy crawlies

genki genki biggrin
took me a while to realize but this is robotshit, what a disappointment
sucks. the thing is its actually sorta normal but so many pretends it not. . ... which is dumb
they think they are better because they pay lip service to their untruth, but then masturbate to petite teen pigtails schoolgirl-outfit cosplaying as a teen character pornography.
Weird World.
Do you think the artists at Toei actually referenced real child pinups when they drew that gorgeous piece of artwork?

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