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chicks from anime and games used to be so cool drool
File: 1651858056627.jpg
(2987 KB, 1920x3255) [ImgOps]
2987 KB
File: Angel Cop.jpg
(173 KB, 1000x1441) [ImgOps]
173 KB
Bad example but yeah definitely
Is she bad just from the way this screencap looks or does she actually suck in the show itself?
File: reki smoke.gif
(1332 KB, 498x280) [ImgOps]
1332 KB
I haven't watched the show I just think the girl in the screencap looks boring dark
Haibane Renmei is among my favorites, i always loved the ED.


File: Alita collecting.png
(126 KB, 400x670) [ImgOps]
126 KB
Alita-san blush

I finished reading Vol. 2 yesterday, pls don't spoil anything
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File: Alita owns a literal who.png
(297 KB, 351x689) [ImgOps]
297 KB
>Is she the MC?
oh thats cool, i had no idea that it was a female mc! I only seen the coverart...
Alita dies, then resurrects and learns that her brain was unknowingly replaced with a biochip tongue
That's Astro Boy.
File: polarbear_ahhhh.jpg
(89 KB, 495x413) [ImgOps]
89 KB
Spoiler!! AHHH!!

File: 1498070360762.jpg
(53 KB, 600x376) [ImgOps]
53 KB
Alright, gentlemen. How do we kill Superman? nyaoo-closedeyes
put sugar in his diet coke?

he will die from diabetes. biggrin
Pfff smug
Just make tonight crypto night ph34r
File: ConfusedJew.jpg
(72 KB, 525x654) [ImgOps]
72 KB
*heavy breathing*
Your fortune: Average luck

hmmmmmm closed-eyes2
Should we just contact Agent Popeye?

File: lanmine-stepped-on.jpg
(15 KB, 284x291) [ImgOps]
15 KB
oh no, what are you going to do?
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wonder why is there a landmine in my garden closed-eyes2
for safety reason maybe? to keep robbers away?
File: 1685992792859.png
(311 KB, 1386x620) [ImgOps]
311 KB
Welcome to the Balkans biggrin
wait i stepped on a l
File: WTF Boom.mp4
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3729 KB

File: otaku4-1.jpg
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41 KB
Choose your figther! Winner gets a bodypillow! biggrin

File: obr2901.jpg
(342 KB, 1034x731) [ImgOps]
342 KB

SAURIANS from HELL want to CHIP you and control your MIND.

THEY replace BARCODES with CHIPS to ensure quick CHIPPAGE.

THEY will shove the CHIP extremely far up your ASS, and not have the courtesy to give you even a REACH-AROUND! (I know this from personal experience.)

To avoid this you must fall in love with ME. And learn how to LIVE.


File: smart_jesus.jpg
(5 KB, 228x197) [ImgOps]
5 KB
I learnne haw to love, annd how to live. Praaise the lord! i said, no to chip and heeellla yeah to the prob in ma ass!

File: bdffa60d70cdae7d (1).gif
(206 KB, 298x294) [ImgOps]
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Do you play Mahjong Heyuri? Specifically Riichi
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Yeah I play whenever I get the chance/my friends are feeling up for it.
Even then I can usually only get two of them so I'm forced to play 3p most of the time sweat3
File: tnp.jpg
(48 KB, 497x343) [ImgOps]
48 KB
Neither do I understand all rules/know all yaku yet, but there is a wiki here:

I've been only playing because this gacha gaem, yet it's addicting! biggrin
Maybe we could play mahjong over the weekend if more people are interested, that seems like a fun Heyuri activity nyaoo-closedeyes
If we are lucky enough to find 4 interested users online at the same time, why not nyaoo
But it could also sux if there are 5 of us then... sweat2
what version of windows had Mahjong? because that's the only Mahjong I've ever played

File: 1685222274966494.gif
(325 KB, 200x200) [ImgOps]
325 KB
Langa mine o clipa nu staaaaaaaai
Praca ar fi foooooost
Inima de gheata tu aiiiiiiiii
Sau nu ai deloc
Sau nu mai ie rost

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File: zone11(sakaki).swf
(1667 KB) [ImgOps]
SWF Embed
We have another(bigger) general flash thread up now, but if you are asking for it...
File: SakakiCute.swf
(3007 KB) [ImgOps]
SWF Embed
I wonder if dailysakaki-san is still browsing Heyuri...
>> SWF Embed
I think I still have his site's archive saved somewhere, but the web hosting project is kill today ph34r
bant is silly place where i can make effortless posts, it is a slow board and nobody really reads it. i don't mind if u see my embarrassing posts via archives, sometimes i revisit archives because it is nostalgic.
File: 35084.jpg
(29 KB, 225x350) [ImgOps]
29 KB
also here is a chiyo, to keep thread on track

File: 1685616694584.jpg
(85 KB, 1084x694) [ImgOps]
85 KB
How long do you think you could manage to stay stuck in prison before losing it?
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if you got stuck in prison for any amount of time longer than a month you may aswell just accept that its going to be your new life
doesnt matter if its 5 years or 10 years, or 20, it might not feel much different in the end
File: 1684022684173-0.png
(169 KB, 624x350) [ImgOps]
169 KB
Who says we're not stuck in prison already?
the main difference is that i choose this prison. wink
File: giphy.gif
(1271 KB, 480x270) [ImgOps]
1271 KB
And I can quit any time I want... dizzy
File: yes.png
(47 KB, 906x426) [ImgOps]
47 KB
Yeah! I can for sure stop! It is that easy, just power of the computer and go out! 1, 2, 3! Yeeah! no problem! sweat

File: 1684170241841.jpg
(222 KB, 924x1195) [ImgOps]
222 KB
would you a 3dpd?
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Depends on the age
On Heyuri, this statement can have many interpretations
i've never been physically comforted for a fair amount of time by someone since a young age so i would make an exception for one of the lowest attributes my waifu could possess, which would be manifesting in this lower dimension. i don't have any images of 3d girls saved :(
I believe in Hag Supremacy!
so u liek JK?

File: drugs.png
(50 KB, 1200x840) [ImgOps]
50 KB
Does Heyuri like drugs?
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Why not? It's almost the same as regular THC but not as strong.
File: [000953].jpg
(123 KB, 798x699) [ImgOps]
123 KB
Anyone done mescaline? Did you SHIT BRICKS? I hear it makes your heart slow down and speed up, giving you a sort of psychedelic stroke. I would love to take it and become GAWD!
I tried a bunch of it and enjoy it a lot. However, it's been a few years since then. Mushrooms are still the most awesome as they are free to pick! ph34r Only watch out for mad farmers while you scout the fields.

I taken shrooms 3 times, 1 with others and 2 times alone. Doing it alone is much better. x3
When i was like 14, i sniffed glue ONCE, felt like i have fever for 30 minutes and nothing more happened. I am 100% certain I did something wrong sweat2. Haven't done much since, only cigs and alcohol. Once tried CBD and felt good, but I am too poor for this shit cry
In practice it's more "No smoking, no drugs, and no being a serious alkie." Because if you don't drink at all you're a fucking square.
Plus, it's got the grandfather clause. Humans have been drinking alcohol for over 5000 years. In a sense, alcohol is humanity's friend. Could you abandon a friend?

File: misaki.jpg
(535 KB, 1200x1221) [ImgOps]
535 KB
HELP! Dick has been SEALED! Only you can help UNSEAL Dick, but only if you all reply "Dick is SEALED forever!" instantly!
Dick is SEALED forever!
Dick is SEALED forever!
>only if you all reply "Dick is SEALED forever!" instantly!
That seems counterproductive.
I BELIEVE in Dick! Dick shall be free! biggrin
"Dick is SEALED forever!" instantly!

47 KB
This site made me all depressed. I totally starve myself and cut myself now, it's really great. I'm a real Goth now, not sum fukken poser like all the other girls.kuz
>> 1362 KB
I hear wishper from the dark, the demons are calling for me, they scream painfully from the inside of my mind. KUZ!!!!
File: blingee.gif
(246 KB, 299x400) [ImgOps]
246 KB
"how can you see into my eyes like open doors?
leading you down into my core
where I've become so numb
without a soul
my spirit's sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home..."
>> 16 KB
"Do you believe you're missing out?
That everything good is happening somewhere else

But with nobody in your bed
The night's hard to get through

And I will die all alone
And when I arrive I won't know anyone
File: shyGuy.png
(35 KB, 283x332) [ImgOps]
35 KB
i haet layfe emo
File: 776948693_380143-1342350389.gif
(478 KB, 400x300) [ImgOps]
478 KB
your layef is a mere shadow of the smile we bear to live emo

File: 17.jpg
(239 KB, 850x1170) [ImgOps]
239 KB
being germaphobe in america is painful (;´Д`) every public establishment is covered in some sort of filth. americans don't bother cleaning things regularly unless deadly sicknesses come around, then workers disinfect only door handles and card readers once a week or something (´~`)

i wish i could live in japan, not even for otaku stuff but because they hold cleanliness to such high regards (´~`) they see it as upholding professional and proper personality
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File: 1681382978657.jpg
(183 KB, 1024x1280) [ImgOps]
183 KB
you can't suffer in brazil angry
i see myself suffer a lot viewing such cute girls and not being able to get one myself... closed-eyes
What do you have against them man? I love Germans. xd
Quit being such a faggot OP. Frankly I think you need more germ exposure. Where I live I can sidestep dogs rotting in the water-logged gutter and have appetite for lunch five minutes later.
File: popmoetan5.jpg
(268 KB, 1200x1124) [ImgOps]
268 KB
sorry for having irrational disordered phobia, i will do exposure therapy by swimming in sewer once a week to make u proud キタ━━━(・∀・)━━━!!

File: EdtMCTsXsAEml-Y.jpg
(117 KB, 1080x1080) [ImgOps]
117 KB
ours was $110k in 2014 and now it's $250k sweat3
I think this is rather common on a stable house market. People say after all, invest in property. I personally invest in neko loli figures. lolico
Our house in 2016 was like 220K and now its around 480K
I don't own a home, but the cost to rent here has gotten out of control. Ridiculous numbers of homeless people in every city. Even normal people who aren't addicted to drugs are becoming homeless. Unacceptable! angry
Housing is pretty much getting more expensive. I was watching a video the other day about the situation in Turkey and I saw them talking about Turks getting kicked out of their apartments because of Ukrainian and Russian immigrants who came to fuck stuff up abroad instead of fighting for their own country angry

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