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pi piru piru piru pi pi ru pi
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No, there never been a spark to ignite what other would call loev. sad
File: 1681597491815.jpg
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only girl i can remember catching the instant love feelings for is soseiseki!
there was no debate in my mind, no one could top her.
File: shinku (2).png
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literal who?
File: 31fcf272a649e100bf0832e354597de9.jpg
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Aiko touched my heart
girls with birth defects are moe
Watching this with you guys was so fun.

File: images (67).jpg
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g - yawning nyaoo-closedeyes
The one in the middle, i am White and nerdy.
d angry
f closed-eyes2
e - mfw we out of KFC!!! astonishastonish

File: 3144477891_47eddcd8b4_o.jpg
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NOTE: There is an angel, which can be seen in this photo, following the conditions which is seen within the eyes of the spirit.
It's only clear if you are WARM,.
Do you feel the LOVE emitting?
If you UNDERSTAND, I will tell you the final conditions.
When you have followed GOD, you will have RELATIONS, LOVE, WARMTH, and ETERNITY.
Also, JESUS CHRIST is the only way to GOD.
File: jesus_to_all.jpg
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jesus to all.
only 5.99/month

File: pizza_panda.png
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no matter how old I get, I still get incredible anxious of phonecalls. I am not shy at all, but it still makes my heart pop out my mouth. dizzy
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Looks like I didn't talk with anyone outside my family on phone since 2022 nyaoo
>Imagine Heyuri but only Voice Chat.
I remember a recent BBS where all posts were voice messages. I don't know if they are still up, but the concept was interesting
Interesting concept of a "imgboard", but I can't see how that would last in the long run? Flaws would be hard to follow any type of conversation going as you have to listend to all of it. I imagine a lot of trash spamming screeming kids too. Thus, with that said, Lets do it, Heyuri.net 2.0.
when i talk on the phone i pace back and forth across the room/house/anywhere like an autist
I do the same even when chatting, but I don't see how it's weird. Pretty sure it's normal

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Huh? It clearly says 'domino's' right there! dizzy
File: avoidthenoid.png
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This is the Noid!
He loves to ruin your imageboards!

*Cut to the Noid crushing other IBs with a Rule 8 hammer*

Have you ever gone on a dead imageboard? An imageboard where there was always drama? Or an imageboard that was just insane-o politics? The Noid did it!
But at Heyuri, we avoid the Noid!

*The Noid tries posting R8 and gets B&*

If you want quality posts, fresh OC, and a vibrant and active community, Heyuri delivers!
Heyuri: It's the place to be!
does he have an aphex twin shirt (´ー`)

File: slurpten.jpg
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Is that you White Ren?

File: 1677280953691997.png
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It's almost midnight. I don't have anything to do in my laptop, but i don't feel like sleeping either
How funny. It's 8:00 AM where I live. I just woke up.
bitch u can pull up my father got me. We gone send u the death angel

File: IMG_20230606_172037.jpg
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My sister got me this weird T-shirt with all these holes in it. She says it's like that on purpose, and I guess I can see some sort of pattern to it, but boy, fashion is strange...
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nigranigranigranigranigranigra PARTY
File: 1676022429482109.webm
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we hate fucking niggers on heycurry angry
Is the target audience of this housewives or bara-fan men? unsure
hole shirt that makes you look like a Dalmatian with brown hawaiian swimming trunks.
yeesh, heyurizens are in need of a /fa/ board biggrin
File: 85397594394579476.jpg
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Hell yeah cool

File: 1669662016955990.jpg
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Since most people usually confine themselves to the top 5 social media's on their phone's app store its getting harder and harder to find entertaining/valuable active sites nowadays.
would like to know where you guys go for different services.
sites i use:
YouTube and Vidlii for watching videos although YouTube a lot more often than Vidlii.
Heyuri has been my main home for imageboards for a while now, stil browse 4chan's /his/ often, havent been on Wizchan in a while but that also used to be one of my mainstay's, 7chan once in a while when im bored.
RYM to catalog my musics. MAL to catalog my animes.
Go on Newgrounds once in a big while when im really feeling cozy and want to stay up till 3am watching internet animations.
9anime for watching anime.
Archive.org and Wikipedia for reading, pretty much have 60 tabs for both opened 24/7.
Soundcloud and Youtube for music listening.
Only social media i use is Instagram.
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What he said confused me as well. In my mind Costco is a quintessentially British thing, so I figured it must be popular in Europe generally.huh
i looked it up and i was wrong, Costco exist in europe, just not in Scandinavia... but island has it to my suprise!
Your calling Costco a quintisentially british thing, I think you're getting it confused with Tesco mate
Attending BLM because you support it and observing KKK because you want to know what the other side is doing
Also works the other way round
File: 1669493408511.jpg
(33 KB, 392x358) [ImgOps]
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the authority figure has just entered the conversation, i actually used to work at Costco.
can say for a fact Costco is neither American nor European, its only loyalty belongs to homosexuality.

File: purin.gif
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238 B
I love him so much. Is there NSFW art of him?
Draw it! Add a PENIS!

File: 4.jpg
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How to cook a perfect loli neko under 2 minutes;

Step one, grab your loli nekofrom the frige.
Step two, make sure the Neko has WHITE hair and RED eyes for best result.
Step three, add some pantsu shoot and top it all with a cute blush. blush

Done, ready to eat - the perfect loli neko!
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I already posted my big list in a thread a couple weeks back, but I think the thread has been deleted by now nyaoo-closedeyes
it was tacgnol i remember it.
File: fetish.jpg
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pic self explanatory
File: 1655770992921.jpg
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I enjoy girls getting the knot. Though not those lame vids when girls use a reluctant dog as a dildo, I like it when the creature is ferocious and dominant and that whenever it feels like mating the human has to comply.

By the way I self-insert as the girl in this situation
>I enjoy girls getting the knot
ヽ(´∇`)ノ yeah me t-
>By the way I self-insert as the girl in this situation
ヽ(;´Д`)ノ noooo...

File: IMG_20230606_095020.jpg
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I'm reading this guy's 'History of 4chan'.

The guy admits to being like 13 in 2010 and not really using 4chan very dedicatedly, so I take it all with a grain of salt, but here is one claim that surprised me:

One million hits in a week? Is this actually true? What caused this, exactly? Were people more willing to take chances on small, out of nowhere websites, or was SomethingAwful just that active back in the day? The Interwebz was surely different back then it seems...dizzy
The first few sections of that article gave me AIDS - the amount of salt required to read all of it will surely lead to death dark

>One million hits in a week? Is this actually true?
He's just reading off of 4chan's old news section: https://4chan.org/4channews.php?all#11
>Just throwing out an update for the people that actually read the main page. We hit ~9000 unique sessions in six days, with over one million hits! I'm very impressed, I never thought 4chan would get this popular so fast. You have have to remember, it's not like I'm going out of my way advertising left and right, in fact I've only posted the site on two or so boards...

That's not an unimaginable number, especially for a site that was bringing something new and fun to the table. Remember, a hit is something as small as someone refreshing a page or clicking a board link - it is not unique IPs/users

>Were people more willing to take chances on small, out of nowhere websites
Besides commercial sites like Amazon, Ebay, etc. (of which there used to be many, many more), that's what virtually the entirety of the web was up until about 2008 - websites appearing out of nowhere, gaining popularity through word of mouth and search engines that actually worked, and many of them garnering large userbases. Overall, the web was vast and vibrant, with communities and activity going on in every little corner

By 2008 however (and ever-increasingly beyond that), the web as we knew it had effectively been replaced with a handful of social networking sites, cookie-cutter wordpress blogs, wikis, and so on - all the forums of old were quickly becoming ghost towns and dropping like flies, and only a handful of outliers like 4chan managed to sustain their population or grow further (through notoriety and media attention more than anything else)
ok but what caused this

File: otaku-room-03-3817096836.jpg
(211 KB, 1024x768) [ImgOps]
211 KB
Why does this image look as it's taken from a early 2000s sitcom featuring an otaku and his mom?
Because of the composition. It's very horizontal, like in sitcoms
yeah, and the lighting too, very bright... i would watch a show liek this.
Also because its rather low quality much like lots of low budget tv from the 2000s.

File: gundam-robot.jpg
(310 KB, 1600x1067) [ImgOps]
310 KB
war would be cooler with gundams, just saying. space wars, sword combat, blast cannons, epic music & cute tight outfits for the girls blush
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File: mechamusume5.png
(738 KB, 935x1300) [ImgOps]
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tan? drool
File: mechamusume6.jpg
(191 KB, 1545x1600) [ImgOps]
191 KB
File: Triggerheart Exelica.png
(6945 KB, 2828x2116) [ImgOps]
6945 KB
I really been wanting to play Triggerheart Exelica
File: image4_b.jpg
(71 KB, 600x421) [ImgOps]
71 KB
i really don't have to many mecha girls tho dizzy
File: F1bWc6W.png
(314 KB, 550x709) [ImgOps]
314 KB

File: Kaguya vs The Undertaker.png
(105 KB, 507x493) [ImgOps]
105 KB
Check this out. The Fire Pro series is one of the most notorious when it comes to pro-wrestling games. I decided to start with Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium on the SNES. It's pretty cool, even for non-wrestling fans, i think...
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I don't think it's a straight-up port, but it seems basically the same as the SNES one being posted ITT in terms of features and gameplay
File: faganon cp.jpg
(45 KB, 640x188) [ImgOps]
45 KB
Very fitting biggrin
Lol. I didn't even notice
File: Saki Versus Gaben.webm
(8068 KB, 256x218) [ImgOps]
8068 KB
File: raep.png
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lol buttsex

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