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File: 1708420076361.jpg
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File: 1672468101724.png
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File: s-l1600.jpg
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Someone should buy these loli-neko Ruri figures! lulz

File: s-l16002.jpg
(176 KB, 1600x1600) ImgOps
176 KB
a true fan needs more than one!
I'm gonna buy these to put on my PENIS just for the lulz! mona2
File: GuP Nedoroids.jpg
(639 KB, 4160x3120) ImgOps
639 KB
I just bought stuff though. sweatsweat
>0 bids

File: d3d5962bd4357fc53057cacedd3a9f34.jpg
(226 KB, 2019x3324) ImgOps
226 KB
Got tea.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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File: 110038050_p2.png
(7712 KB, 3840x2160) ImgOps
7712 KB
Had ketchup-flavored potato chips alongside some tea.
File: 2345423523.png
(321 KB, 553x677) ImgOps
321 KB
Having strawberry milk.
File: 6326432623623.jpg
(242 KB, 1225x1667) ImgOps
242 KB
Had pasta and salad for lunch. Got a box of ice cream on the way home.
File: 38749831_p0.jpg
(151 KB, 600x847) ImgOps
151 KB
Having a cup of tea.
File: 645334541351.gif
(1855 KB, 600x338) ImgOps
1855 KB
Got Pockys and strawberry milk.

File: 72-houris.jpg
(45 KB, 380x316) ImgOps
45 KB
Imagine a woman, your future wife,
With hair thats dark black and soft as silk
A virgin
With beautiful breasts,
Dark, wide eyes,
Dark, silk-soft hair
Soft, white skin, so clear and beautiful its almost transparent
Shy, modest, and afraid to look at you in the eyes

Doesn't it sound liek an anime to you?

Well its actually how our wives will look like in Jannah! Subhanallah.
(55:56-58) (56:22-23) (56:34-37)

So, tell me again, why wont you become a Muslim? Allah is merciful to those
who follow him and his messenger! And he guarantees at least 2 wives to each
and every believer. And many, many more to martyrs for Allah, such as those
who die for him.

>Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) said, according to a report narrated from him, that “busy in joyful things” means listening to stringed instruments. Abu Hatim (may Allah have mercy on him) said: he misheard the phrase Iftidad Al-Abkar (deflowering virgins) and thought it was Sama Al-awtar (listening to stringed instruments).
<In fact the correct phrase is Iftidaad Al-Abkar (deflowering virgins). (Ibn Kathir, 3/564)

According to some tafsir, they may even be lolis!
>The Arabic word ka'ib it is defined as meaning "A girl whose breasts are beginning to swell, or become prominent.

So what are you waiting for? biggrin You DO want to deflower beautiful young virgins in paradise forever... right?
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no actual muslim would post this. fake.
stfu ^_^
there are almost as little "actual muslims" as "actual christians" these days sweat2
really? I agree that most that identify as christian are hardly usually at all. cos most just seem to identify with some distorted view that in reality just more resembles being more of a political identity. those people will sooner join a militia of somekind instead of probably even sticking to their own local church if there was some disagreement.

Idk if it's the same sort of thing with muslims. that most just go with a more politically motivated view or not but uh. they really really seem to at least actually believe every word of what they read and take it extremely seriously in my experience. every single muslim I've met has brought up periodically me converting to being a muslim. there was this girl I knew who would always bring it up. and then started crying at some point about how we can't be friends anymore because she can't deal with the guilt about how I'm going to hell or whatever for not at least trying to brainwash myself into being a muslim. these people are nuts whether they're "real" or not.
There are few real Muslims left you won't find them online anyway. Just "Muslims" who follow American Islam. But even those American Islam Muslims wouldn't use Heyuri. They don't talk like OP. Same poster (we all know who he is) has been spamming this shit. "convert 2 Islam and u get lolis in heaven" is not how they talk. They wouldn't post images like that either. pffft low quality role play. BOO! 3/10 fail

File: Edouard Manet - On The Beach.png
(437 KB, 632x514) ImgOps
437 KB
Just started reading this book on impressionism. So far Edouard Manet's work is my favorite. Sadly, the images on google don't do justice to the scans on the book
impressionism paintings always look peaceful and calm
File: Claude Monet - Tuileries.jpg
(353 KB, 1120x825) ImgOps
353 KB
Probably because of the almost absolute lack of concrete lines
File: IMG20240219190921.jpg
(2916 KB, 3120x4160) ImgOps
2916 KB
What book is it? All I've got are general books that fit the movement into a more general 'history of art' timeline.
Translated: "Great Masters. Impressionism"
There was one for Michael Angelo right next to it, so this is probably the kind of book you'd look for if you're interested in coverage of an specific topic
Don't know if these are available in english though
File: 17083602633826060267207657043717.jpg
(2693 KB, 3264x2448) ImgOps
2693 KB

File: Jared_Fogle_(2008).jpg
(97 KB, 561x586) ImgOps
97 KB
i didn't know this guy was a pedo
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He's quoting jared fogle, noob.
File: Jarred Faggot.png
(85 KB, 251x342) ImgOps
85 KB
Jared Fogle? More liek Jarred Faggot, am I right ha ha lol
I bought more subs after that news came out.

File: 1345371305691.jpg
(196 KB, 1248x960) ImgOps
196 KB
pink or brown ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Marked for deletion (Old)
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Even Allah would agree that it's a crime to not share those bewbz with teh world
she seems to have been posted on r9k
Is that a wig?
looks more like one to me.

who is she? more of her boobies?

File: 141230.jpg
(58 KB, 640x360) ImgOps
58 KB

If anyone understands japanese, please give me the password for this model.
I tried typing many different combinations for over an hour but none of them worked.
This could also be a game for anyone trying to test their japanese skills aswell. ^_^

Here's the password hint:

Computer translated:
Pass => Her "Two names in Touhou Eiyasho" in 6 characters including Kanji and Hiragana.

Good luck!
I found it, but it says 第三者に開示しないでください 😝
I'll give an hint instead: https://youtu.be/2nKz7mPrYGg?t=1150
I finally solved it. Thank you! happy
File: reisen.png
(650 KB, 1024x768) ImgOps
650 KB
Here's a picture I just made with the reisen model.
File: reisen2.png
(445 KB, 1024x768) ImgOps
445 KB
Edited her to be in a miniskirt.
Much cuter! x3

File: penislol.jpg
(83 KB, 640x480) ImgOps
83 KB
I have read chaoskaiser72's ONScripter page and have installed latest version of ONScripter-EN on my linux machine to play visual novels natively.
The only problem being, he doesn't say where to find the damned game scripts. Can anyone help? Is this even possible?
i don't know because i don't use this software
but the scripts should be in the game files
try copying them over to the ONSCRIPTER-EN data folder
File: Screenshot_1.jpg
(6 KB, 114x88) ImgOps
6 KB
oh yeah that makes sense

File: 345034435.jpg
(370 KB, 1448x2048) ImgOps
370 KB
I want a meido who would only bother to prepare me maruchan meals ( ´ω`)
not even boxed macaroni and cheese??? glare

File: supar hawt.jpg
(138 KB, 1400x1050) ImgOps
138 KB
Go! Mine is...eh..well..DONT JUDGE!

Marked for deletion (Old)
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File: cat salutevsq.jpg
(5 KB, 116x108) ImgOps
5 KB
It now has my vote!
I added u to the table if u ever feel like filling it out biggrin
Thank you! You are too kind! (^Д^)
File: Di Gi Charat hidden episode.webm
(19281 KB, 320x240) ImgOps
19281 KB
why not just upload 240p webms of anime and comment on it here instead of going to all the trouble of setting up a stream
Yeah I originally added that to the list thinking it would be good for october/halloween last year. It's not as good as the manga but the anime is fun.

956 KB
Boing!~ sweat
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*fap fap fap*
sorry ladies, but I only have eyes for one girl and she is my lovely wife (2D)!!
But THEY are 2D.closed-eyes
Oh God. (;゚//∀゚//)
but im already married angry

File: GF40NtrasAAIDCR.jpg
(155 KB, 1400x1120) ImgOps
155 KB
trying to study maths and N1 japanese with many hours per day available. it would be nice to have someone else to keep up with.

Marked for deletion (Old)
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Again, maths are too wide and unless ur an high schooler you would need to solve tens of problems to get good in a topic
As for Japanese, the best practice after reading would be posting ero images on 日本語@Heyuri
File: ,.jpg
(144 KB, 736x552) ImgOps
144 KB
File: 1707768744885853.jpg
(14 KB, 576x720) ImgOps
14 KB
How old are you and are you a girl? I've always wanted to be a private tutor to a loli.
I am 20, male, and not looking for a tutor.

File: 75fa3fbd9d572167a7f3b51b3c9ac1ab.jpg
(72 KB, 590x885) ImgOps
72 KB
teh storee ov mai lief

File: fef1cfbbcb56a8f3628d90ff36321e13-8499314(…).gif
(338 KB, 450x253) ImgOps [Animated GIF]
338 KB
waaaahhhhhh... i wish i was a shota again... crycrycrysad
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I'm an American and this is my favorite anime 🇺🇸 👏
Eww! He's sticking it in his butt! He poops from that hole! angry
>He poops from that hole!
proof or source of this information?
Wahhh, i need a shota crycrycry
Shota right here at your service!biggrin

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